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Found 21 results

  1. Just completed my build of the Revell 1:700 HMS Invincible configured as she may have looked sailing south during Operation Corporate in 1982. Built as a clean model pretty much out of the box with some minimal mods made to the kit as follows: Removed the over scale raised deck markings and replaced them with 0.5mm and 0.25mm wide white pin stripes decals supplied by @Fantasy Printshop Changed the inboard funnel vents to more accurately depict a line of five vents as seen in photos of the real thing. Opened up the missing bow scuppers Scratched up two large Yokahama fenders from sprue pieces, as seen on the foredeck in photos taken during the cruise south (sorry I couldn't figure out a way of replicating the protective tyres and chains festooning these at this scale) Added missing Shar wing tanks made from stretched sprue. (Also, the supplied roundel decals were out of register and all had a semi circular white surround, so I ended up painting the roundels on) Scratched up 5 bladed folded main rotors for the Sea Kings using thin plastic card Finished her with the peacetime black funnel and mast tops painted over in grey, but with some soot deposition on these areas as seen in photos from the campaign If interested, follow this link to see a more complete work in progress thread for this build. Things I would do differently if I built it again? Use only the 0.25mm wide pin strip decals as these are closer to the scale width of all the deck markings, although they're a bit trickier than the 0.5mm ones to get to lie straight Use square cut black decals for the bridge windows (the painted windows are admittedly a bit wobbly)😬 Try and work out what colour scheme the ships boats actually had.😆 I took a punt at white, navy blue, light grey, and green (for the decks) Wait for the Atlantic Models PE detail set to become available so that all the prominent but missing guard rails and safety netting could be included.
  2. Hello fellow modelers, Finally I am glad to present my recent finished kit, The Mirage III EA. For more pictures and details I would be glad if you visit my full article here: https://72insight.com/en/mirage-iii-ea-1-72-modelsvit/ Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Also some highlights from the build are in my continuous thread here on BM: David´s highlights from the workbench - Mirage III EA
  3. 2012 kit and boxed as a 30th Anniversary Falklands War edition. (With 849 B Flight decals!) Couldn’t find any mentions on the forums but has anyone built this? Looks like it needs a lot of remedial work and conversion to get anywhere near the 1982 824 D Flight version.
  4. This is the new Airfix kit in 1/72. It represents Skyhawk 3A305 as she would have looked the morning of May 21st 1982. This morning saw the first large scale attacks of shipping in San Carlos, or Bomb Alley as it would be know. 3a Escuadrilla launched 6 Skyhawks in two strike groups, each carrying 4 Mk 82 fin retarded bombs. '305 was flown by TN Lecour that morning as wingman in the second element strike. Approaching San Carlos, both sections found and attacked HMS Ardent. The first elements strike hit the ship with at least 1 bomb, but it failed to explode, they were then intercepted by Sea Harriers and shot down, losing all 3 aircraft and 1 pilot KIA. TN Rotolo leading the second element arrived 15 minutes later and flying through a hail of light flak dropped their bombs on Ardent. One of '305's bombs penetrated the stern and exploded under the fuel tanks, fatally crippling the ship. TN Lecour would fly several more missions along with Skyhawk 305, both surviving the conflict. Pros. - Readily available for a reasonable price - Nice fit of parts - Nice decal sheet - Engraved panel lines (although these are deep which may not be to everyone's liking). Cons. - Very soft plastic with large sprue attach points and flash on smaller parts - No MER included for which you need if arming up the Argentine aircraft - Incorrect weapons included for Falklands War A-4Q and not enough of them - Incorrect shape of antenna behind cockpit for A-4Q (not changed on mine) - No windscreen wiper or VOR antenna included (not included on mine) - Colour of Argentine blue on the tail flash is too light (tail flash masked and painted on mine using Humbrol 109 blue) That said, it's not a bad kit, just you need some extras if you want to get the A-4Q right. It seems that Airfix were either a little bit lazy with the details of the Argentine aircraft, or more likely the inclusion of the markings was an afterthought, leading to the mistakes listed. In any case you do get 2 Expal 250lb bombs and a Mk 17 1000lber, that you can use with your other 1/72 Argentine aircraft.
