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  1. Good evening friends. Here is another one from the past: Eduard's beautiful Me 110 G4 with Master radars and mask painting for the famous plane in which Oblt Wilhem Johen landed in Swiss territory on the 28th of April 44 making Adolf Hitler very mad! It did cost the german a dozen of Me 109G6 to recover the Nightfighter equiped with Germany latest electronic devices. Johen was flying with 5/NJG5. 04856532-E08B-4237-BB19-FC879A903C84 by jean Barby, sur Flickr 1C301CE5-2D95-4132-9A6A-FBBD461AA39F by jean Barby, sur Flickr B1E4EBC0-D9F0-4101-A6EA-E81CD79270C8 by jean Barby, sur Flickr 77BE2491-8B69-4B60-8BAA-1D701F6303CF by jean Barby, sur Flickr D3AA2F4F-10C0-4ECB-87F3-2A99596BD051 by jean Barby, sur Flickr 31E690A9-248B-4E68-A6A2-EB0CCC9399CE by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  2. Hello! Latest project, another ‘109, always a nice model. This one from Eduard is very good, came with some resin, PE and canopy masks. I’ve tried to display a very weathered one, as I think it should be the case operating in north Africa those days. Decals went just fine. Hope you’ll enjoy! Cheers!
  3. Another pair of 109's !!! These 2 Eduard 1/48 Bf109's were built as a 'quick build' but as with all good intentions it didn't work that way, plus a near disaster, with resin & plastic!! The first model represents a Bf109G-8/R2, which was a photo reconnaissance version, virtually a G-6 with cameras. The conversion to the kit merely required two photo ports added to the rear fuselage. Two pieces were cut from the fuselage replaced with clear plastic and sanded to fit the correct contours. The clear plastic was then buffed back to clarity, masks were cut from tape, using plans I had for the dimensions. Internally I added shutters, which on the real aircraft, actually slid to cover the camera lenses, from plasticard. The remainder of the build was pretty straightforward, except for some home made resin I used ( see end of post for explanation!). The machine I chose to represent was from the Xtradecal set Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Fighters, I was taken by the colour scheme advised ( whether accurate or not????? ). I was unable to find any pictures of this particular aircraft, not having access to the reference quoted on the decal sheet instructions! The colour scheme called out was RLM 75/77/76 paints used were AK True Colours. This Bf109G-8/R2 was from Nahaufklarungsgruppe Bromberg, Bayreuth-Binlach, Germany 1945:- Bf109 No.2 Again this is virtually an OOB. This is the Eduard 1/48 Bf109G-10 Erla, using the wings from the Avia CS-99/C-10 boxing. All that were added were some homemade resin accessories (see end of post). Colour scheme came from the MMP publication 'Bf-109 Late Versions-Camouflage and Markings'. Paints used were again AK True Colours RLM75/76/77/82 and Vallejo Metal colour this machine shows the mismatch of parts and colours used to repair or build new machines, in the latter stages of WW2. Decals were from various Eduard sheets and decal library. This particular machine was a Bf109G-10 Erla built, W.Nr. 151562, pilot Uffz. Jochen Stiege, 9/JG.300, Ainring, May 1945 :- RESIN PROBLEM Now being a cheapskate!!! I do make copies of resin aftermarket parts I must stress I only do this for my own personal use. In the instance of these particular two kits I made copies of the sidewalls and spinners. Usually I have no problems with these parts however this time was different, after sanding off the moulded detail in the cockpits and gluing the resin parts in with superglue. I then painted the sidewalls and left them overnight, next day two of the fuselage halves had softened and no matter how long I left them they refused to harden. In the end I filled the area with DeLuxe filler and sanded it down this had to be repeated several times before the, I presume, chemical re-action ceased!!! The last photo shows the problem I had, I've not had this happen previously and am puzzled as to what caused this, I assume, chemical reaction? I experimented with some other home made resin parts and Eduard spare fuselages with no problems so am no wiser as to what the cause was. I will in future apply a coat of primer between resin and plastic which will hopefully prevent this happening again. Cheers Andy
  4. Hello Dears, This is not a brand new project since I started it years ago !! Around 2006... But as I am cleaning up my little personnal MASDC, I restart some buildings ! If I say Fokker DR I, everybody think about the red baron.... Almost right gentlemen ! I read this very good book... And some others Pretty well writed, It is a police investigation but there is a solid backgroung and lots of anecdotes ! I have in mind to represent the 2 brothers at one of their very last meeting in March 1918 I got this in the box I put the Albatros aside and bought this Aaaaaand some goodies More to follow in a few minutes
  5. I'm attempting to build Eduard's 1/48 Bf109F-2 from the Weekend Edition boxing. This one, actually: The obligatory sprue shot: Plans: And finally, decals: Two decal sheets in this one, a bigger one with the aircraft markings, and a smaller one with the stencils, etc. I'll probably apply the more prominent stencils. This will be an OOB build, building the second option, which is for "White 10" of 7./JG 54 in the USSR in Summer 1941. This aircraft is not attributed to any particular pilot. I just need to clear my bench of a few stragglers before starting this. Hopefully I'll be on it next week.
