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Found 20 results

  1. Some of you may have wondered when you get an extra roundel and name tag as your post count goes up, and what the various levels are. It's totally irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but some folks like to know just to satisfy their own curiosity. One of us has just asked, so while I have the text in my clipboard, here's the answer: Newbie 0 New Member 50 Established Member 200 Obsessed Member 500 Very Obsessed Member 1000 Completely Obsessed Member 5000 Blabber Mouth 10000 Constant Member 1000000 Now you know!
  2. Posting pictures on the new forum version couldn't be easier, and you don't even need the old Image button that looked like a Polaroid of a tree any more. It is so simple that you'll wonder why you even needed to ask Firstly though, if you're a long-time user of the forum you'll know that we don't allow images to be uploaded to the forum as attachments. It's just not secure, and it would overload our server's storage capability and burn through our data quicker than you can imagine. Once you need more storage and more data allowance, that increases costs. A good enough reason not to do t
  3. Mike


    The new Emoticon/Smiley system brings up a pop-up window when you click on the smiley button in your posting window. This only shows a fraction of our frankly extravagant selection, the rest of which are available by clicking on the little Categories Dropdown, and choosing Emoticons, which at time of writing shows 204 of them. They should populate the little box and you can choose at will. Alternatively, if you have a good memory, you can enter them directly whilst typing by using their keyboard shortcuts, which automatically convert to smileys the moment you leave them be. For
  4. We've had a few requests from various people (especially at shows) for a badge that members can use to tell folks who they are, so I've designed a new one to replace the old clunker we used to use. You can see a small example below, and download the full sized version here to either print out on paper or card, laminate, put in a badge holder, or just staple to your chest* if you're a Download the full-size version here Alternatively, I've found a company on eBay that print ID badges onto a credit-card sized (86mm x 54mm) plastic card at £2.95 delivered in th
  5. We've had Tags for quite a while, and quite a lot of folks haven't quite figured them out. The forum uses them as additional search parameters to help you find things using words that aren't in your topic title. For example, if your topic title is as follows: AMK Mig-31BS 1:48 Those terms don't need to be in your Tags. You could add Foxhound, Soviet and Cold War, but adding any of the words in your topic title is just a waste of your time & finger power. Use them to add other search terms, such as nicknames, dates, the operator etc., that will give searchers mo
  6. If you are having problems using the forum from a computer standpoint because something is misbehaving, the pages aren't displaying properly, or you just can't access the site at times, here are a few useful pointers and tips to help you diagnose the problem, and if you can't fix it yourself you can at least post a thread asking for help in "Help & Support" that will have lots of useful information that will help others to help you. You won't believe how unhelpful it is when someone posts "The forum's not working - what have you done to it?", as it doesn't give us a jot of information fro
  7. No, we're not trying to encourage stalking, but if you want to be sure to catch every utterance from any member, whether it's a friend, a modeller you admire, someone hilarious, or just a good raconteur, you can now do so with the Following options. When you decide who you want to follow, you can either visit their profile either by searching for them, clicking on their name next to a post, or by viewing the online members if they're currently visible. choose +Follow Member from their header, choose whether to do so anonymously or not, and set up your notification preferen
  8. With Activity Streams you can create your own custom searches that return these "streams" with whatever you have set it up to give you. You can also send a Stream to anyone else just by sending them a link to your Stream results. For example, I've created the Streams below for viewing Content of specific genres, which includes all the forums in that genre, plus all the reviews from that genre. Have a click and you should hopefully see what I mean. If you like those Streams, you can make them appear in your Custom Streams drop-down under the Activity tab. Aircraft Content http:/
  9. If you've been delving around in the posts from the olden days, you could encounter a topic that is full of square brackets [ and ] and what's called BBCode, which was under the hood in the old forum software. This is what's going on in the background at the moment. All the content is being parsed, or converted to the new schema, and it's working backwards from newest to oldest. It's at around 50% of the way through the process as I write this, so there's still a big chunk of the forum that looks squiffy, but eventually it'll all look ok
  10. The latest versions of all the popular browsers can do what's called "push notifications" via your browser. That means it can deliver your notifications about topics and such like without you refreshing the screen. When you first visit the site, it asks the question "Britmodeller Wants to Show Notifications", and you should either allow it or not. If you allow it, it permits the pop-up notifications to come through to keep you informed while you're browsing, even if you're not on that tab at the time. If you don't permit it, you won't get all the notifications and might miss pos
  11. Sometimes people say that they find signatures annoying, and at times I have to agree with them. They can be a bit obtrusive, which was one of the reasons why we limit their size. They also increase the amount of scrolling through topics that you have to do, so you can turn them ALL off from your Control Panel under Settings > View Signatures. If you don't want to turn them all off, but some people's are getting on your nerves or the flashing of their gifs are freaking you out, you now have the option to turn them off individually, while leaving the rest visible. If you look
  12. One or two members (Thanks Ced) have mentioned that all their notifications have been set to immediate, and they're getting a lot of things popping up and commanding their attention. This is all configurable: Go into your Account Settings > Notification Settings and choose which ones you can live without, and which you deem to be essential, ticking and unticking as you go. Click here for a shortcut. Scroll down before you leave, and there are more settings that allow you greater control of your notifications from Nothing to Everything and all places in betwe
  13. Sometimes when we get a new PC, tablet, phone, browser, don't log in for a week or more, or just clear our cache we have to re-log in. If you haven't used your browser's facility to save it, you will need to re-enter it. You did remember it, didn't you? No... didn't think so. Firstly, make sure you're using your new User Name, which is the same as your Display Name was under the old regime. Next to the login box there will be a Forgot Password link. Click it. Follow the process, waiting for the ReCatchpa security check to load before you blunder on. Wait for
  14. Most if not all modern browsers have built-in spell checkers these days, so take advantage of the feature that will help you to sound more erudite with very little effort. If you don't get little squiggly lines under your words when you spell them wrong (before you submit the post), then you will probably need to check the settings of your browser to turn it on and select your language of preference. Why language? Well the American spelling of Colour is Color, and if you spell it the British way and get a squiggly line under it, you need to change your language to English (UK).
  15. Mike

