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  1. Hi, This is Dragon 1/700 HMS Illustrious R06. Build with WEM PE set, Orange Hobby Harrier + tow cart, 3D printed mobile crane, and WEM and Eduard Figures. My original plan was to represent the carrier in her final fit. But I learned I can't achieve it with what the kit provide. So I decide to built her as the 2000ish version when she operates from sierra leone. All the aircraft was detailed by PE and modified. Harriers become FA.2, folded the Lynx blade, deflated bag for the parked seaking, and modify sea king to become HC.4. Cheers, Mario
  2. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Dragon Willys Jeep with Armored Cab. Built from the box, with the addition of Black Dog stowage items. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics, pictures by Wolfgang Rabel. The Dragon kit contains two complete models with various optional weapons. The armor shield and radiator protection are photo-etch parts. I added ammo boxes and stowage from Black Dog. Greetings from Vienna! Roman
  3. I may be pushing my luck with a 4th build but seeing as this turned up today, slightly battered but the plastic was undamaged on it's journey from China. I bought this kit because it includes all the parts to make either a mid or late StuG Ausf.G built by the MIAG or Alkett assembly plants from mid September 1944 after zimmerit had stopped being applied. To be able to build either version requires different rear engine covers and different track guards and their attachment brackets, these are in the kit but not identified, so you need some reference material to correctly assemble your chosen version. The kit also has some other spare parts, 3 different patterns of return rollers, 2 different sprockets, 2 different mantlets and the kit contains metal schurzen with different attachment rails and open guide horn magic tracks. I will be building this kit as a MIAG assembled StuG made at the end of 1944, camouflage to be decided. Any questions or comments are welcome.
  4. Good day, colleagues. In parallel with the previous work from the leftovers, I took out one model, which my father began to do for a long time. Starring-Dragon 6418. The hatch under the German commander's cupolla is from another Dragon box, the combat tower itself is from the Zvezda Pz.III Support rollers - from Su-100 Zvezda with replacement of bolts. Machine Guns - Zedval All the garbage on the wing from different manufacturers, MB figures and a combined "solyanka"(one in commander's cupolla) Welded seams, the texture of the casting on the tower, replacement of bolts, fitting the model in accordance with the photo of the prototype(although the photos, as always, shine with quality) The prototype is extremely interesting. I will give a description from Y.Pasholok. "The 1st Leningrad Tank Red Banner Order of Suvorov Brigade (previously called the 123rd Tank Brigade). In the summer of the 44th, the tanks of this brigade had numbers ranging from 100-199. One of the most interesting tanks under the number "154". This tank was released in the spring-summer of ' 41. It has a German commander's cupolla installed on it turret , later tracks, and some other details not peculiar to it." Thank you all for your attention, enjoy your viewing
  5. This is going to be my entry in the GB, dragons nice little kit of the PzIII ausf H in North Africa, supplemented with a tank workshop barrel with canvas cover. Other than that it will be an out of the box build in the hope I get it finished in time!!
  6. A Panzer III Ausf N I know, I said snow and the box says Tunisia (a country not noted for the cold), but there is method here. The intent is to build a vehicle attached to Pz.Abt 503 in early 1943. PzAbt 503 had trained for Africa, but were diverted to southern Russia after Stalingrad. Some of these characters may be invited to crew the tank.
  7. This is my long lasting project started back in 2013. As you can see, there hasn't been much done here. But I recently got the fenders on it and figured it's time to get it up on the internet. I don't have the shot of all the stuff I'm using here, but the base kit is Dragon 6301. I won't use Vorpanzer parts and will make it a regular later version Ausf.E. I also have Armorscale fenders and barrel, Lion Roar PE set, Aber PE stowage bin and Modelkasten tracks for this project. I'm also using the interior bits that got left over of Trumpeters Brückenleger build some years ago. So far I have the suspension put together and also most of the drivers compartment. I made a very basic floor around the turret turntable just to fill the huge emptiness around it, but I guess I wont bother myself with the interior much more than the parts that will be directly visible via open hatches. Armoscale fenders were a charm to put together and seem to be very accurately built up. These have the PE parts and resin bolt heads to it in the set and they fit on the plastic very exact. Cheers! Kristjan
  8. Dragon Models catalogue 2021 is downloadable here: http://www.dragon-models.com/CATALOG_2021/2021 Dragon Catalogue.pdf NOTHING new in the aircraft range Already announced in the catalogue 2020: V.P.
