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  1. Since today (May 6th, 2012) the Lucky Model website proposes the Kinetic 1/48th Northrop F-5A/CF-5A/NF-5A Freedom Fighter kit (ref. K48020) as pre-ordable. Kinetic being closely related to Lucky Model, such advertisement indicates usually a soon release from the kit. Source: http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48020 Price P&P incl. : +/- £ 19.00! See also the two seats F-5B/CF-5B/NF-5B boxing thread: http://britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234944218-148-northrop-f-5bcf-5bnf-5b-freedom-fighter-by-kinetic-released-new-f-5ab-boxing-in-2018/ See also the Wolfpack Design F-5A Skoshi Tiger rebox thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234979803-148-northrop-f-5a-skoshi-tiger-kinetic-rebox-by-wolfpack-design-released/ V.P.
  2. After its single seat 1/48th Northrop (C/N) F-5A kit (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234918577-148th-northrop-f-5acf-5anf-5a-freedom-fighter-by-kinetic-released-sprue-pics/?hl=freedom) Kinetic is to release a two seats (C/N)F-5B Freedom Fighter kit - ref.48021. Source: https://www.facebook.com/Kineticmodel V.P.
  3. Hobbytime Model Kits ( link & link) is to release a 1/72nd Northrop R/RF-5A Freedom Fighter (plastic ESCI) - ref. 058 Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/greenmats/permalink/3411015518957966/ Box art V.P.
  4. Hello, Here's my just finished 1/72 Italeri SF-5B. I was looking through the stash after my previous build, a grey Harrier GR.7, and thought this would be a nice colourful change. The kit does offer a Spanish version out of the box, but the decals didn't look right to me, so I ordered an aftermarket sheet from Series Españolas. These were much better, and worked very well. I painted the model with Vallejo Metal Color and some Tamiya black. Overall, it was a fun build, with only the canopy actuators being a bit fiddly. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it.
  5. Hi, Purchased an inconspicuous box containing an F-5a from Tiger Hobbies in 1/48 scale. Want to create an NF5-A, but the 1/48 KInetic Kit is hard to come by these days and expensive. This Kit was £10 with £3.60 postage. For this price the contents did not disappoint at all. Some of the panel lines are a little deep, but not as bad as I anticipated reading some of the reviews. Nevertheless, I am going to fill and re-scribe some of the panel lines. Filling the panel lines with a mixture of CA glue and gunmetal pigment: After 2 hours of filling and sanding, the fuselages are ready to scribe. Due to the sanding the remaining panel hatches and smaller features are now also a little toned down. Removed antennas to facilitate easy sanding. to be reinstated later. Just contemplating which of 4 schemes to go for not entirely sure: (Anyway long way to go still....) Decals from "Dutch Decal" are on the way from Germany by post. Another decision to make is whether to get a resin cockpit set or just the ejection seat or do some detailing myself. Some internet browsing to be done tonight. Going to take my time with this one. Need to research what differences there are with the NF-5A version compared to the regular F-5A's. The chaff dispensers to the rear of the fuselage is one unique feature from what I gather (and are included in the kit). To be continued......
  6. Hi and Happy New Year, Please find my latest completion, the NF-F5 freedom fighter. The kit is from Tiger Hobbies and has its problems, Shape issues and very deep panel lines. Nevertheless, for £13.60 (incl shipping) I had tremendous fun building it. Panel lines were filled in and re-scribed where necessary. The only after market items were the masters pitot-tube and gun barrels and the NF-5/F86 DutchDecal sheet. The kit is not for the purist in the hobby, I hope Kinetic will re-issue the f-5a soon again. Paint and clear coats by Mr Color and home made wash and tamiya weathering powder/pastels. Apologies for the photography, I only have an iphone and 2 desk lamps. In the "work in progress" section on Britmodeler I have listed the build. (Since I am a newbie, I haven't figured out to insert the link in this field) :-) Continuing with my f-15D from academy, hopefully a little more accurate in outline and detail. Hope you like it. Cheers.
