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  1. Hi All, I had a feeling that it had been a while since my last FAA build, so I looked back through the annals and it seems it's been an entire 12 months! I thought it was high time to rectify that, so I dragged this out from the stash. Here's the box art: Here's the sprues: The transparencies: Decals, which look rather nice, and allow for 4 schemes: I'm leaning towards this scheme, although I haven't yet found a photo: This should be fun! Thanks for looking, Roger
  2. When the 1/48 Sea Fury appeared, I bought one. After looking and thinking that the Yeovilton Display aircraft looked cool it went in the stash...then late last year as I was just finishing the Airfix DH Vampire FGA 9, as flown by 502 Squadron RAuxF It was the last Vampire of 3, F1 (Square Tail) and F3 from the FGA 9, straight from the box, but with Rockets and Bombs...not included by Airfix I remembered that I wouldn't need the under wing load included with the Sea Fury so I thought I'd like to build the Sea Fury...and I needed something that wouldn't drive me mad, as the Vampires did. The initial build went well, no surprises. For the first time this build was all Airbrush/Acrylic with the hairy stick only brought into play on some very small details. I was impressed by the even density of colour and the amount of detail that showsd through. So, the first view.... I followed the Airfix Colour suggestions, but using Vallejo Acrylic paints. The resultant colour for the underside and interiro were a little surprising..... Comments, anyone? Anyway, on to the U/C and other external details, I'm enjoying this!
  3. On the 12th April 1945 two 1770 Squadron Fairey Fireflys; DT941/S276 (Lt Thomson and S/Lt Miller) and DV119/S281 (S/Lt Stott and Lt Ward) took off from HMS Indefatigable at 07.45 on 12 April on a DUMBOCAP to rendezvous with, and provide cover for, a USN Mariner on ASR duties off Yonakuni Shoma searching for a downed Pilot after raids by the Fleet Air Arm on Northern Formosa during Operation Iceberg Oolong. During the Escort mission the two Fireflies engaged with five Ki51s and shot down two each. With two enemy aircraft confirmed destroyed and 3 confirmed shared destroyed (from earlier in the year) S/Lt Stott became the top scoring Firefly pilot. My model represents the aircraft of S/Lt Stott and Lt Ward. It is the Special Hobby 1/48 Fairey Firefly I, built out of the box (with the exception of a few bits of wire and some markings). Paint in Xtracrylics slightly lighted to mimic fading. The nearest I could get to a photograph of the aircraft I wanted to model is this:- IMG_1454 It is probably DT941/S276 Lt Thompson & Millers' aircraft used in the same action, which I decided to use as the template for my own. Of note is the fact that the Carrier letter 'S' and the aircraft number '281' appear to be painter in Sky rather than white (unlike my decal set), they also appear to be narrower that the decal set I had. I printed up my own decals but decided they were to dark and over painted them in Sky. TBH I was not in the best humour building the aircraft and I think shows. The Observers canopy is a little narrow, I think if i were going to build another I would go for an after-market canopy and would consider a canopy mask. Anyway - enough wittering - Hope you enjoy the pictures:- IMG_0284 IMG_0289 IMG_0298 IMG_0299 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0305 IMG_0306 Thanks for looking in...
  4. Hi All This is one of many KUTA qualifiers . Started for a GB many moons ago . Hopefully everything is still there . First a clean up . more soon Martin H
  5. Hello everybody, I'm in the process of building a FAA Hellcat Mk.I used during Operation Meridian I/II. Many questions on details I could solve myself while analyzing, I think, nearly every picture and video accessible on the Internet, or by reading books and posts in various forums. Only one very important question I couldn't solve to my satisfaction at all yet: Which specific airplane I'm building? Of the many pictures I looked at, most were seemingly taken in 1944 (many pics are dated definitely wrong throughout the Internet) and I don't like to guesstimate if the aircraft, this long after, used the same code during the raids on Palembang. Also the FAA registrations are not easy to make out most of the time, and I'm not familiar with the codes used by the 1839/44 NAS nor any other FAA squadron. So the questions is: Does anyone know which specific Hellcats were flown during the 24th/29th January 1945? I would highly appreciate if you could include the source of the information, but the ultimate goal would be a picture of the specific plane. Still just a registration number would already help a lot, as this would clarify at least which style of cowling would be accurate. If you can contribute anything I'm very grateful! Any other commend, picture, etc., is of course appreciated as well - you never know everything or could locate every picture.
