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Found 7 results

  1. A minor brainwave. What about an Aircraft of the Aces GB; any aircraft from any conflict but must be either flown by an ace and/or have more than five kill markings. Personally I have a nice Eduard Albatross, a Couple Camels( well 4 actually), a SPAD and some N17s in the stash that would all do nicely. Now that I think of it I’d also like to add Richthofens Halberstadt DII to the collection. 1. me of course 2. @DaveyGair 3. @TEMPESTMK5 4. @Ted 5. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 6. @Grey Beema 7. @2996 Victor 8. @jackroadkill 9. @MattG 10. @klr 11. @Paul J 12. @Tim R-T-C 13. @vppelt68 14. @JohnT 15. @stevehnz 16. @Andwil 17. @theplasticsurgeon 18. @Tim R-T-C 19. @John Masters 20. @Black Knight 21. @Rafwaffe 22. @trickyrich 23. @Paul J 24. @Steve 1602 25. @CliffB 26. @zegeye 27. @wellzy 28. @Mattp7999 29. @Valkyrie
  2. Another brainwave. A GB of things named after the weather. Tornados, lightning, typhoons, tempests etc. off the top of my head snd in no particula order:- Hawker Hurricane Eurofighter Typhoon Hawker Typhoon Me108 Taifun Hawker Tempest Hawker Tornado Panavia Tornado Westland Whirlwind Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate ( Gale) Kawanishi J6K1 Jinpu (Squall) Republic P47 Thunderbolt Republic A10 Thunderbolt II Macchi 202 Folgore (thunderbolt) Saab 37 Viggen (the bolt) EE lightening P48 Lightning Aradi 234 Blitz ( lightning) Opel Blitz ( lightning) Lockheed Marten on F35 lightning II Macchi C.200 Saetta( lightning) Kyushu J7W Shinden (Magnificent lightning) Mitsubishi J4M Senden (Flashing Lightning) VL Tuisku (blizzard) VL Viima (draught) VL Pyry (snowstorm) VL Humu (whirl) VL Myrsky (tempest) VL Pyörremyrsky (whirlwind) VW Golf (Gulf Stream) VW Jetta (Jet Stream) VW Passat (Trade wind) VW Scirocco (Wind from Sahara) Maserati Mistral (Wind) Maserati Ghibli (Arabic name for the Sirocco) Maserati Bora (Cold wind) + VW Bora Maserati Karif (Hot wind) Maserati Shamal (yet another hot wind, Shamal being the Arab word for north) Maserati Levante (Warm easterly wind) Pagani Zonda (hot air current that blows across Argentina) Pagani Huayra (Wind god if that counts, there is a kit though) Lamborghini Huracan (Spanish for hurricane) Ford Zephyr (warm westerly wind) GMC Syclone (Cyclone) Rimac Nevera (Storm) I’m sure I’ve missed some and we could probably stretch to include thunderbirds and thunder chiefs, but (I hope) you get the idea. 1. Marklo 2. @vppelt68 3. @desert falcon 4. @theplasticsurgeon 5. @zebra 6. @arfa1983 7. @Wez 8. @Mjoo 9. @dnl42 10. @Chimpion 11. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 12. @ArnoldAmbrose 13. @helios16v 14. @Jabba 15. @TEMPESTMK5 16. @Mjwomack 17. @stevehnz 18. @Ngantek 19. @CliffB 20. @Rob G 21. @VMA131Marine 22. @Rafwaffe 23. @DaveJL 24.
