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Found 12 results

  1. I need some help from Fleet Air Arm experts. As you may know by now, I am trying to build a collection of aircraft used to score air to air victories by Fleet Air Arm Pilots. Two pilots I am trying to focus on at the moment are Lt William Barnes (6 confirmed victories) and S/Lt AJ ‘Jackie’ Sewell (5 or 6 Confirmed victories) who both flew Fairey Fulmars with 806 NAS. I want to join in the “Go Navy” Group Build with at least one Fulmar (Barnes or Sewell) and may build a second in the MTO GB later in the year but to do that I need to identify aircraft flown be Barnes and by Sewell in their air combats. Previously I turned to Aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm 1939 to 1945 Sturtivant & Burrows - but the air combats I am looking for are in the Unidentified listing against the Fulmar. Recently, I purchased a kindle edition of a new book 806 Naval Air Squadron. The FAA’s Top Scoring Squadron of WWII Brian Cull & Fredrick Galea (2019). There is an appendix of 806 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) claims which gives me the information I am looking for, dates, claims serial number and aircraft marking (letter). As you you would expect, I was delighted until I started to compare the information with that in Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 39-45 and I find inconsistencies. Like; Fulmar N1866 was involved in air combat 3 months after it was written off, N1940 was involved in air combat before it was delivered to 806 NAS. I know that history is dynamic and information is always being discovered and updated and that Fleet Air Arm Aircraft was first published in the 1990s and 806 Naval Air Squadron is a 2019 book. I also understand that I am looking at secondary references and I don’t have access to the primary references but is there anyone on the forum who can help me identify one of the 806 NAS Fulmars used for a claim for either Lt Barnes or SLt Sewell? @iang, @Seahawk, @Lee Howard, @tonyot Lt WLL ‘Bill’ Barnes Claim. Cull & Galea Sturtivant information 02/09/40 2 x S79 destroyed. Fulmar N1879 6B. Unknown. Deld. 806 NAS 07/40 04/09/40 S79 Shared Destroyed. Fulmar N1879 6B. Unknown. 17/09/40 Z501 Shared Destroyed Fulmar N1940 6A. Unknown. Deld. 806 NAS 28/10/40 12/10/40 Z501 Shared Destroyed. Fulmar N1940 6A. Unknown 10/11/40 Z501 Shared Destroyed. Fulmar N1940 6A. Unknown 10/01/41 Ju87 Destroyed. Fulmar N1940 6A. Serial unknown (6A) 16/01/41 Ju88 Destroyed. Fulmar N1940 6A. Unknown 19/01/41 2 x Ju87 Destroyed. Fulmar N1866 6Y. Not listed. Deld. 806 NAS 08/40. Cat Z 06/10/40. S/Lt AJ ‘Jackie’ Sewell 04/09/40 2 x S79 Destroyed. Fulmar N1865 6Q. Unknown. Deld. 806 NAS 06/40. Cat Z 10/05/41 12/10/40. Z501 Shared Destroyed. Fulmar N1865 6Q. Unknown. 01/11/40. Z506 Destroyed. Fulmar N1866 6Y. Serial Unknown (6Y). Deld. 806 08/40. Cat Z 10/05/41. 10/11/40. Z501 Shared Destroyed. Fulmar N1865 6Q. Not listed. See N1865 above. 10/01/41. S79 Shared Destroyed. Fulmar N1865 6Q. Serial Unknown (6Q). 18/01/41. Ju87 or Ju88 Destroyed. Fulmar N1881 6F. Not listed. Deld. 806 NAS 06/40. Photo in FAA Camouflage & Marking of N1881 6H. 20/04/41. Z1007 Shared Destroyed. Fulmar Unknown. Unknown 22/04/41. Ju88 Shared Probable. Fulmar Unknown. Unknown 25/05/41. He111 Destroyed. Fulmar Unknown. Not Listed. Thanks in advance..