  6. OrHi all, I have a 1/72 Hasegawa Corsair F4U in the stash and would like to present it as an aircraft I know a relative to have flown (1830 NAS aboard HMS Illustrious). I've seen a number of aftermarket decals but while period correct, none of them are from the squadron or even ship. Does anyone have any tips on how to recreate a specific aircraft without it costing a fortune? I don't have the skills to be airbrushing stencils or creating my own decal sets. As an aside, when did the FAA move from the red and blue roundels to the blue and white SEAC? There is a specific date when he shot down a Zero so I'd like to be spot on with it
  7. Not satisfied with one fixer-upper opportunity in the form of the 1/48 Trumpeter Wellington IC, I have decided to also plunge in to Trumpeter’s latest and perhaps not so greatest, in the form of the Fairey Fulmar I. This will plug a hole in my collection as the Fulmar had a walk on role in the Battle of Britain, and was a prominent early war mainstay of the Fleet Air Arm. I do have an MPM kit as well, but I haven’t summoned up the courage to get it underway. I will post some shots of the kit contents in due course, but thought I would start by getting what I suspect is the hardest part of the build out of the way first. Photos of the kit have been posted in the Rumourmonger section now for months, and having the kit in my hot little hands confirmed what the photos suggested - the top decking and canopies of the kit have a very flat top with a sharp angle to the sides, rather than having a gentle curve to the top section. The kit also looked rather familiar - it matches the Warpaint 41 - Fairey Fulmar- plans by Ian Huntley very closely, save that the canopies etc have been even more squared off than appears on that plan. The sad state of the canopy has been discussed on the Rumourmonger thread, and compared unfavorably to that in the MPM kit. I did venture to suggest that there might be enough ‘meat’ in the Trumpeter kit parts to allow for some gentle reprofiling to achieve a more rounded appearance. The new kit also has two complete sets of the observer’s greenhouse, one closed up and one as three separate parts, presumably so that it can be displayed with the centre section open (more on that in a moment). This means you can experiment without ruining the kit. So, having opened my big trap on this subject, the greenhouse is where I commenced the build. I used some very good quality wet and dry stuck to a flat surface to rough out the new profile, then did some follow up with wet and dry sanding sticks. I have taken the sanding to a 4000 grit, but won’t polish further until I am nearly ready to instal them and fair them into the fuselage. I used the separate canopy sections, as it’s easier to sand the three sections consistently - the joined up greenhouse has a step at each end of the centre section which would make it more difficult to get the shapes right. To make it easier to follow what I have done, I drew around both the unmodified canopies ends, and the equivalent section of the sanded canopies. To make it a complete comparison, I also did a compare and contrast with the equivalent canopy parts from an MPM/Special Hobby Fulmar. Top line is before and after Trumpeter canopy profiles, bottom line compares the modified Trumpeter parts with the MPM canopy parts. So, there is enough thickness in the Trumpy parts to get a nice rounded profile. It does get quite thin at the shoulders of the curve so care is needed, and of course it doesn’t fix the internal profile. I am going to minimise that problem by attaching new frame ends with an inner profile matching the outer curve, which will make the mismatch less prominent . I also think that it will be possible to get the sliding centre section under the forward greenhouse section with a bit of work. I will trim it down a bit at the base and have already started reducing its overall thickness from the outside. So far, about an hour’s work and a lot easier than widening the undercarriage on the Wimpy! Of course the top decking of the fuselage will also need to be reshaped, and the pilot’s canopy could also benefit with some rounding off, and there are some other infelicities, but we are on our way!
