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  1. Some time ago I built another model from this range the "Boomdakka Scrapjet" One I made earlier So I have started another... This is the "Kustom Boosta Blasta", as you can perhaps see, I am trying to assemble the vehicle in sub assemblies. You can perhaps see the only smear of filler used so far on the scuttle behind the engine? Everything fits together so well you can push fit the sub assemblies Notice the unusual way this kit is designed, the driver's boots are moulded in the footwell ...but wh
  2. Hi all, Quick project this week - I started painting up some of the opposition from Blackstone Fortress. These are Ur-Ghuls - they lurk in the shadows and are generally sneaky and menacing. I started on Monday, did an hour or two per night and they were done on Friday morning, which is very quick for me. It helps a great deal that they don't have any detail on them - it's just skin and teeth - so none of the messing around tidying up edges and the like. They don't even have eyes! I painted them with thinned Contrast paints with whit
  3. Well I was trying to avoid another work-in-progress, but I'm enjoying myself so I thought I'd better 'fess up to what I've been up to the last week or so. The new edition of Warhammer 40K was released on the 17th, and as usual I failed to resist a big box of plastic crack so now I have a load of Death Guard and new Space Marines to paint. I really bought the box for the big marines (a head taller or more than the previous standard) but was won over by the Nurgle models when I saw them in person, so those are the first to see some paint. For the (perhaps luckily) uninitiated, Nurgle
  4. Hi all, My local GW in Wellington was giving away witch elves (or aelves if you like) at the start of the month for a "paint club" activity. I built mine ASAP and then put off painting her until the last week. It turns out I missed the deadline for handing in because I didn't know when it was, but I did get her finished off at 11.36pm on November the 30th. I think I was a bit embarrassed by all the skin and that put me off starting to be honest, but having got some basic colours on there I started enjoying myself and the whole thing took a pleasant week of evenings.
  5. Hi folks, I managed to get the missing missiles primed and painted at the weekend so was able to finish off these artillery pieces today. They're "Epic Scale" (6mm-ish) white metal kits from Games Workshop in the '90s, from sealed blisters I picked up on our local auction site. A bit of a learning curve to clean up and assemble the metals, but with a thin coat of etch primer and two of Tamiya lacquer primer I haven't had any problems with paint adhesion. They're airbrushed with Tamiya lacquers and then everything else is brush painted with acrylics includin
  6. Hi all, Someone on here asked me ages ago if I was going to try doing some 40K armour, and I'm finally catching up with that idea. Except that these tanks (OK, artillery pieces) are Epic Scale. That means '90s white metal castings in something like 1/220 - 1/250 scale. So with a nod to Tiny Toon Adventures ("We're tiny, we're tanky, we're cast a little manky..,") here are some Epic 40K artillery pieces I picked up (in sealed blisters!) on our local eBay-clone: Straight from the '90s, they are. But cleaned up with a file and scouring pad and assembled with
  7. Hi all, As teased in the other thread, I finished off the Tiger Sharks which are the bigger T'au planes - more bomber than fighter. I wasn't totally sold on the finish on the Barracudas I did first - the enamel always makes things a bit messy and sticky and then it's hard to get rid of every last piece of fluff. I thought I'd take advantage of the big panel lines and use acrylics this time round. It turns out that you can get quite nice soft effects around features by pre-wetting the area with medium and then wicking the paint into the detail. And because the orig
  8. Hi folks, Just finished off some more Aeronautica Imperialis models - these are the smaller T'au Barracuda fighters. I have the larger Tiger Shark bombers painted and decalled but haven't done the panel lines and finishing on them yet. They were supposed to be done in a day or two, but I've been short on modelling time and to be honest painting the fiddly bits took a lot longer than anticipated. So many panels and grilles and things! The main colour is insignia white over hellblau (Tamiya lacquers) with the fins in a mix of bright red and hull red. Everything else is Cit