  9. Hi all This is my attempt on Ju88G-6 D5+AX, from 12/NJG3, which took part in 'Operation Gisela' on the night of 3/4 March, 1945. The idea behind Gisela was for the Luftwaffe nightfighter fleet to follow returning bombers back to their bases in the UK and attack them as they prepared to land. D5+AX, flown by Hptm Johann Dreher and his crew, attacked Halifax bombers of the French Air Force as they returned to Elvington, in Yorkshire. After his attacks on returning Halifaxes, Dreher continued to strafe the airfield and the surrounding area. While making a low, high speed turn for another pass, his aircraft apparently clipped trees (or may have been hit by flak - reports vary) before crashing into a farmhouse (tragically killing the occupants) and finishing up in an adjacent field. Hptm Dreher and his crew are buried at Cannock. One of the props from Dreher's Ju88 is on display at the air museum at Elvington. Dreher's Ju88 was the last Luftwaffe aircraft to crash on British soil before the war ended. Long intro, sorry, but I thought it was worth mentioning the context. Finally, a big thanks to @SafetyDad for his help with the research and the decals Anyway, here's the pics
  10. My first completed model of the year. I build really slowly so this is quite the milestone for me. Some small issues that I'd go back and fix if I could, but at this point I'm just keen to move on to the next kit
  11. Hi all Can't remember the last WIP thread I did, but I thought this project might be worth one I decided to make this a project after a visit to York Air Museum at Elvington last year. I won't burden you with the details again, but here is a link to the thread I started about it at the time: Thanks to the kindness of @SafetyDad I have the majority of the decals I needed to get started. I hadn't made a start before now because: 1. I still needed the 'D5' decals and was looking at getting a set made up - until I realised I had them all along. Sitting in the stash is a Tamiya 1/48 He219 which includes provision for an NJG3/D5 scheme... 2. I also had no experience of airbrushing a nightfighter 'reverse mottle' scheme - but after a bit of practice on some test pieces (and a bit more to follow), I reckon that by the time it comes to painting, I might just about be ready So, on to the obligatory pics.. This will be OOB (apart from the decals and mask kit)... Last pic for now - cockpit parts underway and primed, before painting.. That's it for now. There are still some issues I'm not clear on, such as the spinner colour, spiral/no spiral, etc, so if anyone has any views on that - or anything else related - I'd welcome the input. Meanwhile, hopefully this will provide entertainment for some..
  12. Hi Guys. Been Lurching around while Building a MLRS in the Desert Storm GB. But I miss the banter of a Pure AFV Group Build. So as the MLRS is going well, I thought I'd give this a go, I've had the kit since this Gb was proposed and been tempted to start many times. So here goes. Box top and packaged content. This is the box suggested colour scheme. Be the first time I've attempted the basic grey, but have quite a few different greys to choose from, so can hopefully make it a bit more interesting by varying the shades. Started with the wheels. So Far so good, as I have seen lots of broken studs in other threads, all mine were good. First bits of PE applied last night, and all wheels ready for assembly today. Going to paint the inner surface Pre assembly as the space between these is quite tight and want to get into all the faces. Then it will be onto the hull/suspension. So, a question. The kit has rubber band tracks, but I believe that the PzIII / PzIV used the same track design. So if I'm correct, I have a few sets of plastic individual tracks available, so will swap to them (Glutton for Punishment) Cheers for Looking Paul
  13. I have had this Dragon kit in the stash for over 20 years so it's not one of their newer kits but it still looks quite nice for it's age. I have just ordered a metal barrel with brass muzzle brake to improve it's looks and a few more bits of AM to bring it up to date. Sometime in the distant past I made a small start on this and attached the axles but that's as far as I got, everything else is still bagged up including the track links which are the pre-magic track individual links on sprues. so now I have retrieved from the stash I might as well finish it off. At the moment my idea for camouflage is red/brown over dark yellow but there will be lots of extra tracks for added "armour". Kit p/e is limited to just the engine intake mesh in that old very hard and shiny metal they used in the 90s. The hull with the axles attached from when I last made a start on this kit.