  8. Couple of models I have just managed to finish up. The Korea pair should have been completed as part of the "Here comes the Fleet Air Arm" Group Build but unfortunately I became unwell and was unable to finish them until now. Not quite up to my usual standard but I am hoping to get back there. Anyway - here we go.. First up Supermarine Seafire 47 VP480/180P 800 NAS, 13th CAG, HMS Triumph. Korea Aug 1950 13.08.50 Armed Reconnaissance Chinnampo Harbour Korea. Flown by Lt RA "Dick" Peters. Airfix 1/48. Barracuda replacement bonnet. Airscale instrument decals. Colour Coats Enamel paint. OOB Decals. Next For six decades, the credit for the first jet kill by a piston engine fighter in Korea had gone to Lt Peter “Hoagy” Carmichael. This was accepted fact however, recent research has proven beyond doubt the actual pilot who bagged the Mig-15 was another pilot in Carmichaels Flight, Sub Lieutenant Brian “Smoo” Ellis. Ellis has now been given official recognition for his amazing feat of airmanship. Hawker Sea Fury FB.11. WJ223/O106 802 NAS, HMS Ocean. Korea 09.08.1952. Mig-15 Destroyed SLt Brian "Smoo" Ellis. Airfix 1/48. Barracuda cowling & engine. Eduard interior and exterior detail sets. Paint:- Colourcoats enamel Markings:- Fundekals Did go quite as hoped. Fitters need to do a bit more cleaning on the airframe Last up Eastern Built Wildcat V JV384 6*F 882 NAS, HMS Searcher Operation Hoops May-1944 06.05.44 0820 2x BV138 Shared Destroyed with JV538/7*X(?). Off Vevang Norway. S/Lt John Arthur Cotching Cotching was killed two days later whilst attacking flak ships defending a convoy. He had previously served in Orange Section, ‘A’ Flight, 806 NAS HMS Indomitable Operation Pedestal Aug-1942 12.08.40 S.79 Destroyed, Re.2001 Destroyed. Grumman Martlet MkII AM968/8M. Kit:- Hobby Boss FM-1 1/48 Paint:- Colourcoates Enamels Markings:- Mix of what I had available. Thanks for stopping by..
  9. I seem to be late to the opening threads. I have been doing some deliberating over what to build (built a Fulmar and Sea Hurricane already this year so it was down to a Corsair, Seafire III or Hellcat) and where I do have a Wildcat MkV in progress but very much under 20% complete, I am not going to build that as part of this GB. Instead I am going to move away from my usual WWII fare and I am going to build two aircraft from the Korean war. Two in parallel is a bit of a stretch for me so we'll see how it goes. The first aircraft I will be building is:- Its the Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury FB11. I have some etch and some after market for it, so we'll see how that goes. This will be completed as Hawker Sea Fury FB11 WJ223/O106, 802 NAS HMS Ocean. Korea - Jun '52. The aircraft that SLt B "Smoo" Ellis has now been credited with destroying a Mig 15. I have the Fundekals set for this aircraft - so I'll be using them. The second aircraft for this GB will be this rather elderly:- Airfix 1/48 Seafire FR47. Again with a little bit of aftermarket (new prop blades are on their way). This will be completed as an aircraft assigned to 800 NAS, 13th CAG, HMS Triumph, Jun - Sep 1950. I need to research a specific Aircraft / sortie / pilot for this model (or just use the box markings). I know they often carried RPs on Armed reconnaissance sorties and am thinking aux tanks and RPs with RATOG rockets but am unsure about the Tank/RP combination. Any ideas? I will carry on with the WIldcat and await the order to start engines..