  5. I was actually saving for the Tamiya P-47 in order to test my new Mr. Mark Softer on their decals, but this one showed up cheaply from a known Facebook seller. The seller warned me before paying him, that the kit was unbagged and with the decal sheet cut in half (but in top shape). Hopefully everything will be there. For now, I'll be posting photos of the boxart from the Internet, a single photo of the IRL aircraft, and some profiles of similar aircraft. Here you can see 431 after the War. It had the yellow ID markings on the tail. As other Daggers had yellow ID bands on the wings, and this one doesn't show the upper surfaces, it's safe to assume 431 also had the yellow bands on the upper surfaces of the wings. A profile from the Mirage IIIEA/Dagger from Kinetic. I'll guide myself with their instructions for the yellow bands. C-437, with the same yellow configuration on the tail and yellow bands. Here you can see 431's brother, 432. It was exhibited in the Museo Nacional de AeronĂĄutica in Buenos Aires. As of 2022, it's been removed from the hangar to undergo restoration works. Also, a profile from Dagger C-430 with turquoise bands. And finally, the boxart (taken from the Internet): I also have posted a wip thread for Tamiya's Fw 190D-9 in 1:48. I don't know which one to build when my holidays arrive.
  6. Afternoon all, First post in a while but I have been busy squirreling away on a few subjects. I've been deployed outside the country for a few months, so these were mainly built within the confides of what equipment I had available. Therefore, some parts are missing, aerials lost in transit or just simply didn't have the time to complete the finer detail. Up first is Italeri's (ESCI) Fokker 27, built entirely out of the box in Air UK. I had quite a few issues with seams on this bird, which I put down to either poor plastic or improper gluing of the join. The white also didn't lay as smoothly as I'd hoped, but never mind! Next up are two relics from the Falklands, both courtesy of Italeri. The Harrier steps are from Brengun and the flight tags are Airwaves. I am aware the tail rotors are the wrong way around and one side of the main rotor blades are upside down in the folded position, but these have a molded droop in them. The Wessex was bought second hand with part of the hump missing infront of the radome, so this is yet to be added. Finally is the Revell rebox of the CyberHobby Sea Vixen FAW.2 with Pavla resin Ejector seats and Aires resin wheels. I understand it's not the most accurate of models, but the engineering of the kit and option of the wing fold meant it went togeather with minimal fuss. Many thanks for looking. I'll see you on the next build..
  7. Hello guys, Here's my most recently completed model, Special Hobby's old tool of the IA-58 PucarĂĄ. This was my first serious entry into a short run kit, and I hope the new tool of this aircraft from SH will be of highet quality. The build was fine, and I didn't experience any issues regarding gaps between the wings and fuselage.
  8. What would be the best way to eliminate the gaps (seen HERE) between the fuselage and the wings WITHOUT using putty? I was thinking on two options: 1) Add a spreader bar in the middle of the fuselage in order to push the halves outwards, with the consequence of making the gap smaller (may also throw off the fit of the nose). Or, 2) Test fit the upper wings to the lower wing constantly, while also sanding down slowly the lower wing until the gap disappears. I somehow think the second option would work better. Here's a photo taken from @sunray 's excellent build of his PucarĂĄ. Cheers!
  9. Hello guys, while I wait for the last parts of my 109 to dry, I decided to take the first photos of my first 3D printed model: Kosmosur 3D's A-4B in 1:72. The model came with decals from Calcas del Sur for a bare metal or camouflaged aircraft. Here's a photo of the model. More photos soon. The brown patch was painted by me to test if the paint would stick to the surface.