  9. Hi all, I've made and painted some of the knights from GW's Adeptus Titanicus range and posted my doings on here earlier in the year. While I haven't started painting a Titan yet, I have built some: Unusually for me I've actually played a game of the new Titanicus rules too! Our local GW was running demos and my daughter and I had a go. It's pretty good, the big titans feel very ponderous and there's a lot of raising shields, cooling the reactor etc. Like submarine warfare with legs. It was very easy to find yourself making the relevant noises which is probably
  10. Hi all, I built this little vignette early in May as a break from the Necromunda tiles, and got around to painting it last week. It's from Games Workshop's 40K universe, using parts from the newly-released Adeptus Titanicus industrial terrain. This is a really useful set as it's full of small scale things like containers, barrels and cranes which help establish the scale as many of them are scaled down from 40K. I mixed it with a ruined statue intended to be used for 40K to get a little vignette which hopefully evokes the tired gothic splendour of the Imperium. The bronze is a
  11. Hi folks, I was rather lacking in time and mojo earlier in the year, but about halfway through the big NZ lockdown I got my brushes out and finished a figure, and then moved on to these tiles somewhat at random. Games Workshop sell them as something to use with their recent terrain for Necromunda, which is modular and fits into the tile tops. I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but seeing the built and painted set in my local GW was a great sales tool The tiles I bought before that though, because I thought they'd be a great photo backdrop for 40K models, and maybe even for t
  12. Today a friend gave me a model to build for her for DnD, it's a Games Workshop Chaos Sorcerer from their Age of Sigmar range. It's a miniature I'd quite like to paint so I offered to do that for her as well. I've got a lot of experience painting 40k models but very little with AoS, but it's the same techniques applied differently. I'll be working on that over the weekend to get it back to get on Monday if all goes to plan, the task of dealing with more 1/200 scale Vulcan intakes or my primer problems on my 1/72 Valiant can wait. Currently on the bus home, I'll start work on this th
  13. Hi folks, Games Workshop recently re-released a building kit that I wanted to buy first time around but couldn't, so this time I took the plunge. As usual, it's chunky, quite dear for what it is, and characterful. And like most GW scenery kits the fit isn't exactly immaculate. The kit in question is Skullvane Manse, now called a Warscryer Citadel. It's a sort of wizard's observatory perched on top of/beside a big rock, and as you might be able to see from the Standard Skeleton, it's a good foot tall: Cleaning up and assembling the twenty-odd par
  14. Hi all, Almost three months after I started the little fellas I've finished the last of Zarbag's Gitz so they can claim their spot in RFI: These are one of Games Workshop's Shadespire (or Warhammer Underworlds if you prefer) warbands, where every side has a small number of unique figures with scenic bases on two standard-sized sprues. I'm impressed that they managed to get nine models in this band, as they all feel nicely 3D and full of character. It does help that goblins are small - the bases are 1" across and most of the figures
  15. Hi all, I've been painting fiddly tiny robots and thought a palette-cleanser was called for - this little chap is from Zarbág's Gitz (a Shadespire warband) and took about an evening's work so far, spread over a couple of days. 'Scuse the bad photo, too much direct light in the room. I was quite pleased with him before I took the picture, but he's messy in close-up. Not surprising, I suppose, given that he's not much bigger than my thumbnail... Paint recipes for reference: * Skin: Death Guard green highlighted in two stages with mixes
  16. Hi all, While I'm not supposed to be buying models this year (and that's kinda sorta going OK) I noticed that GW was re-releasing the Necromunda rule set with normal Warhammer 40K forces and some cool plastic scenery kits. Luckily these are technically playing pieces for a miniature war game, and not in any way miniatures or models of any kind. Phew. The box comes with some standard plastic Space Marine Scouts (OK, I already have a couple from that jungle game) and some scouts with sniper rifles (a bit old and clunky, but they'll be OK with paint) plus 11 Or
