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  1. My workshop will be on the Ferrari 250 GTO. I am not sure which model I will choose yet: It would seem that the models of one car produced by different manufacturers will be similar to each other. It turns out that not really. I did a small comparison of the appearance of the F250GTO bodies made by Fujimi, Revell and Gunze. Below are some photos from this comparison: I leave the decision for later .....
  2. Morning all This is the next project. I have to admit I never knew anything about this car until I saw Plasmo's build on YouTube. It is a lovely car have to say. This one will be a OOB build. I'm going back to spray paint for this one as the finish is sooooo much better than brush painting! I've gone with Tamiya bright red TS-49. This might a bit slow to start off with as I will temporarily have two builds on the go this and the Cadillac Eldorado. Reason is I want to get all spraying, decalling and clear coating done on all the parts that require it before the end of the summer. Once that is all done then I'll focus purely on this one. Here is the car primed And compared to the Cadillac... That doesn't show the true size comparison as the Cadillac is in 1:25 scale so should be 1cm longer for 1:24! And the P4 with two coats of red Done in 10 minutes! Certainly faster than 9 brush coats on the prelude! Next step is to add decals but I'm not sure if I should try a very gently sand the paint down first as it is not perfectly flat and I'm worried the decals will then look bobbly. If it does take sheen off the colour then hopefully that clear coat will bring that back... Think there is one part where the final colour isn't red all over so I might try sanding down that area to see how that pans out. Thanks for looking Nick
  3. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. Just getting back into the ship modelling. Just finished a half started Tamiya IJN Junyo and then moved straight onto this one. IJN Oyodo. Wouldn't have been my first choice, really wanted to do a Takao class cruiser but prices and supply make choices limited currently it seems. It did tick a few boxes for me however, I was keen to work on another IJN subject, it came with a fairly comprehensive photo etch sheet and I managed to snag it for £15 delivered. It's a late 70s kit, and boy does it show. The hull in particular is absent of any detail save a poorly molded anchor and some port holes. The photo etch I've added so far only replaces two plastic parts, the rest is all new detail so thank goodness I got the DX version with the PE. Saying that I'm enjoying the build and the photoetch is probably just at the right level in terms of complexity and amount for me getting back into the game. I've also never made a sea base so that's on the list of things to have a crack at. I'm trying to decide if it's worth picking up some brass barrels for the main 6.1inch guns but they're so small already I'm not sure if it's worth the money and time to install.
  4. Hi all, Originally want to join with F-4G, but scrap it sonce I don't have the correct marking. But I still have a Fujimi 1/72 A-4KU "Free Kuwait" although I can see the decal has already start yellowing... I will build it without any aftermarket, but will probably add some detail which I will simply scratchbuild along the way. As always, any comments are welcome. Cheers, Mario
  5. Hi all This is my attempt at Bf109G-14/AS 'Black 3' of 5./JG27, which was excavated in 2016 near Wittenburg. No pics of the machine exist, AFAIK, but Claes Sundin created a profile based on details from the excavation. I'm not a huge fan of the Fujimi kit but it went together without too many issues. 'Black 3' seems to have had a rather 'unusual' scheme, with a single fuselage colour which also wrapped around the underside. Whether the scheme is accurate or not - who knows - but I went with it anyway as I quite liked it..
  6. May I present my latest attempt at an RAF Phantom... Fujimi 1/72, McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR2, XV419 / G of 29 Sqn, RAF Coningsby from1981. As always, I've tried to get it true to life and from the reference photo's it was still carrying the DSG coloured wing tanks and some of the warning signs were not yet in the low vis scheme. Painted with Xtracolor Enamels and the Humbrol Matt Cote as per usual, after market decals from Xtradecals. I have the Plane Crazy/Gemini Aces diecast model and it was always the plan once I got back into modelling to re-create the die casts and then move them on. The Die-cast and a photo of original aircraft for reference.
