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  1. Ok, so I decided to buy some new ship. Initially, I planned to get Cleopatra (to make her or Carlisle) and maybe also Trumpeters Zulu or Eskimo. So I went shopping. And what I got? Well... 🤪 I went through topic here: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=23454 and I am under the impression that Flyhawk model is generally good (I have correct deck). Are there any major issues I need to look into? I plan to paint her for march-may 1941. Is camo in instructions ok? It calls for 507C and black with grey underwater hull? At the start, I was considering making her in damaged state after 26th May'41 attack, but I squashed this thought as 1) I want to preserve graceful lines of the ship and 2) it is massive undertaking as is, I do not need more challenge. The start is simple. I glued lower deck into hull and added decks of all galleries on the sides. Anyone has tips how to paint all the openings in the hull and then mask it for painting main hull sides? I obviously also made one little plane - Fulmar.
  2. Hello! here is my last finished model. Both the Uboat and the short Sunderland are part of the same Flyhawk kit called : " battle of the Atlantic: anti-submarine warfare set 1" in 1/700 scale. in the same kit there's another model, a Royal navy destroyer, that will be used on another project. I was lucky I had enough clear resin left to cover the submarine. Until I started pouring the resin I didn't know if It was enough... bad side of this project: - I don't have ink for resin so I've used some drops of AK aquatic turquoise. as you can see from the photo there's tiny bits of pigment that stay no matter how much you mix. - the rigging on the submarine displaced in the hardening process of the resin ( next time no rigging ). you can see it floating under the submarine ( looks like hair )
  3. My latest finished model. Is a beautiful detailed kit, even if it isn't the deluxe version which should be even more detailed. One anchor ⚓ disappeared on the carpet never to be found again.
  4. Hello all, Firstly, my apologies for disappearing off the ship scene for so long. I’m really an aircraft modeller that caught the ship bug some time ago but, although I was pleased with what I produced, I was always disappointed with my rigging at the end. I could never really get it to the same standard as the rest of the build. I’m also a perfectionist - that doesn’t mean I build perfectly - just I’m always disappointed at the end of a project! Anyway, it left me falling out of love with naval subjects and my FlyHawk Bismarck and Scharnhorst kits were left gathering dust in the stash. However, I recently saw a link for the upcoming FlyHawk HMS Hood and that re piqued my interest as the whole ‘Hunt the Bismarck’ story has always fascinated me - then I saw the recent build on here of the FlyHawk Bismarck by Haneto. I was super impressed by the rigging! Anyway, I’ve suddenly got my Naval mojo back and I’ve dragged the Bismarck out of the stash! And here she is - FlyHawk 1/700 FH1132S Deluxe edition: I wanted to finish her in the Hood encounter scheme, but when I got the kit originally I had some masks made up for the deck swastikas and I really want to use these (love a bit of bling), so I think I will have to build her as the ‘Operation Rheinübung’ version with the Hull stripes. Another reason to build is the imminent arrival of a display cabinet. I’ve never had that before and all my previous builds end up in a box, then the bin, but I’m now determined to actually keep my finished models, dust free(ish) and on display. As ships are so susceptible to handling damage it will be nice to know all the effort expended in building will actually have some meaning for once (well that’s the plan anyway 😀). With previous builds I made them waterline, but I think this will be fully hulled for the cabinet. I’ve got a Blue Wox deck… And the usual heavy tomes of slightly daunting instructions.. massively complicated by the PE! These FlyHawk kits are real modelling gems aren’t they? I have brass stands but, on reflection, I think these are too big for this scale, so I may just sit the finished model on a simple black Perspex base, luckily it’s flat bottomed. Here’s the intended colour scheme… And I’ve found a nice set of computer generated images online that show lovely detail and colour…. Any pitfalls I should be looking for? When is the Hood deluxe model available and from where? I did email Mike at Starling Models but had no reply? Any tips, criticism welcome, I always want to improve my modelling - I’m not proud! Can’t wait to get stuck in! I hope you’ll have me back 🥴 Thanks for looking in, Guy
  5. Well this is a welcome surprise. It should be an excellent kit if Flyhawk’s other releases are anything to go by. Finally a modern tooling of the “Slow, but deadly.”
