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  1. Hi there! My first small Tomcat - based on the very good Revell Kit in 1/144 with scratch built flaps is ready for inspection! More pics will follow. For size comparison: See you!
  2. I had a bad feeling at the end of 2016 that I did not finish so much, so I have decide to finish this small F-14 from Revell in 1:144. It is OOB, colours Revell aqua.
  3. I am assembling this bird on 1/144, using Rose-ridge decals. I need a help: what are the colours of this Tomcat?
  4. Hello all, This is my recently finished model of F-14A Tomcat in 1/72. It is a nicely moulded Fujimi kit with additional items like pylons, bombs, bombrack, LANTIRN and Sparrow from Hasegawa kit, resin seats (the kit's seats are lost somewhere) and Fightertown's decal. I detailed the cockpit's side walls and wheel wells as they are completely bare. I found a fret of Tomcat PE from old Fujimi Royal Collection that I used some of them. Painting was done using Gunze lacquer paints and weathering by oil. I chose modex 107 (BuNo 161296) as this particular bird dropped 32 bombs and also the only Black Knights' bird to shot her gun during VF-154 Final Combat Cruise 2003 in supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. She was one of five that based at Al Udeid, Qatar to support mainly Special Operation Task Force CTF-20 inside Iraq. My model is not historically accurate as the crew names and bomb marks were painted after the squadron left the area. However, Tomcat is one of my favorite fighter and in this September, US Tomcat has been retired for 10 years. Enjoy the pics...
  5. So I had this Hasegawa F-14B VF-11 Red Rippers kit since June, and up until 3 weeks ago the only thing I made was just the front and top fuselage and nose gear, while waiting for paint to come. Then I just remembered that this week marks the 10th anniversary of F-14 Tomcat's retirement, so I decided to kick everything up and started working again so I can have a photoshoot before the end of September. TBH decals are good in terms of solidity but hard to put down. Need dabs (Dabs? You sure that's not a douse?) of acetic acid since Mark Softener is hard to come by in my hometown. Paint is Tamiya's acrylic, and this is the first time I tried salt weathering, though not extensively since I'm still a newbie in this salt weathering business. Gotta say I'd give it a try again in the future. As for the kits? Flash in many places, ejector pins in difficult places, frustrating fitting problems in many places, 12(!) exhaust petals to fit one-by-one, and fiddly cockpit to fit. I had a thought of retiring from making Hasegawa's F-14... ... But only for a second or two. To be honest I'm looking forward to snatch some more from my seller. Oh, and my Rippers 100 CAG is accompanied by F-14D Lions 213 Skipper Bird I made 2 years ago P.S.: I lost the USS JOHN F KENNEDY decals on the wing glove. My room's carpet is an absolute hell hole for modelers. Sorry for the wheels, my cackhandedness seemed to ruin it And here it is with VF-213 skipper, still my favourite scheme for F-14 of all time. Along with VF-2 farewell scheme and VF-14 Tophatters 80th Anniversary scheme (of which I can't find the kit anywhere D: ) Feel free to criticise and comment, every helpful critics are very much welcomed ^^
  6. 1/48 UK Phantoms from 111 Squadron http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10402480 Jolly Rogers Overload in 1/72 - Phantom and Super Hornet http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10402477 , Tomcats http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10402475 MiG-25PD http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10402494 From Hasegawa's web site http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/month/201609/ Robert
  7. This set is to correct air bleed channels shape and jet intake ramps width for the 1/48 Hasegawa F-14 Tomcat. Molded from polyurethane resin. Dry fit is required before installation.
  8. Please vote for your preference - F-14 GB III or Topgun/NFWS GB Right, with the upcoming release by AMK and Tamiya of two new tool 1/48 F-14 Tomcats, I would like to propose the F-14 Tomcat III GB for 2018. If there is not enough interest, with Fightertown's recent releases of the excellent Topgun movie stars decals, who would be up for a Topgun GB, where any NFWS aircraft is fair game - F-14, F-16N, A-4E, F-5E, F-21 Kfir - you name it, as long as it was a Topgun/Navy Fighter Weapons School aircraft, it's on! No Airforce aggressors I'm afraid... Edit: 2018 instead of 2017
  9. 1/72 Tomcat from new company CALIBRE WINGS details are very good is it die-cast from metal or plastic?
  10. New version of previous set PE4804 designed to improve the appearance of the site seal on the moving part of the wing and engine cowl hinges in the aircraft model F-14 Tomcat on a scale 1/48 by Hasegawa production. Made of steel with a thickness of 0.05 mm.
