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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everybody, calling all Corsair maniacs experts for this build, such as @corsaircorp and @Corsairfoxfouruncle just to name the two I'm more familiar with I always loved the Corsair, but know very little about it, so any help, hints, tips, references and pointers will be greatly appreciated This is more of a bookmark than an actual start, I still need to study some proper documentation about the subject, anyway here are a few pics. The kit: It's the well known Tamiya 1/48 box - I don't think there's much to say about it, anyway here are the sprues: The second pilot figure, in the "jumping on board" pose, is very tempting... Clear parts Decals (as usual, I plan to use very few of them ) and the scheme I want to reproduce, Jolly Rogers' BIG HOG Actual works to start soon-ish, I may venture into a foray in another field of modelling before/along this, we'll see. Meanwhile, I'm all ears Ciao Edit: I almost forgot to add that my friend @corsaircorp had sent me some resin bits to tart up this build: I'm not sure if I'll be using the whole engine or just replace the crankcase of the kit with the resin one - definitely going to use the resin seat, though
  2. and waits... Perhaps we should do some maintenance in the meantime... Everybody gone for lunch... While we wait we'll have a look at the original '3' - On the left is Ensign Frederik James Streig at Ondoga, New Georgia in November 1943 during his first tour with Fighting 17. His F4U shows four victory flags and no tank sealing yet. In the right picture, taken on Bougainville in February 1944, 'Big Jim' Streig, now a beardless Lieutenant (jg), poses for the camera at the end of his second tour. The Corsair is adorned with six kill marks (5.5 confirmed claims) and shows traces of a stripped-off tape. Afternoon on Bougainville, hot and humid, and still no action... My model was built in early 1977 from the latest Otaki kit just released a year before. I was delighted about this novelty in times of limited 1/48 model choices - a perfect consort for my Monogram Hellcat (here). Many Otaki products of the period surprise with accurate shape and dimensions and a nice surface representation with excellent recessed panel lines. Interior detail, however, is superficial and clumsy. Ten years ago I got it out of storage and surveyed it for improvement. What followed was an upgrading orgy with a dozen new (aftermarket) parts - from nose ring to tailwheel and from canopy to tyres - plus some scratch work (air intakes, position lights, etc). A fresh finish and new decals rounded off the veteran's resurrection. And in the Pacific? No booty today - let's go to the bar! I hope you enjoyed this classic model and the 'Tale of the South Sea'. An overall view of the scenery appears in the diorama RFI section here. Cheers, Michael REFERENCES CORSAIR ACES – THE BENT-WING BIRD OVER THE PACIFIC, WALTER A. MUSCIANO, NEW YORK, 1979 CORSAIR ACES OF WORLD WAR 2, AIRCRAFT OF THE ACES 8, MARK STYLING, LONDON, 1995 THE JOLLY ROGERS, TOM BLACKBURN / ERIC HAMMEL, PACIFICA, 1997 * THE VOUGHT F4U CORSAIR – A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE, RAFE MORRISSEY / JOE HEGEDUS, KINGSWAY, 2010 VF-17 'JOLLY ROGERS', FIGHTING UNITS IN COLOR 3 & 4, ADAM JARSKI / ZBIGNIEW KOLACHA, DANSK, 2012 * * Highly recommended - 'Fighting Units in Color' are out of print unfortunately ATMOSPHERIC READING SOUTH SEA TALES, JACK LONDON, NEW YORK, 1911 TALES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC, JAMES A. MITCHENER, NEW YORK, 1946 *
  3. After finishing a 1/72 Eduard F6F-5, I've returned back to my stack of abandoned projects. At the top of the pile was a 1/72 Tamiya Corsair started as a conversion to a Corsair II. This project was begun more than ten years ago. The wings had been assembled, the wingtips clipped and some detail added. For the restart, Barracuda resin wheels and an Eduard mask set have been added to use up some of my accumulated aftermarket collection. Here we go. The model will be built with the canopy closed, so not much effort was put in to detail the nice kit cockpit parts. The seat is positioned too far forward as a result of the design of the seat integral with the rear bulkhead to trap and align the side panels. To remedy this, the connecting bar joining the side panel was removed. The seat was separated