  6. Dear Fellow Modellers I completed the Flyhawk HMS Legion earlier in May but was not satisfied with the results, so did some more photos today. As some of you may know, HMS Legion took off many of the crew of HMS Ark Royal when she was torpedoed in the Eastern Mediterranean on 13th November 1941 Hope you like it? Andrew
  7. Dear Fellow Modellers Flyhawk do a charming but miniature set of their Type VIIB against a dry dock backdrop. Here is a tired Type VIIB back for repair Hope you like it? Andrew
  8. I want to ultimately build a couple of popular historic ww2 RN ships (who doesn't) , so i thought I'd get my sea legs on with some less taxing stash victims first,( i have a few kits of modern destroyers and frigates to test out my pe work on, but I've got in the stash one kit that is getting nearer to the top , i know its been done to death, but its well loved, its the hood in 1/700 with ,wooden deck , flyhawk etch ,brass barrels and some tiny resin bits, i just want to see if I'm up to the task of taking it on,) so a modern RN victim for starters ,this the RN type 45 ,as hms dragon, i recently bought the flyhawk etch set for it from a popular grocery store in the far east . but when i opened the model kit box i forgot that i also had the white ensign pe set ,(I'm getting old , and I've had the kit a good few years) also I've been a bit busy and distracted of late so the build is well under way ,but ,still a bit of work to do though,the pe is a mixture of both sets The samson radar airels from stretched srue are too long ,they will be cut down and the over size mounting holes filled before paint The bridge pe ,in my view is worth the price of the etch kit alone , None of the super structures are glued atm ,to ease the painting So still a lot to do Cheers for looking in Glynn
  9. I finished up model number 14 for the year over this pastweekend, which was the fantastic M1A2 SEP Abrams in 1/72 scale from Flyhawk. It was a fun build that's really got me into the swing of braille scale armor. It was painted with AK Real Colors CARC Tan and weathered with a couple of AMMO of Mig enamels. The kit I have came with a pine plow, but I decided against using it on this kit; I'll pick up another one and build it with the plow since it looks so cool. I'm also happy to report that I gave this tiny model to the superintendent on the job that I'm working on, who was a tank driver in the Army that spent lots of time driving around a real one of these. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  10. Hi, starting a new ship, Trying to make HMS Kimberley from Flyhawks HMS Jupiter. The most significant difference that I can see is Kimberley retained both stes of torpedo tubes. I have filled the square opening for the 4" AA gun and have made a start with the amazing Sovereign hobbies Colourcoats Narn 23 dark deck grey and masked up ready for the 507c. I will be using the illustration from "The Kelly's" book by Christopher Langtree. I intend to try to make this one my best effort yet, time will tell. More to come Mick
  11. Well I’ve started another L Class Destroyer “HMS Lance” by Flyhawk while I’m in Hospital attending a PTSD clinic here in Sydney. The is glued together and awaiting to be primed.
  12. Glued the hull and waterline together ready for priming while I’m staying in Hospital for PTSD in Sydney as we Zero Clinics in Darwin and also you would notice I have another L Class Destroyer in the background just to keep me busy. But wait I have a big surprise coming up on another ship build, but more on that later.
