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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, my entry in this exciting GB is the Fujimi F-4B, in 1/72. Not really a new kit, as I purchased it in 1985. A long time ago, I started building it, and for some forgotten reasons I very quickly stopped. I glued the wing halves and the tanks. I think it is well below the 25% threshold, but please confirm. Here are a couple of photos: I will be going for the paint scheme with the little pirate flag on the vertical surfaces. But before this happens, I need to finish my Emil in the 109 GB, and an Airfix A-4B that is almost at decals' stage. It shouldn't be too long.... Have fun everybody. JR
  2. F-4B Phantom Upgrade Sets (for Tamiya) 1:48 Eduard There is no doubt the new F-4B from Tamiya is a great looking kit. Eduard's new range of sets are here to improve on the kit detail in the usual modular manner. Get what you want for the areas you want to be more of a focal point. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE), Brassin resin and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat re-sealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. SPACE Cockpit Set (3DL48040) The Eduard SPACE sets use new 3D printing techniques that lay down successive layers of different colour resin, creating highly realistic almost full complete panels that are supplied on a decal sheet. They can depict metallic shades, plus glossy, satin and matt colours too, which really ups the detail on everything they print. In addition, a sheet of nickel-plated and pre-painted PE is included for the aspects of the set that lend themselves better to this medium, such as seatbelts and rudder pedals. The 3D decal sheet contains the main instrument panels with a number of additional shaped panels to be fitted around the cockpit, plus placards and dials aplenty. The PE sheet has the extensive belts for the Martin Baker Seats along with canopy sills, and mirrors Cockpit Update Set (491212) If you prefer the more standard PE to the new 3D space sets then this set brings us the cockpit details for the F-4B. There is one main colour nickel set for the main cockpit details, and a smaller brass fret for rudder pedals, cockpit sills, canopy mirrors; and strangely for what appears to be a cockpit set 4 exhaust ends for the AIM-4, and AIM-9 missiles. Seatbelts STEEL (FE1213) These belts are Photo-Etch (PE) steel, and because of their strength they can be etched from thinner material, which improves realism and flexibility in one sitting. Coupled with the new painting method that adds perceived extra depth to the buckles and other furniture by shading, they are more realistic looking and will drape better than regular brass PE. As in the 3D cockpit set above, the small fret contains the extensive seat belts and firing handles for the Martin Baker Seats. Tface Masks (EX803) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy both inside and out, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. In addition, you get a set of hub/tyre masks for the wheels, allowing you to cut the demarcation perfectly with little effort.
  3. Guys and gals, some new items are available at Hypersonic Models. For the new Tamiya F-4B (and other future variants...) I've got: A centreline pylon, designed to fit onto the kit's tank mounting tab with an easy modification And then the McD (early) 370gal wing tanks have made an improved come back, with the tanks easier to clean up and assemble. For the moment, they are available with new pylons for the Tamiya kit. Pylons for Hasegawa (will work for ZM as well) and Academy are also re-designed and will be released soon. What's coming: F-4B plain fin cap for Tamiya, FJ-3 Fury cockpit update set and nose correction as well as very likely an F-4N conversion, again for the Tamiya F-4B kit. Cheers, Jeffrey
  4. My first Academy 1/48th F-4B Phantom, I started this kit three years ago however she went on the shelf of suspended doom when I started to get frustrated with airbrushing with acrylic paints. I re-started her a few weeks ago, to be quite honest it was a 'just get it finished' job and it remained that way until I started to apply the decals. Somehow the ugly duckling turned into a swan, or at least something approaching that. This is the end result: 20201018_124319 (2) by Ghostbase, on Flickr This was my first build of the Academy Phantom. I am used to the ESCI/Italeri and Revell/Monogram kits, have also put together a couple of Hasegawa kits over the years, and I was impressed with the Academy offering. I liked