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Found 17 results

  1. Just wondering if F-111's were ever regularly parked up with wings swept back? Looking at most completed models one usually see's them finished parked with wings spread & flaps down. Does anyone know if that was general practice say at Lakenheath as I plan to build one from one of the squadrons with the 48th. Is it realistic to pose a parked Lakenheath based F-111 with wings swept back? Martin
  2. Here is my interpretation of F-111E serial 67-0120, 20th Fighter Wing USAF, Incirlik AB (Turkey), January 1991, Operation "Desert Storm". 1/48 Italeri kit (rebox of Academy); Eduard`s ZOOM PE set (for HobbyBoss kit) in cockpit; Master`s pitot tube; ALQ-131 ECM from Kinetic`s F-16 kit under fuselage. Lot of scratch work (esp. slats and flaps, canopy, changed gear bay cover etc.). Camo is painted with Lifecolors. Decals are from the box, but I`ve changed some things, because I wanted my "120" in "Desert Storm" scheme, without all those colorful additions that this aircraft usually had (and have now, because 67-0120 "The Chief" is preserved in Imperial War Museum, Duxford, UK). So here it is: Thanks for watching!
  3. Hi all, Here's my 1/72 Hasegawa F-111D that I just finished. I used some Eduard PE on it, mainly in the cockpit, and used a mix of Superscale and kit decals. Painted with Gunze and Tamiya. I wanted to add a pair of Eduard AIM-9's, but those PE fins are really testing my patience and skills, so they might be added later. And the cockpit during construction: Thanks for looking.
  4. Right. So I'm back from travels and armed with my US-Airfix "F-111F" kit. I am currently slammed for time and know little about F-111s, so this will be more or less OOB. I won't be correcting any shape errors, but I will be adding some detail because my home audience (my daughter) likes stuff like seat belts! I will therefore spend some time on making it look less toy like: * cockpit detail, possibly opened canopy * deeper and detailed wheel wells * better wheels * engine details Extra detail will come from the spares box and scrap plastic. I also have an ample supply of filler, which I am sure I will need! It will be in an Upper Heyford scheme, which ironically is in the native but not the US boxing. I will cross that bridge when I get there. So gentlemen I beg your indulgence! The box and the parts: Paint scheme could be a little clearer... That pesky main undercarriage assembly sequence explained: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  5. I've recently acquired a bargain Airfix F-111E kit and was wondering if anyone could answer either of the following? If I make the E version OOB, are there any decals with the UH tail code and serial in black? (those in the kit are white). or What would I need to change externally on this kit to make it look like a Lakenheath F-111F? ie what's the difference between an E and an F, visually?
  6. When: 1st April 2017 to 2nd July 2017 Host: trickyrich Ok there seems to be a wee bit of interest shown in this on the F-16 STGB where I mentioned it, so here it is. It's an aircraft thats quite forgotten but actually had quite a long life, over 40 years active service, even thought it's gestation was a bit pain full and during this time she acquired a a bit of a bad reputation. She wasn't the sales success that was hoped for it with the RAAF being the only other operator. The RAF nearly had them but as usual politics kill this along with a lot of other projects, home grown and otherwise. So operator choices will be a wee bit slim! Variants will we have the A's through to the F's, the FB-111A/F-111G, the EF-111 Raven (also known as the "Electric Fox" and "Spark Vark"), plus some NASA F-111 TACT specials. Plus there was the F-111B Naval Air Defence version and the