  7. Hello guys, I can't get enough of HAF birds so, I started another one. Previously, I had some trouble with PM Model kit in 1/72 scale but it turned out great for me at the end. But this project will be a little bit harder. First of all, because of the scale - of course, F-5A is not big if I compare it with MiG-25/F-15 or something else. Second this kit is really bad - it comes with literally no cockpit at all, only with something that looks like an ejection seat that was designed and built by 10 year old's. Anyway, pictures will talk better than me, for sure. Gun bay will be opened, some electronics at the other side. I'm fully armed with patience and steel nerves. At the moment, everything looks just like this : And, yes, one question for all - where I can find Icarus decals for F-5A in 1/48 ? At least, stencils will do most of the work, probably 70%... thanks ! Seat was made from scratch with a little assistance from Italeri's F-4E ( which will also be in HAF markings ) And everything together : That's it for now, new update will be for a few months, I hope... Cheers, Nenad
  8. F-5F tiger II (KH32019) 1:32 Kitty Hawk The original F-5 design was lead at Northrop by Edgar Schmued who previously at North American had been the Chief designer of the P-51 and F-86. The F-5 was designed to reverse the trend of bigger and heavier fighters to produce a small, agile, high performance aircraft. It was also recognised that life cycle costs, and the ability to upgrade the design needed to be thought out at the beginning. Thus after winning the International Fighter Aircraft Competition in 1970 to provide a low cost effective fighter to America's allies Northrop introduced the F-5E or Tiger II. More than 3800 aircraft were built and served with the US Forces as well as their allies. Indeed the F-5F & N still serve in the adversary role today. The design of the F-5 would later go on to influence the YF-17 and F/A-18, as well as the late unsuccessful (is sales) F-20. The Kit This is a complete new tool from Kitty Hawk, The kit arrives on 6 spures of plastic with a small clear sprue, sheet of PE and four decal sheets. The resin exhaust nozzles of the F-5E are not included in this boxin. There are two resin crew figures; one seated and one climbing the crew ladder, the crew ladders are also included in this boxing. Construction starts as one would expect in the cockpit. The seats are first put together each from an impressive 20 parts. Next up the cockpit tub is built up from another 20 or so parts not including the instrument panels and coamings. Once together the canopy raising parts are also added behind the seats. Following this the complicated nose gear bay / gun bay is built up which goes on front of the cockpit. All the detail is there for the nose mounted 20mm cannon including its ammo box and feed chutes. Once built up this section and the cockpit can be added into the front fuselage halves after some PE detail is added to the sides first. The nose section can then be built up and added but the modeller will need to select the right nose for the airframe being modelled. The instructions are of no help here so you will have to check your references. If wanted the seated pilot figure can be added. The canopy is then added at this stage in the instructions though I suspect most will leave it until the end. The canopy retraction mechanism is only in the raised position so if you want the canopy down some surgery will be needed. There is then the option to display the gun bay panels open if you wish to show off all that detail. Moving on to the centre fuselage two complete engines are built and installed. This seems a bit strange as no intake trunking is supplied and they will just sit there inside the fuselage. The main gear wells are made up and installed before the top of the fuselage is added. There are some optional vent panels to be installed but again its a case of checking your references as the instructions are of no help. For the rear the modeller can choose to build up plastic exhausts or use the resin ones. The two fuselage sections can now be joined and at the front the intakes added. Next up the wings are constructed. The main gear bay walls are added to the inner parts and the outers then added over the top. The main gears are made up and added along with the leading edge and separate flaps. The wings, tail planes and vertical tail are then added to the fuselage. The tail has a separate rudder. To finish off the aircraft the underwing pylons are added, and a whole range of missiles and bombs are provided. These include AIM-9 & AIM-7 missiles, Cluster bombs, dumb bobs and fuel tanks. Decals The impressive large decal sheet (and smaller additional sheets) look to be well printed. There is minimal carrier film and the colours are sharp, everything looks colour dense. There is an impressive array of stencils present. There have been problems with the tail designs which have lead to some addendum sheets. In previous kits the instructions have been in colour these are only in black & white and they suffer from this. They also suffer from the fact you need to remove them from the centre of the book to use them, and that there appears to be no information what so ever on the decal options provided. From the box as far as I can tell you can build one of these aircraft F-5F Taiwanese Air Force - Tiger tail F-5F Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force