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Found 10 results

  1. Well, it's been a few years since Donald came into being from the JPG resin Gonk kit, and that's far too long to go without any Gonk action, so I've spent the last couple of weeks designing a 3D model in fusion 360. I've also been waiting for some warmer weather so I can get printing again, and since summer seems to have finally arrived, I fired up the Mars at the weekend and started Gonking around. The design I've drawn up is loosely based on the Gonk you see in the Sandcrawler in ANH, which is also similar to the one that's guesting in Bad Batch at the moment. Actually, the main reference I've been using is the old Kenner 3¾ action figure, which can be seen below. I've taken the dimesions for the 3D model from that action figure, but scaled up 1.6 times, which seemed like it would give me something that would roughly equate to 1/12 to fit in with my Bandai droids. Although I'll be printing out the main components, some of the smaller details will be scratch built as I still want to get some traditional modelling into the project. I started off with the feet which are modelled pretty closely on those from the action figure, but I scaled them up sightly less that I did with the rest of the figure, because at 1.6 times they looked too big compared to the body. The print lines on these weren't too bad, but I gave them a good wet sanding to smooth them out. There are still a few tiny traces of texture around the corners of the raised squares on the top, but they should look fine once I've got some primer on. The holes for the legs go right through the foot, and I'll be scratch building the legs using some styrene tube for the main structure with some wire or something similar wrapped around to create the corrugated effect. The ends of the tubes will then slot into the holes in the feet. I may add some more detailing to the feet with styrene or spare photo etch depending on whether I find something suitable. The feet are modelled hollow, which can be seen from the underside. They're done with 1mm think walls, and I added the framework to give them some rigidity. I might back fill the cavities with some lead shot to give them some extra weight and make the model a bit more stable. I was fairly happy with the way the feet turned out, so I moved on to the lower body. This too printed out pretty well, although the inset channels down each side will need some additional sanding to better smooth them out. It's sitting upside down as you're looking at it here, and the square cutout in the middle is where the legs will attach, although I'm still figuring out exactly how I'm going to mount them. The four holes are there simply to reduce suction on the FEP film when the final layers were printing and also to slightly reduce the amount of resin used. They don't make much difference on that score, but every bit counts I suppose. There should be a panel line running around the lower edge of the body, and I did add one to the 3D model, but I saved two STL files, one with and one without the line, then accidentally printed the wrong one. Since the print took 8 hours, I couldn't be bother to do it again, so the panel line will have to wait for the next Gonk I do. Again, like the feet, I designed the body hollow with 1mm walls, and added an internal framework to keep it all square while printing. The top edge and the frames look a little messy here, but that's just where the print supports have been removed. All that will be hidden when the lower body is clipped into the waist band part. The remainder of the main parts have been printed now, but I'll leave those for the next update. And, as usual with my droid builds, I'm open to possible names. Anyone who's followed any of the old builds before will know the form those names tend to take (not that I condone such flagrant ridicule of political figures, of course) GONK
  2. Another 3D printed Gonk droid, this time a four legged version. A few quad Gonks have appeared over the years in various corners of the Star Wars expanded universe, although never on screen to my knowledge. Those ones tend to look like regular Gonks, but with four legs. For this one though, I wanted to create my own design with a more modern, industrial aesthetic, while still looking like something that could have come from the films - hopefully I've got somewhere close to that. This should have been sporting the emblem of the Mining Guild (A faction in the Star Wars universe), but I was unable to find anyone who could print the required decals, so that will have to wait for a future build. Unlike the last Gonk I build (PT-1N can be found here), this one is almost entirely 3D printed, with just the legs, rear panel, cables, and eye lens coming form other sources. The full build can be seen here And finally, a few shots with some of my other droids Thanks for looking Andy
  3. This is my 1/6 Battle Droid with STAP, wanted to give him a more dynamic pose than the standard kit so I cut his ankles off and reworked most of the limb joints in order to give him more of a motorbike type lean. I'm really pleased with how he came out and getting the pose sorted and gluing him in place turned out not to be quite as fiddly as I thought, and I think it looks much better than the very static looking original. Heres a link to the WIP Thanks to everyone who followed along and commented, that always makes a build more fun and interesting! Here are the final pics IMG_20211018_113911098~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113858410_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113842813_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113741993_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113721210_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113658776_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113649792_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113623128_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113612545_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113533847_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113517179_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113447675_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113424045_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113408745_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113345578_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113355128_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113224428_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113112061_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113049895_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113038317_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20211018_113003001_HDR~2 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Thanks for looking, all comments and questions welcome