F-111K for the RAF. For this build the F-111B will be allowed as it was produced but it needs to be in it's test colour schemes. The F-111K...well two were on the production line when they were cancelled (went on to be used as test aircraft), so it was nearly there, so I would be happy for it to be included ONLY I if it was done in it's promotional colour scheme...no WhatIf squadron colours. There are a few pictures around but other info is a little bit harder to find...a real challenge for some one (same with the F-111B). Of cause as a Ex-Pig Fixer I have a real soft spot for this aircraft having working on them with 6 Sqn so for me a mid 80's version...maybe the recon version if I want a challenge. Models, well there are quite a few around of varying vintages. So here's a chance to salute a very unique aircraft with an interesting history. Ok list time.... 1, trickyrich - Host 2, Caerbannog 3, Knight_Flyer 4, mungo1974 5, Antoine 6, Jabba 7, Lex77 8, snapper_city 9, TrojanThunder 10, Ghostbase 11, Andrew 12, mirageiv 13, Rob G 14, Mark Turk 15, S5 modeller 16, -Neu- 17, Arniec 18, Bill Ficner 19, Ronan71 20, gingerbob 21, swat11 22, PhamtomBigStu 23, Pappy 24, exdraken 25, Navy Bird 26, Tim Moff 27, vvpelt68 28, Dermo245 29, vesthepes 30, Tony Tiger66 31, HansReggelsen 32, spaddad 33, Dazey 34, Cammer625 35, Giogio N 36, PaulR 37, helios16v 38, neil5208 39, Mountain goat 40, Robert 41, Balloo 42, Muzz 43, Hewy 44, 45,
  7. Well through the magic of the internet and some preplanning I can start this thread away form home……….and then wait 8 weeks before I can actually start. As a former “Pig Fixer” you’d have thought I’d have built one by now but I haven’t, so as to have no excuse not to I preposed this GB. I’ll be building Hobby Boss’s 1/48th F-111C into hopefully time permitting, into a RF-111C I worked on operated by 6 Sqn at RAAF Base Amberley in the late 80’s. The Hobby Boss model is a nice model with heaps of detail and masses of weapons are provided even though most were never used by the RAAF. All the weapons have been removed, as the Recon bird does not require them, even though they could carry them. She’s a big beasty! I’ll be using Eduard’s BigSin set for the F-111C, lots of good stuff here, but there are issues! The decals don’t look too bad but I may replace those or some of those as well! I’ve managed to get some good reference material as well, as I don’t trust my memory! The main difference between the F-111C and the RF-111C was mainly the Recon pack. The Weapon bay doors were replaced (these door were made up of 4 panels) with the main ¾ door with faired camera openings and a smaller ¼ door. The M61 Vulcan 20mm was removed and replaced with 2 panoramic cameras (high & low altitude), 2 stills, and Infra-Red Line Scanner, and a couple of video cameras. No one currently makes the recon doors in 1/48th, but I managed to find a set of 1/72nd ones, so I’ll use these as sort of masters to get the shape right. OK now for the issues with the model, and there are a few I’ve found already, basically you can’t build a Non Avionics upgrade version or a Pre-Pave Tack version either as the 20mm cannon isn’t provided. Plus the instrument panel is wrong for the non-Pave tack and Recon birds, I’ve had to an F-111A one which is correct for these. Plus the F-111C didn’t have formation lights, these are moulded and have to be removed as well. Finally I’m probably going to get the Scaledown Wheel Wells and Undercarriage set, for the detail and accuracy, plus it give me proper intakes wells! There are some other items I’m interested in but I’ll wait and see. Again a lot depends on time, if I run short I’ll just go for the Non-Recon version, otherwise I plan to produce a resin conversion set in 1/48th for the Hobby Boss model. Now I have just to wait 8 weeks and plan!
