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  1. I saw this being painted on GW's run-up to the release of Leviathan, and although I'm absolutely disinterested in the gaming system, I do find these figures quite enticing. The Screamer Killer is one of the big-boys of the Tyranid Hives, screaming their heads off while they tear you to shreds while disabling you with some psychic mumbo-jumbo. They're about four times the height of a Space Marine, and bear in mind those guys are supposed to tower over mere mortals thanks to their genetic engineering... apparently Anyway, I've been dabbling with it for a while now, spending half an hour on it when I have a moment, first putting it together as a modeller, which involved scraping and sanding seams, filling gaps and doing a bit of sculpture where the moulds had been simplified for injection moulding. Things like the two rows of three cooling "things" on its carapace, which were shallow on one side, with no depth to them. I hit those areas with my Galaxy Models mini-motor-tool, deepening the holes, and then tidying them up with micro-chisels, which are my new best friends. A bit of liquid glue and some sanding with custom tools after the glue had dried left them in decent shape, that will give a better sense of depth when I've finished painting them. I also reamed out the pipe under the slab of masonry he's standing on, as that too was shallow on one side. The base is pretty big, so I thought I'd better shove some stuff on there, finding a few pebbles in the garden and using some sand I have in a pot from previous weirdness. I glued it down with the AMMO Dio Glue, then when it was dry I fixed it with a liberal coating of AK Sand & Gravel Fixer, adding a few tiny pebbles to the mix. A heavy coat of primer helped keep everything on the base. That got painted with various colours and a bit of dry-brushing, but I'm not happy with the stones, so will probably change their tone later. Citadel now have additional ranges of paints called Shade and Contrast, which you apply to a light base, and it adds a load of shadows and highlights as it gravitates to the folds and creases. It's quite effective, and they even have a Contrast Medium, which you can use to turn any of their other colours into a a Contrast colour. Handy I slapped a load onto the model in sections, leaving it to dry before dry-brushing it with Wraithbone, the base colour. I also added a more purple shade to those little cut-outs on the limbs, another Contrast colour that just wicks away from the highlight areas nicely. I gave the ends of the arms an extra coat to start the fading to darkness, and base painted the stone and pipe. I've been putting off painting the carapace and limb armour for a while, as it's a large portion of the model, and I've seen a few variations on how to do it, but wasn't that keen on any of them, so I made up my own mix and started applying it to his butt armour. I gave it a couple of coats, then two more Shade coats to vary the tone a bit. Then I highlighted it a bit, and did a couple of sweeps over the individual plates, making swipes down the scales to imply a rough chitinous effect, which I hope I've achieved. Here's a shot of the butt plate now. I'm reasonably happy with it, and just hope I can replicate it on the rest of the areas, as you know my memory I'd also given the hooves and claws a coat of dark grey and highlighted it a few times, as I wasn't happy with the way the Contrast paint was working, possibly because it was hot in here at the time. Let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions and any help you can provide, as this is my first GW figure in about 30 years?
  2. Or as I prefer to call them, Trolls. They are nasty lifeforms made of rocks and malice. This one I started yesterday and finished this morning. His name is Fe. Can you guess why? His weapon of choice is several tons of statuary which provides a nice contrast with the living rock of the troll himself. How the weapon is deployed. The other figure was finished before Christmas. His name is Cu. Guess why? My best bit on Cu is the crystal cudgel The highlighting came out just right I think. Best bit on Fe is that claw which I managed to wet blend. Of course, magnified, it looks rubbish . 😲 I spent more time on their rock crusted rear views than the front. Great fun to paint, brilliantly designed. I think they are the best Warhammer models I've done so far, certainly in terms of enjoyment.
