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  1. Here's my place setter for this GB The Novo boxing of Frogs 1/72 Miles Master Fortunately I have alternative decals as the existing one are likely for display purposes only, not looking forward to doing all that yellow ! Cheers Pat
  2. Due to the hugely popular thread below Is there an appetite for a 2nd Frog GB ? Cheers Pat List of Fame 1. @JOCKNEY 2. @vppelt68 3. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 4. @stevehnz 5. @Ray S 6. @Romeo Alpha Yankee 7. @CliffB 8. @rafalbert 9. @AdrianMF 10. @bigbadbadge 11. @Adam Poultney 12. @klr 13. @Rabbit Leader 14. @nimrod54 15. @Rob S 16. @Retired Bob 17. @theplasticsurgeon 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.
  3. I'm sure most of us have seen this one before... Wherever possible, I used the kit part and tweaked it. I added a resin cockpit and substituted the kits radar antenna with aftermarket. These antennas were great and will use them again when the opportunity arises. I moved the kits drop tanks inboard to the correct position, lettered and dented. I vac formed the kit canopy and opened it up. Canopy frames done with decal str
  4. I’ve had a FROG Katyushka in my stash for ages. One of those kits you get out periodically, take a look and put back again quickly! I do like the work tray box though - I wonder why they never caught on? ICM do an SB-2. I was struck by the kit engineering and bought one: The idea of this build is to make the ICM kit and see if I can’t salvage the FROG one alongside it. The ICM is one of their older kits - it isn’t as sharp as their Po-2 but it’s still very impressive. The wings and ailerons take a bit of work to get sorted (on the right):
  5. Hi all and another blast from the past finished for the recent Frog GB here. Build thread is here but to recap: Kit: Frog F-4K/M Phantom Scale: 1/72 Paints: Halfords plastic primer, Revell Acyrlics, Flory Models wash, Klear, W&N Satin varnish Build: Small panel line rescribe. Scratchbuilt engine doors. Seats, cockpit & canopy from Italeri F-4S Decals: From the kit with some extras from the spares With an equally ancient Airfix F-4 I built a couple of years back.
  6. Hi folks This is my first post here so hello first of all. Since I found this site I’ve learned a ton of stuff and been inspired and intimidated in equal measure. Look forward to hopefully be a bit more of an active contributor as opposed to a lurker Reading around it sounds like I’m not the only one who has picked up a model for the first time in many moons due to the COVID-19 lockdown. I can’t actually remember the last time I built a model plane but it must be at least 45 years ago. I also wasn’t quite sure whether this was the right place to post this (apologies if it isn’t)? I
  7. Thought some of you might enjoy this olde plastic. I'm sure most of you have seen or built this kit from 1967 or so. Mine came to me in a baggy missing the stand and with 2 sets of unusable decals. Although much maligned for being inaccurate, it really is not that far off from drawings and it doesn't seem THAT bad... I wanted to recreate this moment when F/O Collier became the first known pilot to down a V-1 Buzz bomb by tipping it over using his own wing.
  8. Well after 2 previous failed attempts at starting this GB... Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Donetsk Toys Factory Vultee Vengeance, aka the Frog one made in the USSR ! I have checked beforehand with Rich and this one is a goer, pictures below. Yes I know what you're thinking who needs a Tamiya kit when you can have quality like this ! Still sealed in the bag Looks complete But isn't as the decals aren't in the kit, which isn't surprising as they didn't work anyway.
  9. HI all and joining with this oldie, picked up at Duxford one year during the Flying Legends show.. Frog He_219_Box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Here she is in all her blue plastic loveliness Frog He_219_contents by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr For any who don't know about this aircraft, you can find out more here Plan is to build OOB but a little added detail in the cockpit Good luck with your builds! All the best, Dermot
  10. Hi everyone, I’d like to present another model made for FROG/NOVO competition — that’s American-Spanish version of the famous British Harrier. This is the old FROG pack reproduced by Donetsk Toy Factory. As usual, this work was made in “Out of box” nomination, which doesn’t allow any modifications in the original kit except the change of the pitot tube and set-up of antennas on the fuselage (which is how American-Spanish model differs from the British one). According to the rules of the contest I had to stay within the limits of the kit — rised panel lines, geometry inaccu
  11. For a change I thought I would not make a delta, though having said that I seem to recall at least one book/article I read where the author described the wing as being like a delta with a triangle cut out of the rear wingroot! Assuming it gets done, this will be the fourth Lightning I have built, the first being to original Airfix F1 from around 1963. This was followed by a Frog F6, though I can't recall if it was the reboxed Hasegawa one or not, and both of these builds have long gone, or at least I can't find them. A good few years back I build the Airfix F3, which I still have,
  12. Hello all, Today I have the start of a build that I don't know why I am attempting, as frankly, it is vastly beyond my skill level. It is the FROG / MSD 1/72 Vickers Vimy Commercial / Vernon. So far, I have added some bulkheads to the (attempt) at a cockpit, as well as a few for the walls of the troop / medevac compartment. Tail surfaces and the upper wing have both been built, as well as the engines, one of which has been misplaced somewhere. So far, only a little filler has been needed at the joins of the wing sections and on the engine nacelles, but I suspect that far more will be need
  13. Original FROG Canberra PR.7 kit bought and made in 1960. Consigned to 'spares' box by late 1970s, but slowly worked on for next 10 years and fully restored and improved by 1995. The 'flat' mainwheels were cut off and Matchbox B-25 Mitchell wheels added, all raised rivets and panel lines removed, and hinge lines scored in. A 'collar' was added to the rear of the canopy. The original FROG engine cowlings are too bulbous, but have been retained. They are closer to the one-off Sapphire engined experimental version. The colour scheme was chosen to be close to and a tribute to the origina