the one piece upper body section, the separate rear section, the way the kit went together, and the wide variety of missiles included in the box. Very little filling or sanding was required. Definitely a thumbs up! I do have a couple of the Eduard boxings in the stash and I would love to start one soon to see what difference the additional goodies make 20201018_124333 (2) by Ghostbase, on Flickr This next photo does show one major problem. I built and painted the rear section aft of the jet exhausts complete with the tail planes/elevators, dry fitted it and all was fine, however it sort of went wrong when I cemented the section on. Not too sure what went wrong! The other side was fine so no harm done I guess. 20201018_124354 (2) by Ghostbase, on Flickr I prepared all the spues with Halfords primer, grey on top and white underside, then rattle-canned Halfords appliance white to the under surfaces as well as the top of the ailerons and the rudder. This went on well. I then applied light gull grey top sides using an acrylic paint 'configured for the air brush' and it was a disaster! The airbrush sprayed for about five seconds, clogged up, then spattered thick drops all over the fuselage and wings. Trust me, it was a very sudden and short journey to the shelf of doom. It took me a long time to learn how to apply acrylic paint with the airbrush and several coats of light gull grey managed to hide the appalling first coat. The metallic areas were painted using Humbrol metal-cotes which I always find to be reliable. 20201018_124427 (2) by Ghostbase, on Flickr This build was saved by the decals which represent F-4B BuNo 152965 as 'AA-100' operated by VF-11 'Red Rippers' off the USS Forrestal in 1973. These were from the Furball Decals F-4B/N Phantom II Air Wing All Stars Part II set (now OOP). Stencils and standard markings were from the Academy kit. The Furball decals went on really well indeed. Unfortunately I broke one of the red stripes that should have met behind the cockpit canopy so they had to be truncated. 20201018_124457 (2) by Ghostbase, on Flickr One thing I did do reasonably well was the weapons load. I added four AIM-7 Sparrows in the wells under the fuselage, four AIM-9 Sidewinders on the pylons, and three bombs (I can't remember which ones they were) on a TER on each pylon. The kit yellow stripe decals for the bombs refused to settle down so I left them off. I also added three 'gas bags' or fuel tanks. The Academy instructions suggest that this was a valid loadout for a mission but to be honest I am not sure about that. 20201018_124514 (2) by Ghostbase, on Flickr My last photo, which has to be the colourful markings on the tail section of this showy Phantom, so well depicted by the excellent Furball decals. I am glad I decided to persevere with this stalled build, the end result isn't anywhere near perfect but it came out a lot better than I expected and I am happy with that. When can I start the next one? Michael 20201018_124606 (2) by Ghostbase, on Flickr
  5. Lt Victor Kovaleski was a pilot with VF-161, flying F-4Bs from USS Midway at the tail end of the Vietnam War. In January 1973, 6 months before I was born, he had a bit of a mixed week, achieving two "lasts". On 12 January 1973 Lt Kovaleski, with Lt(jg) Jim Wise in the back seat, was flying F-4B 153045 on a combat air patrol. Kovaleski and Wise were vectored to intercept a VPAF MiG-17 flown by Liu Kim Ngo. After a brief dogfight, Kovaleski got into a firing position and blew the MiG-17's tail off with a Sidewinder. Luu Kim Ngo got out, but his parachute failed to open. This was the 197th and last MiG kill of the Vietnam War. Two days later Kovaleski was flying F-4B 153068 with Ensign F.H.Plautz in the back seat when their aircraft was hit by 85mm anti-aircraft artillery. The aircraft began leaking fuel and they ejected. Kovaleski and Plautz were both rescued. This was the last US aircraft lost to enemy action in the Vietnam War. So Victor Kovaleski achieved the last MiG kill of the Vietnam War and was flying the last US aircraft shot down in the Vietnam War, both in the same week. I'm going to build one of the two aircraft involved in 1/48, using the Academy kit. I haven't decided which one yet - I have a Furball decal sheet which includes both of them - one the one hand the last kill seems like the greater achievement, on the other hand at least nobody was killed when 153068 was shot down. But I'm not going to start for a couple of weeks, and I won't really have to decide until I get to the decalling stage, so I've got plenty of time to decide.