  4. Time for another build, and I'm excited about this one as its a kit I've wanted for a while. I was lucky to find this actually as I had initially found a 1/20 flaptter on t'internet from abroad but that was a total no show so with the refund I managed to snap up this kit for south of £20 which I was really pumped about and THEN totally out of the blue the flaptter turned up!!! So that freebie kit will be the build after this one Kit arrived sealed in the box, opened it up and the droid and STAP are in seperate bags, I'know its 1/6 but the size still amazes me, love a big kit! IMG_20200709_180429 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200709_180943 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200709_181056 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200709_181229 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Then I got it all on the bench, and I'm starting with the droid so made a start cutting bits and smoothing nubs and gluing. IMG_20200904_191658 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200906_113859 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Some of the bits are a sod to get together, so it was out with the clamps. Some of the bits are a bit bowed, push one end together and the other wants to open up! IMG_20200906_115419 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200909_192241 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Because I know there will be a lot of tidying up because of the fit I decided to just throw the torso together so I'm just dealing with one larger piece IMG_20200909_193757 by Nick Frost, on Flickr So torso is together with head on, I'll get the legs and arms together next before I start sanding and filling the whole lot where needed. I've heard that these guys are a swine to get on the STAP in a decent pose due mainly due to the fixed ankles, so at some point I'll probably break them and repin the joint at an angle that will allow a more realistic/dynamic pose. I think rather than having the STAP posed bolt upright on the stand I'd like to have it at a slight angle with the droid leaning slightly kind of like a motorcyclist going into a corner. But yeah for now, next up I'll get his limbs sorted. Thanks for looking, more soon
  5. R3-B0 'Rebo' R Series Astromech Droid Bandai 1/12 This is R3-B0, or Rebo, an astromech who can be found trundling aimlessly around the back streets of Mos Eisley, carrying his few worldy possessions in his basket. He can occasionally be seen in the company of some of Tatooine's other droid lowlife, i.e. B0-R15, DN-LD, and N1-G3L. In real life, he's another Bandai R2 modification, actually the one that came with BB-8, and he's been waiting around since 2016 to be finished. Most of the detailing is just spares box bits and bobs, and his shopping basket is stainless steel mesh wrapped around a soldered brass wire frame. Thanks for looking Andy
  6. BB-8 Astromech Bandai 1/12 These two turned up today, so I thought I'd get a wip underway, although it'll be a while before plastic gets cut, as I need to finish the BTR first. To get things going, I'll just show a few sprue shots for anyone who may be thinking about ordering one. I'll just be dealing with BB-8 here, as R2 is the same as he was in the previous boxing. There's only two sprues in the box for BB; one in silver and the other with the white and orange panels The white panels are very shiny. It'd be a shame to have to paint them. All the body panels fall along natural panel lines, so shouldn't be a problem. The dome however is split in two, as R2's was. There are panel lines on the dome too, so I'll have to see whether it'll need any filling or not. These are two of his arms, including the one for the scene (which I guess at a push you could light, if you threaded a fibre optic along the arm) The orange panels seem like a pretty good match for the prop colour, but I think I'll paint them anyway These two parts make a box section that all the main body panels then attach to. There's space inside to run fibres and LEDs should you wish The 'silver' parts aren't bad as they are, but I'll be Alclad-ing them (although I have just ordered some of that new Vallejo metal paint, so I might try that) A couple of tinted clear parts for the his sensors And the clear parts for the stand. The idea with this is that an arm holds his head in place, and traps the body between the head and the base of the stand, allowing the body to be rotated. I'll be dispensing with this, pinning the dome to the body, and placing him on a terrain base And lastly, although I said before that R2 was identical to the earlier release, Bandai have changed the colour of the plastic for the silver parts. BB-8's silver is the same as the first R2/R5 release but here R2 has a much paler, less metallic plastic I'm not sure what the change is for, or why they haven't done it with BB-8, but as I'll be repainting it, it doesn't really matter. Just thought I'd point it out. I'll make a start on him as and when Andy
  7. C1-10P 'Chopper' Astromech Star Wars Rebels JPG Productions 1/12 It's been a while since my last droid build (BC-44 back in June), so I thought it was high time I added a new one to the collection. This is Chopper from Star Wars Rebels, a resin casting from JPG, who released the Gonk and Mouse Nigel last year. If I'm honest the sculpt was a bit rough around the edges, and could have used a few extra hours on cleaning up and fettling the master before the cast was taken. In the end, I had to remove and rebuild some areas, mainly the details inside the open body panels. The manipulator arms on the head were also rebuilt, as that proved easier than cleaning up the kit parts. Despite all that though, the underlying sculpt is pretty good. It just needs a bit of TLC. Proportionally he's a bit out to the original, but you can't really tell when he's built up. Over all, not as good as the Gonk and Nigel, but not bad all the same. Andy
  8. Finally managed to get my Gonk Droid to a stage where I am happy with him (had a slight nightmare during build that is covered in my build thread, but also a very luck recovery). He still needs a proper display base where he can be with BB8, but for now I'm calling the done. thanks for looking, Leigh
  9. So, after a somewhat protracted build, the Gonk (DN-LD) and Mouse (N1-G3L) are finished, and can join B0-R15 in whatever depraved activity he's involved with. Both are resin castings from JPG Productions and, despite a few rough edges, are very nice. The best bit about them, of course, is that they're scaled to match the Bandai droids. Sgt. Squarehead is responsible for the names (apart from the perennial Nigel, of course), so many thanks to him. Hopefully next year this lot will be joined by an astromech, and maybe even a scratch build droid. The wip for these two, and B0-R15, can be found here DN-LD (EG-6 Power Droid) N1-G3L (MSE-6 Repair Droid) Tres Amigos Thanks for looking Andy
  10. U9-C4 Astromech R5 Unit Droid - D-Squad Star Wars The Clone Wars So, the first droid's done. U9, despite the name, is an R5 unit, although I've had to make a few tiny alterations to the base kit to bring it closer to the screen version. For those who haven't seen The Clone Wars animation, U9 was part of D-Squad, a group of four astromechs, including R2-D2, who were sent on an undercover mission to steal an encryption unit in a season 5 story arc. The laser cutter arm was a scratch built addition as it's the most prominent aspect of U9 in the show. The top of the dome was also altered as U9s is slightly different to the movie R5 units. The full wip's here Next, it's on to R2 himself Enjoy the shots One for scale And one with his mates Thanks for looking Andy
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