  8. I decided to start another kit to represent F-111E 68-0020 in 1986 with the "My Luck Blonde" nose art. The kit is the same Hasegawa F-111E Nose Art The aircraft being modeled. The cockpit was painted a lighter gray this time Instrument panel decals are not bad all things considered. Cockpit installed and fuselage mating started. Note that I had to use an older canopy from the spares box while the one from the kit box was "baptized" in a bath of floor polish. Sitting next to my other entry "The Chief" F-111E 68-0020 circa 1989
  9. Hello chaps Nice to be around this one, the wait is over... I am pretty sure this is going to be a pleasant and entertaining group build, as it is usual here on BM... I'm in with a colorful F-111E carrying a nice noseart. Not sure about its role in Libya, all I know it was the commander of the sqd. flagship and that the noseart brought luck to the pliot back from the days of Vietnam. Hopefully someone can add some info o the subject, I'd be very happy to hear. Initially I was thinking of a downed F-111F 70-2389 callsigned Karma 52, but since I don't have the decals for it, I'll stick with the E version. Plus I've heard the IP in the Verlinden set is to match the E and not the F version... I cannot confirm it yet, I will have to take a look at both of the panels and then compare it to the resin one... Anyway, here's obligatory stuff: classic Libyan raiders markings... eduard etch old Verlindern set, still very useful a must too bad both afterburners are open, but still better than the kit offering this last item is very nice, but I sincerly doubt I will use, as my place on the shelf is limited and this beastie's wingspan is not a joke... that's about it for now... cheers, Vasko
  10. Better late than never!
  11. Hi all, Just picked up an Academy 1/48 F-111C (the newer release with updated moldings etc) for a bargain price and was wondering if it is possible to build an F-111E or F from the kit. I don't know enough about the aircraft myself but I'm sure there are some of you knowledgeable types out there who will know whether it can be done or not. Thanks for looking. Craig.
  12. Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234967246-148-republic-rf-84f-thunderflash-by-tanmodel-released/?p=2200681 V.P.
  13. General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark and EF-111A Raven Warpaint Series No.104 Controversy and competency is the best way to describe the first variable geometry combat aircraft to enter operational service anywhere in the world. This was the F-111 Aardvark, the typical Cold War below the radar strike bomber. It was born in one of the most politically-motivated and incompetent procurement processes ever, and experienced a troublesome gestation period with spiralling costs in development and production, and an unimpressive first deployment to Vietnam in 1967. Yet, all this was forgotten when the F-111 matured and proved itself to become a devastating weapon and a formidable penetration strike aircraft in its second tour in Southeast Asia in 1972-73, helping to prove that its sophisticated attack and terrain-following radar systems enabled the delivery of a large number of ordnance with unerring accuracy at ultra-low level in a hostile environment. Thus equipped, the F-111's long-range all weather missions on targets in Libya in 1986 and in the Gulf War of 1991 confirmed that the Aardvark had become the spearhead of Tactical Air Command and USAFE, and for many years represented the cutting edge of NATO's deep strike forces. It is enough to say that during the Gulf War only two aircraft types were allowed to attack downtown Baghdad and avert collateral damage: the F-117 and the F-111. The longer-span FB-111 was developed with bombing avionics for undertaking the nuclear delivery role with Strategic Air Command, while later still a major re-do resulted in the EF-111A Raven in which were installed the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art electronic countermeasures and signals jamming systems available to assist in SEAD missions. The swing-wing F-111 was a familiar sight in Britain in the 1980s and early 1990s when it equipped two USAFE wings at Lakenheath and Upper Heyford, the latter base also hosting a squadron of EF-111As during part of the same period. The F-111 tactical strike fighter served with the RAAF as well, and was retired from service as recently as 2010. The F-111 was even ordered by the Royal Air Force in the late 1960s to replace the cancelled TSR.2 but was then itself cancelled at great expense amid nationwide controversy to which a whole chapter is dedicated in this publication. The Book This new title, produced by Charles Stafrace and presented in the now familiar blue card covers with an evocative colour image of the F-111 in flight, should be very welcome for post war jet fans. There are 96 pages, including the covers and general-arrangement plans, and it is brimming with historical and technical information, complimented with colour and monochrome photo's, profiles plus tabulated data inserts of specifications. There are thirty-nine full colour side profile