  3. My latest sculpture is complete! I started this because I really liked the idea of turning something that is very small like a games workshop table top figure in a massive sculpture, I'm not very knowlegeable about it but I've always been a fan of the T'au. Very happy with how he turned out, originaly it was going to be 1/6 but after making the head a bit bigger then I realised it was actually closer to 1/5. Now he's done from the bottom of the base to the tip of his rifle is 52cm! And now I've checked his measurements and recalculated it he is in fact 1/4 scale so I've changed the title and added this line in. I sculpted him in 3 parts due to his size so I could fit him in the oven to cure, I started with his head then made seperate armatures for his legs and then upper body which was glued together after he was painted. He was sculpted in sculpey firm except for the the shield and gun which were made with styrene and foam board. Just to gove a sense of scale I included a mug in the first pic and left my hand in one of them. Heres a link to the wip: - And here are the pics IMG_20221003_123900801 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_123935735 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_123945753 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124022518 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124049206 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124125089 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124133787 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124148739 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124250074 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124301706 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124332659 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124352007 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124557865 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124607273 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124624330 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124647881 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124732997 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124741961 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124754428 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124813194 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_124948338 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_125028381 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_125114658 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20221003_125153859 by Nick Frost, on Flickr And it now has pride of place in my cabinet IMG_20221003_131821471 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Thank you to everyone who commented in the wip and showed an interest, I always really appreciate it and it makes a build more fun. I've got a few project ideas so I'll be back on to the new build once I've decided what to do next. Thanks for looking, more soon
  4. This is tiny compared to Hunter Rose's sculpture - January's mini-of-the-month was a Fire Warrior and I got mine built and based a week or two ago, but didn't find time to paint until yesterday. I primed it with decanted Mr. Surfacer 1000 Mahagony (dark brown) which was really nice, then drybrushed and shaded the cloth areas before painting in all the armour with 2-3 coats of white airbrush ink applied by brush. This gives a nice finish, albeit not a bright white, but because it's so runny it gets into the panel lines and fills them up really easily. I probably spent more time repainting lines than anything else! After about 3 hours work I was a bit disheartened, but weathering and trying to sharpen up the details has helped and a couple of hours later I think it's not a bad effort for the time spent? The scruffiness certainly adds some texture to the white surfaces. NB: The paint scheme is based on the current GW studio T'au army from Vior'la Sept, and goes with the small-scale aircraft I did last year. They were painted down from light grey/white and ended up a lot tidier. I think the white/red is a really cool scheme and fits the sci-fi militarism of the T'au rather well. Cheers, Will
  5. Hi all, Finished my orc-in-progress, only the one picture at the moment but I'm hoping to make a spinny video when I get time. A fun thing to paint but I keep being surprised at how much detail there is. At least it's nicely sharply moulded - I was even able to highlight the lower eyelids which are usually a disaster for me. Cheers, Will
  6. Hi folks, This month's free mini from Games Workshop was a Namarti Reaver - they're elves that went wrong (with no soul, hence no eyes) and went to live in the sea rather than being destroyed. They come out of the ocean to steal souls from coastal communities, and the lack of eyes makes them easier to paint (click for bigger) The skin is thinned contrast glazed with regular paints, and I used similar techniques for the cloth as well. The mother-of-pearl bow and weapon details are done by dotting glazes into wet medium so they spread and create very soft blends. I think she came out quite well and at three evenings' work rates as only moderately time consuming Here are the elf factions I've touched so far. I don't have any of the tree ones (apart from a tree-man I guess!) Cheers, Will