  10. Grumman Hellcats in FAA service - when did they turn Blue? Hi all, I want to use to the collective brain to try and resolve a little dilemma for me. On the theme of Fleet Air Arm Aces I intend building a few more Hellcats representing aircraft of 5th Navy Fighter Wing Pilots (1839 & 1844 NAS) and I have hit a bit of a dilemma. I have as WIP at the moment a MkI and an MkI of the FN999 and JW999 Serial range but I intend to build a couple more:- Hellcat II JX814/W132 - ‘Tony’ destroyed, ‘Oscar’ destroyed 12.04.45 SLt WMC Foster. Hellcat II JX886/W126 - ‘Judy’ Shared destroyed 06.04.45 SLt TE Wilson. Both of these victories were during Op Iceberg April ‘45. JX814 & JX886 were both allocated in 03.45. My question is, should these aircraft be in TSS or GSB? I have not seen any photos of either JX814 or JX886 but the common view is (and repeated in artwork in Andrew Thomas’ Royal Navy Aces of WW2) that if they are Iceberg aircraft they are in TSS but should this be the case? I have a still from a film taken on HMS Formidable showing the Corsairs being serviced, in the background is Hellcat X119 that is identified by Sturtivant as JX772 the aircraft flown by SLt Atkinson to destroy three ‘Grace’ bombers on 25.07.45 (also written into Atkinson’s log book). The aircraft being allocated to 1839 NAS 06.45 and reallocated to 1844 NAS 07.45 - it is painted Dark Blue. If JX814 and JX886 have a higher s/n that JX772 should they not also be in GSB or was JX772 built out of sequence or repainted? (or is my my sequential build assumption wrong?).. If it helps I think JX814 and JX886 are in the BuAer Group 71638-77112 and JX772 in group 71163-71237 but my maths might have failed me.. Hope someone can help or I will just go with TSS which seems to be the scheme at the time.. Thanks in advance..
  11. Here's something from the First Generation of the jet age, the Supermarine Attacker, F.1. It was also the first jet supplied to the FAA in the early 1950s. As the wiki page says, like many 1st Gen aircraft it didn't last long. The 2nd generation was quick in taking its place. Still, there it was. I have had this kit for a few years and it looks like it's time to move it off the shelf and onto the bench. Bogart Box art...older AZ Model art and it's an older, short-run kit. The sprue looks basic. As I recall this grey plastic can be a bit soft when it comes to details. I'll see how it all fits. I'm given two canopies and an under-fuselage fuel tank for an F.2 conversion if I want, but I am sticking with the F.1. Also included is a resin seat. Decals look good and in register... And the profile is typically shark-like with its dark grey/sky configuration. I'll get into this presently. --John
  12. Continuing my jet odyssey, but in an earlier era in naval jet aviation than the A-7E, a FAA Hawker Sea Hawk. This one, to be specific. I’m going to try to replicate it exactly (as near as I can) as it appears in this photo, damaged fuel tank included. I may change that slightly and fold the wings, but that’ll be a decision for later. I will be using the Trumpeter 48th scale kit with the Eduard PE and Jaguar resin wings (which actually don’t seem much of an improvement over the kit parts). I’ve made a start. The cockpit PE is self adhesive which is novel, for me, and quite easy to use. What you see below is an evening’s work. I base painted, attached the PE and sealed with a clear coat. I’ve also added a grime wash. Interestingly, the “black” on the PE really isn’t black at all, more of a midnight blue. The instrument panel in particular lightened under the clear coat. Next will be a dry brush, some clear gloss into the instrumentation and a little bit of detail painting before I’ll call the cockpit done. Cheers.
