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Found 8 results

  1. As a quick distraction from the 4 ongoing P-40 builds, I picked up Revell's old Stearman. I'd been hoping for a simple build, but then the interior and wheels provided didn't make the cut. I've replaced the wheels with some close-enough spares and scratched a floorboard with rudder pedals and control sticks. It's far from accurate, but then it's better than nothing at all. Guatemalan '33' markings for this one courtesy of Herb - thanks again! My only question with this one - where can I get a suitable 7-cyl engine to replace the kits 9-cyl PT-13 engine? Stay healthy, Tweener
  2. While waiting for the paint to dry on a few other projects, I started eyeing the Airfix P-51D I had sitting on the corner of a shelf with no future plans, and conspired to finish it. After looking over @RidgeRunner's various Guatemalan Mustangs, I decided to model #315. The Airfix kit isn't the world's finest to build, owing mostly to the softness of the plastic, but the detail and fit are both more than sufficient. I'll certainly be building more in the future. The Blue tail stripes will follow eventually, just the same as with the PT-17 and AT-6. For now I'm glad to add some variety to the collection. Thanks again to Herb for the decals. Stay safe, Tweener
  3. While starting construction on a FAB T-6 and AT-33 the other day, my attention turned to a P26 that was sitting unfinished in the back of my display case. Originally intended to be a Chinese Air Force Peashooter, I still hadn't bothered to buy the decals after almost a year. I spent a few minutes tracking down my Print Scale P26 sheet to look for other options, and found a Guatemalan scheme that I could make without any more painting. Unfortunately, the roundels were printed just slightly out of register, but I can overlook that for the most part. Next should be a Brazilian T6 with decals provided by @theplasticsurgeon. Thanks again! Now I just need to figure out what paint colors to use, as the reference sheet suggested sand pink and yellow over sky blue! For whichever reason, no variety of lighting produced decent photos, but here she is.
  4. Hello modellers, I would like to share another project finished yesterday. This time is an T-33A Shooting Star made from the old Hasegawa kit. It depicts a plane from the Guatemalan aerobatic team “Quetzales”. Originally I wanted to use the Microscale decal sheet for the build, but after all the refenrences provided by fellow Britmodeller Luis Alfonso, I ended with custom printed decals as the purchased sheet was lacking some markings and especially the national insignia was much too light. Apart from the decals, I made several improvements on the Hasegawa kit. Rescribing turned out very difficult because of the hard polystyrene they used and the age of the kit. As I got the kit second hand, the tip tanks and intakes were already glued - very deeply into the fuselage which made a lot of filling and sanding necessary. The nose landing gear is very fragile and I replaced it completely, using only the wheel and scratchbuilding the rest from needles and sprue. Other improvements were the two guns in the nose made from hypodermic needles and the device on the tail for the smoke which was made from brass sheet, brass tubing and silver rod. Two wing pylons were made from styrene sheet, too. The wheel wells and airbrakes were also improved with styrene sheet, sprue and metal rod . Pilots in the cockpit are from the Revell sets, the others from Hasegawa. Paints used were Humbrol polished aluminium, polished steel and decanted silver chrome. For the gloss coat, I used Gauzy shine enhancer. Finally I have to say that I have really enjoyed this “over-the-pond- project with Luis Alfonso doing the research and me doing the building. Mario
  5. Hi all, Finally, I am rolling my second iteration of FAG 315 out of the paint shop. See: She is depicted as she was towards the end of her long career with the Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca (Guatemalan Air Force), just prior to her sale into the US warbirds market. She is in the final scheme adopted by the FAG for Counter Insurgency (COIN) work. This was essentially US “Vietnam” but with the Tan replaced by Stone. From the large FAG Mustang fleet she was one of the final few. There are very few photographs available publicly of these machines in this scheme. This one shows you how she and others were when in service: Mystery seems to surround this machine in her later life. From the photograph below you can see that she entered the US from Guatemala as N38227. She was very sun bleached and, by this time, had acquired a modern “zap” badge alongside the cockpit, which I believe to be Connie Edwards' appelation. She and others went to storage in Big Spring, Texas pending further sale domestically. More recently “N38227” was advertised as the “last” of the surviving Mustangs in the Texas ranch (of Connie Edwards) to come up for sale. However, the advertising photographs show a very different camouflage pattern. Further, the aircraft appears to have been repainted – but in FAG camouflage! It also has a fin flag, something that was removed before leaving Guatemala. Something is fishy about this and my theory is that FAG 315 was sold many years before and this advertised machine was another from the FAG batch or a Costa Rican machine (also stored at the ranch) painted to look like a FAG machine. I do know that after FAG 315’s arrival in the US she was taken around air shows, still resplendent in her bleached camouflage. So, I present was, I believe, FAG 315 as she finished her service time in Central America. If you plan to build one of these note that the Aztec decal instruction sheet would have you follow the fresh paint finish as described above. What did I do/use? The paint colours were the challenge with this one. 1. Kit - Tamiya F-51D Mustang (54) 2. Decals – Aztec “Mayan Gods” (kindly provided by @busnproplinerfan), walkways from ArmyCast and stencils – such as there are – from the kit. I drew and printed the Armament block on the port side. 3. Paints – Colourcoats (they are so good!) Dark Green ACUS20)/Lt. Gull Grey mix (ACUS01), Light Green (ACGW08)/Lt. Gull Grey mix, Gray (ACUS17), Humbrol Matt Stone, plus various Humbrol colours. I finished with Humbrol MattCote to keep the flat, bleached look. 4. Weathering & Washes – Flory Dirt and Sand/White mix, Tamiya Weathering Powders, Humbrol Grey wash and a Prismacolor Silver pencil. I hope you like her.... Martin
