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  1. The Wallace The Shark And the Wyvern. Wish me luck
  2. Here we go. A 1963 classic, this rebox from 1964-5: Note the beautifully moulded, impeccably clear (if a little thick) nose transparency on the box. Contents include the original stand: And the Air Lines edition carried details of different kits on the back of the box and had painting details of several kits on a leaflet in the box. I was warned about the broken cylinders by the ebay vendor, which is why it was a cheap kit: It's definitely of its age! While I love a desert scheme Baltimore as much as the next man, this splendid photograph from Etienne du Plessis provides the inspiration for the build: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8270787@N07/4848632275 I know it's not scientific, but I used the photo outline to check the plans (off the internet somewhere) for accuracy: Flying surfaces aren't bad, but the fuselage is too long: All pieces (top left) not resembling a Baltimore have been removed from the fuselage: I've filled lots of sink marks and mould imperfections too. The cowlings will need a lot of love, or replacement: Having a stab at lining the wheel wells, starting with a card template: So I've done some work on it, but it now won't build up because I've cut away big chunks of fuselage. I think I'm below the 25% progress limit (I reckon minus 20%), but I would like to be officially absolved please. I throw myself on the mercy of the mods... Regards, Adrian
  3. In the last Blitz build I actually completed something so I've decided that it might be helpful to treat some of my other builds with a bit more of the Blitz spirit. I've also remembered that I said back at the beginning that I'd build ALL the FROG kits I found in my Mystery Box of FROGs. I've already started the Vimy and Moth, there's just the Hotspur remaining. And what could be a better beast for a rapid build? There shouldn't be anything particuarly complicated (no engine, no propeller, no exhaust weathering for a start) and I can keep it out of the box, no modifications or extra detailing. So, while I feel it's bad form, I'm starting a third build while my other two languish (progress is still being made on them, they're not abandoned!) 3 weeks to get it finished? A hair brained idea? Well, it's a sprint by my standards but if I drive it forward hard... There were two bags with Hotspur parts in them but one of them wasn't complete and neither had instructions or decals. So I can build one and there's also a source of spares. The below is, I think, the complete kit. Instuctions will be guessed at (or Scalemates consulted in dire need) and decals will have to be from the spares box. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...
  4. I’ve had a FROG Katyushka in my stash for ages. One of those kits you get out periodically, take a look and put back again quickly! I do like the work tray box though - I wonder why they never caught on? ICM do an SB-2. I was struck by the kit engineering and bought one: The idea of this build is to make the ICM kit and see if I can’t salvage the FROG one alongside it. The ICM is one of their older kits - it isn’t as sharp as their Po-2 but it’s still very impressive. The wings and ailerons take a bit of work to get sorted (on the right): Here’s what made me get one. You start building the airframe with the centre section: Then add more bits: And suddenly you’ve got a detailed cockpit, bomb bay and wheel wells: Although I suspect that there are some throttles and other bits needed in the cockpit. The nose and tail follow the same pattern of building up separately before sticking it all together.
  5. Due to the hugely popular thread below Is there an appetite for a 2nd Frog GB ? Cheers Pat List of Fame 1. @JOCKNEY 2. @vppelt68 3. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 4. @stevehnz 5. @Ray S 6. @Romeo Alpha Yankee 7. @CliffB 8. @rafalbert 9. @AdrianMF 10. @bigbadbadge 11. @Adam Poultney 12. @klr 13. @Rabbit Leader 14. @nimrod54 15. @Rob S 16. @Retired Bob 17. @theplasticsurgeon 18. @Grandboof 19. @Mjwomack 20. @DaveyGair 21. @Toryu 22. @Doccur 23. @Johnson 24. @TimJ 25. @zebra 26. @jean 27. @Jinxman 28. @John Masters 29. @feoffee2 30. @Marklo 31. @Mjwomack 32. @Richard Humm 33. @Adrian Hills 34. @heloman1 35. @Galligraphics 36. @CarLos 37. @heloman1 38. 39. 40.