  7. Hi folks, I was rather lacking in time and mojo earlier in the year, but about halfway through the big NZ lockdown I got my brushes out and finished a figure, and then moved on to these tiles somewhat at random. Games Workshop sell them as something to use with their recent terrain for Necromunda, which is modular and fits into the tile tops. I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but seeing the built and painted set in my local GW was a great sales tool 😛 The tiles I bought before that though, because I thought they'd be a great photo backdrop for 40K models, and maybe even for the Titanicus (small scale) stuff. They're a very (very!) simple build (open box, take out tiles) so obviously it was all about the painting. I was careful to leave scale cues off two of the tiles so they'd work for both scales, but couldn't resist adding some to the others. I used a bit of everything - Tamiya base colours, Citadel details, oils, enamels, and lots of Contrast paint (like acrylic inks) for glazes and filters. Someone on Instagram asked "what colours did you use" so for a laugh I wrote out all the steps and ended up with 70+ - and that was before I'd finished all the details. I quite fancy getting another set and building some stuff up on them, but first I have the abovementioned modular scenery which I've built but not primed yet. I think it might be quite hard work as there are a lot of very similar pieces, but hopefully I can chip away at it over time. My '90s vintage Van Saar gang are a bit confused about all the changes from the original Necromunda scenery Cheers, Will
  8. How do chaps, My Nurgle adventure continues with the Beast Of Nurgle kit from Games Workshop. Smashing little kit that comes with a choice of 3 heads. It was a bit of a faff to put together due to the shape of the parts. Once the correct orientation was worked out though it fits lovely with the joins hidden by skin folds. Painted with GW paints and washes over a base coat of Tamiya XF81 RAF Green. The skulls are also from GW and you get hundreds of different human, Ork and various other alien types in the box. Regards, Steve
  9. Just finished this last night Warhammer 40k Mortarion Daemon Prince of Nurgle
  10. Hi all, I've been a bit distracted lately and not had a whole lot of modelling time, but I still build figures in front of the TV when I want to switch my brain off. Sometimes I even paint them! These are Hobgrots/Hobgoblins from the new Age of Sigmar box - nice simple two- or three-part models in traditional slottabases. The sculpts have a great balance between detail and paintability - there are loads of details but they well-defined and the brush seems to find them pretty easily. I painted one to try them out and then applied the same recipe to another four. They're a bit different to the approach I've been using for the last couple of years as I primed them with a dark blue-green and then did some vigorous drybrushing as a base for the skin. Then lots of washes and glazes on top of that to smooth things out and get the colours right. The bases are my take on a sulphur swamp. I was very happy after painting the first one (above) but when I finished the other four the other night I thought maybe the armour is too consistent looking, and the metals are rather flat in the photo. I'll try and sponge some of the highlights and rust rather than brush/stipple them for the next five and see how that goes. Once they're done there are some interesting characters and monsters and things to get on with - there's a lot of stuff in that box Cheers, Will
  11. Hi folks, I've had a bit of a gap in the middle owing to family holiday, work, etc. but I've finally finished the skeletons I started at the very end of January. They're Games Workshop 28mm models, and they're a bit long in the tooth now. There's nothing really wrong with them but they don't have quite the poses and detail of the newer stuff. The biggest issue is that as they're designed to rank up on square bases they have rather restricted poses, so they're not a very diverse unit. I've tried to build in a bit of variety with the various optional parts, and have some spears aloft and some down low doing the stabbing. The command group (champion, standard bearer and musician) are quite characterful, especially the musician's ludicrous horn. I was a bit worried about attaching the shields at the end, but they had decent gluing surfaces so I was able to scrape some paint away and fix them in place with solvent glue. I think my favourite is the skeleton with the coffin-lid shield and half of his skull missing. They're all painted roughly the same way - Alclad primer, Tamiya acrylics for the basic bone colour, Citadel paints for almost everything, Alclad varnish and Citadel metallics with some Vallejo Liquid Metal colours for the brightest highlights. The metals are quite shiny but the diffuse lighting kills that a bit, I'll have to take some pictures on black and see how that looks. NB: The bases are inspired by Padley Gorge near Sheffield where we used to live. It's not exactly a tribute but I remember the mossy rocks and autumn leaves fondly. Hopefully I can develop that a bit if I do some matching scenery. Thanks for looking, and to those who commented on the WIP thread, it's always helpful to get another pair of eyes on these things: Cheers, Will
  12. So I hit something of a rut with my usual building of aircraft., so ended up with some GW figures - I'd always wanted to build my own army when I was a kid. I really liked the look of the Lumineth - here's my first completed hero - Eltharion Thoroughly enjoyed this.