F-5F USMC VMFT-401 "Snipers" Aggressors. F-5F Taiwanese Air Force - Aggressor tail F-5F Malaysian Air Force F-5F Republic Of Singapore Air Force F-5F Taiwanese Air Force - Sun Tail F-5F Republic Of Singapore Air Force - Tiger Tail F-5F Royal Thai Air Force - 30th Anv Tail F-5F USN VFC-111 Sundowners F-5F Swiss Air Force F-5F Republic Of Korea Air Force Conclusion The plastic looks great, and there is an impressive array of marking options available. The addition of PE and resin parts including good figures makes this an all round exciting package from Kitty Hawk. The kit is let down by the total lack of information on the decal options and poor instructions for the painting & decaling of the model. Recommended if you want a large scale F-5F to your collection. Review sample courtesy of Available soon from major hobby shops
  9. F-5E Update sets, Seatbelts & Masks 1:32 Eduard for Kitty Hawk Kit The new tool F-5E from Kitty Hawk was welcomed in this scale. Eduard are now along with some sets for it. Get what you want for the areas you want to be more of a focal point. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. Interior Set (32930) This set has two pre-painted frets, and one brass one. You get cockpit details, instrument panels, and side panels. Parts for the seat, bulkheads, side panels, seat rails, rudder pedals, and many other smaller cockpit parts. For the nose equipment/gun bay you get some electrical boxes, interior parts and new flexible ammo feed chute, as well as a new PE panel if displaying this open. Zoom! Set (33200) This set contains a reduced subset of the interior set (the colour fret) set, namely the pre-painted parts that are used to improve on the main aspects of the cockpit, as seen above, with the seat belts. Whatever your motivations for wanting this set, it provides a welcome boost to detail, without being concerned with the structural elements. Exterior Set (32426) This set contains as the name would suggest parts for the aircraft exterior. This set is two sheets of PE. There are new parts for the landing gear bays, links and brake lines on the gear legs, and a new louvered cooling panel. For the exhaust there are fan parts and a complete new exhaust tube which will need to be rolled to shape. There are new gear doors and pylon faces, as well as parts for the tanks or other external stores. Seatbelts (33201) This set contains one pre-painted fret. There are seatbelts, in the now familiar steel material. Masks (JX220) Supplied on yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the exterior glazing and wheels. Tface Masks (JX218) Supplied on yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the interior & exterior glazing; plus the wheels. Review samples courtesy of
  10. VFC-111 "Sundowners" F-5E/F-5F (162707) Compact Series Freedom Model Kits For many years the only game in town for the less serious modeller was the Hasegawa Egg Planes, and they are fun. If would seem that more manufacturers are seeing there is money to be made in the more "Fun" side of the hobby. We now have the Meng "Kids" series, and "Toon Tanks". Freedom models are now getting there leg in the door with a new "Compact" series of kits. The Kit This is a complete new tooling from Freedom Model Kits, the box features a double boxing of a single seat F-5E and double seat F-5F. There are also parts in the box for an RF-5E but this is not mentioned on the decal instructions, and certainly not used by VFC-111. The first thing you notice on opening the box is that these kits are more like conventional kits than other "fun" kits. There are a lot more parts, pilot figure and weapons for the kits. Moulding is up to Freedom's normal high standard, Each Compact boxing seems to come with two kits, a single seater, and a double seater. Construction begins with fitting in the cockpit(s). These are pretty basic but up to the job for these kits. The cockpit section goes into the front fuselage and then this fits onto the main section. The front is split left/right, the rear top/bottom. Intakes and their splitter plates are fitted along with exhausts (which again are fairly basic). The fin then goes on. The kits come with proper under carriage if you want to fit it or the doors can be closed. Also under wing tanks and missiles are provided, A single part canopy complete the build. Markings There are two main markings for the VFC-111 aircraft. Though on the decal sheets there appears to be Swiss, Thai, Singapore and ROCAF? markings. These are not mentioned anywhere in the instructions. The decals look like they are printed in house and should not pose any problems. Registration and colour density look good and carrier film is minimal. Conclusion While they are by no means difficult kits they are much more than other kits of their type, These should appeal to those modellers wishing to have a bit if fun and expand from Egg planes etc. They might also appeal to younger modellers wishing to build less basic kits. Highly recommended, if you want some fun! Available soon in the UK from H G Hannants, with a 10% pre-order discount applying at time of writing. Review samples courtesy of
  11. After the F-5E/F Tiger II (link), Kitty Hawk has the project to release 1/32nd Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighter kits. Source: https://www.facebook.com/736521713066784/photos/a.736556396396649.1073741827.736521713066784/1623005921085021/ V.P.