  7. New lockdown, new model: life does bring its consolations. After a couple of Hunters and a Vampire last year, I've warmed further to the 50s jets theme. In so doing I became interested in the RAF's brief but successful relationship with the F-86/CL-13 Sabre, just four short years from 1952 to 56. This is the Fujimi kit, rebadged recently as Italeri, and I had a lot of fun with it. Using references here on BM and elsewhere I made a number of changes to turn the F-86F into a Canadair Mark 4. I missed a couple of details but hopefully the errors aren't too visible. I also moved the wing pylons inboard, lengthened and reshaped them a touch, and repositioned the fuel tanks on the pylons slightly to get them looking closer to the look of the real thing. I tinkered a bit with the windscreen to make the central panel longer than the side windows. I used some of the Pavla cockpit set, some Reskit wheels and an etched instrument panel. Altogether it went together well, though the fuselage-wing join needed a bit of work. Paints are mostly Xtracrylix. Decals came from Xtradecal (roundels), Modeldecal (4 Squadron markings), Freightdog (serials) and Superscale and the kit (all those stencils). Hope you like. Here's a nice photo of a sister-ship, taken in summer 1955. Credit to the Jever Steam Laundry website which has plenty more like this. Justin
  8. Hello everybody, now i will show you my sixth A-4 Skyhawk and my second A-4F. It's also from Fujimi. The Decals wasn't good (too much orange), so i bought me some from camdecals.com. also i used a Nozzle and Wheels from Aires.
  9. Fujimi 1/72 BAe Harrier GR.3 #7A-B4 I thought that, rather than my usual Japanese dominated Stash Clearances, I'd do something a bit more unusual with a kit and colour scheme rarely, if ever, seen. According to Scale Mates, this kit was first moulded in 1983 and subsequently reboxed in 2008. This is the original boxing. Built OOB, save for a harness from Tamiya tape and aftermarket decals. The inbox decals are firstly for 1417 Flight and the second for No.223 OCU in the standard camo scheme of the time Dk Green/Dk Sea Grey/Light Aircraft Grey. I also had Modeldecal Sheet 78 which portrayed 2 aircraft in experimental Greens and Greys. I went with the ‘Greys’ aircraft of 3 Sqn at RAF Gutersloh in 1984. The greys are given as Dark Sea Grey (I used Xtracrylix XA1004) and Medium Sea Grey (Hu.165). We are all, I suspect, familiar with the previous mouldings from Airfix, ESCI, Hasegawa, Italeri and Matchbox of the early Harriers with the consensus seeming to be the new Airfix moulding of 2012 is the best of the bunch. It’s fair to say this will not challenge it. Fit was mediocre, panel lines were generally raised but, if engraved, were trench like or too faint to be visible under coats of paint. Nothing fitted. Every time a dry fit was attempted parts would wobble or absolutely refuse to go in either because the tab was too big or the hole was too small. The coup de grace was the kit had divided the front and back fuselages, presumably to accommodate different versions, and expected you to fit them together as a butt join with no locating pins or holes at all. (For 11 year old me this would make no difference at all and I would have made it, smothered the join with tube glue and been disappointed when it split in two a few weeks later!) On the dry run, the gap between the fuselage parts was at least a millimetre or the equivalent to a panel gap of over 3 inches on either side. Accordingly, and for the first time, I used the ‘cut up a yoghurt carton and use the plastic to make reinforcing tabs’ technique and it went well. No ominous cracks and despite vigorous sanding and filling it stood up to the punishment I inflicted on it tho the panel lines were destroyed. You are provided with a nice assortment of stores. Fuel tanks, rocket pods, 3 different types of bomb incl the BL155, what looks like a pair of anti ship missiles, Sidewinders, gun pods and strakes. The locating holes are however not flashed over and will have to be filled if there is less than a full load depicted. Other details Fujimi missed. 1. Complex lumps, bumps and lights throughout airframe, even the panel lines for them, were largely missing. 2. Backs of rocket pods are solid not hollow as they shld be. 3. Pitots on fin were missing. 4. Canopy frame lines off centre. 5. Blow in doors not modelled at all save for the faintest of panel lines.6. Tailplanes cant be angled as they are when aircraft is on the ground. 7. Decals are limited and too bright. (Roundel red is not scarlet!) As for the decals, it’s probably unfair to criticise as they were not designed to be used 30 years after being made but the usual Modeldecal faults were there. Instructions, altho carrying photos of the aircraft, were not the clearest and I still have decals left on the sheet as the instructions were silent as to their placement. They have a peculiar glue that looks and feels like soap scum...which is annoying and they really, really didn’t want to detach from the backing paper even when put into hot water and had to be prised off with a knife. Finally, and unusually, they were, in parts, slightly off register particularly the roundels. However the colours were good and looked right. The usual decal setting solutions were applied with no apparent effect. Overall, I’m disappointed. Lots of sanding and filling were required on virtually every part none of which just clicked into place. I expected Fujimi kits of the time to be better having acquired both their Skyhawks and Cutlass kits released just 4 years later. I assume there was a watershed moment at Fujimi just after this kit was released. By modern standards it is somewhat lacking and pitfalls await the unwary. The Airfix GR.3 remains best in scale. (Forgive the apparently random picture placements. Sometimes it happens . More to follow)
  10. One GB I've been really looking forward to, with a smidge of poetic license. On the August 15th 30 Bf 110's were shot down, they had been used for high altitude bomber escorts. However, were easy pickings for the RAF's fighters, when Herman Göring ordered the fighting to stay with the bombers. My plan is to build a diorama of the picture below, using the Tamiya Spitfire kit and Fujimi bf110 kit. The Bf 110 will be straight and level with the starboard engine on fire, with the pilot getting into a position to bail out. I'm using Montex masks for the canopy and insignia belonging to 6./ZG 76 , I will use chicken wire and cotton wool to produce the smoke and some woodland scenics LEDs to produce the flames. To hold the Spitfire in place I will use a metal rod concealed in the smoke, I will be using camouflage masks for the first time with insignia of 92 Sqn QJ*K flown by the youngest fighter Pilot to fly Spitfires Geffrey Wellum. I've gathered a few other bits, the lifecolor Battle of Britain paint set, the AK German paint set, a base with a coastline base picture.