  13. Here's another one painted last year. A Space Marines Primaris Impulsor tank, one of the more recent vehicle releases over the last couple of years by Games Workshop. This was done as a mixture of figure painting techniques (edge highlighting, OSL glow) and AFV modelling techniques, particularly in the weathering. The scheme itself is a homebrew chapter scheme that I've named 'Sunstorm Knights'. With many of the models I've painted in this scheme I've tried to add a nod to 80's action heroes. See if you can spot the reference to a certain TV show here!
  14. Some time ago I built another model from this range the "Boomdakka Scrapjet" One I made earlier So I have started another... This is the "Kustom Boosta Blasta", as you can perhaps see, I am trying to assemble the vehicle in sub assemblies. You can perhaps see the only smear of filler used so far on the scuttle behind the engine? Everything fits together so well you can push fit the sub assemblies Notice the unusual way this kit is designed, the driver's boots are moulded in the footwell ...but when you add the figure the fit is perfect. I guess that the model has been designed using CAD/CAM to achieve this accuracy of fit. Here's another example This little guy goes together like this and where he will end up All good relaxing fun.
  15. Hi all, Quick project this week - I started painting up some of the opposition from Blackstone Fortress. These are Ur-Ghuls - they lurk in the shadows and are generally sneaky and menacing. I started on Monday, did an hour or two per night and they were done on Friday morning, which is very quick for me. It helps a great deal that they don't have any detail on them - it's just skin and teeth - so none of the messing around tidying up edges and the like. They don't even have eyes! I painted them with thinned Contrast paints with white ink highlights, and did the gore with stringy UHU glue. Once that's started to set you can thicken it up with an acrylic like Blood for the Blood God. Fun stuff The reason I haven't painted any of these before was that I wasn't sure how to deal with the bases - I ended up trying to make them match the tiles, with scraps of styrene cut in geometric shapes and painted with a grid of purple lines. I think they turned out fairly well and I have some ideas on doing it better next time (as ever!) Cheers, Will
  16. Well I was trying to avoid another work-in-progress, but I'm enjoying myself so I thought I'd better 'fess up to what I've been up to the last week or so. The new edition of Warhammer 40K was released on the 17th, and as usual I failed to resist a big box of plastic crack so now I have a load of Death Guard and new Space Marines to paint. I really bought the box for the big marines (a head taller or more than the previous standard) but was won over by the Nurgle models when I saw them in person, so those are the first to see some paint. For the (perhaps luckily) uninitiated, Nurgle is the Chaos God of pestilence and disease, and is a jovial grandfatherly god who loves to give his followers (and anyone else) presents of delightfully interesting plagues, poxes and other unpleasant afflictions. A bit like a fetid Father Christmas. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Warhammer-40000-dark-imperium-eng-2017 So last week I cleaned up, built and primed 31 minions of Nurgle, starting with ten Death Guard - space marines which have fallen in with his icky ways: (click for bigger) I've only photographed five so far, which include the special models like the chap with the bell, and the one spewing a cloud of something nasty. The other five are more normal, but they're all different and have interesting details. After that I did the Bloat Drone, which is a sort of demon-powered flying sludge lorry. The model is supposed to look like this: but I wasn't in love with the rotors and modified mine a bit using some spare parts left over from another Nurgle model, as follows: giving a sort of Baron Harkonnen battle suit result, or so I hope. I think sticking the guns on might be a mistake so I'll probably be removing those again before I come to paint him. Lastly I had to put together twenty pox-walkers (plague zombies) which came on two identical sprues. I've made up one set as-is and converted the others a little so they're all different. It's not a dramatic difference as apart from one case I limited myself to using parts removed from other pox-walkers, so it's really mostly head and weapon swaps with a few other changes. Tuesday night I spent a couple of hours getting some basic colours onto one of the pox-walkers to try out ideas for the group. I thought it was a good start, but the PPE was better all in safety orange, and the brown cloth was too close to the other colours so I've done that green. I might give some wine red or white cloth as well? So this is where I'm at now: Nearly time for a matt coat and some metallics on the gun and nails. But I need to paint the base first. The flat bit will be glossed over as a swamp, and the sticking up bit needs to be wet earth or moss I suppose? I really hope I stay the course with these, we all know how easily I get distracted and twenty zombies is a lot But I loved painting the first one, lots of well-defined detail and a nice open pose (I suppose that's de rigeur for something which is only two injection-moulded parts). Plus doing the icky bits is really fun Cheers, Will