  13. Dear Colleagues After a few trials and tribulations here is my 1/700 Flyhawk HMS Legion. The precision of the moldings are magnificent. My only additions apart from the Eduard PE RN crew and Fine Molds nanodread pom pom & quad 0.5" were the scratch mahogany name plates on the after deck house and crest on the bridge front, yes these are very small. Unfortunately, I discovered the hull had a slight sag so had to place her in quite a lively sea with a swell (otherwise her stern would appear to be rising 1 mm). During my first photo shoot after a few snaps I snagged my base scenery which wiped out the fore mast radar, radio aerials and after 4" barrels, such is life with these fragile 1/700 ships. Re-rigged aerials and re-purchased brass 4" barrels were necessary for the second photo shoot which was mercifully not error prone. With war approaching the RN stepped down from the big Tribal Class to the somewhat lessor armed J, K, and L class destroyers. The pre-war view of the major threat coming from other destroyers and submarines was starting to look unbalanced as the power of the German and Italian air forces was appreciated. The twin 4" MkXVI mount became the AA unit of choice and Legion was armed with these rather than the anti-ship 4.7" guns. The Legion famously came to the aid of the torpedoed Ark Royal and took off many of her crew before she sank. After fighting with distinction in the Mediterranean, she was severely damaged by Air attack and put into Malta where she was sunk by bombing on 26th March 1942. Hope you like it? Andrew
  14. Well here it’s is HMS Hermes by Flyhawk. The detail provided by Flyhawk with this model is nothing short of outstanding quality and again they are setting the gold standard for 1/700 scale models. The only issue with Firehawk is there plastic is very soft compared to other companies in this scale. There has been a couple of occasions where I have accidentally snapped or have cut The plastic. Some of the small detail parts of the f’rd & aft on the flight deck are best to leave them to the last as I found out that they have a habit of being knocked or snapping off. The detailing inside the hanger is quite amazing with a more experienced modeller would be able to use a Perspex flight deck to show Swordfish aircraft inside hanger. Overall this model from Flyhawk is a real joy to build and is further enhanced by Sovereign Colourcoats paints. HMS Hermes & the Ark Royal I
  15. I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to start this lovely kit from Flyhawk DKM Königsberg a Light Cruiser. This is another outstanding product from Flyhawk and being a deluxe kit it comes a extensive PE set with a instructions all most bordering on War & Peace. Some of the PE I will give a wide berth as plastic stuff is to the high standard that you get with Flyhawk, with some PE I dive in and have a crack at. Hopefully this will keep me occupied until the black paint turns up. Just got to find a half decent plan of this class, so I can have a look at rigging set up. The hull and decking were slightly warp thence the rubber bands which were kindly supplied by Flyhawk. It did provide a slightly messy assembly with wee bit of glue damage to the hull, which doesn’t worried me, as I do like a bit of wear & tear on my ships. Consider these light cruisers even with their nice lines weren’t actually a good sea boat on the open seas including the North Sea even through there were designed as a Raider/ Scouting Cruiser. Thence the later designed M Class Cruisers were design to replace them, but they never got built and were later broken up on the slipways like the only keel of the H Class Battleship. Apart from the invasion of Denmark & Norway which two were sink by RN (Submarine and Skua Dive Bombers), there was one or two later Ops out of Norway or Denmark to support the lager fleet units of the DKM which may’ve got caned from memory? Spent most of the War in the Baltic Sea supporting Army Group Nth, convoys to Finland and as a training ship/ target ships for training up the U Boat crews. Another feature of these Light Cruisers was their ability to lay mine’s as well which did see one operation towards the end of the War between Denmark & Norway, but only one sortie was completed due to the on going fuel shortage facing the Germans in 45.
