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  1. The De Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 ( Dash 8 ) is a regional turboprop airliner designed and manufactured by De Havilland Canada. It was first introduced in 1984 as a successor to the earlier Dash 7 model. Development of the DHC-8 began in the late 1970s in response to a growing demand for a faster, more efficient regional airliner. The De Havilland Canada design team focused on creating a highly reliable and versatile aircraft that could operate on short airstrips, in remote locations and in a variety of weather conditions. The DHC-8-102 is the original version of the Dash 8 and features two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW120A turboprop engines. It has a maximum capacity of 37 passengers and a maximum range of 1,224 nautical miles. The first flight of the Dash 8 took place on June 20, 1983 and the aircraft entered service with NorOntair in 1984. It quickly became popular with regional airlines for its fuel efficiency, reliability and ability to operate in challenging environments. Several variants of the DHC-8 have been developed over the years, including the more powerful DHC-8-200, the lengthened DHC-8-300, and the largest type: the DHC-8-400. More than 1,200 Dash 8 aircraft have been produced and have been used by airlines and operators in more than 100 countries around the world. In 1992, De Havilland Canada was acquired by Bombardier and the Dash 8 became part of Bombardier's regional aircraft program. In 2019, the Dash 8 program was sold to Longview Aviation Capital, a Canadian aviation company that also owns Viking Air, another manufacturer of turboprop aircraft. Today, the DHC-8-102 continues to be flown by airlines and operators around the world and is renowned for its reliability, versatility and low operating costs. It has been used in a variety of roles, including passenger transportation, cargo operations, and even military applications. I myself have flown with some regularity with the Dash 8, (but only with the Q400 variant) with Austrian Airways and especially FlyBe. I will definitely make the completely purple version of FlyBe, but for now first the -102 version. Why? Because Schreiner Airways has flown with it and I enjoy building aircraft that Dutch operators fly or have flown with. The kit is from Eastern Express and is excellent! The fit is pretty good, the panel lines are accurate and the overall shape is rather nice. Two minor nitpicks are the clear plastic front part as per usual is a pretty poor fit and this small kit is made up to quite a lot of parts (nine parts to build the front wheels is a little bit overdone I would say). Nothing serious, just something to keep in mind. Also I used some extra details from Metallic Details (who, by the way, are located in Dnepropetrovsk, just a few kilometres from the front line…) The windows are from Authentic Airliner decals. The livery decals are from V1 decals, which I'm very pleased with. They are quite sturdy, fold easily around irregular shapes, come off quickly when put in water, and dry quick also. I especially liked the added details. They are printed light grey to make them less obtrusive which makes for a more realistic finish (take note Nazca). At any rate the pictures: Next up is the 1:144 Roden C-47 kit in KLM colours. Thanks for reading and see you next time!
  2. I can’t decide on what salty stuff to build, so in the mean-time, I’m putting this thing together: The W.29 was the last major type of fighter-patrol craft that the Germans used over the North sea and Channel during the Great war. As the box art suggests, it was used to attack both floating and shore targets in addition to flying targets. The type was very succesful, and even post-war derivations of it were exported and served as the major naval aircraft in several nations during the entire 20s and much of the 30s, as the producers found ways to circumvent the peace treaty forbidding them to do so. The kit is rather nicely detailed, except the quite empty cockpit. Therefore I also have the Parts part (I wish they had made another choice of name of their company, it makes googling unncessarily difficult).
