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Found 12 results

  1. So . . . this will be my first plastic model build in, perhaps, 50 years. As an adult, I have been what is termed in the Washington Ship Model Society, of which I was a member, as a "sticks and strings" modeller. But I came across Steve's The Model Shed most excellent build of this model on YouTube, became intrigued, and decided to give it a go. I am retired USN and have a great affinity for smaller naval vessels, stemming from my time as XO in both of the below venerable and long de-commissioned ships (pics are Official U.S. Navy and part of my collection). I'm actually in the first picture of USS Shakori (ATF-162), standing on the bridge wing. The second ship is the USS Welsh (PG-93)--"Lovers, Fighters, Gunboat Riders!" I will be using the Korean Pontos aftermarket set of etched/turned brass and wooden decks, as well as some astounding 3D prints from Micro Master of New Zealand. I will not bore with posts of the boxes that this model and aftermarket kit came in though. I look forward to documenting the build and posting progress on it. Best, Jeff
  2. WIP here: Another excellent Corvette model from Black Cat Models Thanks for looking Rob
  3. WIP here: With grateful acknowledgement to IWM collections. Thanks for looking Rob
  4. Well, for the first time in months I had a full day at the desk yesterday - Bliss. Multiple episodes of "The Rest is History" and more accomplished than in the last 2 months. After having put together the raised bridge on the LCT-5 and being in the mood I though I'd crack on with the Flower Corvette from Black Cat Models which needs similar treatment. Jon @Faraway has done one iteration as HMS Begonia And Michal @socjo1 recently opted for HMS Hibiscus which I had orignially eyed up with it's striking zig-zag camo pattern It would have been perverse to have 2 ships being modelled with the same camo pattern given the enormous numbers of Corvettes and their multiple morphologies and colour schemes. So I searched for an alternative - given that this is a short focsle Flower, there wasn't a huge choice until I stumbled across a photo of HMS Abelia. With many thanks to IWM collections for once again providing such an evocative image. For once there appears to be consensus that the colour scheme is a variant of Western Approaches Sadly I have only been able to find this one photo of her in her Short Focsle iteration. She was slightly peculiar as so many Corvettes are and has a number of distinctive features. From stern forwards: 1) She is fitted with minesweeping gear including winch (Good as the kit supplies all ) 2) She lacks rear splash guards 3) 2 pounder platform is amidships (unlike most Canadian vessels including HMCS Agassiz that the kit portrays, (which had the platform at the rearmost part of the aft superstructure) 4) 2 pounder platform has an extended searchlight platform 5) She carries double Carley floats in an atypical position and a futher raft is mounted at an angle abrest the funnel 6) The ?14/16ft ship's boat platforms are further aft than for the kit's HMCS Agassiz 7) She carries 274 radar and was one of the first Flowers to be so fitted. It is mounted on a tall raised platform that communicates with the bridge deck 8/ The Bridge is almost unique in being a type A with wheelhouse and charthouse below and compass house above. The compass house has a "Flying bridge" above that, which is solid panelled (vs railings) as evidenced by the presence of pominent wind deflectors. The radar tower integrates with the bridge deck. Lantern cover is round and multi-facetted which is a "late" feature. (Early versions were octagonal and had fewer frames) 9) There appears to be no secondary anti-aircraft armament - she carries searchlights on the bidge - not Lewis guns. There might just be a pair of Lewis guns on the rear superstructure 10) Mast is forward of the bridge 11) The 4" gun shield is rounded 12) She lacks portholes beneath the gun platform Some modifications will be required fom the supplied resin kit The resin hull is beautifully and flawlessly moulded Superstructure and Bridge parts are separate and "plug" into the hull First order of business was to construct the Radar tower. Without plans the only option is to work from the photo using "proportions" and comparators as to regards size and height. The supplied bridge deck was definitely extended backwards on Abelia. I had a Micromaster 274 platform with lantern, so construction of the tower could be divided into base with it's distinctive "arch", square tower abutting the rear bridge deck and likely envaginated by it (Can't take the anatomist out of the modeller ) and finally the lantern platform atop. A former is shaped and then stuck to a second piece of plastruct with CA glue so that a second can be shaped accurately My little set-square is used to "square" parts up The first try was too wide so start again...... The middle "box" section was constructed using my cheap guillotine to get uniformity of length and the set square to .....ahem "square". The edges were bevelled with a file so as to get a neat join Test fitting showed it was too high so it was sawed down The metal "credit card" appeared as a windscreen scraper one Christmas and is one of my most useful tools The "Flying bridge" has been added and comparison with the originial photo shows it is still too high. More soon Thanks for looking Rob
  5. Having been gifted a 1/350 Flower Class Corvette of HMS ANCHUSA by Mirage. Having seen some wonderful builds on here (and being inspired by @robgizlu wonderful build of HMCS Eyebright) I have been inspired. As an aircraft modeller at heart, and being Bristol born and bred I have a passion for anything with a Bristol connection (so Beauforts, Blenheim etc). Bristol also was the construction port for several warships during the Second World War, of which seven were Flower Class corvettes. Bristol built counts! My first choice (HMS MEADOWSWEET) was a no-no due being a later version. So I have chosen HMS COLUMBINE K94. HMS COLUMBINE. © IWM (FL 6065) This build will be OOB with no aftermarket, but will be using my spares/etch etc to try to make some slight improvements. So first job is to work out what needs changing to turn ANCHUSA into COLUMBINE.
  6. I am looking at straying from my usual comfort zone of WW2 era aircraft and potentially straying into the murky waters of maritime. Whilst going down a rabbit one day i came across this great image on the IWM site showing HMS Meadowsweet: Now the main reason i am considering this is largely due to the fact Revell do a decent scaled ship (1/144 Flower Class HMCS Snowberry) and the fact that i tend to concentrate on things that are Bristol built or have a link (i.e. Beaufort's, Beaufighter's etc). As a Bristol born and raised chap, i immediately recognised the area this photo was taken (the 'canopy' covered area behind the stern is the dry-dock in which the SS Great Britain now sits). The ship was constructed in Bristol by Charles Hill & Son, who also built HMS Clematis (of chasing off Admiral Hipper fame). So, to do a 'Bristol Built' i would like to build one of the 8 ships built during the war, with HMS Meadowsweet being the preferred option (as in this photo). Apart from a small wiki article, and this one photo i have not seen any other images of this ship. I therefore have a few questions: a) Do other images exist? (i find at least two or three for her sister ships, but just the one for her) b) Is she the same as all the other Flower's built by Charles Hill & Son (i.e. Clematis, Columbine, Lotus, Mimosa, Rockrose & Saxifrage) c) Is she in the 'standard' colours used in western approaches camouflage? Many thanks in advance.
  7. So, this is going to be my starting point on this model. (Thanks to the kindness of a fellow BM'er @Faraway from whom I purchased this kit today. He started it 16 years ago and has been sat in a box ever since). I am building it as a 'sort-of' commission build for my window cleaner. A couple of weeks ago whilst doing my windows he saw me in my model building shed in the garden.....one thing led to another....discussion went to the La Malouine as his grandfather served on her during the war and the ill-fated PQ17 convoy and he asked if I would be interested in doing it for him. Jump forward a couple of weeks and another thread (my Super Hornet WIP) and Faraway mentioned this kit as my conversation was about PE and my headaches with it! Long story short, I ended up buying it from him today. Have to finish up my Hornet first which will take a few more days and then I'll make a start on this beast 🥴 that will give me a couple of days to get some paints as I need to change the current splinter cammo scheme of the Snowberry to the "typical 2-colour Western Approaches scheme. The hull is essentially the standardised design offered on plate 23 of Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 679/42" (thanks @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies) and also for the headache (which has already developed just looking at what I have let myself into) to go away. Any tips/help etc. would be greatly received during this build. And this is where I hope to end up, a typical 2-colour Western Approaches scheme.