  16. Dear Colleagues Before I finish the Flyhawk Hermes (1937) by placing her on her own base, I decided to put her 'in harbour' to do a few photographs. I have assembled odds and ends for the harbour over several years to make an interesting backdrop. I think many of you will agree that Flyhawk make the nicest 1/700 ships if you want a pleasant build with sharp details. What is admirable is Hermes was the first ship in the world designed as an aircraft carrier from the keel up. You can't help thinking that the designers got the overall design right and the lines look in many ways remarkably modern. Hope you like it? Andrew
  17. Morning All, I didn't mean to start this kit, its been in the stash for a while now waiting for me to build up some skills, and nerves. I was waiting for the canopy to dry before masking on a 1/48 Spitfire and had the glue and airbrush out, and I thought "let's have a look" The next thing I know the hulls been glued together... How'd that happen? I blame SWMBO, saying I need to reduce the stash, as if that's going to happen! I cannot say enough good thinks about Flyhawks kits. I've got the Aurora, Niad and Legion in the stash. They're superb examples of modern manufacturing. The go together easily, smart box layout to avoid breakage and can fit all budgets with the basic or the kits with extras. So on with what I've done. This is the upgrade kit, with photo etch included, I'll be leaving that lot till a bit later. Aurora can be either full hull or waterline. If normally go with waterline but I thought I'd have a look at what she was like with her bottom attached. 5 pieces, a bit of glue and you have a full hull and decks! Primed with Tamiya extra fine primer and then a blast of Lifecolour 507c all over. I masked off the boot topping, Vallejo model air black I think, then tried to get a good B20 substitute. I have the Lifecolour B20 but it looks far to grey. So I mixed up some Model air PRU faded blue and EDSG. After this flurry of activity I got fully carried away and started applying the AK interactive enamel weathering range to her. This is where I got to before I actually stopped and looked critically at her I really wasn't happy with the fake B20, and the Lifecolour grey kept flaking off every time I masked over it. I quite like most of my weathering, but I think I went a bit too heavy. So... Off it all came and start again. I used Vallejo model air sky grey and Tamiya XF-18. Vallejo hull red and model air black for the boot top. Gloss coats addedd in between everything. I think the sky is too light, but that can be corrected with weathering, and I think the xf-18 needs lightening up, again a bit of weathering should do this. Weathering to come on the hull. Whilst I was waiting for some of the layers to dry I made a start on the wooden decks, something I've never done before. Tamiya deck tan and wooden deck tan with a wash of AK interactive deck wash. I think I did about 5 coats of each colour, done in streaks, then gave it a wash with the AK. Think it needs lightening up, and a light spray to bring it all together. Very happy with it so far tho! We, that's a lot of waffle from me with only a few pics, double painting, and only 5 of the 200+bits glued together! This could take a while! Oh, and while I was taking a couple of these pics this morning, I couldn't help put some of the larger parts on, just to see... She enjoyed her little tour round the house, firing off broadsides as she went. We're all 6 years old at heart aren't we? That'll do me for now, up next, finishing off the deck, weathering the hull, working out if I'm going to put her in a seascape or on a pedestal(really should have done this earlier) and onto the really small fiddly bits, oh and pe..... Thanks for looking in. Geoff
  18. Renault FT 75 BS FLYHAWK 1/72 Last year I bought the Flyhawk double-pack kit of the Renault FT 75 BS, which some of you may remember from the WIP I did at the time. The second FT that came in the box has been sitting around waiting to be finished since the first was done. As I've got a gap in my schedule at the moment, I thought I'd try and get some old part-finished builds completed before the end of the year, and this one came off the shelf first. There wasn't actually all that much to do, as I'd got the hull together while I was building the first one. A couple of days to finish the assembly, and a few more for paint and weathering, and I could cross this one of the to-do list. No real problems with the build, apart from the decals which silvered quite badly for some reason. The ones on the first build had gone down flawlessly, so maybe these ones had deteriorated slightly in the intervening time. There's not a huge amount of difference between this and the previous build, apart from the camo scheme, but they look good together in the cabinet. Thanks for looking Andy
  19. Since I’m at the stage of my other two builds atm, where I’m now down at dirty end of small detail painting, assembling/ fitting and glueing PE and small parts such as guns, masts, small boats etc. I’ve started this wee build while I’m waiting for paint to set or glued parts to set etc. This build will be a slow one as main rate of effort will be on the J Class and HMS Ariadne, but it will also depends on the weather and I’m going fishing and hunting trip for most April. Today’s wee job of adding the black waterline and which will be followed by the rest of the hull.
