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  1. The RX78-2 is the grandad of of all Gundam and I have been meaning to build the 1/48 scale monster for years and I would like to add a 48th scale Iron Giant and a few other cars etc from Ready player one, but we will stick to the Gundam for now. I will be asking some questions about LED's again and I have ordered about 20 to go inside this but as I don't know what I'm doing, so I hope you lot can help. Snapped him together for now. And with a 1/35 bobble head. And up on the top shelf. I have a few projects on the go so this might get put to one side as I finish on a few and make room on the bench. Catch you all later. Brian.
  2. Here's a kit that's been lurking in my stash for probably 20 years. I picked it up shortly after it came out back around 2001. It's probably my favourite variant of the Gundam mechas. The RX-93 V Gundam is a close second. I started a bit on it with the arm assemblies at the time. Then I realized that if I got too far, painting would be a challenge so duly stuck it back in the box. Eventually the Gunze Gundam Color paints became available here in Canada and I started picking them up. Needing a project to work while stuff on my Patlabor F-15 dries, I decided to get back to this build.
  3. So the full name of this kit is the HGUC Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative Unicorn Gundam03 Phenex Destroy Mode.... few. I love this look of this one but the plastic looks absolutely terrible so just a repaint on this one. I don't want this to look like a new gundam, I want it well used so a few different golds,blacks along with some old art techniques. That will mostly rubbing pain off with sponges paper and making the air brush splatter paint to give some ruf texture. So on with lots and lost of black base coat to do, so cheeting with a can of halfords gloss black i used to repaint the side panels of my old kawazaki 500r. Starting with the twin shields.
  4. Hello and welcome. This area of Britmodeller is new ground to me I have been stalking a few builds over here recently looking for inspiration on building Gundam suits. (Excuse me if my terminology is a bit off I’m new to these kits). I’m finding some good WIP builds but nothing that goes through step by step like what I’m used to on the other side, mainly it’s finished kits or finished parts, not a bad thing but I was looking for a WIP that might help me build THIS. 😍. I was gifted this lovely looking kit by a work friend on my birthday in April who has far too many in the stash. I decided that this would be my next build and I’d do the WIP exactly how I do them for my other kits. It’ll be a bit photo heavy and I’ll be learning on the job. I’ve gleaned some info about how these kits go together and they seem a lot different to your regular Airfix our Tamiya kit but we shall see.🤩 I’m planing on doing a nice amount of weathering on this but I’m not sure how you go about building and painting. Folk seem to build first and paint together (alien to me) or paint in chunks frame them armour? Oh I don’t know but I do know it’ll be fun🥳 so here goes let’s open the box.... I’d be honoured if some of you guys would follow along and help me out if I’m headed in the wrong direction. Here goes.... Okey so lid off and I get another lid? Nice pic though. 😍 woah!!! There’s a lot in the box. I love the feel of this crisp Bandai plastic and the cool multi coloured trees are sublime. 🥰 loads of bits and my first stumble block. I don’t know why I expected the instructions to be in English but what with Tamiya kits and the like you never know. So even still how hard can it be eh. 🤪 just like Ikea. 😩 Looky that molding 🤩🤩 so crisp. I do have these too. I’m used to water slide decals and these things are?? Stickers and what looks like those run on transfers?? What is this cRaZy? 🤪🤪🤪 right one with both feet. The first few steps sees lots of putting together and no glue? Oh my, I just don’t get it. 😳 strangely addictive though. sanding off the nub ( there’s no flash to speak of ) bits is great as the plastic is so nice. It does really scratch the plastic though. I got around this by smoothing off the rough bits with Tamiya extra thin. this part was rough as a badgers Harris but with TET it looks great. I’ll be priming and painting any how but how I don’t know yet. Quick as you like all the chest parts came together. I guess after each section gets put together I can see what needs painting then I can dismantle and paint accordingly. It’s this the usual procedure with these kits? What slightly rough bits there were I sorted out with TET. Looking sassy. And you can see how the TET has worked it’s magic in this shot. Even though it’s freaking me out that I’m not gluing any of this together yet I’m loving that all the seams are in logical places. Like here on the head. Oh man this is ace!!! The instructions (I think) ask for stickers to be put on the eyes... screw that. 🧐 I’ll paint ‘em .... probably.. 🤩🥳 So here we are. Looking good. I’m really loving this so far even though it’s totally alien to me. Thanks for looking in hopefully it’s not too boring and if she turns out well others might be able to use this as a good reference point. 😇 Take care and any comments are welcome. Happy modelling. Johnny. 😃
  5. I couldn't resist the temptation of starting this so I just put the inner frame together, an amazing bit of kit with so many amazing details tucked away.