  3. An old Yakovlev Yak-42 joined to the Aeroflot fleet. Brings back my old memories about an era of the civil aviation. Simple OOB - Eastern Express 1:144 kit. Not the best kit ever so far. But unfortunately there is no other available kit released recently. Rusair's resin kit looks like not exist anymore. 😞
  4. My latest finished build is the Eastern Express 1:144 Airbus A220-100 (CS100) Swiss. I usually tend to build more vintage jets and props, but from time to time I build something more modern. And well, you can’t get much more modern then the Airbus A220. The A220 started life as the Bombardier C-series. Bombardier already had plans for a larger aircraft in the 1990s and was in talks with Fokker about this. Unfortunately, this deal fell through and Bombardier put their plans on hold for the time being. However, due to increasing competition from Embrear, Boeing and Airbus, Bombardier was forced to develop a new aircraft. These eventually became the CS100 and the CS300. The first flight of the CS100 was in 2013. However, due to continued strong competition, program delays and a possible dumping lawsuit filed by Boeing, sales did not go so smoothly. Ultimately, a partnership was made with Airbus (which saw opportunities to use the C-series aircraft to replace the A319 in particular). This proved to be a good move (at least for Airbus) and, until now, around 740 aircraft have been ordered for 15 customers with 208 deliveries. Airbus has even taken over Bombardier's entire production line in 2020 and Bombardier has consequently withdrawn its commercial aviation part of the business. The kit is from Eastern Express and in all likelihood you have seen this kit and livery before as this is currently the only A220 in 1:144 available. As for the livery there is only a choice between Swiss and Delta, as they were the only airlines to order the -100 variant. The -300 has many more customers and as Eastern Express also has a -300 kit available I would recommend that instead as that will give you more livery options (I already bought the -100 kit before the -300 was released). The kit is excellent (some fit issues with the WBF and glazed cockpit nose aside) and definitely comes recommend. The cockpit and passenger windows are from Authentic Airliners. I also used some decals from the Nazca detailing set, although on hindsight I would rather have used the Authentic Airliner Decals detailing set. The Nazca details tend to be very obvious, which doesn’t translate well into a “realistic look” IMHO. The walkway lines for the wings for example are too wide and I had to look into my spares box for alternatives. At any rate, the pictures: My next build will be the F-RSIN 1:144 Dassault Falcon 20 in Pan Am colours, which is part of a French Aviation group build over at the Dutch ModelBrouwers forum. I’m also currently building the Authentic Airliners Lockheed L-1011, but the Falcon will probably be finished quicker. Thanks for reading and see you next time! Martijn.
  5. After the L-188 Electra (link) Eastern Express is to release a 1/144th Lockheed P-3C Orion kit - ref. 1441?? Source: https://ee-models.ru/en/ Box art V.P.
  6. Source: https://ee-models.ru/en/airliners-viscount-800-trident-1-convair-990-190e-2-available-at-series-limited-edition/ - ref. EE144145 - Convair CV990 - American Airlines - https://ee-models.ru/en/ee144145-airliner-convair-cv990/ - ref. EE144145-1 - Convair CV990 - Air France - ref. EE144145-2 - Convair CV990 - Garuda - ref. EE144145-3 - Convair CV990 - SAS - ref. EE144145-4 - Convair CV990 - Spantax - ref. EE144145-5 - Convair CV990 - Swissair - ref. EE144145-6 - Convair CV990 - Varig V.P.
  7. The Bristol Type 175 Britannia was a medium-to-long-range airliner built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1952 to fly across the British Empire. During development two prototypes were lost and the turboprop engines proved susceptible to inlet icing, which delayed entry into service while solutions were sought. By the time development was completed, "pure" jet airliners from France, United Kingdom, and the United States were about to enter service, and consequently, only 85 aircraft were built before production of the Britannia ended in 1960. Nevertheless, it is considered one of the landmarks in turboprop-powered airliner design and was popular with passengers. It became known as "The Whispering Giant" for its quiet exterior noise and smooth flying, although the passenger interior remained less tranquil. XN392 ‘ACRUX’ The Royal Air Force Bristol 175 Britannia Fleet. G-APPE / XN392 SERIES 250 – VARIANT 252 / C.Mk 2 Constructors No. 13450 Built at Belfast – First flight 13/10/58 – C of A: 10/11/58 Built to contract 11804 for the Ministry of Supply, dated February 1955. Officially on Ministry of Supply charge from 09 November 1958 and delivered via Filton as G-APPE on 12 November 1958. On 13 March 1959 G-PE carried spare parts for the grounded BOAC 102 Britannia, G-ANBC at Rangoon, in what was then a record time for the route. Royal Air Force Transport Command colours were applied in late March 1959, serialled XN392 she was named ‘Acrux’. Evaluated by A&AEE at Boscombe Down until 24 May 1959, she was damaged by salt spray at Belfast causing her return to Filton for repairs to the underside of the fuselage and the wings. Delivered to Transport Command No.99 Squadron