  6. It's another ancient FROG kit for me this month as I recover from my marathon BPK Poseidon build ! But how to change a FROG Gloster Meteor F.4 into something naval? I know, shoot missiles at it and build it as a pilotless U.15 Radio Controlled Target Drone of 728B Naval Air Sqn at RNAS Hal Far in 1960, trialling the new Seaslug ship-borne anti aircraft missile! I know that there were some superb resin conversion kits available for this until recently, but there seem to be none left and I wanted to do was a very quick and simple (10 days from start to finish) scratch conversion to restore some modelling fun into my life. Strangely, its these very quick "looks like" projects that sometimes give me the most satisfaction. The wing camera pods and other protruberances were scratched up from sprue and drop tanks and are good enough for me. Painting that yellow and red was fun. An overall white coat, then two yellows, then two reds where appropriate. Humbrol and Revell enamels and my trusty hairy stick brush. masking was surprisingly difficult, and you can probably see, didn't go altogether to plan around some of those curves (actually it was th ened for a 2nd red coat that caused the problems). But hey, its another Naval Meteor to add to my shower!!!! And... my enthusiasm is back. The Shower - left to right: Matchbox as a TT.20, Airfix as a Sea Meteor F.III, FROG as a U.15 and Matchbox heavily modified to become a T.7
  7. Back in 1964 Frog issued a kit of Alcock and Brown's record breaking civilian Vimy as part of their "Trailblazers" series. For some reason, in 1974 just prior to their collapse, they reissued a slightly modified RAF version, still as F.163 and that is the one I bought secondhand. Perhaps they were desperate enough to try wringing a bit more income out of the old mould? The plastic is a bit strange - quite thick but in some cases almost see-through so I hope it takes normal plastic cement! It seems remarkably free from flash though it may be that the previous owner had cleaned it up - certainly some parts were off the sprue and he sensibly put them in a separate bag.. I still need to check all the parts are there - I can probably cope with missing struts if needed but If anything too vital is not there when I check it will probably not get built - I will know by the time the GB starts. Like the DH 10 the Vimy did not quite enter service before WWI ended so orders were drastically reduced. A relatively small number served at home - most went to the Middle East, particularly Egypt. The first few were finished in the then standard PC 10 over natural linen or maybe overall NIVO, but from then on they were finished in one of two types of aluminium dope, the Middle East ones having a different more heat resistant variety according to Bruce's Windsock book. Frog provide both a PC 10 version used for experimental work at RAE Farnborough and a "silver" one from 70 Squadron based at Heliopolis in Egypt. The box describes the aircraft as a Vimy Mk IV though there is some debate about the nomenclature. Some sources say that planes fitted with Hispano Suiza engines were Mk I, with Sunbeam Maori engines Mk II, with Fiat engines Mk III and with R-R Eagles Mk IV, though other sources suggest this was not official and that this Eagle powered plane was a Mk II to the RAF. When Frog modified the moulding they added the front and rear guns, and the nose skid but left the large long range tank bulge behind the cockpit which service versions did not have. A conversion article I have also mentions that both the upper rear gun position opening and the fuselage side windows are in the wrong place and that various other modifications will be needed. This will in all probability be the most complicated of the 4 Frog biplane kits I have so if I do build it I will make a start on it early. Pete Later. Amazingly all the parts are in fact there as far as I can see though one or two will need replacing, particularly the "seats" and control wheel.
  8. I picked up a number of kits from someone thinning out their stash last year. Included in this was a small cardboard box marked FROG KITS. The chap told me that they'd been unboxed and might not have instructions or decals so he didn't think he could sell them individually. It was attractively priced so I picked it up out of curiosity. I've had a quick look inside but it's all freezer bags with sprues and I've not gone through them to identify them or see what sort of state they're in. This seems the ideal opportunity to check it out. Once the GB officially starts I'll open the box again, get everything out and see what I've actually got. Assuming I've got any complete kits in there then I'll choose what I'm building from that.