  13. Well, my parcel from Poland arrived on Wednesday, it took a wee bit longer than previous parcels from Arma Hobby, but considering the postal situation at the moment it was still reasonably quick, only 12 days. The sturdy card box contained one Expert Set FM-2 Wildcat and 3 sets of Overtrees neatly wrapped in bubble wrap, I've got a few sets of decals for Martlet/Wildcat VI's, so there's a fewe schemes for me to choose from. Wednesday afternoon the Expert Set was unboxed and had a good fondling whilst I perused a selection of references. Box and contents:- The overtrees supplied are just the two grey sprues and the clear sprue, nothing else. The kit comprises of a main sprue for the FM-2 / Wildcat VI release:- Plus a common sprue for this and the forthcoming F4F-4 release:- The clear sprue is also common with the F4F-4 release, as it contains the lower fuselage windows and wing landing light cover not used on this FM-2 / Wildcat VI release. Also shown here are the small etch sheet and the masking sheet for the canopy and wheels which are only included in the Expert Set:- And here's the decal sheet from the Expert Set which covers 5 US FM-2's, and 3 FAA Wildcat VI's, all of 882 NAS on HMS Searcher, 3 individual code/serials being supplied for the same basic scheme:- If you want to see photo's better than my phone snaps above, there's more on the Arma Hobby website, unfortunately the links they provide on this page for the instructions don't seem to work for me. Initial impressions? It looks like a top quality product, with pretty much all you'd need to build a well detailed model straight out of the box.
  14. Don't know about you mates, but this lockdown unleashed the inner beast in me For this build I took inspiration from the the wonderful Attacker build presented by @Navy Bird here: All issues described were present in my kit as well, except for the misalignment of the fuselage halves. I have added the boundary layer plates, reshaped and boxed the tailhook compartment (albeit a bit deeper then needed) and the tailwheel well too. Added the aerials, scratchbuilt a new tailhook. I regret not opening the canopy as the fit of the closed one was awful. I like the "pregnant" look with the belly tank and added this too. However, after the long and painful process of glueing, trimming and fitting the tank in place and filling the ever-present large gaps, the plane still retained his elegant lines and that puzzled me . When comparing with the photos in the Richard Franks' book it seems to me that the tank AZ offers us in the kit is the one from the prototype that differs from production ones by being shorter and slimmer (photo on p. 13 for the lucky ones to have his book on the subject). I never knew that there were two types of external tanks for the Attacker (different capacity, probably?). Modified the landing gear a bit by adding scissor links and some missing rods I tried to keep her clean as the photos show that the fleet was well maintained. Oh, BTW, managed to pull the paint off twice while removing the masks... 😠 Hope you will enjoy it! Stay safe!
  15. Kit - Eduard (Weekend Edition) Paint - All acrylics Decals - Freightdog Extras - Eduard kit-specific Zoom set. Grumman Hellcat II 800 NAS Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Autumn 1945. Built this at the same time as the Hurricane I posted here a few weeks ago but only got around to finishing it this morning. Fairly straightforward build, could have done without the separate fin-tip antenna post which was instantly gobbled-up by the carpet monster but that may have been down to 'user error'. Paint is all Tamiya acrylics, as usual mixed by eye. Not too much else to say, very relaxing and rejuvenating project, now ready for something more challenging. Please feel free to comment, question or criticise. Cheers from NZ. Ian.
  16. OK. I went though the threads and I figured I will build the Sea Vixen, having never built one before. A Sea Venom, yes, but not this. I also have a Sea Tempest, SeaFire, Phantom, etc...But this one caught my eye. I actually have the Revell reboxing too, but I like the options of building one of the birds off of the Hermes and, well, @Enzo the Magnificent is building the Revell kit...anyway...This kit does give me an option for the Hermes, two for the Eagle and three from Yeovilton. I'll take the Hermes. Sprue in bags... A lot of options... The profile (For now. I might change my mind.) Now that I have a clean bench, I will take a day to gather my thoughts. --John
  17. This is the 3rd scheme (C) offered by the new Airfix 1:48 Hawker Hunter release. In this case it is the GA.11 , Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Somerset, England, 1976. I always love doing the Fleet Air Arm scheme and it looks striking on this aircaft!
