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  1. Evening all This project is just about done now and I've put together a few shots of the finished Hopper and the Base, plus a few more shots of the Hopper on the Moon and also on Mars. You might be wondering why something as aerodynamic as a shipping container should be on Mars? My reasoning is that Mars has a thin atmosphere and relatively low gravity so something like the Hopper might actually work out there. Also I got bored with creating moonscapes and I thought it might be fun to work with something a bit more colourful. The model was finished with a coat of rattle can gloss varnish which helped to seal the decals and the weathering. I gave it and the base a few days to fully dry before doing anything with them. The money shots were taken in front of a green screen which helped when removing the background so I could add in something else. All the backgrounds are wallpapers filched off the net and adjusted in size, colour and contrast. All of this was done in Gimp, using the tools for contrast, brightness, colour saturation and colour temperature to try and match the models with the background. The 'martian' backgrounds are actually deserts (on this planet) while the lunar backgrounds really are from the Moon, courtesy of NASA. It has taken a while to get to this point and there were a good few hiccups along the way, but as always the end result is what matters and I'm happy with it, all in all. It has that grungy and battered look I was going for, like it's been working those cargo runs for a good few years now and the engines are starting to smoke a bit and the paint is starting to flake off. Let me know what you think - all comments welcomed, as always. cheers all Monty
  2. I was out with an old mate at the weekend and we got talking about old tv shows - as you do... We were both big fans of the old Gerry Anderson puppet shows and the various craft that appeared. I casually mentioned that, a few years ago, I'd built a model of the submarine used by Agent X-20 (Exx two zero...), the Peter Lorre-soundalike baddie that popped up in several episodes of Stingray. He hasn't seen it (the model, that is. He's seen Stingray. Hundreds of times....), so I promised I'd send him a few photos. And, seeing as I've taken said photos, I thought I might as well share them here. The original studio model was apparently based on Revell's 1/48(?) kit of the Bell X-5 swing wing experimental aircraft, with wings removed (and the roots covered with tubular mouldings which could be drop tanks) and suitable fins added, which appear to be cut from the original kit wings. Here are some photos of the original model. Nowadays it is difficult to obtain one of the old Revell kits and, in any event, in 1/48 scale it would be too big for my shelves especially when sitting alongside some of my other Gerry Anderson models. However, I discovered that Mach2 made a 1/72 version... perfect! (Perfect for my purposes - please do NOT take that as a comment on the quality of the Mach2 kit...). So that was my start point. It was everything you would expect from a Mach2 kit.... Luckily, I wasn't trying to make a model of a Bell X-5... So here's my completed model - fins made from the discarded wings of the kit, the two side pods (which cover the wing roots) made from bits of old ballpoint pens... And here's a rather cruel close-up: Best viewed at the bottom of a deep, dark ocean... Although, because I added it to a display base, it is the ONLY one of my models tolerated by Mrs G in its position atop a shelf unit in the living room... Nige
  3. Hi All, I got back to this recently and decided to plough on and finish it pretty much as planned, rather than set the whole thing back a few weeks by chopping bits off and then having to re-spray and make good afterwards. I spent some time on the detailing and painting and I guess I'm happy with it now, although I suppose with every build there is something that didn't turn out quite as intended. The lighting is a simple string of LEDs inside the hull with a small battery pack, very simple and also very cheap. I hope to do something a bit more ambitious next time! It sits quite nicely on the stand (been there a few days now and hasn't fallen off) and, bonus, I can rotate it to any angle to help with taking photos. So here we are, the Space Bus. If you don't like it don't worry, another one will be along in a minute cheers Monty