  8. This is one of my older models - HMS "Zinnia" build with the help of the WEM photo-etched set. The model took silver medal from the European Championship Class "C" in 2014
  9. Here is a work in progress of the HMS Clematis from the Revell Platinum Edition kit. I chose this ship because on December 30, 1940, after ordering the convoy she was escorting to disperse, singlehandedly attacked the German Cruiser Admiral Hipper. After facing several broadsides unscathed HMS Clematis forced the German ship to withdraw. I've made several modifications to the kit so far, including modifying the keel, riveting the funnel with Archer's rivet decals, and adding a ships wheel to the control room. All markings are painted, and I used a custom mix of Tamiya paints for the B-55 Admiralty color. I'm also using several photoetch and Shapeways sets purchased from Niall Orr. All comments and advice welcome! Cheers, Tom
  10. Hi all, i am currently working through the 1/72 Corvette and would like it to represent, at least give the flavour, of the version my grandfather served on. Would anyone one have any pictures or info on Sunflower and her colour scheme for the tail end of the war? Any my snippets of info would be great. Thanks stu
  11. Flower class corvette HMS Rockrose K51 Greetings all, this is my first build log here and will also be my first maritime build since my youth. I will be building the HMS Rockrose, K51. I have not gone nuts and bought the Revell kit quite yet, but instead have chosen HMS Pennywort 1/350 as my base model (Mirage models). The Pennywort was built by A&J Inglis, Glasgow but her dates run very closely to the Rockrose. Strangely tho' the Pennywort was Laid in Dec '39, but only completed in March '42. Also in my only discovering the models now I have had the fortune to compare all four available and choose the one most suited to the Rockrose's config. She was built by Charles Hill & Sons, of Albion Dockyard in Bristol. Laid: 28th Oct 1940 Launched: 26th July 1941 Completed: 4th Nov 1941 During construction a dud bomb damaged her boilers while they were still being built and in a panic the shipyard turned to a pair of 80 ton boilers meant for a merchantman. The stokers said that it was a tight squeeze and everything didn't fit quite where it was supposed, but she could hold a head of steam for a lot longer and was recorded that she reached 18.5 knots at full steam on her way back from her 1943 refit. Her crew were all chosen for her 4 weeks before her completion and they went up to Tobermory for a month of intensive training before getting their first orders. My main reason for wanting to build the Rockrose is that she spent most of her wartime career berthed and on convoys around the tip of Africa. She called Simonstown Harbour her base for quite a long while, and her crew even enjoyed a four week rest (during refitting) in Johannesburg and on the Transkei coast. Post-war (1947) she sailed from Devonport to Table Bay (Cape Town), then was sent up to Durban (1949) to be refit as a Hydrographic survey ship by Gilbert Hammer and Co.Ltd, for the South African Naval Force as HMSAS Protea. She continued to serve until 1957 when she was paid off into Reserve. Dave Donohoe's account of his time on the Rockrose is a wonderful read and is easily found on the web. She rescued 114 (accounted for) survivors...quite a lot as the result of U172, whom she eventually damaged, but didn't get a confirmation. In other research I discovered that U172 did have to undergo some repairs because of the Rockrose. My first order of business was to research and gather as much as I could on her before even opening the box. There is so much confused info out there, and believe me my Google-fu is goood. So far I have only found 2 photos of her during the war and two photos of her as SAS. Protea, post 1952 (South Africa independance). My first Questions to you learned folks (as you knew there would be): Can anyone please help me with the correct colours needed, I know of WEM's paint line and will happily purchase them, since I got the model and some Mk1 RN Railings fret from them already. In the first photo ( Durban harbour, early 1943;I assume, since her first convoy in the area was CM042 which sailed 30/05/43) she appears to still have her original RN colours of Light Admiralty Grey and RN Off-white. Some clarification would be most appreciated. Do I need to cut out two rectangles in the stern where the Depth charge racks go or do they drop over the side from above. I have no good shots of the stern and there doesn't seem to have been a hard and fast