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Found 74 results

  1. Good night to all! I'm back with my last work, an Aermacchi MB-326 G from the old ESCI (now Italeri) kit in 1/48 scale. The only two aftermarkets that I used are the Neomega cockpit (very poor and inaccurate)... and the 300 litres fuel tanks from SkyModels. MB.326-53 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-62 by Valerio, su Flickr I built from scratch the following elements: Flaps MB.326-14 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-21 by Valerio, su Flickr Exhaust MB.326-52 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-57 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-64 by Valerio, su Flickr Intakes MB.326-28 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-31 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-34 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-35 by Valerio, su Flickr Wing Fences MB.326-68 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-70 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-69 by Valerio, su Flickr Canopy structure MB.326-83 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-100 by Valerio, su Flickr Gun Sight MB.326-97 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326-104 by Valerio, su Flickr This is the real one....! the Italian Air Force owned only two MB-326 G in the 70 years (RS-19 Matricola Militare 54289 & RS-20 Matricola Militare 54290), assigned to Reparto Sperimentale Volo to test & evaluate the new variant of the aircraft. 11998908_442586189260246_7379382820028146589_n by Valerio, su Flickr And this is the final result! painted with Alclad White Aluminium and Xtracolor X-104 International Orange. Finished with Mr.Paint Satin Varnish. Decals is a mix of Italeri, Small World Accessories & Tauromodel sheets. MB.326 end-14 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-11 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-13 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-10 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-12 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-9 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-6 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-16 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-15 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-1 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-2 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-3 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-4 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-7 by Valerio, su Flickr MB.326 end-8 by Valerio, su Flickr Hope you'll enjoy! Thank you! cheers! Valerio, Rome - Italy.
  2. Before de Gaulle withdrew France from NATO's integrated military command structure in June 1966, France had committed assets to bases in Germany such as Lahr, just over the French-German border and in the early 1960's this included F-100's of EC.2/3 "Champagne". I'm hoping to replicate one of these aircraft using a combination of the ESCI 1/72nd F-100D from many moons ago and finally extracted from the stash, Berna decals will provide the markings and in a bit of prior planning, I've got the Aires resin cockpit, wheels and jet-pipe (the kit original being very shallow and superficial). Here's the goodies with a couple of book references, fortunately the F-100 is well served with on-line references too. The observant among you will see there are two kits in the box, one of them has had one set of wings hacked about to drop the slats as commonly seen on F-100's when parked up, really I should also drop the flaps to match. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to persist with this approach, time will tell.
  3. I have just completed repainting the Esci set 230, and I added a thirteenth figure for the 7th (Queen's Own) Light Dragoons (Hussars) as at Waterloo 18 June 1815
  4. I'm in with this oldie, to be finished in Spanish markings. Esci_AV8A_Harrier_Box_Art by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Good luck with your builds! Cheers, Dermot
  5. My entry will be ESCI's 1/12 F-104 Cockpit. It has been sitting in the stash for a while, this GB seems the perfect opportunity to build it. Won't be starting until after Telford.