  4. Hi All Time for another scratch build. You'll be relieved to hear that I've decided to move on from UFO and instead have decided to use Space 1999 as my source of inspiration, hence the Space Bus which, hopefully, is in the style of Martin Bower's most excellent designs for the series. OK there never was a 'space bus' in the show, but if there had been, it might have looked a bit like this, only a lot better quality. This project had a shaky start. initially, I wanted to build a heavy lifter in the Thunderbirds style, so I made this sketch which is basically a mash-up of some 60s classics, including the Valiant, Victor and the Hercules C-130E, with a touch of B29 around the nose. And then I made a fuselage from plastic pipe, clad in MDF 'wood'. This is when the problems started, because I made the fuselage too short, so the proportions were all wrong. No one wants a short, fat lifter. After some sulking I decided that perhaps I could salvage at least some of the work by making something that actually needed to be a shorter, fatter design, so I retired to the man cave with Mr Bower's book and some liquid refreshment and came up with this: It's supposed to be a space bus for moving people and cargo between spaceships and space stations. Unlike all my previous builds I want to add lighting, but this won't be anything ambitious as this will be my first attempt so I'll keep it simple. The model will be hollow so I'll probably put some battery powered lights inside, drill a few holes and let nature take its course. The photos below show the fuselage taking shape. The three tubes are the engines, these were made from some plumbing pipe I had lying around. If there's one thing I've learnt from @Pete in Lincs it is that anything that is "just lying around" is fair game for the spares box. I have now realised that making stuff from wood does involve a LOT of sanding and filling, and then more of the same, for quite a long time, so I suspect that this build might take a while. However, seeing as it's too hot to do anything else and too expensive to go anywhere, I don't think this will be a problem. Thanks for watching, comments always welcome cheers Monty
  5. I was looking for something to half gawp at when having dinner, and, because you can, sometimes watch things I liked as child.... Anyway, looking at Archive.org, in the Gerry Anderson section I ran across this All the other items I knew, even I'd not seen them, but this was totally new... So, I watch a bit. OK, it's a live actions thing... hang it got puppets...and Stanley Unwin??????? What???? I'm sure many of you will know this, but if not, it's really really odd. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_Service " The Secret Service is a 1969 British science fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and filmed by their production company, Century 21, for ITC Entertainment. It follows the exploits of Father Stanley Unwin, a puppet character voiced by (and modelled on) the comedian of the same name. Outwardly an eccentric Christian vicar, Unwin is secretly an agent of BISHOP, a division of British Intelligence countering criminal and terrorist threats. Assisted by fellow agent Matthew Harding, Unwin's missions involve frequent use of the Minimiser, a device capable of shrinking people and objects to facilitate covert operations. In hostile situations, the Father spouts a form of gibberish (based on the real Unwin's nonsense language, "Unwinese") to distract the enemy. The Secret Service was the last Anderson series to be made using a form of electronic marionette puppetry called "Supermarionation". This technique was combined with scale model effects sequences and – uniquely for an Anderson puppet series – extensive footage of live actors in long shot. The move towards non-puppet live action was influenced by Gerry Anderson, who wanted to increase the realism of Supermarionation. Filming began in August 1968 and ended with the completion of the thirteenth episode in January 1969 after Lew Grade, Century 21's owner and financial backer, responded negatively to a test screening and cancelled the rest of the production, believing that the inclusion of Unwinese had made it impossible to sell the series to the American market. The series was transmitted on three of the ITV network's regional franchises and has not been repeated since 1975. Critical response has been mixed, with verdicts ranging from the Andersons' "forgotten gem" to their "one flop". Commentators have questioned the wisdom of hiring Unwin, arguing that his gibberish had too little comic value to sustain viewer interest. However, the series has been praised for the writing of its supporting characters. The Secret Service was Gerry Anderson's final puppet series until Terrahawks in the 1980s." they are all here... https://archive.org/details/thesecretservice_gerryanderson_201910/01+-+A+Case+for+the+Bishop.mp4 I watched part of the first one... it's both familiar and really odd at the same time. Anyway, I hope this amuses a few of you, I'll @lasermonkey purely for the Stanley Unwin aspect, suspecting he maybe a Small Faces fan. cheers T
  6. Hi here are a few snaps of the completed Interceptski, the build is here. The space pics were done in Gimp, I love that program At some point I'd like to knock up a hangar for it as per the TV show, who knows, I'll try and fit it in somewhere. cheers Monty