  2. 808 Squadron formed in July 1940 at Worthy Down with an initial equipment of 12 Fulmar I’s and was one of two FAA squadrons officially listed as participating in the Battle of Britain. Perhaps fortunately, 808 Squadron was mostly tasked with protection of ports and fleet bases in the Irish Sea and Scotland during the Battle, and did not see action against the Luftwaffe before joining HMS Ark Royal later that year. This aircraft, N1868, was one of the first Fulmars off the production line, and carries a ‘transitional’ camouflage scheme, with a sky coloured paint applied to the lower surfaces, original sky grey visible on the sides and tail, and Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey on top surfaces. My interpretation of this scheme, with a wing fillet matching the upper camouflage colours, differs somewhat from published profiles, based on a close study of the one and only photo I could find of this aircraft in Stuart Lloyd's excellent publication on FAA camouflage and markings, and comparison with photos of other early Fulmars with close serial numbers. Reading Paul Lucas’ recent colour conundrum on early FAA camouflage I also took a punt and made my lower surface ‘sky’ a Sky Blue. It’s possible the strict plan-view repainting of the undersides in ‘Sky’ was to hide previous black/white undersurfaces applied at the factory. The Trumpeter kit has a contemporary level of surface detail, an excellent folded wing option, a mediocre interior, simplified undercarriage and incorrect wheels. It builds very easily and fits well. It is likely based on the plans by Ian Huntley in Warpaint 41, and shares the peculiarities of that plan including a strangely staggered arrangement for the wing guns and a forward wing/ wing fillet line that needs adjusting. Marring an otherwise quite good likeness in outline is a severely squared off upper canopy and decking profile. It also comes with parts for open canopies that can’t be used as such because they are too thick. I turned the thickness of the clear parts into a virtue and was able to correct the canopies and decking profile, modified the observer’s canopy so I could pose it open, and fixed everything else I could - read the Work in Progress if you want to see what needs to be done. Additions to the kit include Eduard harnesses for the seats, better instrument decals from Airscale, resin wheels from Barracuda Studios(meant for a Whirlwind but they match the hub style and diameter ) a set of Eduard early Spitfire exhausts and wireless aerials. The floor in the observer’s compartment is too high so I lowered it and added detail to the sidewalls. The kit decals were chucked, the wing roundels are painted on and the fuselage roundels are from a Fundekals Spitfire sheet. I didn’t do code letters as the Squadron was land-based in July-August 1940, and the lack of underwing roundels reflects the initial marking policy after sky undersurfaces for fighters were introduced. All camouflage paints are Colourcoats and I have kept the weathering and wear to moderate levels. Out of interest, I have also posed the Fulmar together with a Spitfire IA, both powered by similar Merlin engines. I think you can see why the Fulmar’s performance was, at best, sedate, when compared with contemporary high performance single seaters. I’ve also shown it with the Defiant, which is its twin seat RAF contemporary, and even here, the sheer size of the Fulmar is noticeable.
  3. This is my 1/72 AZ Models Fulmar - Will be built as Fulmar Mk.II N4065 of 804 Squadron as utilised from the Navy’s Fighter Catapult Ships (FCS) One of my earlier builds this year was a Hurricane of the MSFU. Before the MSFU the Fleet Air Arm was catapult Launching Fulmars from ships (The Fighter Catapult Ships (FCS)) To continue the theme, the aircraft I am building, N4065, was launched at least twice from an FCS and was flown from HMS Springbank on 10 June 1941 by PO(A) Frederick James Shaw, RN (who incidentally made the first operational launch from an FCS on 11 January 1941) . His three documented operation launches from an FCS accounts for 1/4 of the 12 recorded FCS operational launches. Tragically PO Shaw was killed on 02 August 1942, Aged 28, with 881 Sqn when his Martlet stalled and crashed in the sea whilst landing onto HMS Illustrious.