from the rear bulkhead. New armor plate was made from sheet stock. Cockpit assembled, painted and installed. Seat belts from strips of aluminum foil. Real seat. Some detail was added to the tail wheel well. Unnecessary, but I could not help myself. From previous 1/72 Tamiya Corsair projects, I found that the tail wheel assembly was improved by doing a little carving and drilling. This requires about an hour of work. If I were to make one single improvement to any of the 1/72 Tamiya Corsair kits, this would be the appearance of the exhaust collectors and the backfire valves on the underside of the fuselage. The kit represents this: With this: The kit representation is okay for dark finished aircraft. I think that a light finished underside highlights the odd representation of the collectors and the missing cover for the backfire valves. To my knowledge, no aftermarket parts have been made to fix the errors other than the long gone Moskit exhaust collectors. We model builders are left to make our own improvements. The first step for me is to remove the molded exhaust outlets. The tips of the kit external fuel tanks were cut off and installed to provide a shroud over the openings for the collectors. Use an adhesive or solvent that will allow the tank part to be adjusted to get the desired fit. The exhaust collectors were made from drilled out sections of styrene rod. The sections of pipe were cut to fit and glued in place. This method does require the removal of a part of the underside, the solid rectangular plate section aft of the engine. This does not affect the external surface of the kit. This is easily done prior to assembling the fuselage halves. Be sure to leave strips of the kit plastic to provide a bonding surface. Sorry that I failed to take any photos of the modified fuselage. The addition of the exhaust collectors is not difficult nor particularly time consuming. Takes about two hours. A small piece of plastic sheet was used to provide the cover over the backfire valves. Additional detail will be added to the cover after priming. Basic assembly completed. Ready for priming, filling and repeat. More pictures to follow. Don
  4. I once had a Hasegawa AU-1 Corsair that I built when I got back into the hobby 20 odd years ago. It was relegated to being a roof hanger in my son's bedroom where it met its final doom. Fast forward to last Sunday the 15th of August. A quick peruse through the shelves at Casa de Crosby and the ubiquitous 1/48th Tamiya Corsair put it's hand up with an exuberant "Pick me, pick me". It was on. What’s followed has been a few sessions of an hour (or two) over the last week with rapid progress ensuing. To the point where paint has even been applied, no less OUTSIDE of the cockpit. Not much needs to be said about the Tamiya Corsair. It's a simple airframe, goes together very well and the detail for a kit that's 20 years old has held up well. I’m not a fan of the black-basing recipe however I’ll put a black primer down before putting any colours into the cockpit. Those colours I used are from Tamiya, Vallejo and Gunze. With some dark washes for the shadow areas and some highlights on the raised ribbing area, the detail pops nicely for a vanilla cockpit. Aftermarket is in the way of the instrument panel and etch seat belts. The same technique was applied in the rear gear well sans aftermarket though I didn't get any pics of it. The only addition to the engine was some ignition leads from lead wire then painted up to look the part. Looking at it now I think I need to grime up the grey crankcase a bit. Similarly, the drop tank received some attention. A few dents and scratches have been added with a chisel and sand pads. I’ve since added more weathering to it. Almost ready for assembly Voila, ready for paint Painting step 1. Primed with a custom mix of Tamiya. Came out looking like a good start for IJN grey. Painting step 2. The first colour clouded on was Gunze H54 Navy blue. Painting step 3. Second colour was Gunze 337 Grayish blue with ArtFX spray masks. painting step 4. Previous step was wet sanded with 2000 grit sanding pad. Painting step 5. Application of Gunze H55 Midnight blue. The colours used so far. And a few photos so I know where to pull the paint when it comes time to chip it. I've also wet sanded the midnight blue. Silver is Tamiya AS-12 which I find is quite hardy for the chipping exercise. More to come soon. Mick.