  6. Hello, thought I'd show you this Master Grade Gundam Avalanche I built/painted last year. 1st Gundam kit and it is a beast at that! Painted using acrylics from Vallejo, Scale 75 & citadel, with weathering done by enamels and oils from AK & Ammo MIG (loosely following a tutorial by MIG Jimenez). I did attempt to add in extra panel lines, but this didn't fare too well - it looks much easier in the YT tutorials! For fear of ruining the model I decided to just concentrate on the paintwork instead. Overall I'm fairly pleased with the end result, although in hindsight I would have pushed the airbrush contrast on the various panels more. I would also go for a more white base for some of the armour panels, as it feels a bit too cold & grey in some places, & some of the variations in grey don't show up too well. The blade was a bit of an experiment, going for a NMM effect. It hasn't worked the way I planned, but I like it anyway! Thanks for looking, apologies about the quality of some of the pics, this wasn't the easiest to take pics of!
  7. In Combat – Future Wars #3 (AMIG6086) ISBN: 8432074060864 Ammo by Mig Jiménez Whether you call them Gundams or Mechas, they’re still gigantic robots that are piloted by young and adventurous folks, battling against evil as the Earth Federation, or for the baddies under the evil Principality of Zeon banner. Just to confuse the issue further, the model kits of these giant robots are often referred to as Gunpla, a portmanteau of the words Gundam and Plastic. This book is the third in a series of volumes that describes and teaches modellers how to build and paint these kits, which are available in various scales and various Grades, such as Hi-Grade (HG) and Master Grade (MG), which have different levels of detail included in the box. The book is perfect bound in a card cover, with 127 pages, and fold-over extra leaves on the cover that have a few colourful adverts printed on the same high-gloss card as the rest of the cover. It is available in English, Spanish and French, and I think you can probably guess which language edition we’re reviewing. The book is broken down into the following sections: 1 Combat: Armour Dougram Daniel Morcillo Page 6 2 PMX-003 The - 0 Hojoon Kim Page 22 3 The Red Comet Daniel Morcillo Page 30 4 Revenge Deja Vu Sin Don Wook Page 42 5 Warrior's Rest Lee Jaejong Page 56 6 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Stein Ver.Ka Alfredo Mei Page 72 7 Glint Evolve - 2.0 Aaron Simons Page 88 8 ZGMF - 10A Freedom Gundam Domenico Febbo Page 106 As you can see above, the book is broken up into eight chapters, split between the modellers and their chosen model. Judging by the end result they’re some of the best Gundam modellers around, and each one has added additional personalisations to their model to give them some individuality, rather than building them slavishly according to the instructions. The kits are finished from relatively clean to hopelessly over-used and battle weary, with both simple and complex paint and weathering effects used, plus some great diorama bases that they break down into steps to demonstrate how easy it is, although some talent and the correct materials will also be required, but I think you knew that already. Battle damage, small alterations to the basic models, addition of extra detail, and even water effects are broken down into manageable chunks in order to assist the modeller with taking the new on board, and refreshing the memories of those that have already come across them. In truth the techniques could equally be applied to any genre of modelling with a little adjustment in either scale or depth of application, so it should be of use to anyone that makes models that they don’t want to look like they just came out of Corgi’s factory with a pristine paint job. Conclusion Excellent photography, instructive text, and useful captions make this a great aid to the Gundam modeller, and even the product placement isn’t too heavy-handed, with other brands mentioned where appropriate to bolster your techniques and improve your models. Review sample courtesy of
  8. I have been a bit busy getting my push iron ready to start a new job in 4 weeks, it's close to home so will be cycling to work, 7 miles each way..... Gulp. As I was rummaging through box's I came across this old kit I built years ago when it was first released, its the OVA version and I though it was time to show it some love. I have lost all the extra parts like the other unicorn horns and amo packs and the horn I have is bent and broken but we will see what I can do with it. The plan is to paint in a few shades of white and grey and re color the pink phycoframe green to match the 1/35 bust I have the same kit. Over the last few day I have dismantle the kit and painted the pink frames parts black and then a few parts clear green over silver. The parts I have finished seam to be going back together so I will carry on with the rest of the parts. What I have so far.