  7. Hi All, Having got Christmas out of the way, plus several birthdays, a weekend break and a dose of Covid, I felt the need to do something useful with myself and get on with some proper model making. I've been meaning to build another UFO-inspired interceptor for a while now. The first two designs for the USAF and Royal Navy craft were pretty easy to nail down but for some reason this one, the Soviet Interceptor, was a lot more difficult to visualise. I wanted something with exposed girders and struts, but also with some streamlining in the style of the original UFO Interceptor. After a lot of scribbling and rubbing out I came up with this: The engines were inspired by the pod racers in Phantom Menace (am I the only person who actually likes that film?). I liked the idea of the streamlined upper fuselage with all the panelling removed underneath to allow the engines to be fitted, as if they'd cannibalised a MiG21 or something (this is supposed to be 1980 after all). I wanted to create a frame with spars and ribs and then clad it in thin styrene sheet. If I heat the styrene I should be able to deform it and get those compound curves. Luckily I have a lot of styrene and a hot air blower so I can afford to experiment a little. These pics show where I'm at so far. The engines are made from plastic plumbing adapters and 22mm copper pipe, plus the lids off a couple of chicken spice jars. Detailing will be mostly styrene with a few greeblies from the spares box. The framework is 3mm styrene. The pilot (cosmonaut, I should say) and his seat came from a 1:25 kit, can't remember which, but he's had a makeover to give him a spacesuit, plus his feet have been removed otherwise he wouldn't have fitted in the cockpit. When done, the overall length will be about the same as the previous builds, about 25cm. I'm still not sure about the nose guns, I might turn them into 6 barrel gatlings instead because gatling guns are cool. Eventually I'll spray it light grey and then add some cold war soviet inspired markings. Thanks for looking chaps, comments much appreciated. cheers Monty
  8. Manufacturer: Mister X (SHADO Mobile) and S.H.E.D Models (Gerry Anderson’s UFO) Aftermarket: Pressed cardboard cake base from Hobbycraft, Air drying clay, Car body filler (Bondo), Woodland Scenics olive green bushes, Woodland Scenics light green clump foliage, Woodland Scenics buff coarse gravel and Woodland Scenics C1289 / spray or brush adhesive. Paints: Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Black, Mr Hobby Aquarius H89, Tamiya XF-18, Tamiya XF-16, Tamiya X-2, Molotow Liquid Chrome and Americana Burnt Umber. Weathering: Flory Models Dirt Pigments. Link to build thread 1: Work in progress of the SHADO Mobile Link to build thread 2: Work in progress of the Gerry Anderson's UFO Hi folks, I am calling this classic 70's TV Series diorama done. I bought the vac formed / white metal kit about 6 years ago and I always wanted to build it in a forest diorama with a SHADO mobile in pursuit, however finding a suitable scale sized model was proving difficult at that time. Fortunately, I spotted this little resin kit of the mobile on eBay from a local seller close to me and the build plan was put into action at long last. I had a trip down memory lane with this build and I am pleased with how it turned out. As luck would have it, I picked up a second UFO kit from the same now long gone manufacturer a few years back, so I have future plans to build it into a moonscape diorama. I might even have the ship spinning as in the series, but hopefully without the wobbles! Bye for now and happy modelling.
  9. Hi everyone, this will be an addition to the UFO diorama, although the UFO has no stated scale, I think this 1/72 kit is close enough in size to make it work in the project. Sadly, no decals are included, but I should be able to make my own. More updates soon.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a couple of these kits in my stash, they are hard to find these days, and eBay has some very silly prices for them. Very simple and only a few parts, so it went together pretty fast. There is no mention of the scale for this kit, but I think it's around 1/72. However, the vac formed centre column was really too weak to support the weight of the 16 white metal arms, so I covered the kit part with a cut down water bottle neck. Once the black and white stripes had been painted, I painted the green area in Tamiya X2 white, then Hobby Color Aqueous metallic green H89. This looked a close match to the on-screen studio model. I painted the rest of the model in Molotow liquid chrome, sprayed neat from my airbrush. I might add some slight weathering once the model is added to the diorama base, but I wanted to stay close to the original look of the studio model. Next will be to build the SHADO Mobile.