  11. Kits are designed for models F-14A or F-14D Tomcat on a scale 1/48 produced by Hasegawa. But with some conditions can be used to model the aircraft from other manufacturers.
  12. KA-Models is to rebox the Fujimi 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat kit- ref.???? F-14A 'Jolly Rogers 1978~1991' Sources: https://www.facebook.com/KAMODELS2007/photos/a.390320164315130.111612.185804791433336/1106701499343656/?type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/KAMODELS2007/posts/1108277229186083 V.P.
  13. Hey All Today I present Academy's 1/72 F-14A Tomcat finished as a what-if CF-14 of the Canadian Armed Forces. In the late 1970s the Department of Defence was looking for a replacement for the CF-101 Voodoos and CF-104 Starfighters that were starting to show their age. The aircraft that made the short list were the Panavia Tornado, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-15 Eagle, Mirage 2000, F/A-18 Hornet, and F-14 Tomcat. The list was eventually whittled down and the F/A-18 Hornet was chosen as the winner of the New Fighter Aircraft competition. Over 30 years later the Hornets are still going strong, but like the Voodoos before them, they too are soon do for replacement (a highly controversial and much debated topic). The F-14 was struck from the list as it was deemed too expensive in the numbers required; a conclusion the US Navy had already come to. According to some internet sources, Canada had offered to purchase the Iranian Air Force's fleet of F-14As for a bargain-basement price after the post-revolution US arms embargo had left them grounded. Due to political reasons the offer was declined. Whether this is true or simply hearsay, I don't know, but what I do know is that it makes for good modelling inspiration. I give you Tomcat "123" of 441 Squadron, Canadian Forces Air Command (Didn't have enough zeroes to do "100" ) The Academy F-14 is a pretty nice kit. The build is relatively straight-forward with the only problems being at the nose to rear fuselage join. Panel lines are sharp and deep enough to hold a wash well, except around the nose where they are a little soft. The cockpit is not the most detailed but with the addition of some True Details seats looks presentable under the canopy. With careful gluing the wings are still functional after assembly, but will scrape the paint off the wing surfaces, so are best glued in your favourite position. The AIM-54s are from the kit, with the Sparrows and Sidewinders coming from a Hasegawa weapons set. If I were to do this again, I would probably replace the forward AIM-54s with Sparrows so as not to hide the False Canopy. The model was painted with Model Master Light Ghost Grey and Medium Grey, these being the closest matches to the colours used in the CF-18's camouflage, with Gunship Grey used for the "False Canopy". Exhausts were done in Humbrol Metalcote Gunmetal, with a gentle spray of MM Jet Exhaust on the inside. Decals were from the excellent Canuck Model Products sheet "CF-18 Hornet - Symmetrical Scheme" to depict the aircraft as it would (may) have appeared in the early 1980s. Seriously, these are hands down the BEST decals I have ever used. Thanks for looking and keep on whiffing! Regards, ANS
  14. Evening, all. I haven't finished a model since last December, so this is my first build of the year - something small to get me going again until I can decide what I want to build! It is Revell's nice little 1/144 F-14A, in what I'm sure many of you will agree is the quintessential F-14 scheme. Not much to say about the kit. It goes together well, and it looks like a little Big 'Cat. The decals were a little on the thick side, mind you. She's suffering from ghost pilot syndrome too. In my defence, it's a little difficult to readily find little men in 1/144. There are some bits I am happy with. Some not so much. I'm still not sure about the smoke trail from the AIM-9 - although it is the first time trying something like this. I still need to learn how to photograph models, too. Comments & criticism welcomed as always, and I hope you like it! Daryl.
  15. Hey gents, I'm currently turning my circles around the modelling forum world again, just trying to gather some intel and some impressions. I'm currently working on converting the Tamiya 1/32 Alpha Tomcat into a Delta and just fit the Aires Burners (please note, the ones explicitly for the Tamiya kit!!!) to the airframe and flamin' rod do I have to spend some proper load of putty to straighten everything out. Did I just hit a screwed kit or can it really be that the Aires cowls are somewhat too small? As said, I'm using the set specifically tailored for the Tamiya kit, at least that is stated on the set but it kind of feels like having to fit the stuff to a Revell kit. Anyone who has used the Aires stuff on the Tamiya kit before willing to share his or her two cents? Would help me out a great lot. Thanks in advance everyone.
