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Found 127 results

  1. I've had the Aoshima Fireflash kit for a while and it comes with 3 elevator cars and some cardstock runway, but I wanted to build a diroama of a different Fireflash rescue, from a Thunderbirds episode called "Crash Dive". Here is the kit box: http://www.mardona.org/gallery/d/21987-2/DSC_5301.JPG/img] In this story, a test flight of Fireflsh crashes into the ocean and sinks with the crew on board. They are strapped and it turns out the only way to save them is to refloat the aircraft which is being weighed down by the atomic engines in its tail. THus along comes Thunderbird 4 to cut off the engines on the tail. Screenshot of Fireflash on the sea floor: I had a tiny TB4 left over from the Thunderbird 2 launch diorama, so I used this. Its a little too large but Thunderbirds were never too bothered about scale issues, particularly in the Fireflash episodes! The kit provides transparencies for the wing lounges, but nothing to put inside, so I scratch built some lounge furniture.
  2. I've started my next build - even though I haven't finished the last so I thought I'd start posting it here. The kit is this one from Aoshima which is a decent enough rendition of this iconic airliner in jeapordy! However I don't want to to the cliched "trying to land with on undercarriage" type of diorama depicting scenes from the first ever Thunderbirds episode "Trapped in the Sky", but rather I want to do one form the other episode featuring Fireflash, "Crash Drive". In this episode, technical problems on a test flight of Fireflash end up with it crash-landing onto the ocean and sinking, trapping the pilot and co-pilot The solution is for Thunderbird 4 to cut off the engines so that the rest of the aircraft can float to the surface (yeah okay I didn't write this stuff!) So I have a tiny TB4 left over from my recent Thunderbird 2 on the launch ramp builds, so it should be trivial to mount it next to the tail of Fireflash to make it look like it cutting... how about a bit of fibre-optic and a flicker-effect LED? More to come...
  3. So needed a diorama in a hurry for a kit I was building. Didn't have time to go out and shop so just went with what I could find around the house. Yes, it's a little bit 'cheap' but hopefully not too nasty! The base was the back from one of those kids toys that come with comics - I think this was a pinball machine. (it didn't work so my son gladly donated it to his Dad). Gave it a coat of Flat Back, then a couple of coats of Klear and smeared on some pollyfilla. Some brown hobby paint... Then brushed on different shades of green because I had no scale grass.. Some Matt Varnish and we were done. I admit it's a bit rough around the edges but did what it needed to do I think... Might do up a little badge for it.....if nothing else but to distract from the featureless grass! Thanks for looking, Dermot
  4. I just wanted to share the progress on this rather simple diorama. It will be just sand... However, it will also have an airplane attached to it. Originally, I had copper or brass tubes and epoxy in mind but as I'm a bit impatient I just made the aircraft's base with pieces of plastic I had lying around. The aircraft is attached to the stick at the back of the inside of the bomb bay. It's quite sturdy already. Now it's time to find some sand.............
  5. Welcome to my first WIP thread. So, here it goes,... De Havilland Mosquito from Tamiya with David Brown tug. Not 100% sure if I'm building FB MkVI of 143 Squadron (Sea grey with yellow spinner) or FB MkVI of 487 Squadron (like the box) This will be to replace an old model I brush painted years ago,... now in an effort to modernize the collection with airbrushed versions. Also here, I have a neat little resin David Brown tractor I'll be building today. This should complement the Mossie very well.
