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Found 8 results

  1. I've just received the following P.M. from a French modeller: "Homebee, did you see in the HLJ video at 27mn/29sec what was on display on the KH stand at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2013? http://www.hobbylink.tv/all-japan-model-hobby-show-reports-2013-part-2" You're right Norbert it's a.... So after its future Kaman SH-2D Seasprite - ref.KH80122 - (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943427-kaman-sh-2-seasprite-148-from-kitty-hawk/?hl=seasprite), Bell AH-1Z Viper (Super Cobra) - ref. KH80124 - and UH-1Y Venom (ou Super Huey) - ref.KH80123 - (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943269-148th-bell-ah-1z-viper-and-uh-1y-venom-by-kittyhawk-in-progress/?hl=cobra), KittyHawk is working on a 1/48th Eurocopter/Harbin SA.365/Z-9 Dauphin 2/"Haitun" kits family. Source Wikipedia: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PLAAF_Harbin_Z-9WA.jpg V.P.
  2. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin Wingnut Wings 1:32 Of the aircraft produced by the Sopwith Aviation Company, the majority such as the Tabloid, Baby, 1 ½ Strutter, Pup, Triplane, Camel, Snipe, and Salamander were all powered by rotary engines. Only the Dolphin and Cuckoo made it into wartime service with an in-line engine. The Dolphin using the same 200Hp Hispano-Suiza V8 fitted to the SE.5a and SPAD XIII, and the Cuckoo (although it was too late to see active service) used the Sunbeam Arab . The main design aim of the Dolphin was to give the pilot improved all round visibility, seating him close to the top wing, with a completely open centre section. The top wing was also negatively staggered (I.e. further back than the bottom wing) to assist with visibility. There are all sorts of complex aerodynamic features associated with negative stagger, suffice to say that it never became popular. Patchy reliability of the Hispano-Suiza engine notwithstanding, the Dolphin became a very good high altitude fighter and was favored by several aces, many of whom earned all their kills on it. Initial deliveries were at the end of 1917, with twin Vickers guns over the engine and twin Lewis guns pointing upwards in the centre section cutout, giving the Dolphin is classic aggressive look. In practice the drum fed Lewis guns intruded into an already cramped cockpit, so often only one was fitted and the weight saving also benefited performance. Comparatively few Squadrons were issued with the Dolphin, only 2 going to the RNAS and the rest to the RFC, although of course both services joined to become the Royal Air Force on April 1st 1918. Within three years of the Great War ending, the Dolphin was completely retired from RAF service, although a small number carried on with the Polish air force. Over many years the RAF museum gathered a large number of parts from several Dolphins, and today a beautiful restoration/replica can be seen at the Hendon museum. The kit. I bet few of us saw this one coming! It suddenly appeared on Wingnut Wings website in early December, just in time shoot straight to the top of every Great War aficionado’s Christmas List. Packed in one of Wingnut Wings standard silver edged boxes, the artwork features a 23 Sqn. Machine in combat with a Fokker Triplane high above the western front. Lifting the lid reveals three large sprues, one smaller sprue for the engine, one for the clear parts, an etched fret, a set of decals by Cartograf, and Wingnut Wings sublime instructions/reference booklet. A bonus is that you also get that buzzing feeling of excitement from opening a new Wingnuts kit! Sprue A. This holds all the smaller and detailed parts, with some superb moulding. Note how good the Lewis guns are, and the underseat box for storing the ammo drums. Also the fuel tank is a very impressive single part. Everything is sharply defined, with some very delicate detailing. The parts cover a lot of the interior fittings, as well as exterior components such as the undercarriage, struts, bombs, choice of propellers etc. There are a couple of wing mounted Lewis guns for option E, the 87 Sqn machine. Unusually for an aircraft of this period, the guns were mounted on the lower wing outboard of the propeller arc, and fired by cable. I don’t know how successful this was, but it must have limited the rounds that could be fired, as it would not have been possible to change the ammo drums in flight. Note that the centre section Lewis guns would have been omitted, this was an ‘either or’ option. The instrument panel has the usual compliment of super fine decals for the dials, all of which are readable under a magnifying glass. My references state that the panel itself was gloss black painted American pearwood, confirming the colouring instructions. Sprue B. Here we have the mainplanes, with separate ailerons. The lower wing is a full span single piece moulding incorporating a section of the lower fuselage. This has the twin advantage of making a strong unit and removing the need for you set the dihedral. The two upper wings are also single mouldings, with beautifully depicted fabric and rib tapes. All the wings have thoughtfully been given their sprue attachment points along the leading edge, thus eliminating any possibility if damaging the fine trailing edges when cutting from the sprue. This is another subtle example of how Wingnut Wings think of things from the modellers point of view, and why they stand ahead of all other manufacturers. The