  5. Hi everyone, I’ve been excited awaiting the start of this particular group build as I’m christening it with the grandest kit i’ve tried to date I’m stoked about it BUT I’m terrified of screwing it up it was so expensive 😳 It’s Tamiya’s F4U-1A corsair and the biggest scale build i’ve yet attempted. The kit comes in a huge box jam packed full of goodies to which i’ve added a few bits of my own. The instructions come in an equally substantial booklet and this is partnered with a tamiya corsair reference book. I have my own reference book also. I have made a start on this but have halted progress and packed it away so it stays well within the 25% complete rule. I spoke to craig @modelling minionand he’s happy with this thankfully (I’m on instruction window 7 of a mighty impressive 125 no less) but next weekend I can open the box again! 🤗 (but gotta finish my spitfire gb first) Basically I’m up to here in the cockpit... Schemewise I’m unsure at present. I’m not sure I can complete this in time within the duration of the gb (I have no idea how long these big kits take) but lets see Thanks for reading this far!
  6. Hello everyone.... This one of my three builds for this group build. I will be building this as Gregory Pappy Boyington’s 883 his go to Corsair during the time that VMF-214 were in the Slot. The decals in the kit actually combine 17786 and 16883 aircraft into one. Incorrect though they are most of the decals will be used for the build. All I need do is change the side #’s from 86 to 883. 17786 was famously used for a series of photo’s and an article shortly before Pappy was shot down and Captured. The obligatory sprue shots. Im not sure i will use the resin engine, my fat sausage fingers may not be able to handle the delicate work of assembling it. Though its still a possible. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  7. Chaps, planning on purchasing Tamiya's 1/48 F4U-1A to do a New Zealand bird, I wanna use Sky Models decal sheet as seen below, will be building as the bottom aircraft on the pic It quotes top colour as light grey but only picture I can find in colour is this one and it looks more like a very pale blue, just wanted to confirm the correct topside colour. Lee
  8. Hello everybody! Finally I had the time to put my dirty hands on some aircraft models. This is my third built, I wanna increase my abilities, I have really a lot to learn. First thing first: the cockpit. The dials aren't realistic, I just tryed to paint some lines, indicators and buttons, using brilliant colours to make them pop out. I need to resettle a bit the seat belts, conforming their shape with the seat. I also painted the pilot. Soon (maybe tomorrow) I will do the interior of the fuselage and the engine. Thanks for the attention payed, feel free to leave suggestions!
  9. Ok my second STGB for the year! I have been tossing around whether I was or wasn’t going to do a build for this one but the calendar is sort of free so why not! So for this one I’ll be building a Fleet Air Arm Corsair II JT 410 off the carrier HMS Victorious, this will go along nicely with the Avenger/Tarpon I that I did for the FFA GB. The base model will be the lovely 1/48th Tamiya F4U-1A. Plus a few extras thrown in, Eduard PE bits… …..UltraCast seat with the right seatbelts…though it does look a wee bit small! ….plus decals from EagleCal. Being a FAA Corsair there will be a couple of mods required, most notably I need to clip the wings. A simple task on the Tamiya model…luckily! Plus there are some other minor changes needed as well, and if I can’t be bothered to do them from scratch then I may get the MDC Corsair Mk. II & Mk. IV conversion kit. Hopefully I can make a start this weekend, whilst I’m waiting for bits to dry on the Thunderbolt.
  10. Here's my entry: ... and here's what's in the box: ... and markings: ... though I might use these as I have a hankering for the red-bordered star-and-bars: I got a couple of extras too, a masking set because I am lazy... ... and a set of wheels so I don't have to clean up the join around the tyre treads: I've got my paints: Dull Dark Green, Zinc Chromate Yellow, Non-Specular White, Intermediate Blue and USN Sea Blue from the USAAC/USN range... ... and I've got the weekend pretty much free, so I hope to make a start shortly. Cheers, Stew
  11. MustHave is to release a Vought F4U-1/F4U-1A Corsair resin conversion set for Tamiya kit - ref.MH172001 Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=422377244635082&id=297895983749876 V.P.