  6. This is a recent two part build of Eduard's Fw190A 1/48 family. Part One is the Profipack boxing of the Fw190A-2, as anyone who has built one of these kits, before, will know what a straight forward build they are. This was an OOB with a few details added and even the scheme chosen was one of the options given (most unusual for me!!). I used AK Real Colours 74/75/76 paints and Mig matt Lucky Varnish for the finish. The machine shown is an Fw190A-2 W. Nr.0122125 of 5./JG 1, Katwijk, the Netherlands, Summer 1942 flown by the CO Oblt. Max Buchholz. Please have a look at Part Two of 'Not Another Fw190' Cheers Andy
  7. Part Two of my Eduard 1/48 Fw190A build. The candidate this time is the Fw190A-3 from the Royal Boxing and just to add some spice I used the Eduard Brassin Fw190A-3 Engine Set. Unfortunately this was not such an easy build, I decide to ignore the Brassin instructions to add the engine before joining the fuselage halves together and paid the consequences!! I thought building the fuselage then adding the engine assembly afterwards was the way to go -WRONG!! I struggled to get the engine to fit properly and spent ages getting a decent fit - lesson learnt for next time! The remainder of the build was straightforward, thankfully. Again against my usual action, I chose a colourful scheme from Eduard's selection on the instruction sheet. This particular aircraft was raised from the seabed in Norway after 63 years and is now on display in a museum (Unrestored). From my understanding this machine was actually an A-2 bought up to A-3 standard with the fitting of the uprated BMW-801D-2 engine used in the A-3 version. I decided not to have the inner u/c doors fitted, a personal choice rightly or wrongly! Finish was again AK Real Colours/ Mig Lucky Varnish. Fw190A-2/3? W. Nr. 125425, 12./JG 5, Herdla, Norway, December 1943 flown by Fw. K. Kundrus. Please excuse the backgrounds on these photos, I obviously need to replace them as cracks are showing ! Thanks for looking. Cheers Andy
  8. A 1/48 Bulgarian MiG-21bis to be built from the exceedingly nice Eduard kit with a suitable interceptor loadout. I have seen a variety of explanations for the "bis" - latin for "second", or other interpretations like "again", "encore", "another" and the list goes on, but the title of "Another MiG" is perfect for the "bis" with other MiG builds in this GB. Also, seeing I am currently in Bulgaria a local subject seemed an ideal fit. Suitably motivated by images like this: And this great little video: I am into it; So first step, some excellent box art, it is some of the best I have seen, a beautiful rendition of a MiG-21 in zero visibility. Sorry, I was getting excited with this build and just had to do the typical un-boxing where the reviewer always says "excellent box art". I know you have guessed it already - Eduard Overtrees: And a box full of plastic. I want to have some fun in the cockpit so thought I would blow the money I saved on overtrees with some upgrades. I just love that fidelity in jet turbines upgrades so hopefully I can also do this justice. And for overkill went with the "Look" panel The MiG-21bis has that deeper spine and a slightly reshaped nose. Eduard did not reshape the nose from their MF version and, yes, the variation is only fractions of a millimetre in 1/48, but once you see it you cannot unsee it. A modeller's curse for some of us. However, there is a correction kit from Cold War Studios and these guys are right here in Bulgaria. Within 24 hours I had the following and with a lovely embroidered patch included. Lucky me. Castings look good. I will be building a subject with the tri-color weathered upper camouflage. I have plenty of decals and more on order. Final subject is still to be chosen. Looking forward to this build. My first MiG-21, but I suspect not the last. First build images very soon. Ray
  9. Hello all; After the odyssey that was the Lou IV project, and a false start with a biplane, I've taken a couple of weeks to get some mojo back and now settled on an F6F-3 Hellcat project for my next one. Specifically; Now, in trawling around the interwebs this appears, again, to be a popular subject for modellers (of course it is, loo at the markings!) but there is an absolute dearth of information about the pilots, their unit and what what they actually did. Eduard has this aircraft as a VF-34 Hellcat, but most of the images on the internet show it as a VF-38 Hellcat. there’s not much info on either unit. For example, here's the Wikipedia entry for VF-38; The markings should be fun to do, and it's a Hellcat, which makes it a meaty topic anyway, but this one will be my attempt to try and put a bit more info into the world on what this squadron did -whichever it was - and the campaign they fought in. I'll be starting into the cockpit tonight. Cheers; Mark.
