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  1. Hello All, Time for a new project. Whilst making the new Airfix Blenheim 1 as A-RE, I dug out all my other Blenheims (all 1/72): Airfix MkIV (x2), MPM MkIV, Frog Mk1 (x2), Revell (Frog rebox) Mk1. Didn't realise I had 6! The Frog Blenheim is a very nice kit, not far behind the new Airfix kit, and certainly easier to assemble! I've decided to make a Finnish Blenheim on skis, as shown here. I was interested because the skis are retractable, and if you look at the picture there's an additional metal fairing around the lower nacelles to blend with the retracted ski. So there's a bit of work to
  2. Evening gentlemen. I've been wondering for some time now, does/has anyone built any of the early Frog jets. I'm thinking of the V bombers, Comet,VC10 etc. Could even include the Short Sealand,Britannia etc. The one I would most love to see is The Frog Javelin, never seen one built ! photos or comments anyone please?
  3. Gannet AEW.3 XL479 849 Naval Air Squadron ‘A’ Flight, HMS Victorious, 1967 Aeroclub Gannet AEW.3 conversion kit + Frog Gannet AS4 When I saw Sword was doing the Gannet AEW.3 I knew I had to have one as I had flown in the beast way back in the 1970s. It would have to be finished as XL472 – the one I flew in. And it was so! I had had this old Aeroclub conversion in the stash for decades so it was time to throw it away. I thought I would have a good look first, though. Then I saw those beautifully moulded white metal parts and the crisp vac-form parts and quickly realised this was f
  4. A little something I finished earlier this Fall, but struggled with since Spring of 2014. Lost interest for awhile, then ran into many problems during the paint phase. Basic kit is the ancient FROG double offering of the Spit XIV with V-1 and the special 'double stand' to display them. The Buzz was somewhat heavily modified, as what FROG offered did not match drawings of the production/armed V-1's (more the unarmed prototypes) and had some shape errors especially around the pulse jet. The Spittie was not modified much other than scratching up a pit (populated with an Airfix Johnnie) with a v
  5. Gentlemen & Fellow Modellers, I am pleased to announce that the Roden Bristol Britannia in Monarch Airlines livery has now been released. for illustrations of this super model please go to http://www.frogmodelaircraft.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=305 I can also confirm that the VC10 will be released before Christmas. The first version will have decals for a East African & BOAC aircraft with a Tanker version to follow. Roden do listen to the modeller and I can assure you all that some very exciting releases are in the pipe line, please keep your suggestions coming and I will
  6. Firstly apologies to anyone who came here hoping to see the new Airfix Whitley, this is a totally different kettle of fish! Not for me the accurate and finely detailed Airfix version but the horrible, how much flash can you get on a sprue, Frogspawn version that I bought on ebay about a week before the Airfix announcement. So curses on Airfix and their stash spoiling ways I built it anyway and all things considered it doesn't look too bad. There have been a few other Frog Whitley builds which taught me a lot and some of the tricks and tips have been used along with the Warpaint book. So a fe
  7. Hello All, Just finished another one, WIP here. This was on the shelf of doom for a few years after I realised that the wings were not going to fit in flying position. So I'm glad to get it out somehow, and I had fun on the second leg. It's not the greatest kit in the world but if you want a Shark, that's it! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  8. Hello All, For a long time I've been pottering along with a Frog-spawn Blackburn Shark in the background of my other projects, and I thought I'd bring it to the front of the bench this weekend. It's the Modelcraft re-pop: For a spawn, the moulding isn't too bad (although the struts needed a fair bit of un-warping and there are some short shots on the more delicate parts) and the decal sheet is nice, including an extra Canadian example (503). The outer rings of the roundels are a touch too narrow, but I will be using them. If I can find some matching paint I may paint a larger circle bef
  9. Hi All! May I present.... Armstrong Whitworth Whitley P4955 (ZA-G) of 10 Sqn RAF. This represents the aircraft flown by my Grandfather's best friend during the early stages of WW2. An air gunner, his aircraft was damaged during a raid on Kiel in June 1940 and force landed in Holland on the way home. He was captured and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp. The kit is a very old Frog kit which, in spite of some poor injection moulding, went together quite well (although the engines required a LOT of filler to join them to the wings. Hey ho, c'est la vie). Paints were my usual mix of Xtraco
  10. Having seen Fatboydim's RFI post of the Tamiya Meteor and Doodlebug I recently became fetishistic about a 1:72 flying bomb / Spitfire tipping pair, documented here. I had very little luck finding a 1:72 V1 until, at the Fleet Air Arm model show yesterday I found this: When I suggested doing a WIP Procopius posted "I hope you do, especially if you build the Spitfire XIV; it's one of those kits that "everyone knows", so we never see it being built.". So here you go. A few starter photos to edit in Photobucket while listening to the Arcers omnibus so I'll post this and come back soon.