  17. Hi all, My local GW in Wellington was giving away witch elves (or aelves if you like) at the start of the month for a "paint club" activity. I built mine ASAP and then put off painting her until the last week. It turns out I missed the deadline for handing in because I didn't know when it was, but I did get her finished off at 11.36pm on November the 30th. I think I was a bit embarrassed by all the skin and that put me off starting to be honest, but having got some basic colours on there I started enjoying myself and the whole thing took a pleasant week of evenings. I left the hair separate which made access a lot easier, but otherwise assembled and painted everything in one go including the base. There was some fiddly brush work required to reach the various areas occluded by the arms and legs, but it wasn't too bad. I stuck to a cold palette and made her skin very pale (Pallid Wych Flesh!) shaded with red and turqoise. Even the slightly warm colours like the reds have purple in the shadows to cool them down. The base follows on from that and I considered adding snow but thought I wanted the skin and hair to be the lightest things. Unusually for me, I painted the face really early on because I was scared of getting it wrong. It's taken a while and I think there's still too much definition on the right cheek, and the eyes are a bit wide and surprised-looking, but mostly it works. The '80s make-up was fun but I might leave that off next time as an interim version with just skin shading made her look really strung out and a bit scarier. She's painted with a relatively small selection of colours - mostly white primer with thin contrast paints over the top, Pallid Wych Flesh and white ink for highlighting and blending the skin, and lots of glazes of very thin contrast to shade it. The metals are mostly GW "fancy" metals which are a bit brighter and finer than their older colours. I admit I rushed those a bit to finish in time - painting metallics at night is hard because the artificial light makes them look better than they do in a light box. I need to get a turntable to show the highlights moving around really I have built the Underworlds warband for the Daughters of Khaine (which has a half-snake Melusai, among other things) so I'll have to see about repeating this scheme across those at some point. Cheers, Will
  18. Hi folks, I managed to get the missing missiles primed and painted at the weekend so was able to finish off these artillery pieces today. They're "Epic Scale" (6mm-ish) white metal kits from Games Workshop in the '90s, from sealed blisters I picked up on our local auction site. A bit of a learning curve to clean up and assemble the metals, but with a thin coat of etch primer and two of Tamiya lacquer primer I haven't had any problems with paint adhesion. They're airbrushed with Tamiya lacquers and then everything else is brush painted with acrylics including the weathering. I guess I did use a bit of graphite powder as well. The siege mortars are Colossus Bombards (I think) and the rocket artillery are Manticores. I replaced the metal rockets (which were OK) with some brand new plastic Manticore rockets from the Aeronautica Imperialis ground targets sprue. They fit the rails nicely and I can find something else for the static launchers when I get to building them. I lettered one of the nosecones T.F.U.2 in honour of one of the best episodes of Spaced The mortars are out of the box. I think they came out quite well and I've got my eyes open for e.g. Leman Russ tanks or similar. I have an older Hellbore tunnelling machine, which I've started to clean up and then I realised it was lead and I should be a bit more careful about how and where I did that... It's not as sharp as the tanks but it's very cool and I will get to it in due course, probably with a few extra details. NB: For sizing, they're on 40mm bases, from memory the Chimera chassis are about an inch long but the dozer blades and other bits overhang to the point where they really didn't fit on a 32mm base. Cheers and thanks for looking! Will