  9. Okay so now my sculpture project is done I am planning on doing another sculpture, but before that I just want to do a bit of "normal" modelling! IMG_20200511_112948 by Nick Frost, on Flickr I really like the Hi Mock, as soon as I saw it I really wanted one and after doing a build for a friend I took two of them and the weapon set as payment and they've been sat in my stash ever since. The plan for this custom build is to build it as a 1/35 mech; first time I saw one I thought it would be cool to leave off the dome head and have an exposed pilot figure, so thats what I'm going top do. And its been a very long time since I mucked about with rust effects, so this is going to be a very weathered rusty mech with worn paint and chips galore! First thing I did, just to get a feel for the mech and whats possible, was to snip it all from the sprue tidy up the nubs with a scalpel and sandpaper then snap it together. For a lot of the bits I know I'll probably be taking apart again I reamed out the connector holes so the dont go together too tight. IMG_20200511_112934 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_115812 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_120118 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_120601 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_122415 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_122608 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_172836 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_195417 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_205536 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200512_140901 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200512_141616 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Also as I said I have the weapon set, not 100% what ones I'm going to use (or how, might chope them up) so I got them together too, they are pretty crazy th giant hammer is pretty hilarious! IMG_20200513_102126 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200511_205739 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200512_160442 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200512_143018 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200512_143229 by Nick Frost, on Flickr But the main weapon Im definitely interested in is the mini gun IMG_20200513_101544 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200513_101610 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Sooo my thoughts so far are that that I'm thinking the chain gun is a bit bulky so I'm going to lose a hand and have half the barrel sticking directly out of his wrist with one of the ammo drums on the side, and a shield for the other arm. For now though I want to sort out a pilot figure which I'll bash and sculpt, so next up I'll start cutting out a recess into his chest through the neck to make a cockpit. Thanks for looking, more soon
  10. This is a 3rd party Chinese kit that is very much like building a MG 1/100 kit from Bandai but this is in the much bigger scale of 1/60. I think this is a great idea and works really well. There was no real problems putting the kit together ( other than me loosing a main frame part). Painted and weathered in a very standard gundam style. C&C wellcome. Cheers Brian.
  11. I have wanted to build a large scale gundam ages and the Astray has always been a one of my favourite mobile suits, I had a Daban 1/60 in the stash for a good while but sold it when I found out this version was going to get released. This version of the Astray look more like a RG or MG kit from Bandai and has slightly fewer parts than a normal PG kit from Bandai and is a lot sleeker looking, the bandai kit is just a bit fat! The plan is to snap the kit together as there is likely to be some fitting issues. loose parts that will need fixing and once that's all sorted I will be painting parts of the kit, for a fresh clean looking build. If your interested in the kit I got mine from here: Astray Promo picture. As I don't believe in following the instructions I made a start on the twin swords and already made the a small modification so both swords can be mounted on one hip rather than one on each side. These parts whent together very well some but not all parts are under gated and just the gold part on the top of the scabbard is loose. I will build the beam gun and shield next. These were a paint to clean up but look great onec in place. Hobby knife for scale......... My photos should improve a bit as I have just splashed out on a new huawei p20 phone, only my second phone in nearly 4 years.....
  12. Probably one of my favourites none Zeon mobile suits the Astray Red Frame and this bust from motorking is really nice looking kit, it did take a bit if faffing around to get it all to fit and lit up but I like the results. I have intensionaly left it gloss for that factory fresh look. Comments welcome. Cheers Brian.
  13. My next build is a bit of an odd one yes it's Gundam related but it just the head of the Astray Red Frame made by motor King in 1/35 scale so it a farly big kit, it comes with some metal parts, water decals and a set of LED lights to fit. With a bit of luck I plan on keeping this a nice clean build, more to come as I work through this.
  14. My latest kit is finished the name come from the use of gundam parts from the 1/100 MG Strike Gundam. A good number of other kits were used to make this flying car. I have also changed the inside of the car to a 2 seater and the there are a few other small changes to the car other than all the jet engines. I really enjoyed this one, there were plenty of challenges but it end up being ok. Comments wellcome. Cheers Brian.
  15. In the Dark... This is a collaboration project between myself and Ben Winter-Giles (@bengunstagram on IG). Titled "In the Dark...", it tells of our ideas, efforts and creativity come to life, when no one's looking, Toy Story style. The build took just over four months and is designed to be of two parts, with each to be kept by the respective modeller but able to be re-united for competitions and displays. Each an epic display in its own right but together they tell the story of how two artists, from different genres, with different styles, utilising different techniques, and possessed of different philosophies towards model making, come together to craft something bigger than themselves. The build features a 1/100 Bandai Master Grade Sazabi ver.Ka and Hi-Nu ver.Ka: The Sazabi (christened "Suzie-B" by her creator) features custom paint, AnchoreT propellant tanks and funnel pods, with a Mechanicore Quad Gatling gun set. The Hi-Nu (callsign "Thumper") features heavy modifications to achieve a levitating effect, and a full THE-51 resin conversion kit with photoetch, and two customised resin handguns. Both feature custom made decals to tell a Cold War, Soviet Russia vs U.S.A story. Our project was completed in time for its public debut at the Australian Capital Territory's ScaleACT-2019 expo and competition. A reveal video was also made to commemorate its public unveiling: Ben and I hope you enjoy the following pics. Thank you for looking!