  11. Recently completed Frog Beau as a night fighter, wanted it to look well used! A few changes/additions; -nacelles; tried some resin ones, very disappointing, the gills were underscale and ended up shattering the front ring. in the end I wrapped the kit item in plasticard and made the gills from a thin strip. Still under sized but a big improvement. -antenna to wings made from thin wire -landing lights added to wing tips -used the decals supplied even though some broke up but note the serials as they are grey not red and seem to be the wrong number. Will add some when I have enough need to
  12. Hi, From deep archive shelf - Fairey Swordfish Mk I and Fairey Barracuda. Both kits by Frog (or rather Novo). Both those Faireys nemes are of fishies. I made them about 1992-3. Swordfish was my first ever build with riging. Swordfish is from 700 Sq. FAA, HMS Malaya, Mediterranean Sea 1941. In some sources I found that she should wear letter "M" on side - some others were not saying this. I made with letter... Here she is: Barracuda Mk II from 812 Squadron HMS Vengeance, Pacific, 1945 (decals by ea
  13. Hi, Next very old model - Blackburn Skua, old Frog kit. Those, who made once model out of this kit might noticed that I have added some details mainly in engine and reshaped a bit canopy... It is from about 1993. Markings of 800 Sq. FAA, HMS Ark Royal, Hatston 1939-40. Since I made it many years ago and it is now far below modern standars I am very interesting mostly in comments about the scheme - are the colours OK or should it be TSS etc... Best regarards Jerzy-Wojtek
  14. Hi Following my reshaped or converted Bristols, a series made out of Frog kits in 1996: Beaufort from Malta, Beaufighter Mk II F (Merlin engined), which I posted about a week ago I made today photos of my TF MkX - also converted (like Mk II) from Frog Mk XXI kit. I would like to share with you with those photos... Model was deeply changed - new larger cowlings, shortered nose and main canopy, new rear canopy, longer tail, radar, new tail wheel and some smaller additians/conversions were done here. I regred that in 1996 I was not convienced to engrave lines, remaining rised pannel sep
  15. Hi, I made this model many years ago - there was no other Beaufort in 1/72 than Frog/Novo. The kit has lot of flaws. I was comparing shapes with plans (thanks KRK4m for supporting me here with good literature and help in research in Cracow's Museum of Aviation). Many details were reshaped - I remember first of all: enlarged cowlings, other engines, propellers, enlarged horizontal tails, new main canopy, changes in turret, new (scratch) undercarridge and larger tyres and many other small improvments... Markings are presenting machine L9965/T of 217 Squadron RAF during its serving in M
  16. Hi, Next very archive model from my shelvs. I made it 37 or even 38 years ago. I am not sure about it when it was exactly, but it was during my last school days.... Now I just wash it from a gathered (despite beeing in close cabinet) dust and put new cover of Vallejo matt varnish, to refresh it a bit. I found her still sexy in this French Vichy pyjama The model is in markings of Aeronaval, Vichy AF in Marocco. Comments welcome Jerzy-Wojtek
  17. Westland Wyvern S.4 No. 830 Squadron FAA H.M.S Eagle, Suez Campaign 1956, Operation Buccaneer Frog 1/72 kit (~45 years old) Built pretty much OOB, sanded off and rescribed most of the raised panel lines, drilled out the exhausts and replaced with modified "drinking straws, boxed in the undercart openings. Drilled out the fuselage "camera ports" (?) and created windows with Klearfix. Overall fit was excellent, and original decals performed flawlessly, although had to double up the wing roundels as they were somewhat translucent. Painted entirely with Humbrol paints (Sky, EDSG) and final Valle