  6. Hey! Didn't really know where to post this topic :/ I'm currently making an AH-64D Apache Longbow (Revell's kit) in 1:48 scale. I'm gonna be bored over the summer, so I was probably gonna have a crack at making an Middle Eastern diorama focused around the Apache. It will be just before a mission, so there will be people loading ordnance, maybe a quick bit of maintenance and nothing much else really. I was looking at Hussein El Kaissy's 1/32 one on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJjPWS18rTQ . It looks really nice. So, my question is; Where can I get these diorama accessories in 1/48? - A collection of modern weapons, such as a TOW Launcher (looks so cool ) etc. Much like Italeri's collection, but in 1/48! http://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2530&idCategoria=5&idSottocategoria=55 - A maintenance kit, for example a tool case, military mechanic figure, tools and a laptop thing/walkie talkie. - An rearmament set, with a winch, missile trolly etc. - A belt feeding kit for rearming the chain gun. - 90's/00's U.S.A.F figures, including a pilot and gunner. Please note that these need to be in 1/48, and apologies for any dumb mistakes, e.g. naming or describing something wrong because I am more of a WWII modeler. Thanks )
  7. So, this is my first planned diorama, and the first diorama I've attempted (actually, that's not true, I bashed one together out of balsa wood a long time ago ). But it will be the first diorama since I started putting more effort into my modelling. So far I only have the rough plan of it, and what will decorate it. Its one of at least three dioramas I have planned for this particular setting, which is a fictional conflict between China and Japan. This one will be set on a Tokyo street and features a Humvee crew meeting with a small group of JGSDF soldiers. Over the years I've picked up a number of JGSDF figures, some from the Iraq Humanitarian Assistance set and others the Type 90 w/ loading crew (which I'll probably put with my Abrams). Only painted up the two shown here so far (that camo is tedious, maybe more so than ACU). The additional decoration for this idea came from the Meng barriers set. The k-rails in the set I've painted up and will likely use with my Bradley idea. I also planned to get two other Meng sets, one being the highway set (possibly for the Abrams) and the other the vending machine (for the Bradley). The Bradley (an M2A3 BUSK), which I've started building, will also be in NATO three-tone. So without further ado, here's a basic look at what my idea could look like Gaz
  8. The Antonov An-2 was widely used in Russia, and neighboring countries. A hardy, easily maintained, Short-Takeoff-Landing aircraft, it proved to be a life-line to many far flung rural communities. This little vignette is supposed to reflect the aircraft in that vital role. The Build: There was some minor scratch-building attempted on the aircraft: The cabin door was molded closed, so it was opened and a basic interior was created before joining the halves together. The engine was detailed a little as it's visible thru the front. The kit was missing the prominent wing-flap hinges, so they were created from 0.5mm styrene sheet. A bi-plane without rigging is no bi-plane at all, so despite the 1/144 scale, it was worth the effort. The cockpit frame was created with decals, unfortunately that area is one of the weaker points of the build. The rest of the scene is scratch built. The base was made from epoxy-putty, with real stones,graded sifted soil and match-sticks for the fencing. Static grass and colored saw-dust was used for the ground cover. Twisted wire and brush bristles dusted with colored saw-dust made the conifer trees. The chocks, access ladder and crates were built from stretched sprue, styrene sheet and choice expletives. Barrels were just bits of sprue. The man and dog were made from styrene sheet and stretched sprue. The man measures around 1cm in height, and had me cross-eyed for a few days after making him. On to the photos! Thanks for watching! Cheers, Alex.
  9. This was a scene I put together for two of my Achtung Panzer GB builds. When I was planning what to do for the base I thought it was a good opportunity to see what could be fitted onto the maximum size of base allowed in the proposed Vignette Group Build - 6 inches x 6inches. The base itself is MDF over which I added some filler to try give the impression of part of a cart type track with some slight raised areas ether side. All the green stuff is left over from some railway modelling projects from many years ago. The figures came with the Dragon Tiger 1 kit. The background sky is part of my Spitfire display base/shelf. The WIP for the whole project can be found here. Top down view: Kind regards, Stix
  10. So, I finally decided to try airbrushing for the first time, and this is my first attempt. I'm using an Iwata Studio Series compressor with a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra airbrush and Vallejo airbrush paints. As a newbie, I was rather dubious about airbrushing,.... but now after a few weeks later,... and I'm hooked. Pre-shading, blending and using blue-tac worms makes the models looks far more professional, even at my amateur level of skill. So all and all,... glad I made the jump. So here is a little diorama featuring Airfix's Battle of Britain - Ready for Battle Gift Set 1:48 The hurricane was a joy to build. I decided to go with a darker Battle of Britain themed camouflage on this. By the time I had oil washed and dusted the entire aircraft, the tones had gone quite dark. But that was intentional as I love the dirty look of the old warbirds, rather than the shiny aircraft you see at airshow's today. The Bedford wagon and most of the spare ground crew I have plans to use on other models, so I didn't use them on this. I think it would have been slightly too overcrowded anyway with all the additional parts. The only modification I did was to use real rubber pipe carefully threaded with stiff wire so I could make the hose sag realistically off the fuel truck and onto the aircraft wing. This worked so well I used the same technique to replace all the hose on the diorama,... included that on the fuel trucks unused refueling arms. The diorama base is scratch built using foramx and plaster and few items in my spares bin. The groundwork is model railway ballast glued with watered down PVA and MIG Realistic ground mat, heavily weathered with MIG pigments. Hope you like. All comments, gratefully received. Ed.