at RAF Lyneham on 18 September 1959 she was subsequently operated within Nos. 99 and 511 Squadrons’ Britannia pool at RAF Lyneham from March 1961. In December 1975 she was withdrawn from military service and stored at Baginton Airport , Coventry. XN392 had flown 12 652 hours and made 10 380 landings whilst in service with the RAF. She was purchased by Aer Turas on 18 December 1975 but only as a source for spares for their Britannia fleet and broken up and scrapped during April and May 1976 after a potential operation by City Airways fell through. Chrism sent this for me to build for the A&NVMSig. This kit was originally issued by Frog in 1957 and is 1/96 scale. Not surprisingly the kit is very basic and crude. The parts really show the kit’s age with pronounced ejector pin marks, steps where the mould has not properly aligned and gaps, presumably where the mould has been damaged. Flash is abundant and some sprue gates are very thick. The propeller spinners virtually needed carving from the runner, so heavy was the flash. Making a half presentable model was challenging to say the least. I made no attempt at fine detailing, I merely filled gaps in the joints and assembled as per the instructions. I added 20g of white metal castings (weighed out) and placed in the nose compartment as indicated on the instructions. The under-surfaces were primed with gloss black prior to airbrushing the natural metal finish. I used several shades to add variation and discolouration. I then masked off the under surfaces and primed with Vallejo Acrylic 74600 White Polyurethane Surface Primer shot through my Model Air Brush 116B. I also used this airbrush to spray Vallejo Model Air 71001 White mixed with a little Klear to make a white gloss finish. This was allowed to fully cure before I sprayed another coat of Klear as a foundation for the transfers. Some small areas of aluminium paint lifted when the masking was removed. These areas were blended in using AK Interactive AK456 True Metal Dark Aluminium. The transfers were applied using Microset & Microsol and then the windscreen was slotted into place and the frame marked with a ruling pen. This was all sealed under a protective coat of Klear. I fitted the undercarriage after a little fettling. Despite the nose weight added the model remains a tail-sitter, indicating that the 20g specified is insufficient. To counter this, I scratched a support rod, cut from clear plastic rod and stuck to a disc cut from clear plastic sheet. The last task was to paint the black anti-glare panel and nose. Painting Profile: Vallejo Acrylic 74602 Gloss Black Polyurethane Surface Primer AK Interactive AK479 Xtreme Metal Aluminium AK Interactive AK480 Xtreme Metal Dark Aluminium Alclad2 ACL-113 Jet Exhaust Alclad2 ACL-121 Burnt Iron Alclad2 ACL-112 Steel Alclad2 ACL-111 Magnesium AK Interactive AK456 True Metal Dark Aluminium Vallejo Acrylic 74600 White Polyurethane Surface Primer Vallejo Model Air 71001 White Klear Vallejo Model Color 70950 169 Black
  8. I had in mind a scratch build but with several GBs colliding I settled for something simpler. This will be my starting point: I bought it as it contained, as far as I could tell, the only Nieuport RFC markings readily available. I was mildly disappointed finding this inside today: No trace of Albert Ball. They must’ve put the wrong sheet in the box. No matter, it makes it fit this GB even better. The sheet has French cockades and enough serial numbers to allow puzzling together the serials of the Nieuports of the first official French ace, Jean Navarre, la sentinelle de Verdun. Navarre’s story has been told elsewhere - let’s just say it is the opposite of boring. He was young, aggressive, daring, even reckless, and made an impression on the air service and army and society at large - and on the Germans. When he didn’t get in trouble with the gendarmerie or borrow a plane to impress the ladies, he made his mark over the skies over Verdun. Donning ladies’ nylon undergarments instead of a flier’s cap, he painted his Nieuports in stark colours and performed aerobatics over the trenches. He figured, that he could at least cheer up the men below even of there were no foes to intimidate. Navarre flew several flashy Nieuport 11 and 16. I haven’t decided yet, but right now the plan is to built Navarre’s last Nieuport 16, N1130, in which he crashed and effectively ended his career as a fighter pilot. This plane was stark red, with a linen upper wing and camoflagued lower wing. Kit contents: In summary, the wings and fuselage are very nicely detailed, and the Prieur rockets are considerably better than Airfix’s take. Other parts are less refined, especially the crude landing gear which looks like 1960s Airfix. The cockpit is rudimentary - a seat and pedals, not even a stick. The Rhone 9J (9C for a Nieuport 12 - from a modelling perspective the only difference between the types is the engine and cowling) engine I will replace with a Roden spare. The Nieuport 11/16 is *small*, as illustrated with this wing comparison with an Eduard Nieuport 17/21. The 17 is not big to start with: The fuselage contains some details I’ll get rid off, especially the wind screen which I shall replace:
  9. Hi All. Here is another of my completed models this week. It is the Eastern Express Boeing 747SP which went together really well after cleaning up the parts.