  10. Bare Metal Spit – 1/48 RAAF Mk VIII A58-303 I’m in! How can you not do a Spitfire on Britmodeller particularly in a STGB? It should be a mandatory Rite of Passage. I planned to do my FR.47 but, it’s in Australia and I’m locked down in Europe. So, I tried the LHS for something and picked up the Eduard 1/48 HF boxing of the Mk VIII. I have chosen something a little different being a RAAF Spitfire Mk VIII serial A58-303 with its camo removed. It will be nice change to do a silver Spit especially in bare metal and not High-Speed Silver. Here’s a picture of the chosen aircraft from http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/Spitfire-A58-303-2/Spitfire_A58_303 The markings for this aircraft was one of the options in the Eduard Limited Edition 1/48 “Aussie Eight” boxing, which I do not have. I prefer to paint the roundels anyway, so this is not a problem and I'll figure something out for the serial numbers. Anyway, I like the idea of no decals for a bare metal aircraft and this aircraft looks like the stencilling was not replaced, also, good. Simple markings and I have great interest in what can be achieved with the bare metal finish. I have not done one for eons and there are some interesting products around to achieve the effect. Let's see how it goes. A freshly opened box just back from the hobby shop. Now for a little research as to any visible differences between an LF and HF Mk VIII other than the pointy wing tips. I recall from somewhere A58-303 was an LF. I expect everything is in the box. Should be fun, Ray
  11. Eduard's 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E's are once again being re-released to coincide with the 80th Anniversary of the B.O.B. not that that's the reason I decided to pull these two kits out of my stash!! I've had these kits since they were first released the E-3 in 2012 and the E-7 in 2013, I tried various methods to reduce the incorrect length of the fuselages, not being happy with any of them they went back into the stash until now, why now, who knows!!!!! The first kit was the Bf (or Me)109E-3 this one is a complete 'cadge up'(mess!). I tried to shorten the fuselage by removing 2mm (approx.) from behind the cockpit, what the hell was I thinking!!!!! After re-joining the fuselage halves, of course all the panel lines were in the wrong places. I did think of filling all the panel lines and re-scribing but lost interest in doing that so they are all incorrect!!! The forward fuselage had broken off forward of the wings and I had problems getting these glued back on properly. I decided to have the cowling closed and had problems fitting this to the re-attached fuselage so all in all the fuselage was a mess!!! I cut down the wing slats which are too wide using the off cut from them to fill the cut out in the wing, this was actually quite successful. Having got this far I decided to finish the kit instead of junking it! The machine represented is from 6./JG26 France, January 1940 decals came from an Aeromaster decal sheet. Painting was using AK True colours RLM02(1938)/ 71/65(1938). Behold the finished article :- The Bf109E-7 I built at the same time as the E-3 did not cause the same problems ( I learned from my mistakes ). I removed the offending 2mm from in front of the vertical tail surface, this left all the panel lines in the correct places and was much easier way than my stupid method on the E-3. Again I modified the slats, added a bit more detail to the interior, again I decided to have the cowlings closed. I have waiting in my stash the Eduard Bf109E-4 with Brassin engine, radio compartment and cockpit, so to my mind too many aircraft with engines exposed is unnecessary (my opinion). This was the easier build of the two 109E's - thankfully!! Machine was finished as Bf109E-7 of 111./ZG1, Eastern Front, 1942. Markings came, again, from an Aeromaster decal sheet. I did change the markings slightly, showing red F as per a profile on FalkeEins blog. I have always liked the look of ZG1's 109s, paint was again RLM02/71/65 as these machines were usually older ones passed on to this unit without being completely re-painted. So two 109's that nearly ended up on the 'shelf of doom' finished !!! The Eduard 109E's have come in for some 'stick' for being inaccurate and difficult to build with which I agree with to some extent, but it is not impossible to produce a reasonably accurate model from them (better than the two above!!). Eduard have spoilt us by re-tooling their Bf109G's and Fw190's so why not the Bf109E's, probably too much to hope for !! Cheers Andy
  12. Since I just finished off my X-1 yesterday, and having been put in quarantine by the management at work, I have spent some time rummaging around my kit stash for something to build. I KNEW tirelessly adding to my pile of unbuilt kits would pay off sooner or later! My choice is the Eduard L.F.G Roland CII, as I've always liked its advanced (for its time) aerodynamic shape and unusual look. Not well liked by its pilots because the wings severely restricts the view of the ground when you are coming in to land and made every attack from below a very unpleasant surprise, it was in fact developed in a wind tunnel and pretty fast for its time. Oh, and some of them even had curtains added by their crew, how cute is that? My choice of decals will likely be the plane supposedly flown by Lt. Seibert with Hptm. Pfleger as gunner.