    Smart Quotes

    Back in the old version of the forum, we were forever having to clean up posts where someone had just pressed "Quote" and included a boat-load of pictures that were duplicated from the original post and therefore not needed. This exercised everyone's scroll wheel far too much and annoyed a surprisingly large number of people. No longer is this necessary if you read this topic, which you clearly are. Now we have smart quote, and it's incredibly simple to quote a portion of a post or even just a word! Highlight the part of the other person's post you wanted to quote.
  16. In version 4 the old and confusing Login Name and Display Name were ditched in favour of just one User Name. Your Display Name was used in the conversion, so instead of your old login name, just type in your display name instead. If you can't remember it, give yourself a cuff up the back of your head and go through the lost username/I'm a Nitwit notification process at the Login screen.
  17. You know how sometimes you want someone to see something you have said on the forum, and yet it's a pain to PM them and paste a link? not any more! If you want someone to see, such as a Mod or a friend, or just someone you know will have an answer for you, you must first know their name. We'll take me as an example, but if you over-use it I will track you down and I will kill you. Maybe not, but I might glare at you a bit, reminiscent of a rather large and angry baby. Back on topic. Type the @ symbol and immediately start typing the name of the person you're tryi
  18. There are two ways of doing it, both of which revolve around the "View Original" button in the top of your OneDrive screen. Click View Original, and copy the link with a right-click Copy Link Location 1st Method, Click the image button, and paste in (CTRL+V) your link, removing the ? and everything after it. See the code below for an example OneDrive link. 2nd Method, Paste the image code into an IMG tag using the raw editor, as below again removing the? and everything after it. Your IMG tag starts out like this: [img=] Pasting in the link after the = symbol leads to this: [img=https:
  19. Due to the security issues that attaching images in the forums poses, we don't allow attachments, but you can still post your images within any forum thread by linking to an image that's already online, using the Insert Image button marked (1) in the Post toolbar, as shown below: If the image isn't already online, you will need to make it available online so that you can link it to the post you're making. To do that, you'll either need your own webspace (and if you have that, you'll probably not be reading this anyway), or one of the common online photo or cloud service sites that ha
  20. Here's a quick and easy way of showing your allegiance to numerous Group Builds, put up a slide-show of your rceent builds, or just show multiple small pics you wanted in your signature, without falling foul of the Mods asking you to reduce the size of your signature to save people from RSI and broken scroll-wheels on their mice. Go to an online Gif Creator website - I used http://www.gifmaker.me for this example, but Google will turn up plenty of varying quality. Make a folder on your computer containing all the images you want to upload, and click on the Upload Images button, selecting all
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