  18. Hi all I finished this one last week, this is the Revell 72nd kit built OOB apart from the Pitot tube which was replaced wing Albion Alloys slide fit tubing and ghe Seatbelts which were made from Tamiya masking tape folded over to make it double thickness. Brush painted with Colourcoats and Humbrol enamels and weathered with a dot filter and panel line wash using oik paint before some chipping and exhaust stains applied. I won't add a link to the WIP as it is a multi build thread and is 80 odd pages long, so is quite daunting. Enough of the waffle, here's the pics Pretty pleased with this one, just have a 32nd kit to doo in TSS one day soon. Thanks for looking in and thanks to those who followed along offering support and encouragement, it is always very much appreciated. Chris
  19. This is a conversion of the Hasegawa Hawker Hurricane MkIIb boxing to represent Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk.IIb JS355 800 NAS. HMS Biter Operation Torch, Nov ‘42 Lt Cdr JM Bruen This is the last aircraft Bruen scored an air to air victory in. I should do a family shot as I have built an aircraft, flown by Bruen of each type he scored in Skua, Fulmar, Sea Hurricane I and Sea Hurricane IIb. Kit: 1/48 Hasegawa Hurricane IIB Work done:- · Removed Lower kit fuselage and in its place grafted in the lower fuselage of the Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane I kit which was adapted to fit. · Fixed the curvature of lower fuselage walls which was missing from the Hasegawa kit. · Reshaped the top of the engine cowling to better represent the rounded top of the Hurricane nose. · Sanded the wing tips to the triangular cross section. · All control surfaces removed, reshaped where necessary and refitted slightly animated. · Various lumps and bumps removed from the cowling to better represent the Hurricane IIb. · Pilot harness from paper. · Paint is Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats enamels. · Nationality Markings are sprayed using homemade masks. Serial number is homemade decal. Stencils are kit decals. Big call out of thanks to @Troy Smith for his help and advice. The Hurricane Guru. I hope I got it about right (though I need to sort out that prop blade tip). The stencils have silvered which is a shame as I thought the surface was smooth enough but note to self to do it better next time. Lastly the aircraft of its display base. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I need to go figure what I am going to build in the Fleet Air Arm Group build now...
  20. Royal Navy SKYRAIDER WV106 has been languishing outside the Cobham Hall at the Fleet Air Arm Museum Yeovilton for many years and although it's condition is slowly deteriorating I thought it might make a good subject for my first diorama. Not sure if this topic should be in "Aircraft" or "Dioramas" but it feels more of an aircraft build with some surrounding environment. I hope it's acceptable? The photograph below shows the sad state the airframe was in about twelve years ago. I suspect it's a lot worse now? Although not visible in this shot, the engine is lying alongside on a pallet. I think the AMT/ERTL/ESCI kit is the only one available of an AD-4W in 1/48 scale and I've had an example in the stash for a number of years. It's not great but considering what I intended to do with it, it's quality probably doesn't matter. The first thing to do was to add some interior fuselage detail as the access doors had been removed giving a clear view inside. The MINIMALI packing case is a little artistic licence but seemed appropriate as many of the removed components were scattered around the site in various containers. I removed the fuselage forward of the engine bay rear bulkhead and scratch built a firewall and associated bits and pieces. The wings were cropped and I've since added AIRWAVES brass etched internal ribs etc. Next step is to add more detail to the bulkhead and the severed wings before getting some heavily weathered paintwork started.
  21. Hello everyone, Here is my latest finish from a while ago (but only just took some pictures), of an Eduard Hellcat Mk II in the colours of 1844 Sqn FAA on HMS Indomitable. I got a Silhouette stencil cutter for Christmas so I couldn't resist and used it to mark out and paint all the markings on it. Although the 4" 'Royal Navy' and serial numbers were too small for the machine so I used the decal resulting in a bit of silvering. Other than that, it went great. Painted with Humbrol enamels. Weathered with Tamiya weathering kit, silver pencil, Vallejo pigments and panel wash. Average photos taken with my phone. Thanks for looking.