  11. I picked this up about 10 years ago just in a plastic bag with no clue of the manufacturer. A quick look on Scalemates shows it to be by Musasiya from Japan who mostly do figures. The instructions are all in Japanese, but the pictures are in English! The parts are fairly decent with only a few bubbles, that I've put some filler into already, metal detail parts and pilot figure. The vacform canopies aren't very clear and are too big so I'll be making a new one. I've also drawn and printed some decals as the kit didn't come with any. For anyone who isn't sure what this is, or just likes purple wigs.... - https://www.facebook.com/GerryAndersonOfficial/videos/ufo-interceptors-immediate-launch/221768608763619/ Steve
  12. Here are the compelted phtoos of the brand new Aoshima 1:48 scale Thunderbird 4. I ordered this direct from Hobby Link Japan late last year and it arrived in January. I didn't do a WIP thread for this but its a nice kit without any major faults. The kit comes with a choice of underside plastes to allow you to add wheels and a the kit includes a small electric motor that can be used to turn this into a toy. It also comes with a light bulb to put in the lighting panel at the front, but I replaced this with 2 Surface Mount LEDs. You also get a selection of tools that can be fitted to the front, including the rams that are used to free the trapped Martian Probe capsule in "Day of Disaster". There are also 3 torpedoes and the two central tubes have springs that can be used to fire them. The shape is excellent, much better then the old Bandai kit, my only complaints being the scaling of the Gordon figure and the way the thruster tubes are attached to the main body. I also think they are too long (they are the red tubes st the rear). The kit somes with a nice base and even some lichen to stick to the base. I just painted the base brown and dry-brushed some grey over the rocks. The kit provides decals for the red stripes, but I masked and painted them. I had troubel with the decals as they were VERY delicate and the "Thunderbird 4" decals on the sides and rear rolled up on me during application never to be usable again, so I had print my own using th etemplate I'd created previsouly for the Bandai kit. So here are the photos And now for a couple with the Bandai kit In this one you can really see how bad the shape around the cockpit is on the Bandai kit!
  13. Hello all, Recently completed for the Film, Fictional and Speculative Group Build. Here is my Bandai 1/48ish S.H.A.D.O Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's UFO. Completed with a mix of home produced and printed decals plus spare stencilling from a Eurofighter Typhoon kit. The larger red stripes have been airbrushed and the panel lines added with a pencil. Cheers, Mark.
  14. For my next build I shall be building the new Aoshima Thunderbird 3 kit that arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. This is intended to display on the IPMS Farnborough display at Telford in November. First the box art: Now the contents: So construction is pretty simple for most of it apart from the middle section with the fins. Here I've painted them up while they are still on the sprues since the sprue gates on the side that will rest against the body. I've used Tamiya Metallic Grey: I've put together the 3 engine pods and attached them to the lower body. There are seperate white pieces for the tops and bottoms of the engines. These were mouled with depressions to represent the retros and exhausts, so these got drilled out. There are some quite bad moulding seams on some of the parts, but the plastic is that brittle but solid plastic common in Aoshima and Imai kits, so these sand out very well and the surface polishes up without too much hassle. As usual the camera flash has overexposed things. You can see that I've drilled out the base of the engines as well as I have had some thoughts about how to pose this On the right you can see the three docking rings that are supplied with the kit. One has thin rings, a second has a thing ring with tow thinner rings on either side and the third had boxes along the circumference like this: As you can see here, you can see the bad joint around the middle and my first attempt at sorting it out, but I don't think its going to work. This is just about the worst part of the kit. I think the only other things I could do here would be to cut some thin plastic card squares, however to be honest I'm not sure I can be bothered! in the background you can see one of the other docking rings which I think II'll use instead. Here are the legs ready for priming: The kit comes with a loat of "fillets" that fit into the slots int he legs and are moulded in dark blue plastic, these will be sprayed Tamiya Nato Black before fitting. This is the base that comes with the kit: which is okay I guess but I have had a different idea which will involved a ring-shaped construction and some more cotton wool Finally here is the decal sheet: The tall blue "U" shaped decals are intended to wrap around the base of each fin in the middle of the body. The Yellow chevrons are intended for the base of each fin which is a different colour. I think I might use them since the thought of masking all 18 fins creeps me out So next I need to get hold of some Peugeot Seville paint from Halfords...