  14. Hi, After finishing several aircraft and helicopters, I feel the need to build another ship. And I guess I will be building Dragon 1/700 HMS Illustrious.. This is actually the first 1/700 Carrier I ever bought, and frankly I'm kind of a newbie in ship modelling, hence I hope it will be a good idea to post my progress here, knowing there's several experts on modern RN Carriers here who could correct me along the way. As you can see, I have prepare to add several PE's from WEM (716 HMS Invicible/Illustrious), Eduard (Naval Figures), and some generic railings from flyhawk and a chinese company. Also have the orange hobby for carrier deck tractors and a 3D printed mobile crane. Knowing this kit is for the latest version of the lusty with additional parts for the fwd deck I dry fitted the deck and hull; Noted some wrapping on the fwd area, and I need to add some details for the aft deck. But it seems the fwd area need a lot of work if using the provided plastic parts.. Plus, I need to fill in the gap, and open area shown here Although not mentioned on the instructions sheet, the kit do provide brass fwd deck, and it have better fits, although the afromentioned problem are still there, plus I also need to cut out the brass to have a void right under the elevated deck For now, I'm preparing to shave all those ugly raised lines over the main deck by meassuring all the lines location to be recreated later. Seemed a lot of work are ahead of this build, and most likely this will be a marathon rather than a sprint.. I just hope I have the skill and mental to finish it. Any info/trick/tips/info are most welcome... Cheers, Mario
  15. Hello, I present the M48A3 Patton model from Dragon. Added the mantlet and searchlight set from Legend, PE parts from Eduard, AFV Club tracks and machine guns from Aber. Painted Tamiya Olive Green on B&W base. Enjoy watching and I hope you will like it.
  16. Dragon Models is working on a new tool 1/48th Messerschmitt Bf.109E kit - ref. DR5550 Sources: http://platz-media.com/blog/2019/09/22/2019-ahs-dragon/ http://www.platz-hobby.com/products/9386.html V.P.
  17. Hello and good evening everyone. I'm back.......well, starting to get back into being at the bench after having to withdraw from the GB Panzer IV due to some medical and personal issues to fix; my apologies to everyone who finished and congrats on a great build from all. Even though I didn't drop by any contributions as regards comments etc....I followed avidly on all your builds. Thoroughly enjoyed everyone's progress. My medication prevented me from being able to positively contribute both at the bench and on here as a forum with some chat etc. ...but I'm back and will slowly get up to speed. I have a few projects on the go that I flit between like a butterfly, medications limit concentration at times............ Here's one that I'm slowly,,,,,very slowly plodding through. I'm working from a walk around set of images from the Ferdinand that's resides at Bovington at present (the one from Maryland). Had some issues with it as regards the Dragon kit itself and the moulding in places as regards fit. The rear sponson construction that I think was added at the time to form the Ferdinand from the prototype Tiger chassis.....took a long time to sand and pair down to make fit and line up the chassis........ There's a lot of weld lines omitted from the kit itself that I'm working through adding, a very intricate PE set from Aber that I'm going for; even through the kit itself is a Smart Kit with PE included. Nice metal barrel and host of metal parts etc to get into over time. SO HERE'S WHERE SHE STANDS AT PRESENT.....WELD LINES TO ORDER OF THE DAY. FRONT GLACIS WITH ADDITIONAL BOLT HEADS SUPPLIED BY MASTERCLUB. One note to add is the front drive wheels. There's no position marker of any sorts provided by Dragon to set them in place. I recommend taking a peek at some actual photos of that area of the chassis to get the position as close as possible. I set them wrong and had to remove and re-set...... WELD LINES ADDED ON BOTH SIDES FOR THE MUD SCRAPERS AND IN REVIEWING THE BOVINGTON FERDINAND, THE ADDITION OF SOME VERY HEAVY WELDS TO HOLD WHAT I BELIEVE IS SOME SORT OF ARMOURED EXHAST COVER....I IMPROVED THE TEXTURE OF THE COVER ALSO WITH SOME ADDITION OF LIQUID CEMENT AND FINALY....EVEN THOUGH NOT REALLY SEEN ARE THE GRILS FOR THE EXHAUST (OR AIR IN TAKE) WELL....can't say when the next update will be....but it's nice to be back on the forum to some extent, slowly is better than nothing...........catch you all soon...regards....Simon.
  18. Completition number two of 2021 is in the books! I've had this Dragon StuG.III laying around for at least two years so I decided to finish it up. The base kit is Dragon 6891 with a CMK transmission, Aber metal barrel, Masterclub tracks, and Miniart figures. It's modeled after a picture taken of a StuG III captured by the 104th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge. It was a fun build and I look forward to it making the trip with me to the IMPS National Show in Las Vegas, NV later this year. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  19. Feeling like a break from US/UK stuff, so next on the chopping block is the venerable ex-Trimaster FW-190 with over wing slipper tanks. Picked this up second hand last year for a song, so let's see how it goes! Obligatory sprue shots and box art. Decals look okay, and a small PE fret lurking in that bag. Parts look okay considering they come from a time before Bill Clinton changed his humidor. Some flash and some soft panel lines here and there. Been reading up on this kit, and besides needing spacers to prevent mucho filler on the wing root join, any other tips would be appreciated. Also, wheel well colour. The instructions call out for a light blue (FS 35622/H314) not RLM 76 like the underside and not RLM 02 (like I thought they painted the bays etc)? Gonna have to do some research here.