  12. Seatbelt and Mask sets for Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair 1:32 HGW Models As with the set for the Revell 1:32 Fw-190, reviewed HERE, this set has been released in HGW’s Basic Line. The quality is the same as the previously reviewed set, as are the components, i.e. a sheet of laser cut seatbelts, etched buckles and clasps for the seatbelts and a sheet of masks. Being laser cut, the edges of both the seatbelts and masks are as crisp and clean as you could want. Only the small join to the sheet marring the perfection. If you’re using a new No11 blade then you should be able to cut them out without the need for any further cleaning up. The buckles and clasps are quite small, even in this scale, but the seatbelts are stiff enough to pass through them with relative ease. The completed assemblies should be given a bit of a dark wash to tone them down a bit, and then just attached to their appropriate positions. They will probably need a bit of a bend to get them to sit correctly and realistically. Job done. As with the masks in the Fw-190 set, these too have suffered a little bit of shrinkage, which hopefully has been taken into account. The set includes masks for both the interior and exterior of the windshield and canopy, which is a great help, particularly for the interior. Just fit and, using your favourite paints and airbrush, spray away. Conclusion This is another very useful set by HGW, and can be used by any level of modeller. The masks are generally used for when painting with an airbrush, but I’m sure they could be useful for those who don’t. The seatbelts are little more fiddly, but with a bit of care and patience, anyone can have a good looking addition to the kits seat. Very highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  13. F4U-1A Corsair Cockpit Set Brassin 1:32 Cockpit Set (632053) Having released numerous additional sets for the previously released F4U-1 Corsair, Eduard have now turned their attention on the newer F4U-1A version, starting with the cockpit. The set comes in a very well packed cardboard with the parts in several zip lock bags and prevented from being shaken around by two foam pads. There are fifty two resin parts in a mixture of medium and dark greys, plus one clear resin parts, a sheet of pre-painted etched brass and a sheet of unpainted photo etched parts,. The detail on the resin parts is quite amazing, being super sharp, with good depth, although some parts have small sections of flash which need to be removed on top of the removal from the casting blocks. The cockpit is literally a tub made up of the front and rear bulkheads, what would be the fuselage side walls and the lower fuselage interior, which has the lower windows in the need of flash removal. The kits interior rib detail needs to be completely removed to allow the fitment of the tub, which shouldn’t take too long with a nice sharp curved blade and some sanding sponges. The moulded detail on the bulkheads and inner fuselage parts needs to be seen to be believed, add to this all the smaller sundry parts and you will have a truly amazing cockpit. Yet the modeller will still need to add their own small wire parts for which the dimensions and shape are provided in the instructions. Painting of the parts, especially those pre-moulded will be a bit of a chore, but with care you will end up with something of a masterpiece which would be good on its own, let alone fitted to the model. The resin is further enhanced with the addition of the two sheets of etched parts, the pre-painted seat belts which are quite complex, but with care and attention will build into a pretty amazing representation of the real things, whilst the unpainted sheets contains a selection of brackets, levers and an alternative instrument panel for which an acetate sheet of instruments is provided. Conclusion The Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair is already an amazing kit with very few apparent problems or vices but the detail that this cockpit set delivers really will take it to the next level. Having said that, as with the previous kit, the cockpit in this model is already superb, and it makes one wonder if this additional set is really required. The level of detail and the superb moulding is really quite amazing, and with some careful painting and weathering it will look amazing. So, if you absolutely have to have every aftermarket release for your build then you will need this one. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  14. Hello all, im new here, this is my first build post on this site. This is my newest addition to my display case. Its the new Tamiya 1/32 f4u-1a corsair. Of all the builds I have done in the past, this is by far the nicest kit I have come across yet. I added a few extras to go along with the build, such as the barracuda decals for the interior of the cockpit, barracuda diamond tread tires, rb productions oil cookers, and hgw seatbelts, and the decals that I used were by fundakals, very nice by the way, and ez line for the aerial wire. The paints that I used were all done by mr color, weathering was done by the new ak interactive panel liners, very nice to. I hope you guys like it, any questions or comments are welcome Jeff