  6. Announced (sort of) on their FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Hong-Kong-Models-Co-Ltd-1375731456009809/timeline/ Cheers, Andrew
  7. Hi, Just finished this F-4B in VF-51 Screaming Eagles CAG Colors. This jet Killed one MIG and displayed the 4 MIG kills the squadron scored on its last Vietnam cruise. The kit is the new Zoukei-Mura F-4J kit with the following additions: Accessories used: Eduard Brassin F-4B wheels Master Metal Pitot tubes and AOA Sensor Eduard Brassin Seats w/ PE Furball Decals - They Fit Perfect! Scratch Built items are: Chin Pod Fin Cap Thin wing including the wheel well and speed brakes Non-Slatted Plain Elevator F-4B WSO left side panel F-4B WSO Upper and Mid forward Instrument Panel Scratch built Canopy sills, Breaker bar Short Exhaust Nozzle, Trim, Exhaust tube, and burner assembly Intake fans. (The Kit supplied full engines were not used)
  8. As 1/72 Hasegawa F-4N kits are easier to get today than their F-4Bs I'd like to know, whether slatted tailplanes and ECM fairings above the engine intakes are the only external differences to be retro-modified when aiming to model the F-4B. Cheers Michael
  9. Hi guys! This is my another project in 1/48 - Eduard (Academy) Good Morning Da Nang. I have started it some months ago and now decided to continue my build here. I'll be very glad to hear any comments of my work. P.S. I beg you pardon but my english is not very good now because I've got out of practice for a long time!
  10. Hey everyone and here's the latest from me, finished for the Phantom GB here on Britmodeller. Yes, it's Airfix's ancient (1971 issue) F-4B Phantom that I think I bought out of sheer nostalgia and also after reading the excellent Osprey book pictured below (which has the kit's wingman on the cover). The full WIP thread is here but to recap: Kit: Airfix 04013 F-4B Phantom 1/72 Details: Some panel lines rescribed, Eduard Zoom photoetch for the kits seats and cockpit (which was scratchbuilt) Paint: White from a rattle can, all other paints Revell Acrylic, brush-painted. Johnson' Klear, Flory Models Wash, W&N Matt varnish Decals: Mix of Airfx kit for the Stars & Bars and Afterburner decals for squadron markings, A/c: VF-21 'Freelancers' of Lt Dave Batson & LCDR Rob Doremus, Callsign 'Sundown 102', USS Midway, 17 June 1965 - Mig 17 shotdown. Definitely not the most detailed or accurate F-4 kit out there by a long way but it was the first time I used etch, first time I built an F-4 and I had a lot of fun with the build. She might be a little too Matt in finish (hard to tell when most of the pictures were B&W) but I'm happy how the old girl cleaned up and I think she looks like a Phantom! Thanks for looking and until the next time! Dermot
  11. Hi everyone, I'm in with this old relic, also pulled deep from the stash. I think I bought it in a fit of nostalgia and never considered building it...until now and will be my first Phantom! Markings will be from Afterburner decals for one of the first Mig kills from Vietnam. Will give it a little bit of a attention and just have some fun with it. Really looking forward to this GB! All the best, Dermot
  12. My marker for this GB, the Academy 1/48th F-4B Phantom II, with a choice from the kit decals VF-111 'Sundowners', or the Furball 'Air Wing All Stars - Phantoms Part Two', or Warbird Decals USAF F-110A or VMFA-321. Some modellers are getting excellent results with this kit, this is my first attempt. I am more used to the old Esci and Monogram products so this will stretch me a bit Michael
  13. McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom Seamless Intakes AlleyCat 1:48 The Academy F-4B Phantom has already been praised for it’s detail and accuracy, but there are always areas that need upgrading in any kit. This new set from AlleyCat provides the modeller two seamless intakes along with separate splitter plates. The parts are made of white resin and are very nicely moulded, with fine panel lines, sharp edges and smooth intakes. There is a small amount of cutting to remove an area of the kits lower wing, but this is well described in the instructions, including a diagram of the offending area. The intakes need the fan face end to be cleaned up, removing the moulding lugs, before the kits fan faces can be attached. With this done the intakes are then fitted as normally along with the splitter plates once they have been removed from their moulding blocks of course. Conclusion Another very easy conversion set from AlleyCat that not only look good but alleviate the problems of trying to remove the seam from the inside of the kits parts. These should be able to be used by almost every modeller and I can heartily recommend them. Review sample courtesy of