  20. Well this GB came round fast! This will be a placeholder for a while, I’ve go the BoB GB to finish first, but then I’ll be onto this smashing little kit. This is the Deluxe Edition with extra PE, Brass Masts and Barrels, should be interesting at this scale... I think the barrels are smaller than the XF on the paint pot... Quick play with a few of the larger parts shows the quality of this kit, no glue yet, but the level of detail is incredible. I’ll be using Colourcoats for this kit, always a pleasure to use. More once I clear the desk ( well, at least a bit of space). Looking forward to this GB, good luck to all. Geoff
  21. I figured it was time to start recording this one. This is a kit that was diverted from shop stock after posting the big Bismarck kit and deciding we'd rather not have the hassle of sending 1/200 kits again. Sadly, one of the stunningly good Pontos Model detail sets fell off the shelf one day also. Sad when that happens... Anyway, the model is quite big by everyones' standards except the fleet-scale radio control modellers'. It's going to take this space in our living room eventually, and shall displace the 1/350 version seen here behind it. Whilst it does have the potential to be very nice, it is, afterall, a Trumpeter product and they make bizarre errors for no reason that can be explained. Unlike earlier Trumpeter kits, the parts count of this isn't that high and they have produced some sophisticated toolings to make complex parts in one piece. In the past I have criticised Trumpeter for their 5-piece deck houses. In this case, that might have been better because correcting the daft things wrong with this kit is all the more difficult due to the way things have been manufactured. Prior to starting a thread, I had already hacked out a non-existent bulkhead which Trumpeter moulded in here, which closed off the space behind the conning tower and below the forward Vickers 0.5" quad machine gun platforms. On the real ship this was an open space. I felt that was something I could not live with given the extent of detailing the Pontos set is going to add otherwise. Removing the bulkhead without destroying the kit part was quite difficult, I don't mind admitting. I was also worried about extending the deck before underneath and doing a good enough job of hiding the join. I've spent a good number of manhours on this one piece. There is still more surgery required on this part, e.g. at the aft end where that raised solid "handrail" is to be removed and replaced with PE actual handrail. There are many, many accuracy errors like that in the kit, and the Pontos Model set (unlike all other PE sets for this kit) resolves all which can be resolved with brass. The reason for this is that Pontos Model is the only one which posted images of their design in progress and took active feedback from the HMS Hood Association's Frank Allen and a very fastidious expert modeller from the Netherlands by the name of Evert-Jan Foeth who runs the website http://ontheslipway.com/ which contains many excellent images of hard-to-find details about a number of British warships. On to the hull though. I am reluctant to accumulate a large number of fragile detailed sub assemblies without a hull to store them on, and the hull needs work first. It's moulded in one large piece. The degaussing cables are moulded as rectangular section strips and need to be removed. They take a simplified routing over the hause pipes as shown here. On Hood, these were oddly shaped and looked rather "home made". New plating and cables are provided in the Pontos set. A diagram is shown on the Hood Association website near the top of the page here: http://www.hmshood.com/hoodtoday/models/tamiya/tamiyarvw.htm Another thing that bothered me was the propeller bosses. These could and often are moulded as separate parts to be glued to the hull, but for whatever reason Trumpeter has integrated them in to the hull moulding. I am not sure whether bad research or a desire to simplify the shape to persist with including them on the hull has driven this, but clearly the mould has been designed to withdraw vertically away from the keel, and the shapes of these bosses are not right. As can be seen here of her being built at Clydebank (note that the armour belt has not been fitted yet), these bosses should project at an angle perpendicular to the hull plating. So, I made a start by gluing plasticard inside the bosses to add material I could work down to: This morning I made a start (there is more slimming down to go) with needle files and Infini Model sanding sponge-sticks at reshaping these to something less obviously wrong. Only starboard outer is started here: Both starboard bosses have had a first go here