  13. Well... I count resist...! So, given I have to wait for a day or so for the varnish to harden on my MkIX before decalling, I looked around at my recently acquired Eduard kits, wondering what to build next. I have a couple of FW190's a D-9 and a D-11, I have a 109G-6 and I have a handful of Spitfires... And because this Group Build is so active, with so many great models and modellers, it seemed obvious I would continue on here... This is a group I wouldn't want to end..! So... this is what I have decided to do next... The only question now is whether to do one aircraft or two... I know I want to do one of the Grey Nurse Spitfires... I like the fact that they have the RAF Dark Green and Ocean Grey day fighter scheme, that is then overpainted over the original larger roundels and on the rear of the fuselage in Foliage green... so they will look interestingly colourful... Looking at the book of contemporary photographs, they were also pretty heavily weathered, which appeals.. and given that this time around I will NOT be using any extras such as Brassin engines, or gun bays or anything else, should be relatively straightforward, so I can focus on the areas I need to get better at... the actual overall finish... I'm fine with details and adding bits of resin and so on... but the bits I have enjoyed the most since starting to build aircraft again is the actual overall camouflage and trying to get it looking good (as opposed to accurate!). So, I have opted for A58-602 RG-V, from April 1945 as I said. However, there are another 30 options in the 'Aussie Eight' boxing... and there are two full kits... so which of those other 30 should I choose? They all look really interesting for one reason or another... but I suppose I can decide the second aircraft later... the build up until the primer will be much the same for each... So... here goes my second Spitfire on this group build...
  14. Hey all, at the moment I am building P51D, also by eduard, but somehow just lost the motivation for it after applying decals (not because the kit is crap, kit is the most amazing you can find in the scale, but just like that, sometimes happens). So decided to build a small diorama (never did one.). Well you need a plane for diorama first So Eduard Tempest let it be: Engine and gun bays arrived today together with some barrels from Tamiya which I believe will look nice: The actual kit should arrive tomorrow, so hopefully and give it a start on Sunday Ordered some valejjo paints also
  15. My lock down builds. These two are Eduard 1/48, royal class boxing. They are very very nice kits. Eduard always seems to have lots of parts compared to most other brands, but this one in particular fits perfectly. No aftermarket needed, it’s all there. As always, some little mistakes were made, but I enjoyed the build a lot and that’s what matters most.
  16. Giddey to all! Here some pic`s of my FW 190 A 8, all comments welcome as usual, especially if you can suggest something I can do better! Hope you like it! Cheers Andreas
  17. After having my last 2 projects ending on The Shelf Of Semi-Doom, I was looking for something easy and quick. And it doesn't come more easy than the Eduard Bell X-1 ProfiPack, if you ignore the etched parts that is. Which I won`t. I don`t think there is any need to give a history lesson on the X-1. It was built to break the sound barrier, shaped like a 0.5" bullet since they knew those were stable in supersonic flight, and it did so in 1947. The Eduard kit is about 20 years old (I think?), and has few parts and pretty rudimentary detail so the addition of the photo etched harness and instrument panel(s) is very welcome: There are no added detail for the wheel wells, but it does come with 3 nicely detailed resin wheels: Since the X-1 is one of the most famous airplanes in history and was put in a museum in 1950, there is an incredible amount of online reference pictures for the cockpit and other details, with the notable exception of the wheel wells... So if anyone have any good pictures of the X-1 wheel wells I`d be happy to see them posted here, or a link provided. I`ll try my best to add some details to this kit, partly because I want to give this important aircraft the treatment it deserves, and partly because I have quickly grown fond of trying to scratch build stuff since I first tried it a couple of models ago. Where there are no details, any added detail is an improvement, right?