  19. Hi all, Someone on here asked me ages ago if I was going to try doing some 40K armour, and I'm finally catching up with that idea. Except that these tanks (OK, artillery pieces) are Epic Scale. That means '90s white metal castings in something like 1/220 - 1/250 scale. So with a nod to Tiny Toon Adventures ("We're tiny, we're tanky, we're cast a little manky..,") here are some Epic 40K artillery pieces I picked up (in sealed blisters!) on our local eBay-clone: Straight from the '90s, they are. But cleaned up with a file and scouring pad and assembled with superglue, they look quite good if you don't look too closely - lots of detail but they are rather bent and distorted in places. One of mine had really nicely cast tracks, and all the others had a bit of flash and distortion through the track blocks which was a bit of a shame. They're based on the Imperial Guard Chimera APC chassis, as in 40K there are loads of things which use that particular base. I've actually built one (the Hydra) but never painted or photographed it, I'll fix that so you can see how the scaling down has been handled. It's quite close in scale to the plastic Adeptus Titanicus kits, maybe 5% too small? Surprisingly it looks like they'll need 40mm bases just like the plastic knights. With a coat of etch primer, some more clean up and then two coats of Tamiya red lacquer primer they ended up like this: The ones with rocket racks are Manticores, and the others are Bombards. There are metal rockets supplied for the Manticores but they're a bit clunky and I wonder if I I can find some plastic aircraft missiles to use instead? They might also be less prone to falling off! Since then I've given them a thin coat of decanted Desert Sand, shaded with Alclad Sepia and highlighted with Deck Tan and a mix of that and white. I washed everything with a 2:1 mix of Contrast medium and Skeleton Horde to get some richness back as the highlights were quite pale. I'm currently painting details and adding more contrast, of which more soon. I also need to scrounge up some 40mm bases as I think metal models particularly need to be based to reduce scuffing. Cheers, Will
  20. Hi all, As teased in the other thread, I finished off the Tiger Sharks which are the bigger T'au planes - more bomber than fighter. I wasn't totally sold on the finish on the Barracudas I did first - the enamel always makes things a bit messy and sticky and then it's hard to get rid of every last piece of fluff. I thought I'd take advantage of the big panel lines and use acrylics this time round. It turns out that you can get quite nice soft effects around features by pre-wetting the area with medium and then wicking the paint into the detail. And because the original paint was lacquer (and sealed with Klear) I could use a wet cocktail stick when I needed to clean up. I need to take some pics of the whole flight, but before I do that I'll try and fix the silvering on the small triangular decals, and clean up a blotch I noticed. One of them has an open missile bay with red-edges doors like a proper plane Thanks for looking! Will
  21. Hi folks, Just finished off some more Aeronautica Imperialis models - these are the smaller T'au Barracuda fighters. I have the larger Tiger Shark bombers painted and decalled but haven't done the panel lines and finishing on them yet. They were supposed to be done in a day or two, but I've been short on modelling time and to be honest painting the fiddly bits took a lot longer than anticipated. So many panels and grilles and things! The main colour is insignia white over hellblau (Tamiya lacquers) with the fins in a mix of bright red and hull red. Everything else is Citadel, although I did use a Tamiya enamel wash for the panels. I sealed everything with brushed Klear, but with all the detail it tends to bubble and it's hard to find and remove them all, particularly in recesses. Less obvious under a matt coat. I do wonder if using acrylic washes might be a goer as well, since the enamel makes everything sticky and turns it into a dust trap while the thinner is damp. I took some pictures of the undersides but despite all the detail they weren't very satisfying. So it's just the tops for now. The undersides are similar but blue-er. I'll try and get the Tiger Sharks done to a similar standard but in less time Then I'll have a painted force! Cheers, Will