  11. Welcome to my first WIP thread. So, here it goes,... De Havilland Mosquito from Tamiya with David Brown tug. Not 100% sure if I'm building FB MkVI of 143 Squadron (Sea grey with yellow spinner) or FB MkVI of 487 Squadron (like the box) This will be to replace an old model I brush painted years ago,... now in an effort to modernize the collection with airbrushed versions. Also here, I have a neat little resin David Brown tractor I'll be building today. This should complement the Mossie very well.
  12. Bonjour tous le monde, Ceci est un nouveau scratch diorama 1/35 en cours, nous sommes au fond d'un estuaire de la Bretagne, Il y aura un quai liittle en bois et une cabane de pêcheur, un petit bateau en bois et un ou deux pêcheurs (je ne sais pas exactement en ce moment ...) Il est juste le début des travaux, l'altération de la cale et de la hutte est en cours ...... .....To be continued
  13. Welcome to my latest posting- I'm going to win no prizes for speed modelling but I'm having fun so who cares! I'm working on a big long term airfield diorama project but it'll take me months/years to get all the components done so I'll post 'em as I do 'em. Here's the finished article (read down for WIP & more finished pics). I was inspired by an article by Richard Langford in Airfix Model World magazine, Jan 14 issue. The moulding is pretty ancient (I built one as a kid, it hasn't changed and I'm pretty ancient as well!) so I thought I'd have some fun super detailing it. As you can see, I got a bit carried away (considering most of it was inside and won't be seen when assembled) but it was a learning piece as much as anything, more scratch building experience and my first use of PE, which went pretty well in the end. I make no claims to historical accuracy with this model and some elements were made up as I went along, but I've enjoyed myself. DJ Parkins (www.djparkins.co.uk) supplied the PE set for the windows, doors, hand rails and watch hut and the maps/posters/blackboards etc were a custom set from Sankey Scenics. I found him on-line & asked if he had anything suitable. He does mostly model railway stuff (as well as being a professional model maker) but researched it for me and came up with a great little sheet of scale images that I've used all over the model. Check him out at www.sankeyscenics.co.uk. The sheet costs £5.00, which seemed pretty reasonable to me as he put it together from scratch. You can order by accessing the bespoke page of his website and by clicking the £5.00 button (towards the bottom). This will take you through the steps for the order. You can quickly access this by clicking the link below: http://www.sankeyscenics.co.uk/#/bespoke-items/4551163731. Based on Richard Langford's article, I fabricated a first floor out of styrene sheet, supported by styrene corner pieces. I then decided to put a dividing wall in made from more styrene and utilising a door & window from the Airfix set (redundant because of the PE set). I glazed it with clear acetate and used thin slices of Tamiya tape to represent diagonal blast taping. An assortment of notice boards, maps, pictures, chalk boards, clocks & signs were carefully scalpeled out of the Sankey Scenics sheet & glued in place. Very late in the day I decided to also build a desk/counter upstairs and some of Sankey's maps and documents decorated the surface. I decided to call it a day, furniture wise, as I had a life I had to get on with! Incredible detail on the maps & chalk boards! Having enjoyed that, I decided to build a room for the ground floor so built a floor and walls from styrene sheet and used the Airfix windows again. More posters/signs added a bit of interest downstairs. Those observant amongst you may have noticed that my super detailing may possibly have forgotten to build a staircase to get from the ground floor to the first, and then to the terrace and roof. Oops! I decided to let this one slip! I also decided to have fun with the watch tower on top. The phone was made from a bit of styrene sheet, the radio from a piece of sprue. The phone cord is a piece of thin fuse wire and the microphone boom from a slightly thicker piece of wire. More Sankey docs spread around the desks. I got a Master Tools PE bender thingy for Christmas and really couldn't figure out how it was meant to work, but a few goes with the thingy & a pair of flat jaw pliers & I sussed it! The watch tower was a bit fiddly with folds going in different directions but got there in the end with a bit of squeezing and swearing. I had to fabricate a pillar to join the edges and locate the walls as the Airfix location points were in the wrong place. The acetate proved tricky - it was hard to keep it free from scratches and glue. The handrails were an absolute bugger - microscopic folding, aligning, gluing, drilling and feeding through 0.31mm brass wire. Lots of patience required. They're not perfect but for a first go, I'm quite pleased. The stairs were also tricky, being made from folded side pieces and individual folded treads. Richard Langford suggested building a little jig, which I did and