  15. Hi there! I was going to put this in the reviews section, but It seems I can't!....................so i'll put it here...................! While building My UNCL Fireball XL5, I became aware (thanks Kallista!) that there was a Studio Scale Angel Interceptor kit, produced by Simian Stuff and available through Kits For Cash:- https://www.kitsforcash.com/captain-scarlet-angel-interceptor-new-release-i5999.htm After viewing the price,and receiving a dose of smelling salts (Thank You Lisa!!), I decided I had got to have one! After several trips to 'Stash Convertor' (Ebay!!) , I managed to gather together enough plastic (resin?) vouchers to acquire one! I cannot find an out of the box review for the kit, so I thought I would put one up here so You can see what it's all about. 12" / 300mm rule shown in photos for scale. The kit comes in a large corrugated card box with a nice full colour label on the top:- A set of instructions cover the (not too difficult) assembly procedure, the kit comprises of only 27 parts, shown here:- ....and a nice set of Decals printed by Jbot Decals:- I think You are getting an idea of the size of this model, the Spectrum roundels are about 2"/50mm in diameter! Photos of the resin parts:- Rear Fuselage:- Upper and lower cockpit sections:- Separate Front jet intake (handy for painting the hard to get at bits) ,this is then fitted to the cockpit section,a close up of the cockpit detail, and posed with the nose section, which is re-inforced with a metal rod to prevent warping:- Main wing panels are solid resin with interlocking tabs,and fit together very nicely. Panel lines are engraved throughout on the external surfaces, including the large 'A' on the underside which will make for easy masking off:- The rear Ramjet intake is moulded seperately from the fin, to allow for the (supplied) aliminum mesh to be fitted into ready-formed recesses in it's underside, and to paint the areas seperately, before gluing to the main fin, a nice touch that will save a lot of fiddly masking!:- (Edit:- After further research, it appears that these are not intakes, but control and braking outlets!) Solid 1 piece tailplane is nearly 12" Span!! Clear resin cockpit should polish up nice:- Cockpit detail includes a nicely cast instrument panel and housing (no instrument decals supplied but should be easy to source):- One Angel figure, nicely cast with separate arms and boots (), arms with 'Rams Horn' yoke section ready moulded in, and a clear resin helmet moulding:- Ejector seat with finely moulded-in harness and full control yoke:- Nose skid, nose-gear door and metal rod for leg, and wingtip main skids:- the nose canard:- No scale is given for the kit, but working on published figures for the 'Real' aircraft, it comes out at about 1/24th, 'Studio Scale' , Approx. 30" / 760mm overall length It is not cheap (It has took a fair load off My roof trusses!) , but a finely made and well researched, and to My Mk.2 (untrained) eyeball, looks pretty damn close to Derek Meddings fantastic creation!! Very little work in the way of pour-stub removal and clean-up. Oh, and I have yet to find a bubble anywhere in any of the castings! I hope this review is of some use / interest! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete More in depth information here:- https://www.spectrum-headquarters.com/angel_interceptor.html
  16. Once upon a time in the sixties, for five Lyons Maid? ice lolly wrappers and a postal order for 10/6d you could receive a model kit of the then TV wonder, Fireball XL5. (Apparently moulded by Airfix). Now that was a fair amount of money back then, and I for one lusted after this thing but it was not to be. Fast forward about fifty years to a couple of months ago and the local car boot sale. Oh look, a box of old model kits, Oh golly (or something similar) stay cool, it's a Fireball! One pound fifty later, I walked away trying not to grin in a stupid fashion! The nose cone, (Fireball junior) was missing, but hey, it's a start, I'll scratchbuild one. I mentioned my find on here and was contacted by a BM regular who normally scratchbuilds large scale cars. He too had always wanted one and mentioned using resin.I ended up sending my find to him and he did the deed. I recently got my kit back, plus a resin copy and another resin Fireball junior. Here is what he describes as a 'garage kit' and it looks like it will be a challenge in places but I will give it my best and we'll see what emerges. Not shown above are the resin fins for 'junior'. You can see a metal washer and small magnet so 'junior' can go off on it's own. Here's what I got at the boot sale. It was painted & assembled but had to be stripped down for copying. So this too will be on the build desk and I will end up with two of these beauties! I have some original Airfix aircraft stands which I will be using for them both. The resin copies are available on the bay and I've not mentioned any names above in case there are any issues with copyright etc, but BM regulars should be able to work out who it is. This will be a slow motion build as life is interfering with the model desk for the next month or so at least, but I will do what I can, and post whenever I get the chance. In the meantime maybe someone else will be overcome with lust for one and will purchase & build one faster than I can! Pete
  17. Hi, First time I've gotten round to posting on here - mainly because I'm such a slow builder. This is a scratch build of a fighter featured in one of Gerry Anderson's later series, 'Terrahawks'. I always liked the wedge shape and thanks to some meticulous research (not by me, I hasten to add), most of the kit parts have been identified, enabling me to scale up studio-scale plans. Although the original was made from perspex I opted for plasticard as I'm more used to working with it. The first step was to make the thing strong enough to support itself and withstand being picked up! The side wings are split into three parts so had to be connected with a 'runner' between them. Once the main shell was complete, I got on with adding the kit parts, mainly from German tanks, and carving the cab out of balsa. The tailplane is plasticard with some Plastruct angles. And that's the state of play as of today!