  14. Hi The very last two models which I did in 2020 are two Dewoitnes D 520. One is a OOB (except decals) from a Hasegawa kit, the second one has a complex history and is very important as a foundation myth (or foundation stone) of my modelling in some way - this is a Frog kit glued (but not painted) by my Father when he returned from a scholarship on Manchester University in 1961. In his youth (1950s) he was constructing some airplane or train engines large scale models out of the scratch and also paper airplane models. As a young astronomer preparing his PhD from a country behind iron cu
  15. Hello all, Today I have for inspection one of the old FROG / Chematic 1/72 Magisters, in the markings of an Irish Air Corps bird. Originally I had planned to build a RAAF in overall aluminum, but the included Techmod decals enticed me to build something a little more colorful. All in all, I'm glad I did. I started this kit in the same way as the MB Gladiators - by adding some conjectural interior framing, as seen here: Unlike the Gladiators, the final result is actually visible, and makes the interior looks much better in my opinion. Control sticks were also add
  16. In progress now is the Chematic (FROG) 1/72 Miles M.14 Magister, which will be finished in the markings of the Irish Air Corps. With no internal detail outside of seats and a low parts count, I expect a quick build. Nonetheless, I added some conjectural internal framing from Evergreen .020 Strip and may yet add control sticks as well. One of the clear parts was short shot and is thus unusable, but I should have a suitable replacement somewhere. For now, this is how it looks: With any luck, the halves will be together tomorrow and then I will be able to add some of the tail surfa
  17. Hi everybody, this should be a quick finish. Almost finished and ready to add decal shortly. Here is the build thread from many moons ago: Cheers for now. JR
  18. Hi everyone, At long last I have finished this Morane Saulnier 406, started during a FROG GB eons ago. The KUTA XIII GB was a perfect excuse to finalize this kit. It is old FROG: 1963! As expected, a pretty basic collection of plastic bits and pieces. But if you do not look too closely at the details, it sure looks like a MS 406. The decals still look very usable, which after 57 years is quite amazing. The colors and proportions of the French roundels were nonetheless so off, that I decided to use after market roundels. I had no opportunity to obtain MS 406 decals,
  19. Just a placeholder for now but once I've progressed my builds in another two GBs a bit further I'm going to start on this - the Handley Page Dart Herald. I have a Novo boxing of this kit with BIA decals, which I won't be using. This will (probably) be Air UK, using decals intended for an F-27 (if they fit ok - if not I have BIA decals as a back-up). This is a bit of nostalgia for me as I remember a couple of flights in Air UK Heralds 38 or 39 years ago. When I was growing up we used to fly from Manchester to the Isle of Man two or three times a year to see my grandparents - until about 1980 th
  20. Hi all, I'd like to join this GB with a 1/72 Bristol Blenheim 1f. It's the Revell kit, which I believe was originally produced by Frog in 1969 - I built a few Frog kits back in my youth, but not this one, I think! It's a project I intended to do years ago but never got around to, with an Airwaves etch set to tart it up a bit and decals from an FCM set, depicting an aircraft from 25 Squadron in September 1940. Cheers, David
  21. Hi, Recently I refresher or repaired my old three builds. First is Martin Baltimore. This is a Frog kit in Stormo Baltimore Italian colors. I followed the color profile presented in the Blandfor publ. "Bombers 1939-45" book . I did this model in years 1975-77 so when I was a teenager in secondary school. Now I replaced decals (Italian insignia), washed it and applied a matt varnish Vallejo coat. I added a tail wheel lost to some reason in a span of last 45 years... It has an overpainted British markings and to frank I am surprised how precisely I was able to paint it without help of any
  22. Looking through the stash for suitable long weekend kits I’ve been eyeing these two kits at the top of the to-build pile both of which I owe thanks to kind Britmodellers @Des pulled me out of a hole with a replacement set of decals for the badly yellowed and cracked Frog originals @Ray S also was kind enough to rescue me with some decals for this Lightning F1A snap together kit as the originals are rub-on transfers Mulling them over I’ve twigged that both scheme choices are from 1965 so what to do... Shackleton? Lightning? Go tonto
  23. I was nine years old when I originally built this. I know that for a fact. Every now and again my mum would go out with the friends to play bingo. My dad would let me stay up late and we would do stuff together. I remember my dad and I building this one together. I can state with great confidence that it was a Friday night between 6 November and 4 December 1970. I remember that the telly was on, showing The Adventures Of Don Quick. It wasn't the first episode which is available on Youtube. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_o
  24. Two thing's were a certainty for this GB,I'd do more than one subject and there would be an oldie involved.I was determined to build Monogram's kit which was a KK buy in a Revell box,it is for it's age beautifully molded with fine raised panel lines and clear well defined glazing looking forward to this one. Number two was an e-bay buy which was part of the seller's Grandad's collection which I got for a reasonable £13 still factory sealed so I'm determined to do this one justice,again nicely molded but not as refined as the Monogram offering but with some o
  25. Hi All I found this model for sale at a model show last year. All the parts had been removed from the sprue and the tailplanes glued up but everything appeared to be in the box so I bought it. I wanted a Gannet to build because I remember seeing them at Lossiemouth in the early 1970s. I can't actually recall if it was the AS/COD version I saw, or the AEW3. Although not the most attractive aircraft ever built I personally prefer the AS styling to the AEW. I seem to recall the approach to landing where the Double Mamba engines seemed to be working very hard and fast but the fuselag
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