  12. Wolfpack Design (http://www.wolfpack-d.com/) is to rebox the 1/72nd ESCI/Italeri Northrop F-5A kit as "Skoshi Tiger" - ref. WP17203. F-5A Skoshi Tiger in Vietnam War Sprue parts by Italeri models, 4 A/C markings for USAF and South Vietnam AF in Vietnam War Decal printed in Korea A3 colour printing manual included Release : September 2014 Source: http://www.wolfpack-d.com/catalog/htm/wp17203.html V.P.
  13. This was a project I was doing over at ARC for a Group Build (Far East), but I haven't finished it yet. I've been reading up on South Vietnam's F-5 operations and was inspired enough to want to build one. The kit I am using is Kinetic's F-5A, which does the job nicely. Work naturally started with the cockpit: The panels and side consoles are nice, but I wish Kinetic would have done a set of cockpit instrument decals since the panel detailing is okay, yet lacks dials on the instrument faces. So out came my collected instrument decals to do the job. Eduard does color etch, but I was a little cash strapped when I started. One minor issue I will point out is if you are doing an F-5 that ISN'T a Canadian bird, the kit provides a Marconi HUD box rather than the more rudimentary NORAIR gunsight that most F-5A/B models have. The Marconi HUDs are something seen more with air forces that have updated fleets. It took me a few minutes with a file to make the HUD/gunsight mount look a bit more featureless, although if I had to do it again I would have cut the box completely out of the panel and stuck in something a little smaller. But it looks okay. With cockpit work done, I assembled the intakes, fuselage and wings. Everything more or less went together okay. One thing I recommend when building this kit is to not finish the nose and rear fuselage separately and glue them together as the instructions recommend. Instead you will have MUCH cleaner seams up top if you glue each nose half to each rear fuselage half before gluing them together. Fit was good and the resulting seam was a lot easier to handle. It did not need filler. Now there is a little bit of a gap between the intakes and rear fuselage, plus a similar gap between the bottom nose/fuselage plate ahead of the wing and the wing itself. I was able to fill the gap perfectly with some .010" styrene sheet (plasticard) and it blended in nicely. You can position the control surfaces on this kit. The rear wing flaps are traditionally up when the plane is parked. Leading edge flaps sometimes have a slight droop when parked (or more depending on the operator). One thing that all early F-5 and T-38 jets seem to have though are drooped ailerons when parked as they seem to sit about five degrees down on both sides when the hydraulic system is not pressurized. Thankfully it is pretty easy to represent that with this kit. One unique feature of VNAF F-5s were the 90 lbs. of lead armor plate they had mounted under the nose and parts of the tail. The plating was introduced during the USAF's "Skoshi Tiger" evaluation and South Vietnam continued the practice when they got the original F-5C jets and some additional F-5A and B models. Again I used some plasticard to represent the armor plates based on available photos found in my reference books and online. Another thing I'll mention is the outer wing pylons. If you wish to droop the leading edge flaps, a notch will need to be added to the outer pylons. On the real jets, this notch is covered by a spring loaded flipper door/fairing that goes up when the flap does. Kinetic didn't scribe in the fairing area in so I am going to represent that with pencil lines. I did sand in a slight notch into both pylons to help make space for my slightly drooped flaps. So that is where I am. I've got the model in primer with some paintwork done to the bottom. I'll shoot another round of photos when I start laying on the SEA camo on top. I'm using a little different pattern than Northrop's factory camo. Based on pictures I've seen, it looks like the oldest F-5s in the VNAF fleet likely went through depot level maintenance in 1969-70 and when they got repainted, the camo pattern seemed to be based on the desert/Asia Minor scheme, but with SEA colors. Hopefully I can pull this off properly.