  9. Hi all and I’m in with a long wing Tá-152H. Mostly OOB with some scratchbuilt mods here & there. Bought this one not long after I got back into the hobby thanks to @murfv ! Frog_TA 152H_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Frog_TA 152H_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Frog_TA 152H_instructions by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Frog_TA 152H_contents by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Looking forward to this, good luck with your builds! Cheers, Dermot
  10. Much later than planned, I am finally starting this beast. I bought the Revell rebox back in 2000, for the princely sum of 10 Irish Pounds (well, 9.99 to be exact). Now that Revell has its own Shackleton MR.3 (which I bought last Christmas), the FROG tooling will never be released by Revell again. I had already removed most of the parts from their sprues, both not cleaned up anything. One of the main wheel halves is missing, as is one of the wing-tip tank halves. I have sourced replacements as best I can from the spares box, but these will need further work before they can be used. Ironically, had these parts not gone missing, I would have sold this kit a couple of years ago. The decals were printed in Germany, not Italy, meaning they are not by either Cartograf or Zanchetti. However, they look good enough, and are more glossy than other German-printed Revell decals from this period, Here's a notice you don't see very often, apologising for the antiquated state of the mold, which dates from 1967: Apart from replacing the missing parts, I won't be attempting anything fancy with this kit. The moment I submit this post, I'm off to start building.
  11. The Westland Wallace was released in 1964 as part of the FROG Trailblazers range, representing one of the two aircraft that were the first to fly over Mt. Everest. For unknown reasons, I have seven of these in my stash . This is the Novo version, released in 1978 following the demise of FROG and the dispersal of the moulds: Don't be misled by the immaculate looking decals. If shown water they will disperse to the furthest corners of the 1930s British Empire. Even by my standards, the sprues have been "well thumbed": Inspired by this article, I am going to convert it into a Westland Wallace*. Regards, Adrian * As Pat has so kindly pointed out below, I meant Wapiti, not Wallace.
  12. I've just finished this in the FROG GB and thought it might be of interest to a wider audience: The aircraft is well-photographed example from 60 squadron, based in the North-West Frontier (present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), some time before 1930 (leading blue stripe on rudder). I picked up the kit for four quid from a vendor at SMW in 2018, and the conversion was inspired by an article in the May 1966 edition of Meccano Magazine by Doug McHard. A few notes: The engine is an accident. I expected to have to source one from elsewhere and I just started messing around with the kit one and some scraps for fun. It ended up looking too good for me to throw away (but unfortunately not much like a Jupiter) so it stayed... The bombs are left over from a Airfix DH4 kit. They look longer than the 112lb bombs in the photos (don't know whether they are a different earlier type or simply not accurate) and as a result I've put them side by side instead of in tandem on a single rail. There is such a lot of extra detail that could be added to these inter war general purpose machines (bomb rails for instance); it's sometimes hard to know when to stop when you find yourself in a rabbit hole. I don't have any figures appropriate to the period or location to pose alongside. Shorts and solar topees were the order of the day. I need to build a DH4 to go with this, my DH9 (Airfix conversion) and 9A (KP) so I can pose them for a family group photo. Apart from giving the tyres a sandy dusting, I didn't do any explicit weathering. The model got handled and touched up so much when I was rigging and adding all the detail that it ended up looking pretty well used without any extra help! Another inspiration for this build was @hendie's magnificent 1/48 CAD design and 3D print scratch build of a 28 Squadron Wapiti here on BM. It was interesting to me to see how different the three builds were to each other, driven by the different modelling eras, techniques and starting points. The WIP for my build is here if you are interested, and the Doug McHard article can be found here. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  13. Hi all and here's my latest, Frog's 1970s He-219 nightfighter for the WW2 Twins group build here. The build thread is here but to recap: Kit: Frog F177 1976 boxing Build: Opened canopy, added details to the cockpit from plasticard. otherwise OOB. Canopy center section is converted from some plastic packaging after I cracked the original when cutting it open. Paints: Tamiya, Klear, W&N Matt Varnish Decals: Mix of kit orginals and spares for an indicative example, not an actual a/c Other: About 60g of weight to keep her nose heavy! Yes, the details are clunky and a bit simple here & there but I can live with that. I wanted to practice mottling and learned a lot for whenever I build a better kit.. Thanks for looking and happy modelling. Dermot Frog_He_219_Uhu_build (3) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Frog_He_219_Uhu_build (2) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Frog_He_219_Uhu_build (7) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Frog_He_219_Uhu_build (5) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Frog_He_219_Uhu_build (8) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Frog_He_219_Uhu_build (9) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr
  14. At the start of this GB I was thinking of building perhaps 5 kits, 4 of which were biplanes. So far I have built the PV.6/Wallace and am hopefully close to finishing the Vimy but now I feel the need for a change from planes that need rigging so I thought I would build a monoplane. When I was but a lad there were perhaps 4 places in Bradford where I bought models - initially Woolworths for Airfix, and later WH Smith and the "Sooty Shop" opened by Harry Corbett but there was also a shop called Carters where I spent many happy hours, particularly in the 1960's when I had to pass it on my way to and from school. Carters had 4 floors - as I recall the ground floor and basement were for sporting goods such as my school rugby and cricket kit, whilst the first floor was mainly for model railways so I spent some time there over the years. However my main interest was up a narrow flight of stairs to the third floor where they sold plastic kits. At the side of the stairs was a small glass display case which at various times held an "O" Gauge Flying Scotsman loco, a rather nice post war RAF rescue launch about 18" long, and the box of a Frog Mitchell kit, which I rather fancied but for some reason never bought, though I did buy the B-26 Marauder kit from there. Some 30 or so years ago I came across an inexpensive Chematic re-boxing and now may well be the time to build it in parallel with the more recent Airfix B-25C/D in another GB, as that should give me some ideas on how to improve the old Frog version. , The original box art was for a plane in Dark Earth and Dark Green over Sky I believe though I think that may not have been a common scheme - I will have to check! The OD over grey scheme on the Chematic box was probably more typical The interior of the fuselage and wheel wells will no doubt need a fair bit of work, and I expect the guns and turrets will be the usual somewhat crude Frog renditions though I may be able to improve them a bit. Sprue shots etc to follow in due course when the Vimy is finished. Pete
  15. I shall be joining with an Odessa Toy Factory boxing of the Beaufort. It is moulded in lovely blue plastic, the decals look average and I may have to dig into the spares to mark it up. There was also a set of resin engines in the box so I shall use these. It will be built as a RAAF example, the decals supplied for the RAAF machine are for 93SQN's A9-408. There does not seem to be an entry in the kit list thread for this one.
  16. About 20 years ago I picked this up second hand. The kit supposedly represents the Westland PV 6 which together with the PV 3 was part of the "Houston Everest" expedition, becoming the first planes to fly over the summit of Mt Everest in April of 1933, and was issued in 1964 as part of the Trail Blazers series. Following the end of WWI the RAF used surplus stocks of DH 9A for many years, initially as a bomber but later as a "general purpose aircraft". When they finally ordered a replacement in 1927, they stipulated that as many DH 9A parts as possible were to be used so the Westland Wapiti initially used DH 9A wings and tail surfaces, but over time new metal replacements were incorporated. In 1930 Westland developed am improved all metal version as a private venture, hence the name PV 3. This was longer and had various improvements and a more powerful engine, and was followed by the PV 6 which incorporated a few other changes. The PV 6 went on to become the prototype of the Westland Wallace I which the RAF initially ordered 12 of in 1932, to be converted from existing Wapiti's A further 56 were converted from Wapiti's, and in 1935 orders were placed for 75 of the more powerful Wallace II, In 1936 a final 29 were ordered bringing the total to 172. Of all metal construction and fitted with wheel brakes and a cowling ring for the Bristol Pegasus engine (unlike the Wapiti), the Wallace had a fuselage length of 34ft 2inches compared with the 31ft 8 inches of the Wapiti. The wing and tail retained the same outwards appearance to the earlier plane, and besides the cowling ring the most obvious difference was that the wheels on the Wallace but perhaps not the PV 6 had spats, and therein lies a problem! I had intended to convert the kit to a production Wallace Mk I by replacing the enlarged and glazed rear cockpit with a smaller one fitted with a Scarff ring and Lewis gun, and providing a blast trough for the pilot's fixed Vickers MG, which should not have been too difficult, but I have now realised that Frog completely forgot the wheel spats! This could be a real pain in the backside as although I have made many different parts from scratch over the years I have never made anything quite like this, but is should be possible. I was thinking of card sides and maybe a slice from old engine cowlings plus filler when I remembered a couple of old Frog Ju-87G wheel spats in one of my many my spares boxes. I don't have much in the way of plans to hand but they might work if cut down and re-shaped. I do like a challenge - but not too often😀! We shall see. The Novo box art of course shows the front gun trough, rear gun mount and wheel spats , together with both the civilian registration and RAF fin flash and roundels, so is a work of fiction. Oddly it seems to be based on the "Air Lines" boxing from the 1960's as shown on Scalemates. The original Frog boxing was more honest. I suppose I could take the easy way out and built it as the PV 6. I am going to have to think about this. Any suggestions will be welcome. Pete