  4. Hi, As I mentioned in my previous post, we have started a new project. These are the first batch of Fairey Fulmar done by my father. 1) Fairey Fulmar Mk I N1980 768 Naval Air Squadron HMS Argus21-22 September 1941 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060045401 2) Fairey Fulmar Mk I N1858 1940 Airbrake test Cheers Santiago
  5. John Martin Bruen was a true Salty Sea Dog. Born in Dublin 20/12/1910 (just up the road), the son of an MP, joined the Royal Navy in Sep '24 and served on various Battleships and Cruisers as he rose up through the ranks. He gained his flying certificate Oct '31 and was appointed as a fighter pilot in 802 NAS on board HMS Glorious in Jun '36 and stayed until Jun '38 . In Oct '38 to Apr '39 he served with 801 NAS on HMS Courageous. Aug '39 saw his re-appointed to the newly formed Fleet Air Arm and in Jun '40 he became CO of 803 NAS flying Skuas off HMS Ark Royal. During the war Bruen Destroyed 4 enemy aircraft, shared in the destruction of 4, damaged 2 and shared 2 damaged. He scored victories in the Blackburn Skua - Mers-el-Kébir Fairey Fulmar Hawker Sea Hurricane MkI - Operation Pedestal Hawker Sea Hurricane MkIIb. - Operation Torch He retired from the Navy 20.12.55 and died 20.04.67 in Birmingham My Objective in this GB is to:- build the Fairey Fulmar the Bruen used to destroy a Ju88 21.03.41. I am planning to do some Origami to this aircraft - so it is not exactly going to be out of the box. If that all goes well, I also intend to build the 1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Hurricane MkIIb but converting it to a Hawker Sea Hurricane MkIIb by inserting the Airfix underside under the rear fuselage (wish me luck with that one) to model the aircraft Bruen flew to achieve his final victory. Anyway - that's the cunning plan for this GB
  6. Hi I am doing the research for our next project and I wonder if someone could help me. There are a lot of profiles of two Fairey Fulmar that I would like to add but so far I was not able to find any photo of them. I prefer not to do a model without at least a photo of each one. 1) Any Fulmar with the tail painted in yellow. Like this one. Fairey Fulmar X8812 6F HMS Victorious during Operation Pedestal in August 1942. Image of the Fairey Fulmar | X8812 | F6 - Wing's Palette (wpalette.com) 2) Any Fulmar with the Roundel US type. Like this one. Fairey Fulmar DR641 6B 809 squadron HMS Victorious during Operation Torch in November 1942 Fairey Fulmar NF Mk.II | HLJ.com Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards Santiago
  7. Hi, We have started a new project with a short series of the Fairey Fulmar. I still have to add one or two more aircraft with the Sand Spagueti (scheme). This series will include aprox. 23 models. This is the preliminary list. As usual, any comments suggestion will be more than welcome. Number Mark Serial code letter Squadron Pilo tPlace Time 1 Mk I N1980 768 Naval Air Squadron HMS Argus21-22 September 1941 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060045401 2 MK I N1858 1940 Airbrake test 3 MK I Unknown Farborought RATOG 4 Unknown Sky band 5 K7555 Hestonmay-38 Prototype 6 Mk I N1854 A&AEE Dec 1939 7 Mk I N1855 A&AEE April 1940 8 Mk I N1868 7L 807 HMS Ark RoyalOctober 1940 9 Mk I N1881 H 806 HMS IllustriousAugust 1940 10 Mk I N4005 Takoradi Dec 1940 11 Mk I N1916 Takoradi Dec 1940 12 Mk II N1854 After May 1942 13 Mk II X8641 A&AEE October 1941 14 Mk II BP791 BO-J 784 Squaron RAF DremLate 1944 15 Mk II N1925 RAE June 1943 16 Mk II N8566 V 889 Fayid Egypt November 1943 17 Mk II Unknown HMS Indomitable may-42 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060007035 18 Mk II X8812 6F HMS Victorious August 1942 19 Mk II Unknown 7B 809 HMS Ark Royal 20 Mk II DR641 6B 809 NAS HMS Victorious November 1942 21 NF Unknown 889 March to August 1943 https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/67571-889-squadron-fulmar-desert-scheme/page/2/ 22 Sand Spagueti 23 Sand Spagueti Cheers Santiago
  8. Having swapped from my usual Luft 46 to FAA last time I thought I would add the Fulmar to keep last times Frog Wildcat company. This is a lot bigger aircraft than I thought, it actually looks very simular to a Fairey Battle which I don't remember fairing too well when it met opposition of any description ! I'm not looking forward to that blooming canopy either, still mustn't grumble ! Cheers Pat