  10. To released by Easter Express a 1/144 Boeing B707-720 - ref. EE144163 Source: https://ee-models.ru/ee144163-avialajner-b707-120/ Box art V.P.
  11. As I mentioned,and as it can be read through a link in my WIP of the -SP,some negative critics were given,shortly after the kits release. Here the link to the WIP Well,for those of you,who did not follow my build,I can assure you that nothing of those mentioned problems showed up. I checked and cross-checked all 747 kits with drawings provided and it only showed that Eastern Express researched their subject very well. The 747SP kit is,in my humble opinion,probably the most accurate injection moulded 747 kit available in 1/144. How it compares to the resin counterpart from Authentic Airliners,I cant say because I do not own one and have not seen one either.But I assume there wont be many differences shapewise. The build itself was more or less straight from the box,just some hydraulic cables were added to the already very well detailed landing gear. The fit overall was very good throughout,carefull cleaning and sanding of the mating surfaces is recommended,then everything fits together very well. Very little puttying and sanding was required on the fuselage. The wingbox fits almost perfect into the fuselage. The installation of the landing gear was the most troublesome part of the build. To get all wheels touch the ground isnt so easy,but thats something that comes with almost every 747 kit. I would recommend though to remove the locators for the wing landing gear in the gearboxes of the wing.They seem a tad to high and keep the center main gear off the ground...ask me how I know😉. It was a fiddly task to remove them after all was glued together and painted.So sanding them away before glueing the wing halves together will save a lot of trouble. The rest is no problem,just carefully read the instructions. The instructions are the weakest part of the kit.The sprues contain only letters and the parts are not numbered. Every sprue with their respective parts layout is in a diagram on the instruction sheet. You will have to make out every part needed via the diagram. I chose Aerolineas Argentinas because its a very attractive livery and the airline was a regular visitor at Zurich airport for many years. Originally,I ordered that decal set from f-dcal,but for some reason,since mid december I received no news/update/ money or even a reply to my emails. Thankfully Ray from 26 Decals was a big help and provided me one of his decal sets,designed esp. for the EE kit. They fit perfectly and are nice to use. A big thanks again to Ray 👏👍👍👍,otherwise this build would have been stalled infinite,or the whole model repainted. Paints used for this build are from Gunze (white,some metallic shades)and Testors (engine cowlings,voodoo grey for the wings.) The coroguard panels are a mix of Tamyia metallic grey mixed with light grey. My conclusion; Pros; Very accurate mouldings Only injection moulded 747SP Highly detailed Very good fit of parts Decals are also nice,if one wishes to use the kit provided ones Cons. Very high priced Instructions Over engineered in some places (less is more) Highly recommended kit for those who wish to have a 747SP in their collection and who dont fancy resin or vac formed kits. I hope I tempted some to get one of these kits😊😉 Enogh text,here some photos Enjoy
  12. Eastern Express released their nice TriStar kit in many different liveries and versions. Among those is also the Orbital ATK Stargazer. To my knowledge,this TriStar is the last flying example. It was originally delivered to Eastern Airlines in 1974. Painted with Revell 04 white,Revell 374 grey for the wings and Testors silver for the metallic parts. Some light weathering was added on the wings and tail.AA cockpit window,some details from the NAZCA detail set.The rest is from the kit provided decals. The kit is the known airliner kit,the rocket and atachment are extra parts cast in resin. Eastern Express did not design the kit for a wheels up option,but here it would make sense.Otherwise its difficult to see the rocket beneath it. Closing the wheelwells was not the problem but getting the model on a stand and sit properly is. Because the rocket sits right where the stand should be for balance,the mount for the stand had to be made behind the rocket.The finished model is very heave and of course leans forward. Therefore I had to insert some weight through the No.2 engine to get weight in the back.Now its even heavier and the stand I am using for now is not very stable.I have to do something else in oder to make the TriStar stand properly and safely. But it makes for some dramatic views for the photoshoot.... Cheers