  17. So this is a first ...WiP bit late but better late than never. So first is the Matchbox .....very basic but I scratch built the cockpit....nothing fancy a modified non descript white metal seat side walls and instrument panel blah ....cant see much anyway. Started to drill out airbrakes but made a mistake so filled the holes and might simulate airbrake holes with decals. Got a C scale white metal upgrade kit for about 7 quid so started to add some details plus tanks,recce pod maybe etc. Modeldecal decals still to decide on squadron . Then I started the Frog kit...to be honest it seems to be a better shape than the matchbox ...especially the hump but they are Jag shaped so that will do for me ....I seem to recall the vert stabilser is a bit off but meh. Found some 'french fancy ' decals so looking forward to fitting those. Had a few snags with phots and can't delete the doubles so if the mods have got some time to waste can you help me out 😌 please. I think I will add undercarriage to the French cab ....needs some thinking about ...stay 🎶 ed
  18. Today's Antiques Road trip showed expert Paul Harper finding a FROG VC-10 - with flashing lights ! in an antique shop. He briefly said about how it took him back to hos childhood, when his mother would occasionally treat him to a model aeroplane kit. He looked in the box, showing the "original instructions", and then closed the box and pointed out the shop wanted £120 for the kit! I thought he was going to see if he could get that price reduced and get it, but to my surprise, he said it was too rich for him! It did get me thinking though, for a FROG VC-10 kit - I didn;t see the scale, but it was a large box so I'm guessing 1/72, in its original box, would £120 - retail - be a reasonable price? I realise the kit is only worth what someone would pay for it, but does to (initially, perhaps) ask £120 seem reasonable these days ?
  19. So having found my chosen victim for this GB, what a pleasant surprise to find that rather than building a NMF version I could build a French version. And as I've recently had the pleasant of meeting up with @jean down in London the timing is perfect Here's what it should look like, I'm already nervous of those blooming stripes but "c'est la vie" Cheers Pat
  20. For the first time ever, let alone on a group build, I shall be attempting two kits side by side. A pair of Macchi C.202 Folgore in gorgeous sand/green desert schemes. Wish me luck..!
  21. Hi everyone, I got this kit in 1977 and it has been buried ever since. Time for this classic plastic to see the light of day again. So here it is, in all its (rough) splendor. I am in good company, as Pat, aka @JOCKNEY happens to build the same. Osmosis at its best. Not sure which scheme I will do, assuming I can reach that point! Here are a few photos: I have these few after market goodies, but I am wondering if that may not be like giving jam to pigs. Although I love pigs... I may go with the Yahu IP... Have fun. JR
  22. This is final post in the series of long projects. Vultee Vengeance Mk.II by Eastern Express (Frog with terrible clear parts). Nothing special about it - just plain OOB, no weathering, just wanted to finish it and move on to something else.
  23. My latest build, number 5 this year, is the Frog Fokker D. XXI, a kit in a bag on a card that I bought at a model show some time ago, which takes me right back to my early days aged between 7 and 11 when I started making Airfix models in similar card and bag packaging. This particular kit looks like it was first issued in 1973. I approached this relatively simple kit with caution - my recent experience has been the simpler the kit, the harder it can be to put together. I was right. I think there's more CA holding this one together than I've used in all my other builds. For those who like a bit of history, here's the card the bag containing the kit came on, togwether with the printscale decals showing it included decals for the Frog schem I had already painted the kit in, All the way from 1973 - the decals told me that. How? you ask; easy. when they went into water, they kind of did a decal star jump, splitting up into several pieces that floated away from each other. Printscale decals to the rescue !! Now that you've seen the decal sheet in all its glory I'll point out the several items that both Frog in its packaging and printscale decals instructions informed me of that Frog didn't include in its parts; an exhaust tube; a radio aerial and a gunsight. All of which I've added to the basic model, together with a seatbelt and a shelf behind the