  10. Decided to revisit the first Argentinian aircraft I built (2018). Originally, the slat bays were painted in RLM 02 because I didn't have red. Photo of the real aircraft. You can also see that the inner portion of the flaps were painted in camouflage colour:
  11. Hello fellas! As I was reading the book of Sq. Ld. Jerry Pook and learning more about the almighty mud movers actions during the 'South Atlantic' conflict in 1982, Kinetic released it's long-waited 1/48 Harrier GR.3, so I have no other choice than proceed!! Hahaha... A very very enjoyable kit to build. Definitely -in my opinion- several steps forward on comparison with their previous Harriers. About the ordnance, and discarding the Sidewinders, the RN rocket pods on the outboards pylon and a CBU BL-755 on central pylon appears to be more accurate with some of the Falklands actions. A flight of Harrier GR.3 with rockets made a decisive and fatal blast on the last push on the ground battle for Goose Green. No aftermarkets where used on this kit, but there are only 2 variants to it: the addition of a 1/48 Tamiya pilot (from an old A-10) and a slightly customization of the ADEN 30 mm cannon pods drilling the vent holes. So, enough talking, let the photos show you my tribute to this legend. Next one will be the F-5 Tiger III of the Chilean Air Force (FACH). Best wishes from Chile and happy modelling to all! Cris
  12. Hello there! Next on the list of the Falklands/Malvinas serie I picked an Italeri SkyhawkA-4E and decided to adventure myself on a conversion to a A-4 "C"... using some spare parts from the Hasegawa kit (mainly the cone shape). Also it was the first time I intended to replicate a piece with POXIPOL, a plastic cement very popular in South America, in this case for the dorsal radome (different shapes between the naval "Q" and the FAA "B" and "C"). I saw a technique on the web using silycone as a mould, and POXIPOL as main element. It worked! I used the decals that come with the Hasegawa kit... still waiting for the Aztec decals I ordered in August... COVID has certainly change delivery schedules! About the armament, I know that the A-4 "Charlies" used one english MK-17 1,000 lb (484 kgs) bomb early in the South Atlantic conflict on the central pylon, later using 3 spanish BRP. 250 kg EXPAL bombs. I decided to use one MK-17 and two Mk.82 under the wings, as they are very similar to the spaniard bombs. So, enough talking, let the photos show you my tribute to this loyal and legendary "scooter" jet. Next one will be the Harrier GR.3 by Kinetic. Cheers from Chile! Cris
  13. Hi there! After almost a 20 years hiatus... I returned to this beautiful youth hobby a few months ago, and decided to give it a go with some old WWII kits (Tamiya's Wildcat, for instance). However, during the reading of the excellent book written by Commander Nigel David "Sharkey" Ward about his experiencies flying the SHAR during the 1982 conflict between UK and Argentina, I decided to build several British and Argentinian aircraft on a "Falklands/Malvinas" serie. To start the fires, I chose the Kinetic 1/48 scale BAe SEA HARRIER FRS. 1. Here are some photos of its process and the final results. PS: this was the second jet that I painted with acrylics... and I loved the results! Cris. PS 2: SuE is on it's way!
  14. Continuing with the "Falklands/Malvinas" serie, the Super Etendard was the follow-up to the SHAR. It was my first Kittyhawk kit build. A nice kit in general terms, no big issues, a little bit of puty here and there but nothing terrible. Excellent decals! The main con about the kit was the vague and poor instructions. But with a great deal of patience and time (ohmmm) it worked out OK.