  14. Well after much thought I decided on something nice and simple and looked what showed up in the post today! Wolfpack’s F-5A Shoshi Tiger, well a tarted up Kinetic model, and that was/is a beautiful model! I was lucky enough to find one in South Korea that was going for a price just too good to not get one. Even after postage it was nearly ½ the price of similar Kinetic/Wolfpack ones on evilBay…bargan! So this will be close to a OOB build (we shall see on this point….) though I do have some Eduard PE interior bits on the way… and still thinking about the external PE set as well! The model looks amazing with some lovely extra bits, though I only have two choices in the markings. ooooo so lovely!!!!!! Actually it's the other colour scheme....took photo of the wrong one! Well I have to get the Meteor out of the way first but I will be pushing quite hard to get this build out of the way as I will be in Europe for 4 weeks over the Xmas/NY period so no modelling for me! I can’t wait to start this one!
  15. Hello All, I saw this at the Cosford show for the princely sum of £3: I remember building this as a kid and even then being dismayed at how badly moulded, strangely engineered and ill-fitting it was. So I bought it as a challenge in between my helicopter builds. I had not mis-remembered! The plastic hasn't flowed through the mould properly, so the thin edges are all curved where the plastic hasn't reached the edge and there are pinholes where the plastic has not joined up over features. The metallic finish plastic shows lots of swirls and join lines. The plastic hasn't filled parts of the undercarriage and pilot, resulting in paper-thin parts. And the fit of the fuselage parts is awful: I made a rudimentary instrument panel and consoles: Much filling and sanding and priming and sanding later, it's starting to look joined up: And I have to say that, once the flash was cleaned up (how can you have short shots and flash at the same time????), the undercarriage doors and air brakes fitted much better than many other kits of that same period (I had to add the tiny white shim): So I will do a bit more filling and sanding, then more primer and a light sanding before a natural metal finish. Thanks for looking and I hope it wasn't too distressing! Adrian
  16. Hello All, Here's the old Airfix F5A. It is OOB apart from a vac canopy, my own markings and a ton of filler. Build thread is here. Finished with AK True Metal (which I heartliy recommend) and a mixture of kit and home brew markings: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  17. Tanmodel (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234967245-tanmodel-172-148-132-projects/) has started its research to produce 1/32nd Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighter & T-38 Talon kits Source: https://www.facebook.com/tanmodel/posts/352064218315179 V.P.
  18. I have just completed this today for the F-5 STGB and there were times when I wondered if I was going to make it. Construction went well and I scratch built some of the agricultural looking equipment seen behind the fin on these aircraft along with the smoke generator pipework and a couple of the more prominent aerials. I also replaced the nose pitot with some micro tubing. I also used a couple of Pavla seats and a Quickboost set that replaces the ducts above and below the rear fuselage. I had decided to use the AirDecal sheet for the Turkish Stars markings but, after failing to find a near match for the red colour in my paint assortment, I took the decision to mask for the majority of the red - including the bird design on the underside. I used Frisket to create the masks using a scan of the decals as the pattern and then sprayed the red over white. I removed the masks only to find that I was left with a sticky residue over all the areas I had just sprayed. A tip from fellow Britmodeller Azureglo helped to resolve the problem - WD40 carefully wiped over the area removed the residue (if using this test on an inconspicuous area first). Then I had some paint creep on the canopies and had to polish the inside to remove that the best way that I could. So I was tempted to test the kits aerodynamic qualities on a couple of occasions but in the end produced this, I hope you like it. Link to build is here NF-5B for those who are interested.