  11. It's been something like four months since my last RFI. During that time, I retired, packed up my workshop and stash, sold my house in Alabama, and moved to Madison, Wisconsin! I had the good fortune of finding a place with a spare bedroom in the finished lower level, which I converted into a bigger, better workshop . I have also hooked-up with the local IPMS group (Mad City Modelers), which is very active and has a quite a few highly-skilled builders among its members. Mad City Modelers is doing a group build on the theme "Vietnam", with models due to be shown at this month's meeting. Not much time, considering I learned about this in late November. I had originally planned to build Col. Robin Old's F-4C that he flew in Operation Bolo, using the old Monogram kit as re-boxed by Accurate Miniatures. When I discovered the decal sheet includes also includes markings for Olds's SCAT XXVII Phantom, I expanded my plan to include the Fujimi F-4C kit. Thus, I had to build two Phantoms in less than two months. It's a good thing I'm retired! I finished the Fujimi kit just before New Years, and the Monogram kit I finished on New Years day. Thus, this project includes both my last build of 2020 and my first of 2021. I included the following add-ons: XMM Seamless Intakes (Monogram kit), and home-grown seamless intakes per Gene's method (Fujimi kit) Aires afterburner cans and nozzles (both kits) Eduard cockpit photoetch (Fujimi) QuickBoost ejection seats (Fujimi) Master Model brass pitot and ram air tubes (both kits) I used these kits to test out AK Interactive's "Real Colors" and the Hataka Orange Line paints, but I was unhappy with both and ended up using Mr. Color on the Fujimi kit and Life Color on the Monogram kit. In spite of its age, Monogram's detailing is much nicer than Fujimi's, but has the disadvantage of raised panel lines. I sanded down the panel lines and, after painting was complete, replicated them with a 0.2mm mechanical pencil. The WIP can be viewed here: On with the show! Monogram in front, Fujimi at the rear: Monogram first, Fujimi second: Some detail shots: Monogram cockpit Heavy wear and paint chipping on SCAT XXVII (Fujimi): Weapons are OOB for both kits, except for the M117 bombs which came from a Hasegawa weapon set: The XMM seamless intakes are very nice, but some additional work was needed to adapt them to the Monogram kit (they are designed for Hasegawa Phantoms) My home-grown seamless intakes for the Fujimi kit didn't turn out exactly perfect, but it's not bad for a first try and a lot cheaper than aftermarket ones: Aires afterburner cans and engine nozzles: I used Flory washes to replicate the F-4's typical dirty underside: My last "Get Off The Stage" photo: Thanks to everyone who followed along, and special thanks for all the input and help I received along the way! In these builds, I got to try out a bunch of new techniques and products. Some worked, others less so. And, I made mistakes of my own along the way. The results are certainly not contest quality, but I learned a lot that I intend to use for a more serious F-4 build, when I am not under a time crunch.
  12. Just finished this one eventually after having it half built on the shelf for months concentrating on the other WW2 diorama, Very happy with the end result though Fujimi garage accessories, and Aoshima 1/24 scale MGB
  13. Evening all This is my attempt at '332700' - a Bf109K-4 of JG27, found unserviceable by the allies at Wunstorf in April 1945, along with many other aircraft types, apparently including 18 other Bf109s, four Fw190s, two Ju88s and an Italian SM75 transport, mostly in various stages of 'dismantlement' - is that a word? The Fujimi kit went together well, using a Montex mask set (the Hakenkreuze are decals) and finished mainly with Vallejo and some Mig acrylics. There is a bit of calculated guesswork on the colours, but I went with the consensus, which seems fairly well documented - either way, the late-war colour variations are all part of the fun. Pics taken outside in low light - as usual for West Wales in November. One day I'll take some decent pics.. Hope you like. Comments welcome.