  6. Hi all, Another pony heads out of stable for your delectation. She is, as you can see, adorned in the markings of the Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca (the Guatemalan Air Force) as she was when operating in the mid-1950s. Specifically she is “FAG 315” (ex- 44-74902) and is reported in some records as being ex-Nicaraguan. She went on to be one of the last Mustangs to operate in Guatemala and was sold in the US in 1974 as N38227. She spent many, many years in a cosy barn on the ranch of Conny Edwards in Texas and eventually was the last of the 1974 purchase to hit the market. This was only relatively recently. I am building her again in later markings, pre-US. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/instant-articles/barn-find-p-51-mustang-for-sale-4-5-million.html Courtesy: Dan Hagerdorn "North American F-51 Mustangs in Latin American Service" The Guatemalans applied a number of different colour and marking schemes to their Mustangs and various photos show FAG 315 in around half a dozen. This one shows a late 1950s scheme with the “FAG” Owl badge alongside. At other times she carried an Aztec marking. Later these badges were dropped. What did I use? 1. Kit – Tamiya P-51D Mustang 1/72 (49), with some F-51D parts added 2. Decals – Aztec “Mayan Gods” set (72-012). Thanks @busnproplinerfan 3. Aftermarket/other – only the underwing tanks, which were taken from a HobbyBoss F4U-1 as a cheap way of getting something close to what I needed 4. Paints – Humbrol Enamels – Polished Aluminium (27002), Polished Steel (27003), Matt Black, Insignia Yellow, Interior Green, a mix of Blues (89) and (104) for the tail markings and others Weathering etc, Prismacolor Silver pencil (canopy framing etc) I hope you're not too bored of my Mustngs yet.... Martin
  7. Hi all, This is my first ever Group Build. I was encouraged to do so by fellow BMers and naturally it follows a current build programme of Mustangs. For this build I will, again, be using the Tamiya kit. I know, it has some errors but these are few and the build is great. For me this is a bonus as I intersperse other less-perfect builds amongst them. It will be Out-of-the-Box except I will use Airfix flaps to get the dropped stance and aftermarket decals. The latter will be from Aztec. However, using the decals will be as far as I go as the colour profiles in the set are inaccurate. For those who dont know the machine or the scheme, this is her when she arrived back in the USA: Photo: public domain However, more recently she was shown as below, claiming to be in the original condition. Clearly not! I reckon she was repainted in FAG colours: https://www.facebook.com/108256604668/posts/we-recently-pulled-p-51d-n38227-out-of-the-hangar-for-the-first-time-in-30-years/10155485854369669/ Here is another photo of her from the same "Barn Find" period: Very different from the first image. My build will not have the "badge" which, I undertand, is not Guatemalan. I will attempt to get the colours faded as best as my old hands will do so. I chose this machine because I have a parallel non-GB build nearly finished of FAG 315 earlier in her career. FAG 315 "N38227" is the last of the FAG machines to get sold within the US. For many years she languished in a hangar in Texas while her stable mates were sold off. See you on the GB soon. Martin
  8. Morning all! Here is my latest roll out. She is the third (of ten, currently) in the line of F-51s that I have either partially built, painted or planned. Apparent to everyone is that she is not a regular operational machine. She formed part of the “Los Cofres” display and demonstration team of the Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca (Guatemalan Air Force) that flew from La Aurora Airfield in the mid-1950s. She was acquired in 1954 and history seems to record that she was lost at some point in Costa Rica. The build is based around the Tamiya kit, offering me relatively easy builds so that I can get the volume through the paint shop. It is, though, a great kit and although it has some errors it is a pleasure to build. Like the previous Bolivian I dropped the flaps by using spare Airfix flaps. The challenge here was really the masking of the nose area. The contours clearly demand more than simple straight strips of tape. My method was to cut and apply each “square” separately. The colours are probably not entirely accurate. I have, however, researched as best as I can, including support from a couple of the South American/Central American aviation and modelling forums and produced what is probably a compromise. There are some things that I know to be correct – the overall natural metal (rather than the white shown in a couple of retouched photos), the lack of "dark" underside to the rear fuselage (applies the "306" at least _ have a photo, the larger version of the “FAG” lettering (see below) and the layout of the red striping and chevrons (also see below). The recent ArmyCast release for a “Los Cofres” machine (number “342”) shows differences. However, Youtube clips and various images show a different layout from theirs. I’m happy with my decision, right or wrong. See that she also had white prop tips – or at least it looks like that in the YouTube clip. You can see the larger “FAG, and the red chevrons in these shots: What did I use? Kit – Tamiya F-51D (54) Decals – Home printed serial, “FAG” and unit/team badge (thanks @timmas for drawing this). ArmyCast set for the mainwheel door lightning bolts and “squiggles”. Paints – Humbrol Hetalcote Polished Aluminium (27002), Matt blue (25), Insignia Red (153), Matt White (34), Matt Black (33), Blue (89)+(104) mix for the rudder stripes, Interior Green (226) and others. The final coat is Humbrol Satincote. Eduard canopy paint mask. Weathering/Panels – Flory Dirt, Tamiya Weathering Powders and Prismacolor Silver pencil. Here she is: I hope you like her. Martin
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