illustrations; all drawn by Richard J. Caruana, with some giving three or four views that delineate the camouflage and also shows the position of markings and emblems on the various aircraft. Throughout the book the development, history and politics of the F-111's career is written in an easy to comprehend style, with one hundred and eighty colour plus twenty nine monochrome photographs accompanying the text to highlight the aspects described. The profiles are accompanied by short descriptive narratives, each providing specific details of a certain aircraft; by type, bu number, where based and time period referred to in the drawing. Occasionally, an additional plan view is inserted; as with the version below, which has been drawn specifically to highlight markings that appear on the top of the wings and fuselage. In addition to the detailed and informative textual history, there are tabulated data sheets included as inserts at various stages throughout this publication. The example below shows the US Air Forces serial number allocations to the F-111 and EF-111A production programme. The book is sub-divided into sections by type, with the first section covering the F-111 version and the second section covering the history of the EF-111A electronic warfare variant. As already mentioned, the information and history is interspersed with good quality colour or monochrome photographs; each with a short dialogue pertaining to that aircraft's history or markings etc. Most Warpaint series have a pull-out plan inserted, either in the centre pages or inside the back cover. The plans for this edition are printed on one A3 size sheet and show side profiles of the F-111 and EF-111A series on one page plus top and underside plans on the second page. These plans are printed to 1:72 scale by Richard J. Caruana. Conclusion This new Warpaint title explains the F-111's development, service history, failures and successes, in all its versions whilst in service with both USAF and RAAF, with full text and supplemented with specifications; squadron tables and more than 180 photos, most of which are in colour. Review sample courtesy of
  14. Devilfish

    Merlin GR3

    On the cancellation of the TSR2, the government placed an order for 50 F-111K bombers. Had we actually got them, here's what I think they would have looked like by the 80's. 7 Sqn was one of the units earmarked to receive them. XV 912 was within the range of serials set aside for the F-111K. Kit is the Academy one. It did fight me a bit, but went together ok.
  15. Hi all, After 10 months and a few hours on Sunday afternoon it's finally done. This has been built for a friend as a thankyou for some bits and pieces that he helped me out with in 2012. Gary H...I hope you like it mate! The aircraft represents A8-127 from 1 Squadron circa the mid 70's well before the Pavetack and AUP programs were implemented. The gun fairing is installed. Of note is that during this period the squadrons had not yet applies squadron specific markings hence why the tail is vacant of advertising. Sadly, this aircraft along with her crew was lost on the 13th of September 1993 near Guyra in New South Wales. A brief summary. The kit is the venerable original boxing of the Hasegawa RAAF F-111C. Some modifications(albeit small) have been made and they are mainly in the cockpit. The pilot side canopy has been cut open and the internal framing added. A new instrument panel was built to represent the aircraft at the time as the kit only supplies a decal which is inaccurate for the C. A simple case of copying the pattern of the kit IP and then drilling holes in it and scoring lines to represent the instrument sections. A radar scope and radar hood have also been as well as well as throttles which are normally represented by the kit decal. Paints are Gunze Acrylics and decals are 23 year old kit decals which silvered a bit unfortunately. The exhausts are various shades of Alclad with Tamiya weathering pastels and graphite applied. The 500lb Mk 82's are sourced from the Hasegawa X-72-1 Weapons set. Here she is in all of her glory with the canopy glue for the open cockpit still drying. Hope you like her. Cheers Mick
  16. Hi guys, This is what I was up to with my RAAF F-111 build. New IP as the kit is a decal only. Intake trunking Cut the pilots canopy open to show off the work inside. New throttles...actually the kit doesn't have any to replace. All dressed up and ready for the canopy. Will have these... ...hanging off these Main wheel well...the central ducting has been repainted black as the red is incorrect...thanks Pappy. Over wing seal from Tamiya tape. Verlinden boarding ladder Primed First round of colour went down over the weekend. Gunze Acrylics thinned with Mr Color Lacquer thinner....nice and smoooze! Touch ups have since been applied but I'm really happy with how the paint went down. Such a shame to have them gone. I'd always look skywards whenever the distant rumble of a TF-30 shook the landscape around Ippy. Hope you like her. Cheers Mick
  17. FB-111 Pics taken by Darwin at the SAC Museum in Nebraska
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