  6. Just done with this little 'un for the Hawker GB here on the forum and happy how it turned out for an ancient kit. The short build thread is here if you're so inclined but to recap: Kit: Esci 1/72 AV-8A Matador Build: Tamiya tape for seatbelts, opened the intake flaps but rest OOB. Paints: White from a rattle can. Light Gull Grey mixed from Revell Acrylics (yes, I do that!) and applied with hairy stick. Klear, Flory Models Wash and Satin varnish. Pencil for some of the panel lines. Decals: From the kit after two weeks in the window. And alongside an Italeri (ex Esci) Royal Navy Sea Harrier in Black 14 markings built a couple of years back. Really enjoyed it and might try to squeeze in another build in the Harrier family soon. Thanks for looking! Dermot
  7. Since @Duncan Bseems to be having so much fun with his wee Modelcollect tank, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. I mean it's not as if I have another dozen or so builds on the go already I knew I had this old M1 Abrams in the loft, so I dug it out: Esci M1 Abrams by jongwinnett, on Flickr Opening the box was a pleasant surprise - I had expected rubber bands but there's a neat (if somewhat simplified) set of link and length tracks. Esci M1 Abrams by jongwinnett, on Flickr The multipart hull is not particularly easy to put together, being thin, wobbly and lacking positive location points. It needed superglue and accelerator to fix it as it was impossible to clamp. It seemed best to crack on and fit the deck and rear panel, to give it all some structure: Esci M1 Abrams by jongwinnett, on Flickr Before closing up I noticed the hull was leaning inwards so I fitted a spreader bar from evergreen strip - seen here just aft the drivers compartment (if you look closely!) Esci M1 Abrams by jongwinnett, on Flickr It lacks the fine detail of a modern kit, and fit is challenging, but I'm hopeful this is going to build up into a decent early M1
  8. Finished on the last day of the year. Venerable ESCI kit, still holding itself I used Mr. Paint lacquer colors. Alclad Aqua Gloss varnish Decals came from an old microscale sheet (72-114) and worked still well (puhh..) Wheels from Aires Target from Hasegawa Weapons Kit nr. IV Happy new year! Ben
  9. Airfix 01736 & Esci 235 Cuirassiers
  10. An old (part) set of Airfix 01745 Waterloo British Infantry, supplemented with 5 Esci (215) British Infantry figures
  11. The Royal Welsh Fusiliers 18 Airfix 01745 figures for the centre companies with 4 ESCI 215 figures for the grenadiers and light companies
  12. Lowbrow

    ESCI decals

    Specifically the aftermarket sheets ESCI used to produce in the 70s. 1/72 & 1/48 sheets for various aircraft. I've never been able to get these to work well...particularl. They REALLY seem to hate solvents or setting solutions if any kind. Which they really kind of need because they're so thick and inflexible. Has anyone ever found workable solutions for these decals? I'm wondering if heat is the only thing that would kind of make them conform...
  13. Hi folk's this will be the third Phantom I've attempted to build on BM the last two ended in disaster and my aircraft mojo has been missing for a few week's it doesn't bode well but here goes!VX-4 is the Navy test and evaluation squadron and received the Phantom in 1960 and used various mark's for thirty year's,many systems were tested during this time including pre service trials of the Sparrow,Sidewinder and Pheonix missile's,Esci's kit is over thirty years old and has it's shortcoming's but should build well and all being well will look good in it's all black scheme.Kit part's and cockpit started.
  14. Folks, I realise this has probably been asked before, but I can't easily find an answer. I'm building the Italeri/Esci Bishop and want to do the Tunisian or Italian scheme. What green should I use from Humbrol, Revell or Model Color, these being the only ranges readily available to me? Thanks.
  15. Hello fellow modelers, I am looking for 1/72 decals from the Argentine Air Force for the F-27 friendship. I have heard about "Southern Eagles Decals". Any experience with these decals, or still some in the stash? Any response is welcome. Regards, Orion.
  16. OK a bit late but am ready to start. I will be building the old but good Esci F-16A and B. They have been in my stash since they were new in the local model shop. I am looking at something simple so one will be in Norwegian colours and the other in Dutch. Modeldecal do decals for both of them. Robert
  17. Took a l-o-n-g time to get finished, but finally completed the Esci Ferrari 'Berlinetta' last week. Definitely not my best work and half of the reason for that is my own lack of skills, but the other 50% is down to the quality (or lack of) in the kit. That said, if you really want a 1:24 SWB in your cabinet, and I did, then other than finding a rare Italeri or Ultra-rare Gunze kit, then this is pretty much your only choice. OK enough talking here's some photos: Please feel free to make any criticism, comment or ask any questions. Thanks for taking the time to look. AFN Ian.
  18. Placemarker for now.....All the bits are to hand, will add photos shortly.
  19. HI all - I finally managed to take some proper RFI pics of this build. For the build thread - this will explain all http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981173-north-american-fj-3-fury-148th-esci-with-added-elbow-grease/ But here she is on the catwalk, looking shiny. All comments welcome, as ever. I have to say that one of these in FAA colours with Suez stripes would look amazingly cool as a WHIF - but after this build - one is enough!