  22. This is a bit of an impromptu build, after I saw the kit for a very cheap price on ebay, ordered it on a whim, and started it the day it arrived. I wasn't originally planning on doing a wip, but I've been taking a few photos along the way, so I thought I may as well post them. I'm already up to the early weathering stages, after starting the build a few days ago, so it does go together pretty fast. The kit is Flyhawk's latest version of their tiny FT, this time with the 75mm gun and the fixed casemate in place of the original turret. As you can see from the box, this release, like the previous versions, is a '1+1 Double Ones' or, in plain English, you get two. For 12 quid including postage from China, I call that pretty good value. I'll post some sprue shots for anyone that's interested in the contents, then get onto the initial build. There's one main sprue that holds the running gear and hull details. Quite a few of the parts here are for the earlier versions of the FT, and aren't required for this build, so you do end up with quite a few spares. Being a double pack, you, of course, get two of these sprues. You get two smaller sprues, one of which is specific to the 75 BS. That one holds the new parts for the 75mm gun and casemate. The smaller sprue holds the early style wooden idlers. Again, two of each are included. The remaining parts are individual mouldings. Two hulls, two tails, two casemates, and two sets of tracks. Rounding out the contents are the instructions, which are simply a folded A4 sheet (although perfectly adequate for what is a very simple build), the decals, and two identical photo etch frets. And, so you can get an idea of just how tiny the model is, here's the hull next to a regular, industry standard, match (which I had to spend about an hour searching the house for) Okay, on to the build. The first step is to add all the additional panels to the main hull. The main hatches come with moulded tabs for the handles (not that big a deal in this scale), but you do have the option of slicing them off and replacing them with photo etched alternatives. The PE ones looked too 2D to me, plus they would be likely to snap off at a moments notice, so I drilled the hatches and used some 0.4mm copper wire instead. You do need to make one slight modification to the hull for this version, to allow the casemate to be fitted. The bottom of the turret ring is moulded as part of the hull, and the edges of that need to be trimmed away. It's not as difficult as it first seems, and the area that needs trimming is shown in the instructions. The plastic's quite soft, so you need to be careful not to accidentally remove too much, but otherwise it's fairly straight forward. It doesn't matter too much about any rough edges, since the casemate drops down over the trimmed area and hides any overzealous hacking. The casemate itself needs a few extra parts added, including a full set of separate hatches, meaning you could add a figure if you wanted (and if you could find a suitable one). I thought the tiny PE grills would be a nightmare to add, but they dropped into place perfectly with no fuss whatsoever. They do make a really nice detail on the finished build too. The 75mm gun is a very simple three-part construction, but looks great when build as well as remaining poseable I'll leave part one of the build there. As I mentioned above, I'm up to the early weathering stages now, but I'll post the updates in increments, rather than stick everything in one huge post. More later. Andy
  23. This is certainly the smallest armour model I've built to date, and probably one of the smallest I've done in any genre. The FT 75 is an updated version of Flyhawk's original FT 17 kit, which was released a few years ago. The 75 was an upgunned development of the FT 17, with a 75mm Blockhaus Schneider gun in place of the original 37mm, and a fixed casemate replacing the 17's turret. The kit is one of the best available in braille scale, with very nice detailing, and clever engineering which make assembly and painting very straight forward. For the most part it was finished OOB, with the only additions being the tarp and chain on the rear tail. The painting was a mix of acrylics and lacquers and, as a bit of an experiment, the weathering was done entirely with acrylics. The build can be found here Thanks for looking Andy
  24. These models coming from Flyhawk are in a different league .The kit is just superb,it comes with everything you need except the the wooden deck which I have bought.The masts are very thin,I,m going with then,to see how they go,but might have to change to bass.Watch J1 this is a small part ,and yes lost it already,however ,were it went, no one will know. . The last photo is to show the detail in this model.I have added nothing.
  25. We all know the sad history of HMS Barham and the film of her end.So went back to happy times and the model that Trumpeter produce of Barham 1941 is very close to 1937 version.Only have to take off the two 0.5 inch machine guns on B turret,add neutral stripes and the High angle control system without any radar on the fighting top.I also have HMS Valiant as 1945 Pacific colours and HMS Queen Elizabeth as 1918 waiting next on the slip way after Barham.
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