  20. Hi Pals, I will try to comment on the assembly and painting of the model, without the support of WIP photos. In the first place, the kit is really a SU-85M, but when seeing that the 85mm barrel that the kit came with, it was a "little small", and that by chance there was a 100mm metal barrel available, for a SU-100 , I decided to switch and build the SU-100. Being the SU-85M model, seeing photos of it and the SU-100, I found no differences (at least substantial), between one model and another, not so with the SU-85. I do not remember major problems with the assembly of the kit, its fit is good, some doubts in the instructions, but nothing that is not easy to achieve. I started with a coat of black primer, then added some rust. When I looked for an appropriate green for the paint, after trying several colors, I did not find any that I liked, so I chose one to see how it would look, thinking that the weathering would end up darkening it ... I continued with all the normal processes, (washing, chipping, etc ...), but the result, I did not like, because the tone that was taking green, made it very dark, just what I did not want ... Cleaning the model, a slow and dirty process, for a new attempt, this time with another green one, not the one that suited me the most, but one had to be, of course ... This time, I tried to clarify it in areas, so that later, the same did not happen. I'm happy with the result, although I would have liked the tone a little clearer. The next model will be with a different color. On the other hand, the tracks are the ones that the kit comes with (individual links), quite good, with adjustments in some points to fit their full length, with some saggy ... The kit included as a "bonus", a set of Soviet infantry equipment, which I have included with the model, at specific points, I added a chain, antenna, some vegetation, here and there, flanges for the spare track segments, some wire handles, pigments like dried mud, especially at the bottom of the hull. I think that is all that is relevant to montage and painting. As always thanks for watch and comment. Cheers and TC Francis. SHOTS WITH BLACK BACKGROUND: . SHOTS IN WITHE BACKGROUND: .
  21. Dragon has just re-released (original release in 2008?) its 1/72th Blitz kit as Arado Ar-234C-3 with V-1 "Huckepack" - ref.5011 Source: http://www.platz-hobby.com/products/5602.html Box art V.P.
  22. Hey there, here is my contribution to the group build. Got this Panther F a while back, only to have a spare set of rubber rimmed wheels for another 2 in 1 kit. Not this one made me curious because of the night vision pieces and the air defence armour. Also the artwork really got me. So I will do this in that style. For the brown I will try to achieve the look of the bare steel plates and paint the sand with a washable color. Got a commander figure for it and a full set of dio parts as well, but I guess trying to finish the build together with the figure should be enough for now. Even though you get the easy to use dragon styrene tracks, there is a full set of magic tracks. Individual links for a nicer model There are plenty of parts inside the box. Two upper hulls as you can build the prototype and the final model. Also the PE for the air defence armour is thick. Should give a nice in scale appearance.
  23. After the initial Airborne and Seaborne invasion, the Allies got bogged down fighting in the Normandy countryside. The bocarge that the Allies faced favoured the defender, the way the fields were laid out with high banks, hedges covered with trees. Enemy and Allies were operating either side of hedges some times without even knowing. Stuff used: Tasca: Sherman Treemendus: Tree kit, Senic kit Miniart: British Tank riders Dragon: various German figures
  24. Happy Christmas all, i built this festive Sherman as part of the STGB earlier this year, thought I'd post it in the ready for inspection on Christmas Day. As it didn't seem right to do it any other time of the year.
  25. Hey all, Here's my M60 Patton from Dragon. I picked this kit up from TANKFEST 2017, i think? It was a few years back now... I built the kit straight away and quite nearly finished it but the DS Tracks drove me off, so it sat in a dark corner of my desk for a few years... Until now! I got sick of looking at it so I took a deep breath and painted up the tracks, () and fitted them, then went ahead and plugged a few antennae in. The kits out of the box with all of its beautiful inaccuracies, such as the oversized DS Mantlet. The guard infront of the machine gun cupola was way overize too but I convieniently 'lost' that part so instead this vehicles backstory is that it had a bit of an argument with a tree somewhere in Germany... I painted her using Tamiya acrylics, namely XF-62 Olive Drab, which is ordinarily a bit dark for me but seems to work well on 50s/60s US armour (or should that be armor? ). Weathering was achieved through various uses of oil paints thinned to be used as washes or dot filters. I also used some airbrush effects on the exhaust. Finally, just to add, the less said about the stowage rack at the back, the better. It was incredibly flashy and fragile so as you can imagine cleanup was complicated to say the least. In the end I gave up and milliput came to the rescue and I created some 'canvas' covers which hid a lot of the absymal basket. Additional stowage was from Tamiya. Thanks for looking! Also, apologies for the questionable lighting, I've recently invested in new photobox and I'm still finessing the lighting kit supplied. Sam
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