training edges are remarkably thin, perfectly capturing the look of the real thing. Sprue C. As well as the windshield, the clear panels for the pulley inspection covers on the wings are provided. Option B is a night fighter fitted with lamps on the wing tips, rudder, and fuselage, all of which are on this sprue. Sprue D. The Dolphins distinctively shaped fuselage is found on sprue D, along with the tailplanes, fin & rudder, cowling parts, and interior frames. The fuselage shows some really outstanding detail, with very stitching and fasteners. The interior frames are moulded with a lot of the metal brackets and copper piping on, and will look really spectacular when painted up. There is a fair bit of internal rigging to be applied using your favourite method, but all is illustrated clearly in the very comprehensive instructions. Every stage is clearly explained, and if you are not familiar with Wingnut Wings Instruction books, they are better described as reference manuals. Assembly sequences are clearly explained with CAD drawings, and period photographs showing the details of the real thing. The fin/rudder features really excellent rib tape detail. The early and late versions of the Dolphin had some subtle variations which are catered for on two sub sprues. The differences are in the tailskids, side radiators, and central cabane frame. The tailskid differences are that the early was wooden, and the late made from steel tube. This being a Wingnut Wings production you get both. Interestingly there is a late production front cowl(D8), marked as ‘not used’ on the sprue plan, and pointed out on a photo of the real thing on page 19, so at least we know that a further release of this kit is probably due in the future. Sprue E. This one has been seen before, in the SE.5a kit. Having previously made the SE.5a, I know that it builds up into a lovely little representation of the 200hp Hispano Suiza. The only difference is that the Dolphin had a different intake manifold & water tank unit, which is supplied on sprue A as part 22. The only thing you might want to add is some ignition wiring from the magnetos to the spark plugs. Etched brass. Lap type seat belts, gunsights, gun cocking levers, and a footstep surround are all supplied on here. There is also a removable nameplate with ‘Wingnut Wings’ logo and ‘Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin’ etched on it. These present on all of Wingnut Wings etched frets if you wish to display a nameplate with your finished model. Decals. The sheet is printed by Cartograf, which pretty much guarantees the quality. Printing is sharp and flawless, the colours are excellent, and carrier film is minimal. Best of all is the mass of little stencils and instrument faces that add so much to Wingnut Wings finished kits. Sopwith liked to apply their company logo onto fittings like struts, and you get a full set of miniature ones here. These little items really catch your eye when looking at a finished kit, like when you notice that around the fuel filler opening it says ’Main Petrol 22 Gals’ in letters about 0.3mm tall. These little items really catch your eye when looking at a finished kit, like when you notice that around the fuel filler opening it says ’Main Petrol 22 Gals’ in letters about 0.3mm tall. Options. Option A. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin C3785, RNAS Dover, early 1918. Option B. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin C3803,”Red Star 6”, SARD, March 1918. Option C. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin C3824 “U”, JW Pearson (12 victories) & CE Walton (1? Victory), C Flight, 23 Sqn RAF, May to July 1918. Option D. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin C3879 “Q”, RB Bannerman, C Flight 79 Sqn RAF, August to November 1918 (17 victories). Option E. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin C8163 “A”, HJ Larkin, A Flight 87 Sqn RAF, August to November 1918 (11 victories). Conclusion. Another absolute beauty from Wingnut Wings, and one that has made many Great War enthusiasts very happy. The quality of the mouldings is absolutely top class with intricate and sharply defined components, fine surface details, and no flash or sink marks. As always, there are parts on the sprues that make me wonder ‘how do they do that?’ such as the Lewis drum ammo box (part A30) and the main petrol tank (part A20). I now take it for granted that fit will be faultless, as it always is on a Wingnuts kits, provided you keep paint off all mating surfaces. There is a moderate amount of rigging to be done, both internal and external, so I would place this one in the lower middle range for experience required. The view into the cockpit should be very good, revealing all that woodwork, copper piping, and instruments to advantage, and leaving the top cowl off will expose that lovely engine. With its pugnacious and aggressive look, the Dolphin is bound to find its way into most collections, and it makes the perfect companion for the Sopwith Camels released earlier this year. With Wingnut Wings producing the Pup, Triplane, Camel, Dolphin, and Snipe, all we need now is the 1 ½ Strutter to complete the line-up. Oh, and I’d quite like a Sopwith Baby too please! There can only be one verdict - Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of As an aside, there are few references on the Dolphin. However, there is one book which supplies virtually everything you could need. I got mine from 'Cross and Cockade' a few years back.