  22. Having recently finished a Tamiya Wildcat I started to search through my stash (or the NARNIA CUPBOARD as my wife calls it) to find my next project. I spotted the old issue Airfix Buccaneer I've had for some time. I've made no secret elsewhere on this forum of my disappointment at the cost of the soon to be released new version so thought I should put my money where my mouth is and actually build the one I have in stock. I must admit that some of the mouldings look a bit rough around the edges but they certainly give the appearance of what could become a model of one of my favourite aircraft. I hope to carry out most of the build form the box but decided to replace the original wheels with a resin set from ARMORY. Just getting underway now, so will add to this as things progress. Ian
  23. My first completion of the Year (started last year). Subject:- Grumman Avenger MkIIJZ186/Q*4P. 854 NAS HMS Illustrious. Operation Meridian II Jan-1945. On 29 January, Operation Meridian II, an air strike against the oil refinery at Soengei Gerong, Sumatra, was undertaken. Having dropped their bombs on the target the Avengers escaped at low level. On escape they were attacked by the defending fighters. The squadron CO was attacked by Japanese fighters, following behind Lt GJ Connolly fired his forward firing machine guns destroying one Ki-44 'Tojo' and damaging another. Lt GJ Connolly (pilot), Lt RE Jess (Observer), Unknown (TAG). Model:- Hobby Boss Fleet Air Arm Avenger MkI/II. 1/48. Observers cockpit is scratch built (inc seats and panels). Pilots cockpit detailed out. Lower cabin is detailed (torch, and magnifier is required). Scratched up some machine gun barrels. Extra bombs provided. Wing fold mechanism scratch built. Observers domed windows crash moulded (best not really studied). Paint - Xtracrylics. Markings - Various Generic. Some photos Its not medal winning - but I hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by:-
  24. I'm currently at the painting process of Special Hobby Blackburn Roc Mk.I in 1/48 and the manual suggests Extra Dark Sea Grey, Dark Slate Gray and Sky Grey. First of all, is the color scheme well suggested by SH? And second is Gunze dilemma... Wandering through the internet, I came up with the following equivalent: Extra Dark Sea Gray=Mr.Color 333 Dark Slate Grey=H421 Sea Gray=Mr.Color 325 Do you agree with the suggested Gunze colors? If you think they are not adequate, I would ask for your corrections and suggestions. Forgive me if this topic has been elaborated, but I am not sure that I have found a definitive solution (to a satisfactory extent).
  25. Hi All, My second completion of 2023 is Special Hobby's Blackburn Roc Mk.I, completed as L3114 of 759 Sqn FAA based at RNAS Donibristle in November 1939. Here's a photo of the aircraft in the foreground: I couldn't resist this scheme, if only for the non-standard yellow surround to the fuselage roundel! The kit was built mostly OOB, albeit with home-cut stencils for the national markings. As with all SH kits there's a few foibles, mainly around the assembly of the wings (which have a split to permit folding. A brief summary of 'improvements' as below: - Added reinforcing tabs to the wing roots making for a stronger junction - Added formation lights to the wing tips using clear sprue - Boxed in the landing light positions and added lamps from clear sprue - Rivetted the whole airframe - Trimmed undercarriage legs and doors to allow positioning in the correct 'vertical' position Here's the WIP if anybody is interested (source of many Roc puns - be warned 🤣😞 Anyway, on with the photos: Here's a couple with the Skua I built last year: The family resemblance is strong! Here's a final shot to prove @Dandie Dinmont's assertion that the Roc makes that other notorious turret fighter, the Boulton Paul Defiant, look like a sleek beauty: I'd say you are 100% correct Craig! Although it is no beauty, I have really enjoyed learning more about this most unusual aircraft, and it's nice to have this footnote in naval aviation in the collection. Thanks to everybody who offered kind words and encouragement throughout the build - it was much needed and was much appreciated! Thanks for looking, Roger
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