  18. Evening each, This was an odd one - I had been given a partially completed Frog Jaguar about twenty years ago, and had been wondering what to do with it. As it had been started, I couldn't sell it, and it would have taken a lot of work to bring it up to modern standards, which would have been pointless in view of the availability of significantly more modern kits. So it was an obvious subject for conversion. After toying for a long time with the idea of converting it to a Jaguar M navalised prototype, I eventually had another idea. There was a rather extraordinary installation on display at t
  19. The old Frog kit. I had intended to build a B-2, but one of the halves of the single engine nacelles was missing from the kit. I fancied the V-1 carrying C-2 more than the C-3
  20. Here I comeback to the forum after a long time with this kit. Although not a wartime aircraft, it is one of the closest things you can find that actually didn't fought but looks like if it would have had. The main thing that separes these kit from the usual is; modified pilot to resemble the actual pilot who achieved the records, with a white suit, resembling a pulp fiction astronaut, and I sculped with putty the wheel protections on the wheels, which I think gives a great style, besides the chroming of the nacelle. This has been a family build - built by my father, wheel protections and p
  21. Hi, Continuing content of my shelves (now with US airplanes) - Grumman Bearcat (F8F1). This was an airplane which was already in fighter units in July or August 1945 on Faer East but did not took part in WWII, as far as I know it, at least (please correct me if I am wrong). My model is F8F1 converted from Frog (original, not Novo, 1/72) kit. The difference of early variants was in armament, so I had to remove bulbs on wings. I made it in 1993 - for sure it has low tail, but I am sure, if I cut it or the Frog kit has already low tail...The Monogram one had higher tail. The markin
  22. Officially my last two builds of the year, both reflecting my 70th anniversaries build theme: First up, the Revell(ex-Matchbox) Supermarine Walrus from HMS VICTORIOUS, bearing the markings of the newly formed British Pacific Fleet. This is a most enjoyable little kit, confirming the excellent quality of Matchbox's biplanes. I added some basic interior detail, plus the radio masts to this one, but otherwise it is built as supplied. Areas to watch: aligning the wing and motor pod struts: Second, another build of my ancient FROG Stash, a Grumman Hellcat
  23. Hi, Here is my attempt to 'upgrade' the FROG Beaufighter 1, 6, 10 kit. I scratchbuilt a representative interior, gouged out a tailwheel bay and installed a Revell Flitzer nosegear, and gave the kit a pretty full rescribe. The mainwheel bays were walled to prevent see-through into the wing and the nacelles and oil coolers were increased in diameter with milliput. Aftermarket used included Aeroclub Hercules engines, cowlings and props, Falcon vacform canopies, a Yahu instrument panel (highly recommended!) and markings from one of the Xtradecal "Mediterranean Twins" sheets. Paints used we
  24. I come a bit late to the build as I was saving up my project for my summer holiday, which started on 13 July and which I have only just come back from. With my very intermittent internet access I decided to save my updates until I got home, and here is the first of them... I took as my subject FR901, a P-51A Mustang (Mustang Mk II), used for long-range ferry tank trials. It is illustrated in "The North American P-51 Early Mustang" and on the web, including some very fine photographs on Pozefilms.de. The pictures date from July 1943. For my base kit I used two reboxings of the venerable Frog P
  25. Not done a group build for ages, but it's quite timely with my intention to start these. I planned this last year, but only just getting round to starting them. Whilst the Frog kit is obsolete, the Airfix kit isn't, but it should be !! The plan - Make a Mk.I - probably in desert scheme, a Mk.IV in night scheme Modifications planned: Falcon canopies Barracuda wheels Various airframe corrections - copy best bits from each kit ! eg. Correct rear nacelles and tail on Airfix kit by copying Frog Possibly stick a bomb bay in the Mk.IV Some scratch building of the cockpits A ton of filler ! A
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