  18. This is Eduard's Nieuport XI depicted as one of French ace Jean Navarre's mounts. Unfortunately this wasn't an option provided by Eduard hence the missing 6 from the serial number. The build itself was fine but on the painting side I found applying the edging tapes a bit tedious and feel I could have made a better job of them.
  19. Hello everyone... This is my first finished build of 2020. It is an 1/48 Bf.109G10 from Eduard. I was given decals by another member to do it in Yugoslavian Air Force markings from 1950. I took a liking to the camouflage when I saw him build a similar machine in the 1950’s NATO Group build last year. I hope it meets with your expectations. Questions, comments and or thoughts ? Here is a link to the build thread if you're interested ? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235062946-it’s-a-“yugo”-take-2/ Dennis
  20. Ah, yes another Tempest Picked this up at Telford, started it almost as I was driving home (well stuck in traffic) but didn't finish it till recently. Finally got the camera out and took a few shots. Only thing I did was to modify the spinner to close up the gaps based on the build the General did elsewhere on this site, otherwise as it came in the box. Lovely kit. Roll on the Mk II. Tim
  21. Hi, here is my Bf109E1 from eduard weekend edition kit aircraft flown by Hans Phillip paints are gunze acrylics
  22. A build from a couple of years ago, the excellent Eduard Spitfire XVI - built from the box with the addition of a wire aerial. There is some speculation that the serial should be RW394 and not RW393 but the serial is hidden from all but the bottom view anyway. No problems with the kit at all. Many people moan about the 2 piece cowl top but I simply superglued the 2 pieces together and carefully sanded away the joint - not losing too much of the delicate detail on the top. I have build a couple of the Eduard Spitfires and I tend to tack the cowl top on for painting, then remove to insert the exhausts, then replace the cowl top - saves tricky masking. With a bit of thinning of the props and drilling out the exhausts that was it. I acquired the attached picture of the real thing - bought to have a close look at the finish, which was fairly immaculate (obviously repainted for the 1949 Cooper Air Race at Elmdon - now Birmingham Airport- in which this aircraft took part). Unfortunately I didn't look close enough and the model (kit) contains a serious schoolboy error for which I must do some lines! Anyway - it is what it is and it has been around the show circuit for a couple of years and nobody has pulled me up on it! Cheers Malcolm
  23. I won't dwell on the kit in much detail - as most here will have read thorough reviews or seen WIPs - but it's a real treat to build. Lovely detail, and nicely engineered. My only issues was that for some reason the top of the instrument panel ended up too high, and as a result the instrument hood (?) didn't fit. Took a bit of whittling. My fault I am sure. I don't have an airbrush, which has always put me off making planes which require the typical Luftwaffe mottling along the fuselage. But I do love the FW190, so doing a desert scheme seemed a neat sidestep of the mottling fear. I got the tropicalised Eduard resin cowling, which was my first resin aftermarket experience. I was a little surprsied that there were no instructions about how to fit it to the plastic kit. Not sure if I did it wrong but I ended up having to chop quite a lot of interior parts off to make it sit flush. Anyway - it's a lovely and detailed addition. Kit was painted with Citadel primer and tamiya rattle cans. All details brush painted. And then weathered with oil paints. Pretty happy with the result. And a kit I would recommend to anyone! I made up the markings, and used a fun spare of what looks like snoopy walking over Africa with a bomb... Think it was from an Eduard Bf108 kit sheet. Cheers, Bruce
  24. This is one of my older builds. I use kitchen foil for OMF. For me it look interesting.... I hope you like it. Thanks for watching...
  25. A few photos of my present (and slowly) built Bf 109. First time with black basing or almost black basing by RLM66... ... and color preshadings.
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