  3. I do enjoy the occasional AFV and haven’t many German tanks in the collection, and so decided I must build a Hetzer. I knew it was derived from the Czech CMK 38 but a little research showed that there many many variants produced. I thought we’d throw in the 35(t) too as it opens out the build a little bit more. In total about 400 panzer 35(t) and 1400 panzer 38(t)chassis were built and in every conceivable configuration from Bergepanzers through anti aircraft, self propelled guns and of course Jadgpanzers and Marder IIIs ( not I or II) There is also the 38(D) a German variant used for assault guns and antitank weapons. There are also lots of kits including some of the more unusual variants available. Seeing how we don’t seem to have that much Armour STGB proposals for 2022, I thought I’d start one. So the build would be anything built on an LT 35 or 38 chassis or a 36(t), 38(t) or 38(D) chassis or any proposed E-10 vehicle in any scale. I’m really leaning as I go the Swedish Stridsvagn m/41 and the Pansarbandvagn 301 would also qualify as both use licence built 38(t) chassis. 1. @Marklo 2. @ColonelKrypton 3. @Stef N. 4. @Tim R-T-C 5. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 6. @Rob S 7. @Robert Stuart 8. @Mig Eater 9. @Adam Poultney 10. @Bertie Psmith 11. @fittedkitchens 12. @sardaukar 13. @f matthews 14. @PlaStix 15. @blimp 16. @sampanzer 17. @Threadbear 18. @Jasper dog 19. @Mjwomack
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to list an idea for a group build ( if it’s not could I kindly ask the mods to move it to the right place) but here goes. Sopwith Aviation was founded in 1912 and pretty active prior to WWI going on to produce iconic fighters like the Camel. In 1920 they went in to voluntary liquidation. That same year Tom Sopwith and Harry Hawker founded the Hawker aircraft company, having purchased all the Sopwith assets and paid off all the creditors. in 1935 Hawker acquired Gloster who continued to trade under their own name releasing the Gladiator that same year. Then in 1936 they merged with Siddley who also owned Armstrong Withworth and AVRO, to form Hawker Siddley. In 1945 they acquired AVRO Canada. 1952 they acquired the remnants of the Bristol engine company and De Havilland and Folland. Then finally they were incorporated into British Aerospace. As part of the proposal, only post merger aircraft would count, so for example the Gauntlet would not but the Gladiater would. So if you follow the time line through you get a large slice of British aviation with the Sopwith heritage as the linking theme. Starting with Sopwith naval aircraft including the hurricane and on to the Harrier. Actually my only niggle is it may be too broad and maybe Sopwith on its own would be enough for a good GB. Just checked my references and including one offs and prototypes Sopwith on their own comprises about thirty types. On @dnl42a suggestion it might be a good idea to keep it to the main Sopwith/Hawker/Hawker Siddley line otherwise it sort of becomes becomes British aircraft 1912 to 1970 . Thoughts suggestions, critiques 1. @Marklo Well of course 2. @Ted 3. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 4. @MarkSH 5. @zebra 6. @dnl42 7. @Andwil 8. @bigbadbadge 9. @CliffB 10. @Adam Poultney ? 11. @Colin W 12. @Ray S 13. @Torbjorn 14. @mackem01 15. @TEMPESTMK5 16. @Wez 17. @franky boy 18. @John Masters 19. @ColonelKrypton 20. @galgos 21. @JosephLalor 22. @Rob S 23. @Graham77 24. @Mr T 25. @wellzy 26. @Ngantek 27. @DaddyO 28. @Steben 29. @Angus Tura 30.
  5. I thought about this a lot and I'm thinking that 2023brings a lot of significant 80ths the fall of stalingrad, Zitadel, Anzio, the defeat of the Afrika Corp, Gadalcanal (I think), all representing the tide turning against fascism in world war 2. From a historical perspective I'm fascinated by the European war and to a lesser extent the Mediterranean, but for some reason I'm not that interested in the Pacific war. Anyway I digress. The proposal woult be for any German, Soviet or allied equipment used during the Zitadel offensive, that includes a pretty large swath of aircraft, AFVs, lots of scope for dioramas and other equipment. Anyone else intetested? 1. @Marklo 2. @Robert Stuart 3. @Rob S 4. @Ozzy 5. @Tim R-T-C 6. @Prenton 7. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 8. @Longbow 9. @Jasper dog 10. @M3talpig 11. @Beazer 12. @vppelt68 13.
  6. I know that a biplane is a stretch for a lot of modellers, but the majority of my builds have two or more sets of wings. So the proposal is for anything with two or more sets of wings, any scale, any era. if the GB gets picked I’ll build either of all of these a Fokker V8 five wings An Osprey triplane A Sablatning triplane An Euler Quadruplane A Caproni pensuti triplane A Caproni Ca60, well maybe not… I could keep going as there are literally hundreds of possible builds. 1. me of course 2. @John Masters 3. @Ray S 4. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 5. @JOCKNEY
  7. There was a Helicopter/VSTOL GB in 2020 so next year would be three years and I reckon this would be a fun GB to revisit. Personally it’ll be an excuse to dust off my Hawk Lysander and the sole helicopter in my stash oh and of course a Fieseler Storch if the Reconnaissance GB doesn’t fly (so to speak) So the proposal: anything short or vertical takeoff from catapult launched Sopwith Camels through to F35s ( there’s a version with VTOL capability, isn’t there ?) with anything in between. This one gets in on a technicality.it’s a Sopwith Camel modified to be dropped from an airship. Takeoffs don’t get any shorter than that…. Yes VTOL F35 Any takers? 1. me (of course) 2. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 3. @Mig Eater 4. @ArnoldAmbrose 5. @helios16v 6. @theplasticsurgeon 7. @zebra 8. @Rob S 9. @JOCKNEY 10. @CliffB 11. @desert falcon 12. @Dermo245 13. @Col. 14. @Mr T 15. @Jabba 16. @Tim R-T-C 17. @Evil_Toast_RSA 18. @Hewy 19. @Jb65rams 20. @Bobby No Mac 21. @Arniec 22. @Prenton 23. @Scargsy 24. @Dansk 25. @Andwil 26. @exdraken 27. @DaveJL 28. @arfa1983 29. @John Masters 30. @bianfuxia
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