it worked well. The last thing was to slosh a load of Flory Models 'Grime' wash around the model in places where the day to day muck from a busy airfield would accumulate; on the flat surfaces, window sills, stair treads etc. Flat roofs are notorious for puddling so the Flory grime is spot on for this, although I kept it light on the higher traffic areas. The RAF figures came from a 1970s vintage Airfix set I had as a kid. They'd been painted in gloss enamels (I was young!) so I had lots of fun soaking them in white spirit and picking off the paint! Only later did I discover that Airfix still sell that set so I could have saved a lot of bother, but there's something nice about recycling a 40 year old toy! I think some of them might have come from a Bloodhound missile set - wrong decade but I think I got away with it! I chopped the bases off so they're secured with Deluxe Materials Tacky Wax - it's good stuff. Here are some other shots of the finished building: I broke the aerial thingy in the corner so had to botch up a new one from the spares box. I had to fabricate a new door for the emergency exit as the PE set didn't include one and I'd mistakenly used the Airfix door for my Amera Nissan hut! Always read the instructions! The bionic dog! One of his legs got broken off somewhere between the 1970s and today so I had to make a new one out of a piece of fuse wire! Thanks for looking and any feedback/tips would of course be appreciated. Andrew
  14. I've just finished building my Mig-31 and was considering building her a base to give a sense of scale. I notice that modern Russian airfield hard-standing is laid in concrete blocks that are rectangular. Does anyone have any figures for the size of these? I'm also interested in dimensions and/or pictures of the blast deflectors that you see behind them on the base. I have a few pics already myself, but nothing that would give me any numbers to base a... base on
  15. I'm building a new diorama using a 1/72nd Italeri C-47 and CG-4A glider. To use as a base, I have a 18"X24" bulletin board with a cork surface (the kind you hang on the wall to post notes on). I was wondering if any of you have any experience using cork as a base for gluing grass mat or sandpaper squares? I don't see white glue affecting it, but I am not sure about its suitability when it comes to warpage and adhesion. Something this large I expect to bend a bit. Here we go: Thanks! Gary
  16. Crew Chief Sets Videoaviation 1:32 The latest releases from Videoaviation.com these three sets of figures for USAF and USN based dioramas/vignettes. Each set is manufactured in a creamy beige resin which is really well moulded and detailed. Two of the sets include two figures of crew chiefs, one for the USN and one for the USAF, the middle set only has one figure, but does include a useful piece of equipment for your vignette or diorama. [153632] Includes two figures of US Navy crew chiefs. The first is a single piece moulding of the chief standing with his hands behind his back, whilst the second figure, comes in four parts with separate arms and a line pouch. Although separate the arms look like they can only be posed with the right arm in a salute and the left arm straight down the side. The instructions do come with a couple of colour photos showing the helmet colours used. The rest of the uniform needs to be researched, but the instructions do give colour callouts for the various parts of the uniform. [153732] Also contains two figures, this time of crew chiefs in the USAF. Once again there is one single piece figure with his hands behind his back. The second figure is moulded with a single piece body, but with separate arms and a screwdriver, and can be posed as if he were fitting or removing a panel. The instructions provide a picture of part of the uniform in colour showing, in close-up, the digitised nature of the camouflage. [153832] This final set comes with only one figure, but with a very useful prop. The figure is a crew chief of the USAF and comes as a single piece moulding of the body, but with separate arms and is posed leaning over a laptop computer, (provided as two parts). The laptop sits on top of a tool chest, which is made up of the box, separate front, and four casters. The set is further detailed with the addition of a pair of battery drills. The instructions include the same detailed colour close-up of the uniform camouflage. Conclusion If you’re going to build a one of the amazing 1:32 aircraft on the market you may want to give it even more of a lift by placing it a diorama. For that you will need personnel such as these, and you really can’t go wrong with Videoaviations releases, as they are of superb quality and provide those little details that aren’t usually noticed. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  17. Hello everyone. This is my latest aircraft, the Heinkel 177 by Revell. I installed micro RC motors in it so the propellers can spin. You can check WIP on my blog http://gasperpodbregarminiatures.blogspot.si/, all in all, here is the finished result: I hope you guys like it. Cheers!