  18. In the works. http://www.donshoko.com/skydiver/index.shtml Thomo.
  19. I just can't help myself, its an addiction I tell you! So stuck in the house unable to use the shed to paint I looked through the stash to find something that would be fun to build. Needless to say, this appeared in my search like a hypersonic vision from the future: Obligatory Sprue Shot: Instructions: I've had this kit for a few months, but during Telford, our esteemed Chairman, Eric came back tot he stand triumphantly carrying a base card depicting London Airport. The wheels turned and an image came to mind, so on the Sunday I collared him into showing me where he bought it - thanks Eric! This is what he had found: Superb - can you guess what I'm going to so with it? Anyway, back to the model. Its pretty straightforward construction-wise, moulded is silver/grey plastic with no flash and only a few visible injector pin marks which are easily filled. The basic components are easy to assemble: Note the main fuselage hasn't been joined together as there is a cunning mechanism to allow the wings to retract or extend in sync. To this end you attach two sets of pivot brackets and a central separator within the main fuselage: The wings fit in thus: So taping the upper part of the fuselage on and the rear section you get this: Mmmmmm, looking good! So there is a vertical thruster jet nozzle you can attach to the bottom and this was a perfect fit for a 5mm hole to take an acrylic rod and brass sleeve: This needed a little bit of fettling with the central partition and then the brass sleeve got fixed in using some araldite: So returning to the base, I used an old wooden plaque that previously held a large ornate coat hook and cut a portion of the London Airport base to size for it: with a suitably drilled hole, off centre and angled, I can do this: or even better this: Now I've left myself in a quandry, I'm almost ready to start painting the main components. I want to do it Alcad Airframe aluminium but that means I have to start visiting the shed again This may mean I'll have to start to build something else... Maybe I should pluck up my courage and make a go at this one... then again maybe the CY fumes will play havoc with my cough...
  20. This morning at the local car boot sale, in a box of old kits, I found a 1960's model of Fireball XL5 that I lusted after way back then. It's a bit battered and Fireball junior is missing. So I have two questions, Are new decals available? I will have to strip off the old paint for a start! Does anyone else have one who is willing to take measurements of Junior so I can do a scratchbuild? Many thanks Pete
  21. I posted this here rather than in the sci-fi/space forum because it is a real airplane, although I finished it in a sci-fi paint scheme. As most of my models are, it is somewhat 'rough and ready.' Not of the high standards of some here. I describe its construction (and that of the accompanying Airfix Angel Interceptor) on this page of my web site: https://everardcunion.wordpress.com/falcon-excel/#top
  22. My first post here... I am a 'rough and ready' modeler, but here is my Comet Miniatures 1/200th scale Fireball XL5 with scratch built launch trolley. I describe the process of building it on my web site: https://everardcunion.wordpress.com/night-flight-to-venus/#top
  23. So after a hectic summer of building ridiculously big Oil Platforms or ridiculously complex Eagle Transporters (although THAT was well worth putting the effort into in the end :D), I've had a couple of weeks of building a couple of "simple" out-of-the-box kits that will eventually be posted in the RFI section for Aircraft. However while the paint it drying I decided I'd revisit the plan I had for my second Aoshima Mole kit. If you can remember all the way back to the middle of last year (2015), when the world seemed a much less complicated place, I built the superb Aoshima kit of the Mole from Thunderbirds, and in the Telford comp that year it won a Bronze medal Well I was so enamoured with the possibilities of this kit, that I went and bought 2 more from HobbyLinkJapan and made plans... One of those plans is to take the tractor section, which is a superb rendition of a Vickers Vigor toy tractor that was used by Thunderbirds as the basis of many of the pod vehicles, and converting it into an screen-accurate Firefly. That would of course leave me with the rest of the kit, ie the Mole itself! Another plan came into my head and this is the plan I aim to execute in this build, namely... well you'll see as we go along. So lets start off with the same pics fromt he previosu build to illustrate the kit itself... So the bits we are mainly intersted in are the yellow bits plus quite a few bits fro the various little baggies. These contain the "moving parts" and electrical gubbins (technical term here!) which will be a bit more important in this build tha n int he previous. To