  19. This is likely my first or second post here on Britmodeller, and it concerns an F-5 model that is already being built by a number of fine hobbyist's in this campaign. None-the-less, this is the most peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable hobby I can think of, and I don't feel the duplication should bother anyone. I'm doing mine in the CAF lizard scheme as shown on the boxtop. I have a reference with a pair of decent color photos of that exact aircraft. So mine will be built OOB using the kit decals. Here the prerequsite photos: I'm starting the model this evening, so progress photos should be forthcoming soon. I've been lurking for quite awhile, admiring the outstanding modelling skills of those who frequent this forum. I certainly hope I can hold my ground in the face of the skilled workmanship I see throughout this forum. Glad to be here. Guy
  20. This is my first RFI and is of my Tiger Hobbies F-5a. The WIP can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234985528-tiger-hobbies-148-northrop-f5a/ I recently completed the Trumpeter Talon II, and this inspired me to look for a quick build to run along side my more involved Hasegawa Skyhawk. A search on flea bay found this kit, and for £9.99 inc postge I could not pass it up. The kit is overall a fun build with plus' and minus'. The fit is good, the end product looks like a Freedom Fighter, the decals are cracking, and the process is fast & fun. On the flip side theinstructions & paint guide is basic, the panel lines are deep, the detail is generally "soft", and I am unsure as to the overall accuracy. Without more ado........ The deep & wide panel lines with a panel wash is a bit OTT, as can be seen here where the walkway lines are almost hidden by the wash, but it was a quickie so whatever lol... The decals went down fantastically and look superb in my opinion. The cockpit was basic, but a wash and dry....... -brush sorted that out. The freedom Fighter is an awesome looking aircaft. Though my post-shading on the dark green is way too much. The underside was basic, and generic. The kit supplies all 5 pylons, but only three drop tanks, JDams from the spares box (though almost certainly wrong) sorted that, and added a contrast on the grey underside. Alongside my Trumpeter T-38C. It may be a basic kit but it stands up! Talon on its own.. Finally the F5a is placed on the shelf. I enjoyed this kit, like the finished article, and can thoroughly recommend it....... though I cannot guarantee its accuracy. Thanks for looking Ian
  21. Hello Everyone, This is my second entry to the Lesser Built Air-Forces GB. This kit was made using the Dragon 1/144 F-5F and using the Retrowings cockpit upgrade set. I had a right nightmare with this kit. I lost the canopy, luckily I had a spare but that cracked when I tried to get it off the sprue. Then I found two kits in Australia, which I promptly ordered... they never turned up. I am going to blame all of the creepy-crawleys in that country. Some spider is munching on my kit right now The decals are from Aztec Decals celebrating 20 years service of the F-5 with the Fuerza Aérea Mexicana and from what I understand of it, the scheme was painted by the guys at Aztec onto the plane (I could be completely wrong). On to the pictures... yay... Sorry for the bad quality picture, I will try to take this one again... Let me know what you guys think, Kind Regards, Dazz
  22. Well here is my build for the new year for this GB. I was originally going to do the P-47 that you see on the War Thunder loading screen. However I am still waiting for the decals for that. So here I am, with this set. Pictures to follow. What do you think of my bed sheets?! I have decided to build the F-5E and F at the same time, however only the F will be part of the GB. Saves me messing around with the paints at a later date for a second time. I think this is a really attractive scheme for the popular F-5, can't let the MiG's have it all their own way eh?! The lovely kit I will be using, I did have the decals for this... God knows where they have gone to. Just as well I am not going to use them huh? Not too sure if I am going to bomb it up or not, need to find some proper pictures of this wee beastie before I make that decesion. Not expecting the build of this model to take too long at all... it must have about 20 parts total... Gotta love those classic Dragon "Melted Robots"... I believe in protecting them for future generations to laugh... I mean wonder at. For this reason I will be ordering a Retrowings cockpit resin replacement for this kit. Not sure if I want the cockpit to be piloted or empty. I will make that decision when it comes to painting and depending how lazy I am at the time Well thats build number 1 written up, hope you all enjoy my cockups that will happen aplenty. I welcome any advise or comments. Kind Regards, Dazz