  14. I'm more at home in the armour or the diorama section, but every now and again I build an aircraft or 2. The insignia on both builds are done using paint masks, both aircraft were washed with flory grime. be gentle,
  15. #15/2020 My dad wanted to build the good old Fujimi 110 now for a while. It can´t keep up with the newer Eduard and Dragon offerings but still makes a nice model. Decided to do an exotic scheme. Used parts from a True Details resin cockpit, EZ Line for the antenna wires and brake lines, decals from LF Models, nose MGs from the sparesbox, camo done with Gunze H67 RLM65, Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow, XF-64 Red Brown and XF-58 Olive Green. Build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235073364-under-new-management148-messerschmitt-bf110c-4-royal-yugoslav-airforce/ On April 1st 1941 a German Bf110C4 flew from Vienna, via Hungary with intended destination in Romania. Due to a navigation error, the aircraft landed at Kraljevo airfield in central Serbia. The crew,Lt. Hans Diehter,Uoff.Wilhelm Pries and mechanic Eugen Schaufelle, was interned, the plane overpainted and a few days later transferred to Belgrade and later to the temporary airfield Veliki Radinci where it was destroyed on April 12th 1941 so that it didn´t fall back into German hands after Yugoslavia was invaded on April 6th 1941. DSC_0001 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0013 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0015 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0016 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0017 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0019 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0020 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  16. My dad acquired a liking for 110s at the moment. So after starting the Iraqi one he will soon start a Yugoslav one. This aircraft changed ownership after it´s crew made a navigation mistake and landed in Yugoslavia instead of Bulgaria, a week before the German invasion in Yugoslavia. The crew was detained and the 110 received VVKJ markings and camo. Gonna use the good old Fujimi kit DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr using LF Models decals for the markings DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr and pimping it with a True Details cockpit DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  17. My latest completed.... Well I did actually finish this a couple of weeks ago but I'm terrible at pointing the camera at my models for some reason. Good at pointing the camera at real planes whenever I see them, funny that! German Air Force Alpha Jet 41+39 JBG43 NATO Tiger Meet - Kleine Brogel 1985 This is the Fujimi 1/72 kit. It has some nicely represented panel lines but in other areas comparable to old Matchbox kits. Extremely basic cockpit & very thick clear one piece canopy. I did have a Pavla vacform canopy intended for the Heller kit but in the end decided to use the kit canopy & took the razor saw to it & cut it up into sections. As I needed to reinforce where the canopies are attached, I drilled & attached brass rod to represent the telescopic canopy rams, this made for a secure support and attachment. I added side consoles from scrap plastic & used Pavla MBB Stencel ejection seats. The only thing I should have addressed was the arrestor hook which looks like a walking stick attached to the rear end, which I might sort out at a later date when I can be bothered! For decals I used a HaHen decal sheet (Thanks Harald if you're looking!) which provided the cockpit decals & fitted nicely. His German Air Force Alpha Jet decal sheet had everything I needed for this particular airframe which attended the 1985 Tiger Meet at Kleine Brogel. Photographic reference from; "The 25th Anniversary NATO Tiger Meet" Coen Van Den Heuvel & Jac Van Tuyn Osprey/Motorbooks International An obligatory Master brass pitot was used as well as some brass tubing for the Mauser gun. All paints used were from the Hataka paint range, Mig PLW wash & Xtracrylic matt. Thanks for looking
  18. Here's one I completed a couple of weeks ago. Used Airwaves seats and decals from Starfighter decals as a Desert Storm machine. Cheers 20200630_144825 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_144831 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_145019 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_162409 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_144751 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_144713 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  19. Hello All, I have had this one on the back-burner for years. I have finally decided, what with the FIAT 500 nearly done and another couple of cars nearing completion as well, to resurrect this one. It's the Fujimi 1/24 246 Dino. It's one of their 'enthusiast' kits, meaning loads of fiddly tiny parts. I have already done a couple of the Porsche enthusiast kits and apart from a few niggles, they went together well. I just wish I knew where I had put them in the loft for safe keeping. I started it a while ago and then put into storage, where it got forgotten for a long while. I have painted all the major body parts in Halfords' 'Broome Yellow'. It has come out quite well, even gloss cover and no serious imperfections. This is the dinky little engine: I have put a few more parts together since these photos were taken. I am planning to add ignition leads as it looks a little bare without. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  20. With the Lincoln done, it's time to make a serious start on the Scout. I've started with the old Fujimi 1/50 Westland Wasp kit, which isn't too bad in outline but is low on detail. As many here will know, the Wasp differs from the Scout primarily in the undercarriage and rear tail areas. I've removed the offending undercarriage support areas and antenna lump from the lower fuselage and cut the rear part of the fin away (saw disc on the Dremel works wonders!). Unfortunately, it's left a rather ragged hole which I'm going to have to fill after joining the halves permanently. There are a lot of rivets on this kit and, in this case, I need to retain them as much as possible as they are quite prominent on the real aircraft being domed rivets, rather than flush (pretty much the standard for helicopters due to their low speed). I reckon some of the bits I cut off the Lancaster for the Lincoln conversion will fit the bill nicely, as they already have rivet detail on the plastic but if not, I've bought some stick-on rivets to add later. I'll use the same for the fin and (possibly) the horizontal stab, both of which will need to be made from scratch. The instrument panel is extremely basic and incorrect, so I'll build a new one from plasticard using my new punch set from MicroMark and the excellent Airscale decals. Scratchbuilt instrument panel is in progress, as are the internal mods needed. I'll be tinting the upper canopy windows with Future and blue food colour, too.