  14. McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom Detail Sets 1:48 Eduard and Brassin Continuing Eduards releases for the Academy F-4B Phantom are these two sets. The first is a new style set of fabric seatbelts and the second, in their Brassin range is a set of replacement wheels. Seatbelt set, - (49064). The set comes in the standard flat pack style with card backing and contains a small sheet of fabric belts, which are made in conjunction with HGW, with enough parts for both seats, including the shoulder straps, lap straps and seat cover. There is also a small sheet of pre-painted etched nickel which encompasses items such as the buckles, ejection handles for both upper and lower positions and the quick release unit. There are a couple of spare buckles should you lose them when fitting. Brassin Wheel Set – (648 114). Does exactly what it says on the packet, and that is providing a complete set of new wheels for the F-4B. As is usual for Brassin these wheels are beautifully moulded with pin sharp details and only the slightest clean up required when the small webs attaching them to the moulding blocks are removed. As an extra bit of detail to the potential diorama, Brassin have also included six yellow chocks which will only need some thin wire or thread attached and the six chocks placed in position. Of course you will have to check references to ensure the correct colour as they are also to be seen in black or red. Conclusion Another great pair of sets from Eduard and their subsidiary Brassin that not only provide extra detail for the model but also help provide visual enhancements for a diorama, what’s not to like. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  15. McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom 1:48 Eduard Etch Sets for Academy To compliment the already released etched flap set, Eduard have now produced two new sets for the Academy F-4B Phantom. Each set comes packaged in the usual poly sleeve with protective card inserts. Interior Set (49644). This set comes on two sheets, one partially pre-painted and wholly self adhesive, the other standard relief etched brass. There is also a small sheet of acetate for the HUD glass. The detail on the kits cockpit parts needs to be removed first otherwise the etched parts will not stick well. The unpainted parts include the HUD frame, the rear cockpits starboard sidewall with additional small details fitted to it, and backing boxes for the front and rear cockpits. The pre-painted parts are for the front and rear instrument panels each with backing plates which have the instruments painted on them. A drop of Klear or Aqua Gloss will help give the impression of the instrument glass. Then there are the side consoles, and various auxiliary panels on either side of the main instrument panels. The layering of the parts does give a good impression of depth greatly improving the look of the cockpits. The second sheet is unpainted, but due to the relief etching process does have some lovely detail which will look great with some careful painting and dry brushing. The parts include several details for the between cockpits bulkhead, rear cockpits panel structure, pilots rudder pedals, circuit breaker panel, cockpit sills, plus upper centre and rear bulkhead details. The windscreen and both canopies are fitted with new frames, whilst the canopies are also fitted with sill details and rear view mirrors. Seatbelt Set (49605). As the name suggests this set provides a complete set of seatbelts and other straps for both seats. The seat squab covers are also provided plus a pair of replacement upper and lower seat firing handles. A nice touch is a number of remove before flight tags which will give an extra splash of colour for the competed model. Zoom Set (49644). Is the basic set for those who don't want to add too much extra detail to their models but just enough to lift it from the norm. This set has just one sheet and this is the same as the partially pre-painted sheet mentioned above. Conclusion These sets may not be very large, but they do provide some very useful and colourful details for both cockpits. The pre-painted parts look really good and will save on an awful lot of hassle trying to paint the same areas with such detail. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  16. F-4B Phantom Airbrake set 1/48 Eduard Etch Set for Academy The Academy F-4B Phantom seems to have been very well received by modellers, but there is always something that aftermarket companies find to add to the finished model. Eduard have done this with the release of a very nice etched airbrake set. Naturally comprising parts for both airbrakes they have come up with an arrangement which not only gives an improved scale thickness of the outer skin, but also provides the internal airbrake structure by producing the airbrake in three sections, each folded onto each other in a concertina fashion. The internal airbrake bay is also provided with an internal skin and there are detail parts for the actuators including the small rollers on the actuators end where it is attached to the airbrake. Conclusion This is a very nice and useful little set. Simple to use and fit, it looks like it should just drop in, but I’m sure there’ll be some fettling needed. I do like the way the internal structure has been designed and look forward to using them on my F-4 build. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
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