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  1. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/695711033832473/permalink/7319680624768781/?m_entstream_source=feed_mobile "Brand new models from FSCdujin. We disovered them this last week end during their exhibition: Breguet 280T and Breguet 284T. ( 1/72... of course). models designed by Christian Breuning. If you are interested, you can contact them directly on them website: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/ (the Breguet aren't yet online, but availables)" V.P.
  2. FSC Dujin has just released 1/72nd : - ref. 040 - Nord 1203 Norécrin - ref. 041 - Nord 1203 Norécrin - Aéroclub Air France Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/nord-1201-norecrin.html V.P.
  3. FSC Dujin is to release in 2016 1/72nd Grob G-120 resin kits. Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html Box art V.P.
  4. FSC Dujin has just release a 1/72nd Morane-Saulnier MS-1500 Epervier resin kit - ref. FSC 042 Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/morane-saulnier-ms-1500-epervier.html Instructions: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-morane-saulnier-ms1500-epervier.pdf V.P.
  5. FSC Dujin has just released a 1/72nd Miles M.65 Gemini resin kit - ref. FSC043 & FSC044 Instructions: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-miles-m-65-gemini.pdf Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/miles-m-65-gemini.html V.P.
  6. FSC Dujin has just re-released a 1/72nd Fauvel AV-36 resin kit - ref. FSC809 Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/fauvel-av-36.html Instructions: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-fauvel-av-36.pdf V.P.
  7. FSC Dujin has released 1/72nd resin kits: - ref. FSC811 - Arsenal SA-103/SA-104 Émouchet Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/arsenal-sa-103-emouchet.html Instructions: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-arsenal-sa103-emouchet.pdf - ref. FSC812 - Arsenal SA-104 Escopette Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/arsenal-sa-104-emouchet-escopettes.html Instructions: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-arsenal-sa104-emouchet-escopette.pdf V.P.
  8. FSC Dujin has just released 1/72nd Piaggio P.149 resin kits. Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/ Three references: FSC 013, FSC 013LUFT & FSC 013CIV https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/piaggio-149d.html Instructions: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-piaggio-149-avec-photodec.pdf V.P.
  9. One of my builds will be this resin Grob 120 originally released by Dujin several years ago and available again now from FSC Dujin. As usual with resin kits, not too many parts, two vacform canopies (fairly clear but will need tinting) and etched brass. The instructions are all in French but apart from working out what the etched brass parts are for I don't think that will be a problem. The major parts are quite nicely cast but the seats, undercarriage and prop are rough so some work/replacements needed there. Whilst the kit scheme is attractive, my plan is to add a few scratchbuilt parts to turn this into the later turboprop version as used by QinetiQ/ETPS. It needs a new engine cowling, exhaust pipes, five bladed prop, winglets and larger dorsal/ventral fins. I've already got the basic shape for the prop and made vacform moulds for the upper and lower cowling. Also drawn and printed the decals, the lower ones are for the white parts - white ink on white paper doesn't photograph very well...... This is what I want to end up with (my photo from Fairford 2018); Steve
  10. FSC Dujin has just re-released a 1/72nd Bleriot SPAD S.510 resin kit - ref. FSC 036 Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/blerio.html V.P.
  11. JFR Team Neufgrange has just re-edited the FSC Dujin 1/72nd Pilatus B-4 (also known as the PC-11 in the Pilatus numbering sequence) resin kit. Two boxing - ref. : FSC 805 & FSC 805BC Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/pilatus-b-4.html V.P.
  12. JFR Team Neufgrange has recently re-edited the FSC Dujin 1/72nd Dassault MD-452 Mystère IIC resin kit - ref. FSC 038 Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/dassault-md-452-mystere-iic.html V.P.
  13. FSC Dujin has (re)released the 1/72nd Caudron C.800 Epervier glider resin kit - ref. FSC806TP Sources: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/caudron-c-800-n-105.html http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/ Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-caudron-c-800-touraine-planeur.pdf V.P.
  14. FSC Dujin hes just released a 1/72nd Jodel D-140R Abeille resin kit - ref. FSC504 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/jodel-d-140r-abeille.html V.P.
  15. Following the death of its creator, M. Dujin, the brand and the kits are now taken over by a new team http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/). FSC Dujin releases a 1/72nd SOCATA TB-30 Epsilon resin kit. Sources: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/socata-tb-30-epsilon-2.html SOCATA TB-30 Epsilon Other boxing V.P.
  16. FGMmasterdujin is to re-release in 2018 the FSC Dujin 1/72nd Loire Nieuport LN161.C1 resin kit - ref. Source: http://fgmmasterdujin.e-monsite.com/pages/loire-nieuport-ln-161-c1.html V.P.
  17. FSC A. Roy has just released a 1/72nd Potez 53 resin kit - ref. FSCR 005 Sources: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-a-roy/potez-53.html http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/ Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-potez-53.pdf V.P.
  18. FSC Dujin has just released a 1/72nd de Havilland DH.93 Don resin kit - ref. FSC032 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/de-havilland-dh-93-don.html Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-de-havilland-dh-93-don.pdf V.P.
  19. FSC Dujin hes just released a 1/72nd Pilatus P.2 resin kit - ref. FSC034 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/pilatus-p-2.html V.P.
  20. FSC Dujin is to release soon Caudron Caudron C-362, 366, 430, 450, 460, 461, 530, 560, 561, 660, 690, 712, 720, 714 & 860 resin kits. Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html [/center] [/center] [/center] V.P.
  21. New by FSC Dujin - ref. FSC 014ME - Messerschmitt ME-208 Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-nord-1101-ramier.pdf Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/messerschmitt-me-208.html - ref. FSC 014A/ FSC 014M / FSC 014 CIV Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-nord-1101-ramier.pdf Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/nord-1101-ramier.html V.P.
  22. FSC A.Roy has just released a 1/72nd Guerchais Roche GR.70 resin kit - ref.FSCR 004 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-a-roy/guerchais-roche-gr-70-1.html Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-guerchais-roche-70.pdf V.P.
  23. FSC Dujin is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Wassner WA-30 Bijave resin kit. Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html Box art V.P.
  24. FSC Dujin is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Centrair C-101 Pégase resin kit - ref. FSC802 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html Box art V.P.
  25. FSC Dujin has just released a 1/72nd Centrair C-201 Marianne resin kit - ref.FSC 802 Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-centrair-marianne.pdf Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/centrair-c-201-marianne.html V.P.
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