  13. Another bunch of Airbuses. Eastern Express offers the smallest member of the A320 family in 1/144. Probably ripped off and altered from Revell's A319,its an ok kit. The fit is a bit iffy in places but its not as bad as their earlier Boeing 737-300 - / 400 / -500 releases. As I had the British Airways decals left over from my A319,which I built in Gambia Bird livery,I could use these decals to create one of only two A318s Britsh Airways had in its fleet. They had an all business class seating and were used on the London City - New York flights,that had been offered by BA as replacement to the Concorde services. The Airbus A318 was not successful as an airliner,as far as I know,Air France is now the only airline to operate the type. But it sold well as a busines jet. The Avianca A318 was built OOB. The red was mixed with a few drops of white to match the tail decal.As with all EEs recent releases,the decals come from PAS decals and are nice to work with.They are laser printed most of the time and have no white backing,wich can be a problem sometimes,esp. if one wishes to use the windows as well. Cheers Alex
  14. Today I received the brand new Eastern Express Kit of the Boeing 747SP Taking a look at the sprues,all looks very nice and neat with fine engraved panellines. Detail is also quite high,it even features a full cockpit,although not much will be seen through the small windows. The windos are designed as section with part of the roof,so if the fit is well,I might consider not glueing that part on to offer a better look inside the cockpit. We will see if thats going to work. As it is the case with the new Eastern Express kits of late,detail,accuracy is very good and fit of the parts is also quite nice,just make sure all parts are carefully cleaned and sanded before assembly,these are still short run productions. So dont expect Tamyia or Revell airliner quality,study and follow the instructions well and the build should be a smooth one. I built some of the new Eastern Express kits,such as the Boeing 717 (MD-95) for example and it was a nice and fun build wich resulted in a very nice model. The decalset,here Korean Airlines,is a laserprint,so every subject has to be cut out individually.The printing quality is good with everything in register and all parts look sharp. I am undecided if I will use this set or buy aftermarket decals for this build,I had the "SOFIA" version in mind actually but also the Korean Air is nice. I actually planned to buy at least 4 747SP kits but given the high price of one (roughly 90 USD),I probably have to cut it down to just another example )-: Before I start the build,here are some pictures of the box and content. Stay tuned... (Note...the cat is NOT included in the kit... ) Wheels and wheel bays,unfortunately EE still divides the wheels in 2 pieces... engine mountings engine parts and more wheels... tail cone example of the instructions... paint and decal guide and decal sets
  15. Eastern Express is working on a 1/144th Airbus A300B kit - ref. 144??? Sources: http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress?start=783#41905 http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress?start=810#41984 First parts pics V.P.
  16. Over lockdown I've been reading a lot of history books and stumbled across the story of Adrian Warburton via James Holland's excellent Fortress Malta. Without giving too much away to those who don't know, Warburton was a photo reconnaissance pilot based predominantly on Malta during WWII. To find out more you need to read up on him. He has a Wiki page, but that doesn't do the story justice. I've got an ancient Easter Express kit that I'm going to build in the re-badged French scheme that Warburton flew early on in his career. Sadly the aircraft didn't last long and pictures are scarce, so the build will allow a bit of artistic licence. The only thing that I know for certain is that the plane looked like an absolute wreck.
  17. This is not my best model by far, but probably the most desired one, battle born with lots of setbacks. Definitely not the tidiest one, but I still like it! I wanted to build MD-90 so bad. Decals took almost 60 days to arrive (but they were a pleasure to work with and many thanks to Greg Drawbaugh for helping me out with my order). The correct grey colour took about a week of waiting and after that painting went horribly wrong. I painted 4 thin coats and it was worse and worse. I don't know what exactly went wrong since I was using spray can paint that time, painting outside, but I had to scrub it off in panic and paint it all over again with more or less satisfactory results. Still the surface is very rough. The Eastern Express kit does not fit well, but I don't believe Minicraft is better either. I've tried to give her a look of a real workhorse of an aircraft as she was, maybe slightly overdid. Kit: Eastern Express MD-90 Delta Airlines Decals: Draw Decals SAS MD-90, AA MD-87/90 Windows, a bit of kit decals My lockdown T-tails fleet Cheers, Steve
  18. Greetings! Just purchased a factory sealed shrink wrap kit from Eastern Express (No. 72257) of the Supermarine S-6B racer and was surprised to discover the decals missing! I have requested a replacement from Eastern Express, but so far no response. Any suggestions on how to obtain decals for this kit???? Many Thanks, Bill
