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Found 18 results

  1. Bf 109E Engine Set (7455 for Special Hobby & Eduard Kits) 1:72 CMK by Special Hobby As nice as the new Special Hobby 109s are the engine in the kits is a more basic plastic one. Here in their CMK line they now bring us a resin engine and a pair of cowls for the kit. Some modification of the kit parts will be needed, but this is only minor. As well as the engine and cowl you get a new engine firewall (to which the kit instrument panel fits), new engine bearers and exhausts. Once in the aircraft there are also a pair of machine guns which are prominent on top of the engine when the cowl is removed. There are also a couple of smaller engine parts including a tropical filter. This set arrives in a sturdy box with some foam peanuts inside to protect the contents. The parts require minimal clean up from the small casting blocks, and all look to be top quality. This will add something extra to your 1/72 109. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. My next project is the Airfix A6M2b Zero and I have all the correct colours for a Mitsubishi built version, courtesy of Colourcoats, but have just one small question. I've read the previous posts regarding P&W radial engine colours but can't find any similar reference/post confirming what colours would be correct for Japanese radials so can anyone help please? Regards Colin.
  3. The engine was completed but was short of bits and bobs so added some of the pieces from This is not the best PE from Eduard, the instructions are hazy in part and there aren't enough spark plug leads. The WNW instruction book is required to reduice its short comings. Having spent the best part of a day to lead wires form the two magnetos into the pipe-work and then from this piepwork to the 12 spark plugs (I hope its the magnetos and spark plugs 😂). Waiting for the below to harden the engine was dirtied. I've used the excellent article in 'Air Modellor's guide to WingNut Wings Vol 2; Jeroen Veen Jess'. The vertical part to the Pilot's seat is a ball ache! It's almost impossible to fit seamlessly. My work around is to thin it from the rear glue to the Nacelle and then split it and paint the seat and blend into the rest of the cockpit!! More to follow...
  4. Well I've started my WnW kit the F2B. My apprenticeship were the previous models.... The Engine went together well except I didn't read the colours that well painting the cylinders in Alclad Aluminium and then having to paint the cylinders behind the pipe work with Warhammer copper🥴. Having read that the parts go together and paint on the glue surfaces is enough to interfere with the fit I tried to put a dob of masking fluid on anything that requires glueing. https://www.flickr.com/photos/154341814@N05/50372078788/in/dateposted-public/. The comopleted engine looked a bit barren compared with the photographs in the instruction booklet https://www.flickr.com/photos/154341814@N05/50373486452/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/154341814@N05/50372955042/in/dateposted-public/
  5. Hi All, This is s 3d-printed model of the historic "Curtiss Number 3" engine that powered the AEA Silver Dart, as well as several other experimental craft. It wasn't a reliable engine, but it was an important step towards the development of reliable V-type aircraft engines in the US. The surviving engine is an important artifact in Canadian aeronautical history because it powered the first flights in Canada on Feb 23rd and 24th, 1909. The surviving engine is heavily deteriorated, and there is little archival evidence for certain missing parts, so this is a recreation. The model is based on a scan of the original artifact that was made at Canadian Aviation and Space Museum (CASM) on October 22nd of 2019 by members of the Ingenium conservation team. That scan provided dimensional information for a CAD model that I designed in Fusion 360. The model is published on Thingiverse, along historical details, instructions, and information on the project. The model can be printed using any reasonably recent and decently calibrated FDM printer. The version show above has both FDM and SLA-printed parts, as well as some scratch building for the pushrods and ignition cables. Thanks to everyone who provided information on the previous post. My image links disappeared, so I thought that I would repost the completed model with image links from a (hopefully) more reliable source. Below is information on the engine that I have compiled for future reference, and in case anyone would like to contribute further.
  6. Hello All, I'm new here. I hope that this is a reasonable topic for this forum. I'm working on a 3d-printable model of a classic aeroengine--basically an (intermittently) working prototype from the early history of aircraft. This is the Curtiss No. 3, which famously powered Silver Dart, Cygnet II, and various other experimental craft created of the Aerial Experiment Association (AEA) that included Alexander Graham Bell, Glenn Curtiss, and others. The engine first ran on 23 October, 1908 and was used by the AEA through at least February 1909. It was later used in a small fishing boat in Nova Scotia, which sank. The engine was later recovered and now sits in a display case at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum (CASM) in Ottawa. The good people at CASM made a scan of it for me a month or two ago. I've been using that scan as the basis for a printable model. Here's a rough 1/8 version FDM printed version in primer: Here's a 1/25 version in UV-cured resin that I've painted up:
  7. Spitfire Mk.IX Engine 1:72 Eduard If you're lucky enough to have one of Eduard's rather excellent new Spitfire Mk.IXs in glorious 1:72, you won't have failed to notice that the kit has been designed in such a way as to accommodate an engine. It should come as no surprise then, to find that Eduard themselves have released just such an item. Packed into a reasonably large box considering the size of the contents, the engine is supplied as 26 resin parts and a small fret of photo etched details. Not all of the resin parts are used though, as you get a choice of upper cowling and two different types of exhaust nozzles. Assembly should be fairly straightforward, although you will need to supply your own wire in order to finish some of the finer plumbing and electrical work. The inclusion of replacement parts for the cowling allows the engine to be finished in a variety of possibilities. The resin parts are beautifully cast and tick all the boxes in terms of fulfilling the functions of an aftermarket upgrade. Overall, this is a great addition to the kit and it can be highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any decent reference imagery/schematics to the Boultan Paul's Merlin XX engine? I was thinking if there are any decent plans I'll try model it in Autodesk with the intention of 3D printing it. Could be interesting... Failing that, I was thinking about picking up CMK's 1/72 resin Merlin XX up and kit bashing an engine mount and plumbing together. Would this be correct in a BPD? (In particular a MK 1) What do you's think? The engine in question.... Cheers! I'll record whatever I do and upload it to MURRODELS where you can also see a couple other videos I finished. Theres a bunch more on the way!