rule when it came to the Corvettes. Some definitely have them, while on others you can't seem to tell. Since she wasn't a mine-sweeper she carried no rear winch and dolphins, so I will be forgoing them in favour of more depth charge racks. So here's the rub... think I can find a good shot of a rear or breezeway depth-charge rack? I think I found a short one on top of the carley float rack in this photo, am I right? Okay, if you're still with me... Thank you... and on to the beginning of the build. To start with I looked at many photos and soon realised that the portholes were anything but standard. The models, all 4, have used what I think was the standard layout suggested by the schematics drawn up in the initial design brief. The actually ships, however are a different story. So I used my two photos and plotted out which portholes had to go and where the new ones would be drilled in. I made copies of the profile artwork from the instructions and then scaled the copies with new porthole config, until they were exact matches for the hull halves. This allowed me to transfer the locations correctly. I also added the two 'head' drains on the side as the model neglected them. After I had drilled the holes out, not through, I used a bit of Liquid Green-stuff (from Citadel) on the end of a toothpick that I'd cut down so that it fitted in the holes snuggly. I pressed the tip, with a bit of putty on, into the hole and rotated the stick...then pulled it out. This left a thin rim of putty around the edge of the hole. I cleaned away the bottom half of the lip, thus leaving me the scuttle on top. I did this since I had no wire fine enough to do the job. I will try to get a macro shot of it when it's primed. I then filled the portholes I didn't want with layers of Liquid GS and dropped in layers of White glue into the holes I did want, to build up the 'window' again. I plan on using my scratchbuilding skills to try and get what I want without resorting to the WEM PE set. Hence why I only bought the railings. I will rebuild the back part of the bridge with railings and then add the splinter padding (sculpted from Green stuff) to the bridge & searchlight tub. The lower Carley float racks will be rebuilt and the 2nd Thrower will fit in behind the screen. Luckily there are 4 throwers in the kit. For now I'm waiting for the white glue in the portholes to dry again so I can add another layer. Thanks for looking, Any help and comments or crits are most welcome, G
  12. Thought I'd share my Revell Flower Class Corvette WIP, that I've been working on for the last month or so. I bought the Premium Edition version of the kit, and decided to build H.M.S. Campanula. I chose the Campanula both for the obvious reason (Nicholas Monsarrat, the author of The Cruel Sea served on her), and also for the lesser known fact that she was one of the escorts for the ships that laid the PLUTO pipeline for the Normandy landings. Since the kit has so many well publicised problems with accuracy and detail, I decided to do a lot of corrections to her, scratchbuild some details, and also ordered some of David J. Parkins' excellent detail sets from his 'Great Little Ships' range. For research I bought 2 books; 'Flower Class Corvettes' by John Lambert and Les Brown, and of course 'The Flower Class Corvette Agassis' by John McKay and John Harland. For inspiration I have been following this excellent build at The Ship Model Forum; Linky, as well as martyn's build on these forums. I also treated myself to the book and DVD of The Cruel Sea! By the time I'd thought of taking pictures of the build, I'd already got stuck right in, so here's where I'm at now; I ground down the horrible keel, assembled the hull, decks and engine room, then applied the self adhesive wooden decking. I decided to lay all the wooden decking straight onto the plastic decking, rather than smoothing down the raised detail first, and also decided not to cut out the 'steel' areas of the decking, instead, I decided I'd paint those areas a steel colour... Fo'c'sle fittings and wheelhouse in place... Funnel, bridge deck and (incorrect, which I later removed) bridge wing struts fitted... Mast and Radar lantern added, and steel areas of deck painted (you can also see that I've removed the incorrect bridge wing struts. I'll be scratchbuilding correct ones later on)... At this stage I decided to start work on one the the GLS detail sets I ordered; the Hedgehog ASW mortar... That's as far as I've got at the moment, more pictures to follow as the build progresses...
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