start off with, as before the silver plated screw and associated components were cleaned up, which removed most of the silver plating. The rest will be removed with some Mr Muscle Oven cleaner and then they'll get the Alclad treatment. Next I jump back a bit again to the Aoshima Thunderbird 4 kit I built at the start of this year which can be seen here. This included an electric motor which I didn't use in that build but kept it to one side as I knew it was the same electric motor that was supposed to be used in the the Mole. So some time was spent wiring this up with the various gears that come with the Mole kit to get this: Yeah I know its boring looking at a static pic of something that should be moving so here is the Youtube video of it in action! So thats all good if a little noisy. They supply a little tube of grease to help with that. You can see the red light on the top - I dicided to use the one supplied rather than replace it with a slashing red LED as the voltages required are different to that powering the motor. Its intended to be powered by 3V, so for that the pea-bulb they provided will do the trick. Next is the base or rather the "mounting" for it. So I ask you what does the Mole do? Why (I hear you reply) it digs through the earth in a generally downward direction... so that is how it will be displyed! This is a cheap picture frame with 2 layers of my favourite insulating polystyrene stuck to it with a slot cut out to contain the Mole. I'm going to make a hole int he back to thread the wires through so that the batteries and on.off switch can be mounted on the back of the picture frame. This will be a vertical model, which will be good on the club's display table as it won't take up much table space I'm still pondering exactly what the Mole is coming to the rescue of - but its likely to be something in the lower left of the display... more on that later...
  24. I enjoyed building my first one earlier this year so much that I bought another! You can see my previous build here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234996587-mpcround-2-148-scale-22-eagle-transporter/ For this build I want to ty to do something a bit more special, so there will be lighting, fixes to the overlong springs, enhanced paintjob and decals and most likely a Emergency/Rescue pod paintjob. This build was inspired by my visit to the Smallspace show last weekend where I got the designer of the Eagle, Brian Johnson to autograph the box I carry the first Eagle model to shows in I'll not be following the constructin sequence of the instructions very closely this time around as I have specific things that need to be done to support my other plans. So to start with, I began with one of the leg pods. My plan is to mount white LEDs in the front two legs pods to act as landing lights... As you can see, this time I'm using some serious battery power which will be mounted in the passenger pod. This will feed power to the LEDs in the leg pods and in the cockpit. So once again I've put power socket into the joint to support the cockpit and the cockpit internal bulkhead has been painted This time I've used Tamiya BUff and Deck tan colours istead of Desert yellow and white as I did in the previous build/ It still needs some touch ups and of course washes to bring out the detail. Now the power supply this time will be a block of AA batteries. These need to be mounted in the passenger pod is a manner that they can be accessible to change without having to disassemble the model. There should also be an on/off switch... On/off switch working... how about accessibility of the batteries? Panel cut out of the base with magnets holding it in place. Up the other way we see the mounting for the batteries So back to the leg pods, I've had to chop some plastic out of the support brackets inside the walkway modules so that the wires can come out of the pods This still leaves plenty of support for the leg pods. The connection between the pod and the leg is via plugs that allow the legs to be attached later for ease of painting, as is shown here: The internals of the walkway module start getting quite busy once all the wires are added but testing showed everything is working... Next task it to arrange the electrical connection between the walkway and the passenger pod/battery box and then sort ot the rear leg pods. I have a slightly different plan for those, more of that later...
  25. This is my second attempt at building this classic scene from Thunderbirds. This one benefited from the experience gained on the first one: a) I didn't try to do a scratch built cockpit as it can't be seen; I used smaller batteries to power the LEDs. The build thread is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235003077-thunderbird-2-launch-diorama-2/ ...and here is it with the camera flash turned off to allow the lighting to show
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