  3. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin Copper State Models 1/48 It was a pleasant and a rather short build (due to good fit) and I must admit, I really enjoyed it. It depicts the Dolphin C4168 of Major J.C. Callaghan, CO of 87 Sqn, Spring 1918 Painted with Tamiya and Mr.Color, artistic oils. Rigging: EZ Line and fishing line. For any 1/48th scale lovers - highly recommended.
  4. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin - 1:32 Eduard Steel etched set (33 188) Pre cut mask set (JX211) 33188 Steel etched set. Following the recent release of Wingnut Wings Sopwith Dolphin, Eduard have produced one of their excellent pre coloured etched sets for it. Consisting of 12 items, the most prominent are the two parts of the lap belt. Coloured to represent the canvas and leather original, they have detail that just would not be possible to paint by hand. None of the other parts in this set are coloured, as they are sub-components of other items that will need painting anyway. The wicker seat included in the Wingnuts kit is very well moulded, but of course cannot reproduce the gaps between the wicker strands. This is where etched steel is the perfect material, as it can perfectly replicate the look. The corresponding area from the Wingnuts seat back will need to be removed, and this part shaped by rolling around a dowel, to replace it. Further items are a couple of filler caps on chains for the oil and fuel tanks, toe straps for the rudder bar, pulleys that go under the clear inspection panels in the wings, and some sights for the Lewis guns. Enough are supplied for two Lewis guns, should you follow the option of fitting both. JX122 Pre cut mask set. On the standard yellow kabuki tape, this little set provides some very handy items that would be difficult to produce yourself. Getting a neat edge painting around the central boss on the propeller is never easy to do freehand, so the circular mask provided here should make that job simple. Likewise, there are masks to go on the wheel hubs, to ease painting the tyres. The clear parts also receive attention, with protection for both sides of the windscreen, and all four of the clear inspection panels in the wings. Although small, these items are particularly welcome as the bottom edge of the windscreen is an awkward shape, and the inspection panels are tiny, with rounded corners. Whether you brush paint or spray, masking these is essential. Conclusion. There is not much that needs to be added to a Wingnut Wings kit, so the items on this set from Eduard have been well chosen. The lap belts and wicker seat alone will probably justify its purchase to most modellers, with the other items being a nice bonus. The masking set takes all the difficulty out of getting sharp edges to the tyres and prop boss. Making masks for clear parts can be a real chore, and it is difficult to get them right, so it is good to see this neat little set that takes all the strain out of it. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. I'd like to join in this group build with a Revell reboxing of the Aerospatiale Dauphin - well, I say reboxing, but I don't even have the Revell box, I presumably discarded it for being the useless open-ended variety. But it is a re-pop of the Matchbox kit, anyway - I built one of the originals a long time ago, presumably not long after it first came out, and this Revell one has been in my stash for a while. I intend building it as the HH-65A Dolphin seen in 'Licence to Kill', so I know I need to make or acquire some different decals as that is the era of a white fuselage with red/orange details, and the last time I printed some decals I made up a set of the stripes with the USCG logo on (including duplicates, looking at the photo below I do have some going in the other direction too!). I may need to re-print these if the stripe colour looks off. Other than that hopefully the kit mostly portrays an early Dolphin. I notice I will need to make a winch, and an interior though! Anyway, My starting point: Tim
  6. I`ve resumed one project that has been sitting in a box for quite a while. This is what I`ve managed to do so far. Notice the exquisite metal exhausts and a very good resin engine, which can be turned into a true gem by a much-gifted modeller than myself. I`ve sprayed my mixture of PC 10 and Battleship Grey (based on Tamiya`s Ocean Grey and Olive Drab). The fit is perfect.
  7. Copper State Models is to release a brand new 1/48th Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin injected kit - ref. CSM1026. Release is expected in March 2016. This new kit will replace the original resin reference (K.1010 - http://www.copperstatemodels.com/main/productsCS/1/3). Source: https://www.facebook.com/copperstatemodels/posts/1673886212900131 V.P.
  8. Seen on IPMS Philippines http://ipmsphilippines.com/test-shots/testshot-hobbyboss-35th-eurocopter-as365-dauphin/ 1/35 - 05106 - SA.365N Dauphin II - 05107 - HH-65C Dolphin - 05108 - AS.565 Panther - 05109 - Z-9WA Haitun V.P.
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