  16. Hello, With the arrival of the airbrush and compressor yesterday I've decided to take the plunge and build two kits at the same time. the two kits I'm building are the 1/100 Academy F-14 and the reboxed Italeri/Tamiya Jaguar GR-1, here is the usual box shots for the moment. Box Shot of both kits: Academy 1/100 F-14 Tomcat: Stand for the Tomcat: Sprue A: Sprue B: Tamiya/Italeri Jaguar GR-1: Sprue A: Sprue B: The Tomcat is going to be finished in White, and at the moment I'm unsure about the Jaguar, its either going to be in the Gulf War Colours or the Grey/Green scheme which it can also be built in! Thanks for Looking.
  17. Hey, I'd like to show you my F-14D Super Tomcat in 1/72 scale. The kit is by Revell and overall pretty good. When I built this model in 2012 I wasn't that concerned about cleaning flash, filling or sanding - and thats very visible in some areas. I still hope you like it! Cheers, Tom
  18. Just finished this mighty fighter. Hasegawa kit 1/48 with some aftermarkets, resin cockpit, metal landing gear and pitot tube, resin exhausts and missiles. Few PE in the canopy. hope you enjoy it. regards from Mexico!
  19. Hey everyone and here's Tomcat #3 from me this year - yes, it's Airfix's F-14 in the re-issued 'blue' box with the box-top scheme of VF-14 Tophatters in 1996 when the USS JFK visited Dublin with her air wing. I had some pictures of that visit back then, but they've been lost somewhere along the way! The full build log is here but just as a quick summary: Kit: Airfix 05013 Build: As per instructions but with rescribed panel lines (first time!) using RB productions scribing tool (excellent) Extras: Ejection seat rings from wire, belts from Tamiya tape. Fuel tanks, main gear wheels and TCS seeker from spares box. Nose probe from wife's sewing set! Paint: Humbrol acrylics brush painted. Future, Flory Models wash. Matt coat. Decals: All from kit Markings: BuNo 159863 (should be AC101, not AJ 201) but I'm not worrying! The detail is very much 70's Airfix in places (e.g the burner cans and shallow u/c bays) and there's zero engine detail, so she'll need engine covers at some stage. And I've just noticed an aerial or two missing. But I must admit, I had an absolute blast building it, I think she looks like a Tomcat and am really chuffed how she turned out. Thanks for looking...and onto the next 'Cat! All the best, Dermot
  20. Hello all, I'd like to present a bit of a 'side' project for the next month or so. Any 'Top Gun' fans out there may have an idea of what the title means, but to wet your appetite: Dogfight I plan to make a scene similar to the video above with a mighty F-14 chasing down a diminutive A-4. The kits: VF-124 decals for the F-14: References: I don't have any references for the A-4 bar the internet. Both will be mainly OOB except for the addition of the decals and a Master brass pitot tube for the F-14. I'll load both of them with ACMI pods from Hasegawa weapons set D. I have a wooden base and I plan to drill holes for brass tube to display both the jets at 'dogfighting angles' Dave
  21. Someone better get printing 1/48 VF-84 Jolly Rogers F-14A Decals things are getting ridiculous £95 for decals ! ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181565823396?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  22. This is the thread for the continuation of my tomcat STGB fail: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234957812-revell-1144-f-14a-vf-84-the-final-countdown-cat-shot-update-12-5/ Updates to follow. . . .
  23. Hey everyone, Here's a recent completion from me for the Tomcat II GB. The aim was to finish her as Fast Eagle 107, just as she landed after shooting down an Su-22.I still have to add two Phoenix missiles but am calling her done. You can read the WIP build here but in summary; Kit: 1/72 Hobby Boss F-14A Paint: Brush painted with Revell Acrylics, Flory Models Wash Decals: From kit Extras: Hasegawa pilots from pilot set. Close up of the crew.. Pylons for the fuel tanks were scratched... Thanks for looking! Dermot
  24. This is my latest completion. It was done for the Tomcat STGB II and I thought I would to try and inject a bit of humour into this build, anyway I had fun doing it. The hardest bit was getting Maverick 'giving the bird', something that didn't work out too well but, after some major amputation, he is doing it. Enjoy. Kits Tomcat - Revell 1/144 F-14A MiG-28 - Revell 1/144 F-5E TigerII Figures OzMods & Prieser 1/144th Generic ranges Paints Lifecolor and Citadel Decals Revell 1/144th F-14D Grey Scheme from spares box VF-1 F-14A .PDF file supplied by Scarlet MiG-28 homemade Build Thread is here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234958011-the-data-on-the-mig-is-inaccurate-scene-from-top-gun-in-1144th-finished/
  25. This is the thread for the continuation of my tomcat STGB fail: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234957812-revell-1144-f-14a-vf-84-the-final-countdown-cat-shot-update-12-5/ Updates to follow. . . .
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