  9. Fw 190A-5 Engine Set & Fuselage Guns Set 1:72 Eduard Brassin These sets are both designed for the new Eduard Kit. Engine Set This set provides a complete replacement engine and cowlings for the kit. There is a sheet of photo-etch and an amazing 21 resin parts. The casting on the resin is superb, some of the best from Eduard I have seen. There is a complete engine, mounting brackets and separate cowlings to be displayed of the model. A new resin front cowl, gear box and all new resin exhaust are included for the engine, and a new firewall for the airframe. The photo-etch fret provides the wiring harness for the engine as well as a myriad of small connector parts. Fuselage Guns Set This set provides a replacement set for the fuselage guns of the Fw 190. There is a sheet of phot-etch and 15 resin parts. All the resin parts are superbly moulded. As well as replacement guns there is a replacement fire wall, engine mounts, and back engine part which is seen when this area is open. There are two different gun covers provided but frustratingly nothing in the instructions indicating why, or which to use? The photo-etch sheet provides frames for the side of gun bay, and fixings for the guns & engine. There is also a frame for the front canopy. Combo If the modeller really want to push the boat out and invest in both of these sets then they are available boxed together. Conclusion The new Eduard Fw 190A-5 kit is great in it's own right. These sets will bring it up to a whole new level. Highly Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  10. Iron Maiden's (chartered, I think) 747 suffered some damage on the ground this week; http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/iron-maidens-ed-force-one-11030798 looking at it, it looks to me as if the engine will need a complete new cowling and maybe a new engine, if any part of it has been damaged in the incident. Any ideas out there as to the possible time it might take to repair the engine (and undercarriage, if the story is right) and of course the cost of a new cowling and/or engine, or engine repairs? I couldn't see the R R logo on the cowling, so I am assuming it is an American engine. Some of us Iron Maiden fans are wondering how much tickets for concerts might go up by, depending on the cost of repairs/insurance!! John Oops! looks like I have already posted something previously posted. Apologies.
  11. Resin WWI Engines 1:72 & 1:48 Small Stuff Models Small Stuff are a new company to me, at the moment they produce a range of WWI rotary and in-line engines in 1:72 and 1:48 scales. Looking at their website it seems they may be branching out into other scales and other eras. The engines are small models in their own right. There is a central hub to which all the cylinders attach. For each cylinder you then have to attach spark plugs, intake tubes, valve rockers & levers, and push rods. Some of these parts are small and to help with the smallest parts a special applicator is included. It is also worth noting that "extra" parts are provided,as I am sure I can here the carpet monster salivating at all these small parts! All the arts are excellently cast with no flaws I can see. The sample engine pictured is 1:48 scale, but the 1:72 scale ones are just as detailed. Engines currently available are; 1:72 Engines Wright R-1820-F (Shvetsov M-25) Engine Le Rhone 9C (80 hp) Engine Le Rhone 9J/Oberursel Ur.II (110 hp) Engine Clerget 9B/Z (130/110 hp) Engine Oberursel U.I (100 hp) Engine Gnome 7 Lambda/Oberursel​ U.0 (80 hp) Engine Oberursel U.III (160 hp) Engine Gnome 7 Omega (50 hp) Engine Gnome Monosoupape 9B-2 (100 hp) Engine Mercedes D.III (160 hp) Engine Mercedes D.IIIa/aü (180/200 hp) Engine 1:48 Engines Le Rhone 9C (80 hp) Engine Clerget 9B/Z (130/110 hp) Engine Gnome Monosoupape 9B-2 (100 hp) Engine Gnome 9 Delta / Oberursel U.I (100 hp) Engine Gnome 7 Omega (50 hp) Engine Instructions I only really mention the instructions in a "in box" review if they stand out in some way. These instructions are excellent. Clear CAD drawn pictures and minimal text really show you how to put these engines together. As a way of further help to the modeller they have an excellent photo tutorial here on their website. Conclusion These engines are models in their own right. There is no doubt to the reviewer that if you put the time into these they will enhance any model you put them on. Highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  12. I mean only aluminiums engines..... I was using for engine 15years old humbroll paint aluminum no.56. but I spent it whole. I bought new one but this paint is sometimes matt and sometimes glossy so I cant use this paint. I have also revell and vallejo aluminum but I don’t like them too. :-( So What is your paint for engine?
  13. Hi In this film the pilot puts a cartridge in to start the engine ?? Why?? Dave
  14. Kill me, I'm not worthy Le Rhone 9C: http://www.smallstuffmodels.com/2013/03/72102-172-le-rhone-9c-80-hp-engine_11.html
  15. I have just finished the ICM Merlin, for my Mk IX (don't tell me its a poor example - seen that in other posts) - I can live with it). Now I have looked at a tone of pics and I read somewhere that Edgar mentioned something about grey ext, However I have the 1/32 book by Brett Green and Co on the Tamiya Spitfire and there the Engine seem to be solid black except for exhausts and top covers. I have been told that in service, an engine is just a big black block. Its primed and ready for a dash of colour or not. Thoughts please.
  16. Hi. Have someone photo of Horch 3.5 Engine from Sdkfz 222 ? Thanks for rapide reponse. Marti
  17. Hello dear Friends. Northstarmodels start a series of Engines for WWI airplanes. First item - Oberursel Ur.II Engine in 1/48 scale.
  18. Does anyone have any good photos of the Spey burner can's for the British Phantoms? I'm specifically looking for any good photos that show the actuator assemblies inside the exhaust area. Thanks David
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