  9. I have been off work self isolating so this kit has had some serious work on it the last 3 days. Only just put a coat of matt clear on last night and its still a bit tacky. This is the AZ kit which I believe was originally a Vista kit and has been issued by several different comapnies since its debut in 1996. The sprues were nicely moulded mostly flash free but the plastic used was soft and greasy feeling, it didnt cut or sand very well and where I would normally cut with the sprue cutters and give it a few goes with an emery board I instead ended up doing a lot of careful shaving away of material with a fresh 10A scalpel blade. Dry sanding just left deep scratches no matter what grade of emery I used, wet sanding was better but I had to be careful or I think I would have had a fuselage resembling a lace curtain pretty quickly. The etches for the wing folding were from the Airwaves brand and were nicely etched but were very thin and bend prone and didnt quite fit like the etches were 1/74 scale. All paints were Vallejo Air and splashed on with Hairy sticks as I really have fallen out with my airbrush at the moment. I painted the wing fold interior parts in Interior Grey Green which might be wrong I have seen the very few colour photos of original Fulmars and its 50/50 wether it should be Grey Green or Aluminium. I had a bottle of grey Green so went with that. I glued on the canopy with Ultra Violet setting resin glue and I was very impressed with it the canopy can be manipulated removed replaced tweaked anything the resin is liquid till you apply the Ultra Violet light then it sets within about 2 minutes, I left mine on the window sill in the sun for about 3 hours. When the resin is set its hard can be scraped or sanded and takes paint very well its also opytically clear so a little bit going on the see through parts of the canopy doesnt matter I missed a little bit which can only be seen with a magnifying glass in the right light. The fuselage letter number decal is wrong for my chosen aircraft it should be black 7R not red 7R but I ballsed up the correct decal and had to scrap and start again. I made a few mistakes in the build but it was a good learning experience and I am looking forward to doing more FAA folding wing jobs maybe even a Barracuda which looks when folded like it was in an horrendous accident. P1000870 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000883 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000871 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000872 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000871 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000876 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000875 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000877 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000882 by Stuart, on Flickr
  10. Does anyone know if this boxing of the Fairey Fulmar, can be used to make a basic Mk I in FAA service. Not worried about decals, just wanted to know if the basic airframe is the same? I'm hoping its basically the same as this one: I've been offered the first one by a friend but not interested in modelling the prototype at the moment. Thanks Terry
  11. Just stumbled onto this- anybody know the serial/codes/carrier? Looks like a neat modeling subject to me! Mike http://www.airvectors.net/avfyfly_06.jpg
  12. Hi Another archive model from my shelves. Fairey Fulmar Mk I. Model is original Czech company Vista kit, which was then re-boxed by Revell and finally by Airfix (If I am not wrong). This is mostly OOB model except decals which are from drawer and some details in cooler. Markings are from 803 Sq. FAA, HMS Formidable, winter 1940/41 when she served in protection of convoys to Capetown. Fulmars were on this aircraft carrier till May 1941. In end of March Formidable took part in Battle Near Cape Matapan (Mediterranean), but I do not know if 803 Sqadron Fulmars were still painted like this during this battle. Profile of this machine is at Wing Palette, for example. Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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