  15. I think it is the right place and time to post my recently finished kit here. It is the FMA IA-58 PucarĂĄ which 38 years ago was a part of Falklands war. I am glad to have it in my display cabinet besides other kits related to Falklands. Especially it is nice to see the difference in size between the PucarĂĄ and Sea Harrier. For more pictures and details about the build and this plane, please visit my full article here: http://72insight.com/en/pucara-1-72-special-hobby/ Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
  16. My fellow modellers good afternoon. As promised during the presentation of my previous work, the HMS Invincible, I just finished today my last tribute to the Royal Navy at the Falklands War. For this work, I used a 1/700 scale 25th anniversary of Falklands war Premium Edition Dragon Kit, that, as you know, is provided with photo-edges for railings and radar, that are still a pain for my eyes and put a strain on my nerves and my building skills. This kit was built together with the HMS INVINCIBLE, as my previous intention was to representing them together on navigation, leaving Portsmouth. But I wasn't sure they left the Royal Navy base the same day, and it turned to be represented separately. For this kit, I tried to imagine the last moments before she was hit by an Exocet missile during her navigation on the Falklands sea. Here what I have realized, I hope you like it: IMG_20190324_135652 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_135801 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_135920 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_135947 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_135957 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140011 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140021 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140044 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140130 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140159 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20190324_140214 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Now she's resting with the other previous ships/work on the display case: IMG_20190324_140533 by Franco Segato, su Flickr ...and ...down with another project! Thank you. Franco
  17. 1/10th Mookies miniatures bust of a RM SBS Commando during the Fanning head raid on the Falklands in 1982. Painted with acrylics - Vallejo, Tamiya, Andrea;
  18. Hi guys West Middlesex Model Club was contacted recently asking if someone could build an Airfix Vulcan for a guy who used to be a flight engineer on these before the Black Buck missions. He had been bought the kit many years ago and he has never got round to it. For some crazy reason I put my hand up and volunteered. I must be a glutton for punishment and it has been maybe 20 years since I last had a go at one of these. I will probably end up rescribing the beast as the horrible raised details will not survive the clean up required. I know this kit has many issues quality and accuracy wise which I am not fussed about. Really looking forward to a quick build and getting to the paint stage which I am looking forward to. Hopefully I can do a good job on this. Looking to mount on a wooden base at the end. I will need to do some research for a hard stand concrete base replica thing to mount to the wooden base. It could be interesting finding one big enough. Childhoodmemories. IMAG1442 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Here is where things are so far. IMAG1443 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Not much left in the box. IMAG1444 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Filling and sanding in easily accessible areas. IMAG1445 by Mark Inman, on Flickr
  19. Is there any aftermarket source for these weapons? I've google searched but found nothing apart from a thread here that gave approximate dimensions. I have to say I'm bloody disappointed with the Kinetic Mirage V Dagger boxing, they just threw in some new decals and made ZERO effort in terms of armament and drop tanks for Falklands War Daggers. The same goes for Hasegawa in their A4-C boxing. If not, I might have to try and bash a Mk 82 into something that looks like the Expal weapon.
  20. Hello all This is my first time posting on Britmodller, I have a work in progress Falklands War diorama I aim to have a rear cross section of HMS Hermes deck in 1/72nd, which I have roughly measured out from the ships specifications, I know what Ive got is not even remotely accurate however, since I don't currently have the resources for that 1/72 Aircraft-wise, so far I have: 2 Sea Harrier FRS.1 - 1 Italeri, 1 Airfix 1 Harrier GR.3 - Italeri 2 Wessex HU.5 - 1 Italeri, 1 Matchbox 1 Wessex HAS.3 - Italeri 1 Sea King HAS.5 - Revell 1 Sea King HC.4 - Dragon Figures are from Italeri. My extremely quickly thrown together hangar. RFA Tidepool's Wessex HU.5 In 1/350th, in the background I have Airfix's HMS Illustrious, (very) hastily converted into Invincible with plasticard and Milliput. The water was done with Plaster of Paris. This was thrown together speedily to take part in an Air Cadets wing level modelling competition, I now plan on constructing the section of Hermes from wood as originally planned, rather than cardboard and gaffa tape
  21. Hi mates. Here's my latest work. It's the 1/48 Hasegawa a-4C Skyhawk in FAA colors and marking, during Falklands war in 1982. It was built straight from the box with the only extra the FAA Skyhawk antennas that were included in Condors decals set. It was painted with Gunze acrylics and Humbrol enamels. The antennas on the tail fin are scratchbuilt. I hope you like it. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, they've been taken from my iPhone. Thanks for your time and interest, guys! Cheers!
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