seat on I put some boxes, to represent radio etc.. The radio aerial, gunsight and gun barrels are albion alloys; instrument panel by Yahu. Aerial line by Uschi van der Rosten. Filler by Perfect plastic putty, plastic sheet by a generic supplier, tape for masking by Tamiya. Paints by Airfix, Tamiya and Mr Colour. Varnishes by Windsor & Newton Galleria.. Here's the actual kit; I'm sure the critical eyed out there will have spotted one or two anomalies, shall we say; chaps, I'm well aware the paint colours may be wrong for the time, but they were the best matches I could find. I am disappointed with the cockpit masking, all done by my hand; unlike previous builds, where my mask cutting improved, this is a 2 steps back kind of job. Altogether, I'm disappointed but not crushed; perhaps the next build will show improvements. And finally, this build, despite its flaws, and the rest of my builds to come this this year, are dedicated to the memory of Ian Stanley, my very good friend from Canada who I met 25 years ago due to our shared love of the Who, who died at the end of April this year. A musician himself, who played in bar bands in and around New Brunswick, we rapidly discovered that it wasn't just the Who we both enjoyed, many other bands, and tv series' and films. His witty, warm, and generous nature shone through all of our regular contacts, and he surprised me more recently when I mentioned I had started modelling after a long break, he told me that he had enjoyed modelling in the past, though he had long stopped making models himself. I began sending him photos of kits I had bought and made, and he enjoyed seeing my builds, and reading about them in the RFI's I'd posted here. Like me, he was astonished at the way in which modelling has changed over the years, with P/E, resin and other accessories, and of course the sheer range of subjects kitted. His preferred kits were mostly tanks and other armoured vehicles. His generous nature meant that he rarely mentioned the flaws I saw in my builds, he would always find something positive to praise, no matter how small, and offer me perhaps some witty thought on what I'd done. He was indeed a good friend. In memory of Ian Stanley 1959 - 2023
  24. Given that @mark.au, @bigbadbadge and @Dunny have succumbed to a common urge to build Spitfire XIVs, I was wondering if I could join in with another one? Of course, I insist on a kit with state of the art tooling: ... of which I seem to have two! If I'm allowed to join the happy throng, this will be in the 132 squadron SEAC scheme. There are photos in the IWM collection showing this very aeroplane as well as others from the squadron, so I'm happy with the colour scheme (and I am going to assume that the squadron codes are white). Accuracy?? Hmm, I'm sure there's lots to talk about here - for me, the two things that really stand out are the lack of a gull wing, which throws out the wing fairing something awful, and the too-small radiators. So I will have at those. I will also be detailing the cockpit from the plastic bits box, will add a full-size pilot, wheels up on a stand (probably an Airfix one out of sheer perversity). Awfully tempted by a what-if Japanese V1 but I think I'll lie down until that goes away. Well fingers crossed, I'll wait and see if I've been judged desperate enough to participate. Regards, Adrian
  25. Having stumbled on Adrian's @AdrianMF lovely little FROG Proctor, not just his excellent build, but the kit itself, I thought I'd build one myself. I had another reason to build this aircraft. My Great Uncle, Leonard Carruthers, was Percival's Chief Test Pilot and there are several photographs dating from 1942 of him flying LA589 the 2nd prototype of the Proctor IV, a RAF radio training plane. I made 2 so that I could have one on the shelf and give the other to my cousin, Leonard Carruthers' daughter. I find most Britmodeller builds a learning curve, not just the modelling side of things, but also about the plane itself. The Proctor IV was a 3 seater with the pilot on the port side and the student set slightly back on the starboard behind the fairly hefty TR1154 R1155 radio (as used in RAF heavy bombers). The instructor sat behind the pilot. The FROG cockpit isn't accurate and I'm indebted to @Dave Swindell and @Work In Progress for finding me really useful links. Being of wooden construction, the Proctor hasn't fared well, mainly because of the glue holding it together breaking down and there are only a few left flying today. The only Mk.IV that I know that survives is at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre. The kit, for it's age, was lovely. Went together very well and appears to be generally accurate. There was quite a bit of scratch building and modification in the cockpit but I've left the outside pretty much OOB. I was lucky enough to find the Falcon vacuform set that has the nice clear Proctor IV canopy. The model was finished with Xtracolor enamels, markings are from Xtradecal or homemade. Finished with Winsor & Newton matt acrylic varnish. Here are the results; And the real plane; If you want to know more about the build, here's the link to the WIP thread; Thank you to all who followed and supported my build, and thanks for looking!
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