  15. Chance Vought F4U-1A Corsair detail Sets Eduard 1:32 The Tamiya 1:32 Corsair F4U-1A is a fantastic model straight out of the box as are all of this series of 1:32 kits, but there are always more ways to gild the lily. This is Eduard come in with their range of update sets for it, six in fact if you include the zoom and mask sets, and there’ll probably be joined by others in the near future. Each set is held in the usual poly sleeve packaging with a card insert to prevent damage, and the instructions still leave a lot to be desired. Typically some of the kit details need to be removed before the brass parts can be added. Interior Set (32828) Contained on two sheets of relief etched brass, the larger one is unpainted whereas the smaller one is not only pre-painted but self adhesive as well. The unpainted sheet contains items such as the rudder pedal heel and toe plates, rudder cable attachments, side console inside faces, document pockets and additional fittings not included in the kit. On the engine bulkhead there is a pair of new cable runs and pipes, whilst the foot rests/”floor” troughs are fitted with more detailed bulkhead fittings complete with lightening holes. There are a large number of instrument boxes fitted around the cockpit, on the side consoles; coaming and side walls onto which the pre-painted faces are attached. The instrument panels are also pre-painted complete with the instrument faces on the backplate. A little dab of aqua clear will give them the appearance of glass fronts. The fire extinguisher and oxygen bottles receive new straps and supports and the canopy is fitted with new frames fore and aft and latching handle. Interior Zoom Set (33144) This zoom set contains only the above pre-painted sheet and allows the modeller to build a well detailed cockpit without the hassle of getting bogged down with detail that might otherwise be deemed superfluous. Engine Set (32365) To really enhance the details on the kits engine this set provides a wealth of additional and finer parts for the job. Quite a few areas need to be cut away before the etched parts can be added, particularly around the cowling mounting bulkhead between the cylinder banks. Holes need to be drilled into the cylinder banks ready to accept the new wiring harness which is pretty complex and care will be needed as whilst the instruction diagram is better than usual, it could have been clearer. The exhaust manifold receives new flanges and jubilee style clips. Another complex area of the build is the fitting of the individual cowl flaps and cowl flap ring. Each cowl flap is fitted with a three piece etched actuator which will need a very steady hand to assemble and fit. The front cowl mounting ring is also provided as are the interior rib detail for each of the opening cowling panels. Exterior (32366) This single sheet set contains some very nice additional detail for the exterior and open areas of the kit. There are quite a few parts dedicated to the interior of the tailwheel bay, especially on the mounting bulkhead which has new mounting fixtures and fittings for the tail oleo, whilst the foreward bulkhead is fitted with new fittings which include the rudder cable arm and mounting bracket. The tailwheel bay doors are fitted with new hinges panels and attachment links. The main wheel bays also get a dose of additional detail with the fitting of new panels around the bay walls and roof along with additional cabling and pipe work. If you’re building the model with wings folded then you have the option of adding new end plates to the flaps and ailerons along with replacement brackets and web pieces. The wing fold areas have a host of new hoses and pipework fitted which will really make the areas look not only more accurate but busy. Placards (32829) This small single sheet set contains much of what is already on the interior sets pre-painted sheet and naturally the zoom set, which is rather annoying to be honest. There are a few parts different that the modeller could use in the cockpit, but not nearly enough to make this set worth being separate to the interior sets. Masks (JX176) To complement the sets mentioned above, Eduard have also released a set of paint masks for the F4U-1A, which helps masking the clear areas a whole lot easier. Conclusion As with most of Eduards releases there are questions as to why some sets are so comprehensive yet still missing vital parts that are held back to make up other smaller sets. The placard set should be contained in the interior pack as should a set of seatbelts which will probably be released later. The quality of these sets is superb, and will certainly help to the making of a super detailed model. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  16. My rendition of Revell's new tool Corsair. Painted with Gunze Sangyo acrylics and weathered with a variety of products. I didn't weather the drop tanks as I assumed that they would have been new on the original plane. ...and I broke and lost the antenna... Hope you like her.
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