  21. I built this a while ago, but never got around to photographing the finished kit, so here is it. It's the old Fujimi 1/72 scale A-6A Intruder. It was built straight from the box using the kits original decals. It went together really nicely with very little filler needed. Back in the 80's Fujimi were my favourite kits. I used Vallejo Model Air paints. Hope you like the pictures. And for those that are interested here's the link to the build -
  22. I picked this kit up last year but upon opening the box was a bit disappointed. I found to be much simpler than I was expecting, more akin to a scaled up 1/24 kit. Anyways, in looking to distract myself from the pair of B-25s lingering on my bench I decided to give it a whirl. One of the first things I noticed when I opened the box is that the kit uses stickers instead any decals for the various markings as well as the IP. Starting with the engine and front drivetrain, I noticed a fair bit of flash as well as odd marks in the mouldings. There's this odd bend moulded into the driveshaft which if it was 1/1, wouldn't work very well. I'm thinking I may swap it out. That's it for the moment. Carl
  23. I started this model on the weekend, oblivious of the GB. But before I omit such a gorgeous plane I thought it is better I just post an entry and ask for forgivess later. It will be mostly an OOB, although I may slap some aftermarket decals on the plane. @rob85 please confirm if this level of work is acceptable for the entry.
  24. Hello all, my final build for this GB is the Fujimi IJN Matsu. This was very kindly sent to me by @PeterB last week. He has told me that the model is a bit of a hybrid, as it does not have a rounded transom, but a squared-off one which was on the later Tachibana class, and has the bridge and foremast of the early Matsu class. I will build it as it comes in the box, so it will be a Matsu-ish. Anyway, the box and contents: Note that there are not too many parts! The instructions look to be well drawn, and with English text: I have had a look at my upgrade sets which I have left over from a couple of my other projects, and I may be able to improve some aspects of the look. Now, although the instructions are in English, the paint guide on the back of the box is decidedly not: It suggests an overall grey finish, but as I cannot read the text, I am not sure. However, in the instructions there is an English section which shows this: This states that the decks were linoleum colour (light brown). Now, this gives me to wonder if I should follow the written guide, and have something a little more colourful. Peter has also suggested that some references say that some Destroyers did have lino decks in some parts, painted over in others. There are tie-down strips all over the main deck on this model, so I may well do an all-over linoleum, and try to get the brass effect for the tie-downs. I have given the hull a good spraying with Tamiya Grey Primer, and this time I am also going to try to add the scuttles. After completing the Hibiki earlier, I think a ship looks wrong without them. This model too has none moulded along the hull sides. That is it for now, more soon with luck! All the best, and thanks Peter for the model, you are a 'Top Chap'! Ray
  25. Big thanks to Rui Silva for creating a GB Banner that include all the nordic countries. By asking for it and promising to participate in the GB makes me obliged to get a F-16 out of the stash and give it a go. It's been quite some time since I built and finished my last kit but I'll give it a try. The subject is a F-16A, pre-MLU, Fujimi 1/72 kit. The Norwegian F-16s have a rather simple camo, and weathering is also not that prominent due to regularly cleaning . The decals does not include the squadron fin flashes so I probably will manage without. Otherwise my squadron of choice would have been the 338. Well, here are some pictures:
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