  16. This is the special Ops full assault RX-79-G. For when you need all your fire ready to go. I normally add lot of decals and weather my gundam kits but not this time. I tried out lots of paint fade, shadow and general colour modulating, to bring out the details, I had some fun. This the old kit so there's not much in the way of movement from the joints but it's still a great looking kit, if you can get one cheep it's recommended.
  17. Another kit bash this one. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Cheers Brian.
  18. Finally got some paint on the MEGA 1/48 kit – so that it's not just all white. Some black pre-shading and then white over that. I then masked off a bunch of parts and sprayed various shades of gray. Followed that up w/ a layer of Future gloss and am working through the many decals now! Speaking of decals... Does anybody have a sheet of the decals for this kit that they're not using? PLEASE!?!??!? I tore a few and it's going to drive me crazy if I don't find replacements. I'm building the "GFT" version of the Mega 1/48 kit. I would be more than happy to pay you for them if you're willing to send them my way! Thanks for reading and happy building to all.
  19. Well, finished this one up a while ago but am finally getting around to posting here on "Ready for Inspection". I enjoyed getting to be a bit heavy-handed with the weathering techniques. I found the toughest part of the build for me was masking all the parts for their initial paint job. I used Mig Jimenez's "In Combat" book to guide me through the weathering steps. Album on Flickr
  20. After seeing the awesome builds by RPC and Wouter, I decided to take the plunge and throw a bit of glue and paint at my first Gundam model.. I picked the 1/44 scale RCX-76-02 Guncannon, Mainly due to its old school military look, and the idea that I would alter the colour scheme from the customary grey blue to something a little more 'earthy'. so without further adieu I present my version of the RCX-76-02.
  21. Hi Folks, Aile Strike is my fav. Gundam. I'n not a huge Seed series fan but Aile Strike look always fantastic to me. I've buil the mg version before. Now its the time to start the beast
  22. seems im forever doing things red or white! so this build will be the big boy, im hoping to have it done in 6 months to take to telford. its the sazabi ver ka kit, with both infinite dimension resin upgrade sets(ID are the rolls royce of resin upgrades the 2 sets cost me 200 quid) ive also got a full set of metal thrusters and pipes and ive got huge sheet of photoetch for this kit. il be braking the kit into 3 parts(legs and waist, upper body, backpack and the shield and weapons) that way il have less chance of losing a part and will stop me from getting bored. ive not started yet as i wanted to have a proper spring clean of my room but heres the stuff ive got and il show some reference pics for people not familier with these upgrades... the kit is huge to start with... heres the PE set, some of it wont be used as shoulders and fuel tanks are being scrapped for resin versions. and the 2 infinite dimension resin upgrade sets, 1 is mostly the body parts, the second is a redesign of parts for the outside of legs, new backpack funnel holders, new fuel tanks and new weapons. also metal thruster set... ive also got loads of little bits of PE il add as i go and one other change is i bought of these special pipes from korea.. il be using all HIQ decals for the warnings, as i do with all my mechs now.. and i got some logo decals custom printed, so will use the sazabi and S01 logos(the actual font is white but its blick for the photo) so thats about it, probably gonna be a few weeks of cleaning and prep, so will post when i have something to show
  23. Hi this is a just a quick build I did for use with a 1/144 scale Gundam tank that I don't have yet but had the building kicking about for ages so I thought I would build the base, the ground level of the building was a kit and I added everything else. Thanks for looking Brian. WIP will continue as I get the kit I want to add later. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235051648-the-08th-ms-team-checkpiont/
  24. I have had this building kicking about for ages so I thought I would build it up with in intension of adding a ground type MS in the fashion of The 08th MS team. So the building looked a bit like a shop so I have made a few changes added generator on the roof and some long and short range comms.
  25. Ok it looks like we have an alternative to massively high priced Bandai Xamel ( if you can find one). It's a 3rd party kit from Motor King, I built there 1/100 Zaku tank a bit back HERE if you want to take a look. It had its problems but nothing a bit basic modelling couldn't sort out. Looks like its more a 1/144 scale kit not the MG its supposed to be but that OK with me as it looks fantastic. For sale at the usale places but some more info here. http://www.gundammodelcenter.com/yms-16m-xamel-gundam-central
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