  20. Been looking forward to this GB and changed my mind several times about what to build. Also have to ignore the many half-finished kits littering the 'man cave' several of which were supposed to be in previous GBs! So have decided to go for the 1/48th ESCI #4020 MiG-27 'Flogger D' which was issued in 1980 (this was re-released by Italeri in 2008). I purchased this kit on e-Bay five years ago for £7.99 in total. At first touch the plastic feels hard and maybe brittle, but detailing seems to be quite crisp and far better than the awful ESCI silver plastic of a few years earlier. Cockpit and external detailing is sparse however I do have the option of a couple of Eduard sets via the 'Big H'. The instructions are pretty sparse and also the markings and decals. The aircraft is shown as operated by the V-VS 16th Army in East Germany in 1978. I have checked several references and this continued into the 80's which I think makes this eligible for the theme of this GB. The decals are ok for their time but not sure I trust something up to 35 years old so again have looked for a replacement set but seems to be little out there. I have never made a Russian aircraft before so this is new ground for me. I do love researching and learning and fortunately I do have some excellent modern reference material Should be fun! Michael
  21. Since my Mosquito build has temporarily stalled, I thought that I would give something a little more straightforward a go. This is a 1/72 Airfix new tool Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 made up as YB-J "Flying Popeye" of 17 Sqn, RAF Debden, 1940. Generic Decals were Airfix (the large fuselage roundels being from Nicolson's GN-A from the VC Icons boxing) whilst YB-J, etc were from the old Esci set, the whole brush painted in Humbrol acrylics.
  22. Hi everyone HNY from a very warm (27deg) & sunny Middle Zealand. So this project is a sort of 'getting back to basics' build. Initially I started it back in April'ish last year, then after just two sessions, boxed it all up and found something else that was 'newer' and 'shinier'. I dug it back out just before Christmas but have only been able to grab 30mins here and there whilst 'Daddies little Stormtroopers' have been home on the SEVEN WEEK summer hols - I work from home, so guess who was on 'entertainment duties'. OK, 'nuff talk, this is the 1981 (?) Esci kit, released a couple of times by Italeri, this particular boxing is the one with the HUGE AdA decal sheet and the updated weapons sprue. Massive amount of PSR needed to get the wing-roots flush with the fuselage and various other filling chores. I built this purely for the fun of it, no detailing of any sort, even left the seat out (for now) just to have it sitting on the shelf alongside my Marineflieger TF-104... Kit - Italeri (nee Esci) 1:48 Paint - All Xtracolour enamels. Decals - Microscale 48-128 & 298. Extras - A LOT of filler & swearing. AMD Mirage IIIO 3 Squadron RAAF Butterworth, Malaysia Early 1980's Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment, as ever all criticism, comments or questions are welcome. AFN Ian.
  23. These pieces are not identified specifically, but a glance through the Osprey Elite Book (No. 16) 'NATO Armies Today' makes it clear that this was the source from which the figures were designed. The figures would appear to be as follows: British (illustrated in Elite No. 14 and No. 1) British infantry, one with rifle under arm, the second firing in a standing pose. The last two are British Parachute Regiment. One is running, holding his helmet and with rifle at the hip. The fourth man wears a 1974 flak jacket and is kneeling. French French Infantryman (with distinctive 5.56mm FAMAS assault rifle), a sniper armed with an FRF-1 rifle being held across the body, and a soldier armed with a MAT 49 sub machine gun under his left arm. The last two may be Foreign Legion, and the last figure is more suitable for the period up to the 1970s, earlier than the rest. France was not part of the NATO military command by this era they are not technically NATO troops at all
  24. The build is available to view in Work in Progress if anyone's interested, Esci get something of a bad reputation due to accuracy issues but aside from the decals( which were pretty atrotious) it went together nicely and I'm happy with how it turned out. There is a far better Modelsvit kit on the market which I may be doing at some point in the future. Sprayed with Humbrol 11 Silver and painted with tamiya acrylics, panel line wash done with Humbrol black enamel wash and metals weathered with humbrol washes and acrylics. Hope you like it, I'm certainly pleased with the result. Next build will probably be another 1/72 bomber. -Flash
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