  23. As usual I have been a bit bored on shift and was playing on the internet and found some really cool photos of Vietnam era F-5A Freedom Fighters…which got me thinking of cause……. Northrop F-5 STGB??? I’m sure someone will tell me if it has already been done! But I would like to throw it out there for a STGB for the Northrop F-5. Now this should include the F-5A/B/C Freedom Fighter’s, F-5E/F Tiger II’s, plus to be fair to those who like their trainers the T-38 Talon plus the unusual the F-20 Tigershark and X-29. There you go, there are heaps of different users of this wonderful little aircraft so we should be able to get a good spread of variations, plus lots of good models in various scales available as well. Plus our resident Guru on all things Middle Eastern (MiG’s etc) has a new book out on the Iranian F-5 Tigers! -------------- de list.... 1, trickyrich - de host 2, Jabba 3, SaintsPhil 4, Vingtor 5, Paul J 6, chockhead 7, Arniec 8, Dazzio 9, Wes 10, Giorgio N 11, AndyC 12, depressed lemur 13, nimrod54 14, Lex77 15, swat11
  24. Hello chaps and chapesses, This looks like an enjoyable group build and I'd like to join the fun with this: I bought this kit from a model fair in Milan last year, as you can see it only cost €3.00 which is the end of the good news. The kit was first issued in 1966 and this incarnation I believe dates from 1990-94. Matchbox subsequently issued an F-5A and later Esci issued what is said to be the best version of the F5-A in 1/72. In my opinion this kit does well under Murdo's Law. It's horrible! I don't mean because it's basic, that was to be expected with an Airfix kit of this age, but the moulds seem to have aged badly. There's some flash but worse are the sink marks and on a brief dry fit of the fuselage and nose they don't. Fit that is. So either this gets put away with the thought that life's too short and the stash too large to bother with it or I decide to have some fun with it. Which is why I'm here at some point I'll probably need some encouragement. I intend building this OOB. I'll try adding some detail to the cockpit. Depending on how it goes together I might spray it with Alclad but it's more likely to be brushed with Humbrol enamels as in the old days when I first built this around 1970. I hope to get started this weekend but due to other commitments this may be a bit start and stop. This is my first group build here on Britmodeller and I'mm looking forward to it. I'm already enjoying looking at the other builds. Jon
  25. So this arrived all the way from ‘the old country’ this afternoon: Even with the postage it’s still cheaper to have the thing delivered from the UK, than buy it across the counter here in NZ (even if you can find one !!). As this is written I’ve only had a cursory glance at the contents of the (end opening) box, and surprisingly it isn’t the neatly packaged bits of plastic that made my jaw drop, it was the superbly presented, stapled, 32 page instruction manual. The 12 steps are individually drawn in large A4 LANDSCAPE format, one step per page and so explicit that even a serial styrene mangler like me has no excuse for scr*w*ng-up the construction. Ahh but that only takes me to the centre-page. The following 16 pages are the paint/decal options !! – That’s 16, count them, 16 options, 3 USAF, 3 RCAF, 2 Klu, 2 RNoAF, 5 HAF and bringing-up the rear the sole VNAF machine…. So here’s a wee clue as to what I’m planning for mine: I know that the Vietnamese machines had scabbed-on appliqué armour on the undersides protecting the engines and it shouldn’t be too difficult to fabricate these out of plastic sheet. There’s a good series of reference photos over on ARC (I think), which I’ll be using very soon. But other than this and a change in loadout, and maybe a replacement resin seat this will be almost straight from the box. Won’t be starting for a couple of weeks, after the RF-4, Harrier and StuG have cleared the bench, but I have to admit, the thought of starting this wee project does give me a very definite ‘buzz’ Updates ‘as-and-when’ AFN Ian
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