  22. Hi all, I've made and painted some of the knights from GW's Adeptus Titanicus range and posted my doings on here earlier in the year. While I haven't started painting a Titan yet, I have built some: Unusually for me I've actually played a game of the new Titanicus rules too! Our local GW was running demos and my daughter and I had a go. It's pretty good, the big titans feel very ponderous and there's a lot of raising shields, cooling the reactor etc. Like submarine warfare with legs. It was very easy to find yourself making the relevant noises which is probably a good sign. Bad sign? Not sure! Anyway, I was lucky enough to pick up the big box of modular building parts half price a few months ago, and I've since acquired the set of spires they brought out afterwards. After some playing around and some smaller buildings I came up with the following: The lower part of the building is from the Civitas Imperialis modular sprues, and the upper part is mostly the spires. I bashed some of the roof pieces into landing pads and used flying buttresses to add "princess towers" to get a silhouette that looks a bit more like some of the old Hive City illustrations from e.g. the Necromunda rulebook. There are a few additional parts from N-scale Green Max kits (ladders, pipes) and my stash of sacrificial Trumpeter bits (antenna and some other small details). Held together with scraps of styrene where necessary. I'm not quite sure how to paint it, but I guess I want to match the feel of the Knight bases, so a slightly overgrown look? Having an excuse to add some green flock is a) always welcome and b) very handy for hiding joins, but I don't know if the Imperium will stand for it? Cheers, Will
  23. Hi all, I built this little vignette early in May as a break from the Necromunda tiles, and got around to painting it last week. It's from Games Workshop's 40K universe, using parts from the newly-released Adeptus Titanicus industrial terrain. This is a really useful set as it's full of small scale things like containers, barrels and cranes which help establish the scale as many of them are scaled down from 40K. I mixed it with a ruined statue intended to be used for 40K to get a little vignette which hopefully evokes the tired gothic splendour of the Imperium. The bronze is a gradient of Alclad colours (jet exhaust, exhaust manifold, copper, pale gold) plus Citadel for the verdigris (mainly Nihilakh Oxide, Agrax Earthshade and Creed Camo IIRC). Other colours are mostly Tamiya (base coats) and Citadel (ground & weathering). It's built on a scrap of 1mm styrene sheet, with some torn up cork and texture paint plus cut up GW sprues for the rubble. I added a few random lengths of wire for rebar and made the antenna thing from an left over mining laser from yet another GW kit. I attempted to match the scenery to the bases of the knights I built last year, which I think came out pretty well considering that I didn't write down the colours I used at the time. I guess brown is brown! It's not very big but was generally fun rather than fiddly. The new terrain parts (container, barrels etc.) have very crisp detail which is easy to paint. Cheers, Will
  24. Today a friend gave me a model to build for her for DnD, it's a Games Workshop Chaos Sorcerer from their Age of Sigmar range. It's a miniature I'd quite like to paint so I offered to do that for her as well. I've got a lot of experience painting 40k models but very little with AoS, but it's the same techniques applied differently. I'll be working on that over the weekend to get it back to get on Monday if all goes to plan, the task of dealing with more 1/200 scale Vulcan intakes or my primer problems on my 1/72 Valiant can wait. Currently on the bus home, I'll start work on this this evening
  25. Hi folks, Games Workshop recently re-released a building kit that I wanted to buy first time around but couldn't, so this time I took the plunge. As usual, it's chunky, quite dear for what it is, and characterful. And like most GW scenery kits the fit isn't exactly immaculate. The kit in question is Skullvane Manse, now called a Warscryer Citadel. It's a sort of wizard's observatory perched on top of/beside a big rock, and as you might be able to see from the Standard Skeleton, it's a good foot tall: Cleaning up and assembling the twenty-odd parts took most of the weekend, and I've spent a couple of evenings after that filling seams and covering up some of the moulded detail with Miliput. Some smaller seams were filled with CA. For reference, this is what it's supposed to look like: More pictures on the Games Workshop site I thought the big stone tower looked a bit precarious on the cantilevered wooden platform, so I left that off and will make it up as a separate building later. I also added a bit more bracing from Evergreen strip, textured with a saw blade. The spattered-looking Miliput was thinned with water and stippled on to cover up some of the areas where the direction of the moulding meant there wasn't much surface detail on the rock. The aim is to put it on a small scenic base, but I'd better paint it first otherwise access is going to be very tricky. Cheers, Will
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