  19. Some people call this airplane ugly, but I think she is sleek and cute. Surprisingly it is one of the better fitting Eastern Express kits but still very stressful to build. At some point I thought WIP would have been nice because there were some unexpected plot twists. I have gone a long way choosing her livery, but eventually it came down to airBaltic which I have flown on and Luxair. I've already built an AirBaltic 757 so I went with the Luxair. Eventually I've ordered Luxair decals along with a technical sheet from Nazca early May and gave up six weeks later. I think the international mail has stalled so I've spent a couple of eveninigs in Adobe Illustrator retracing Q400 drawings and researching Luxair colours and typefaces (RGB percentages of the desired colour gives you a rough idea of the eventual paints mix) I came up with something like this I've gone to my office to print them out only to find out that all of my decal paper would jam in the printer. I went on to recover different pieces of paper that weren't damaged to make a livery, but it still lacked some details some of them redundant with a OOB decals (like doors), some of them not, namely front gear markings. In the end some decals blended perfectly, but windows kept that horrible yellowish band which is probably the case of the failed print process. So for the first time trying the decals are alright, I think. I've really enjoyed the sky blue colour, looks very fresh and crisp though it didn't really blend with the decal colours The landing gear is very simple looking yet Eastern Express managed to make it still a nightmare to assemble correct height and upright. Okay, there she goes. Mind she's about the size of 735 i. e. pretty small Cheers, Steve
  20. Eastern Express is to release 1/144th Embraer ERJ-190 E2 kits Source: http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress?start=675#40718 3D renders V.P.
  21. Would anyone have knowledge of an Eastern Express/Micro Mir 1/144 scale MD-11 with Pratt & Whitney engines included in the kit? All the kits I can find that are available have GE engines (except the Authentic Airliners kits...I am specifically looking for the EE kit). Has anyone seen one? Were they ever made? Know of availability? Know of aftermarket P&W engines for this kit?
  22. Here's my third completed build from the excellent Flying Boats and Floatplanes II group build (if you haven't looked you should check it out - there are some excellent builds there) - this is the Eastern Express 1/144 Beriev Be-200 Altair. Build thread is here. Apologies for duplicated photos - can't seem to stop it! thanks for looking Julian
  23. Good evening 🙂 so finally i decided to post a progress report of my MD11. There's a lot to tell, but lets start first with some facts. The Kit is an Eastern Express, ordered from 26decals. So i got the kit with some decals, i did not want to use on this one, instead i will go with Liveries unlimited FEDEX stuff. Some big decisions had to be made in advance, like the RCI windshield. I am not advertising my own products, since i stopped producing them, but obviously the reason why i used it here is the reason why i created this stuff, i think it is better than the window decals and also the clear part, which comes with the kit. I usually only build cabin windows, since this is really hard to do on this one, i've chosen a freighter from Fedex. Believe me, it was not easy to get the Tailnumber right 🧐 so lets start... this is my own clear part i sold until a few months ago... i think up until now there is no clear part depicting the real thing as good as this, the MD11 geometry is quite special, and this is what i had in mind: As you can see ( and some of you probably know) this one can be quite painful regarding fit and sanding... i decided to first match all fuselage parts, so that there is a complete half (like standard kits)
  24. Another Swiss airline for my collection. This is a new kit by Eastern Express and as such its of the same good quality as all their newer airliner kits. Still short run and nothing for beginners though but nicely molded parts with fine engraved panellines. Nicely detailed but they overdid it again esp. for a kit in that small size.Some parts are so small,they are prone to get lost by simply looking at them... The landing gear has lots of very small parts,here I wish EE would mold the gear legs in one single part rather than 4 ! just for the leg.... Nonetheless a wonderful little F-27 from EE. The decals are very well printed and nice to work with. The build is a bit challenging considering those tiny parts but the fit,with some careful preparation,is quite good. Construction of this model took a few months,with breaks,to complete,but it was a fun build and I am looking forward to the EE Fokker 50 that I recently bought. Painted with Revell enamels and clear coated with Tamyia Semi-Gloss Balair was a subsidiary of Swissair and operated 4 F-27s in the 60s until early 70s,mainly on Swissair routes. Cheers, And with "something else" The MD-80 can be seen in the next RFI
  25. In case anyone is interested Ray Charles currently has EE DC-10s at £35 plus postage. He's offering a tempting range of decals including Iberia, Sabena and Monarch. It may also be worth noting that Ray is intending to stop production of laser decals at the end of this year. Dave G (PS I have no connection with Ray except as a customer)
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