  17. Brother-Chaplain Viator Primaris Space Marine Chaplain of the Raptors 4th Company Brother-Epistolary Maurinus Primaris Space Marine Librarian of the Raptors 4th Company I've recently gotten back into painting and playing Warhammer 40K (Kill Team, to be specific) and decided to add a couple of commanders to my Raptors chapter kill team. I chose a chaplain because they've always been my favorite space marine sculpts and a librarian because I've never painted one before. As far as paint schemes go, the chaplain is pretty standard except I trie
  18. Hi all, I just finished another couple of ghost units for my (small) army of same. These are from the Games Workshop Soul Wars starter set, so they're relatively simple two- or three-piece models in fixed poses. Despite that I think they're rather well-sculpted. (click for bigger/more pics) The smaller ones in the front are Glaivewrath Stalkers, apparently an unholy combination of huntsmen and their steeds. They're incredibly easy to paint, with an airbrushed blend of Tamiya to start off the ectoplasmic stuff, and then Citadel acrylics to build up the
  19. Hi all, The new Age of Sigmar (nee Warhammer Fantasy Battle) starter box came out a week or so ago, and I've been spending my evenings since then building the (many!) models contained within. All in all there are 52 miniatures in the box, split about 3/5 between the "Nighthaunt", i.e. spooky ghosts, and 2/5 "Stormcast Eternals" who are seven foot tall superhuman foot knights. I'm intending to paint the ghosts first as they're really cool, a blend of previous Warhammer ghosts and quite a lot of Peter Jackson & co's take on the Ringwraiths. Here are the ghosts in ques
  20. Recently finished this fella up for the Euro Miniature Expo in Folkestone this month. I call it "I have come here to save civilians and burn heretics. And I'm all out of civilians."
  21. Hi folks, I finished these Wraiths off today to add to my nascent force of Necrons. The Necrons are angry dead space robots from Games Workshop's 40K universe, although the Wraiths are more like mechanical constructs and were never biological, unlike their masters. These are some of my favourite models in the entire Necron range, so it was probably unwise to paint them so early in the process! Their fiddliness does mean that doing some basic troops is going to seem like a relief though. It's not that they were desperately hard to paint, but the many limbs a
  22. Hi folks, [edit] Some more Tyranids have appeared I bought a little Games Workshop game a couple of weeks ago about Space Marine scouts being eaten in the jungle by horrible Genestealers - it's called Lost Patrol and is a rework of a much earlier game, only this time with more plastic models in the box. Two weeks later, or thereabouts I've finished building, painting and photographing the jungle denizens, although not the scouts yet. They are basically Giger's Aliens with six arms I've tried a couple of schemes for Genestealers and Tyranids before and decided this time I wanted someth
  23. Hi folks, I finished my first squad of Necrons and found enough light this afternoon to get them photographed properly: These are Immortals, heavy infantry from an ancient race of Angry Dead Robots from the Warhammer universe. They're painted with Alclad for the metallic, and Citadel for most other things. I also experimented with Schminke acrylic ink for the edges, which is a bit smoother than the Citadel white. The bases have chopped up Games Workshop sprues (which are trapezoidal) tessellated to look a bit like a cut-price
  24. Hi folks, I've had a bit of a gap in the middle owing to family holiday, work, etc. but I've finally finished the skeletons I started at the very end of January. They're Games Workshop 28mm models, and they're a bit long in the tooth now. There's nothing really wrong with them but they don't have quite the poses and detail of the newer stuff. The biggest issue is that as they're designed to rank up on square bases they have rather restricted poses, so they're not a very diverse unit. I've tried to build in a bit of variety with the various optional parts, a
  25. Hi folks, After finishing off another project after Christmas, I built a box of skeletons as light relief. I've got 5 skeletal horse and 10 with spear, plus a big monster (Mortarch) which isn't quite cleaned up yet as it's so complicated. I finally got some primer on the foot troops at the start of the week and have been busily painting them: I'm being good and working in a batch of ten, but I only took pictures of half of them as I hadn't blacked out the metals on the rest. They're relatively old models and I got them a
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