  18. Hi all, I haven't tried a diorama since I was a young fella but when building a Star Wars Podracer for the recent Sci FI GB, I knew I had to give it a try! So armed with stuff I found around the garage and garden, here's some pics.. A base from MDF kindly donated by fellow forum member, Chief Wiggum. I went for a round base because I felt it was a good contrast to the Podracer which is long and narrow.. Sanded the base and added a couple of brush coats of leftover wood stain. I then glued down some cardboard and a piece of scrap wood to support the ship in flight.. Then lashed on some Polyfilla and tried to add some texture to it with a wooden stick while it dried. I also added some suitably sized pebbles from the garden as rocks, pushed into the 'filla. I sprinkled some of the kids' play sand over it as well as it dried. You can make out the brass beam that's glued in a hole drilled in the wooden block - this had a corresponding, smaller sized beam in the Podracer port engine Once the base was dry, I brushed it with a suitably sandy colour. But it looked a bit 'one-dimensional'. Having read a bit more about groundwork, I gave the raised bits a drybrush with a lightened version of the base colour...which I thought turned out ok! When the Podracer was finished, I added it to the base - the starboard engine is supported by a thick piece of wire hidden within the 'energy binders' while the pod itself is supported by two bits of painted wire coat hanger. And that's it! For something made from leftovers (apart from the metal beam which I bought), I'm really happy with the end result! Thanks for looking. Dermot
  19. Bonjour à tous, un petit diorama fantastique, je l'ai construit il ya quelques années. Nous sommes en Brocéliande, la forêt célèbre dans mon pays (pleine de légendes) (Figurines Mithril → 32mm)
  20. Hello , This is an old diorama ( i built it 25 years ago ) it doesn't exist anymore because of an "accident" in a moving house. ...only 2 pictures to remember it A typical 60's little wooden boat ( with a little inboard engine ) leave a small harbour in Côtes D'armor
  21. Hi everyone and as promised here are some pics from this finished build. I've included a link to the WIP thread if you hadn't seen it before and to recap, this all started with me asking fellow modeller and all-round good bloke Chief Wiggum if he considered building his Trumpeter TU-95 Bear as an in-flight intercept diorama. After almost 10 months and a lot of modelling heartache later (99% for Chief), here it is. We were absolutely thrilled and stunned to win Silver in the Diorama class at the IPMS Ireland Nationals with it as well as the 'People's Choice' Award as voted for by the public at the show... Honestly, we were deligthed! (I'm the one not smiling) While neither of us can make Telford this year, we're hoping to get the diorama there somehow for the IPMS Ireland Club table.....gonna need a big roof box Thanks for looking and any questions, will try to answer them! Cheers, Dermot and Barry (aka Chief Wiggum)
  22. For those of you who have seen my builds that I have shared on the forum probably know by now that I'm a fan of a diorama. I love to see an aircraft in an operational setting with work going on around it, but as of late I'm running out of space quicker than I'm building. What to do? Stop building? Sell my kits on eBay? Turn the dioramas into some sort of functional appliance? The first suggestion is out of the question, I love modelling and am not about to stop while I still have a few square feet of space free. The second suggestion is also a non-starter, I might not be 100% pleased with all of my builds, but I spend my precious time building them and want to enjoy them for as long as possible (*cough* and they're not good enough to sell *cough*). Erm, turn them into a functional appliance, let's give that a go... This idea may sound a bit mad, but I think if I can pull it off it might be quite special. I've been meaning to build a Lightning for a while and have been fostering a growing love for the aircraft with a particular interest for the quick response interceptor role they had thoughout the Cold War. I've also seen some of the Lightning RFI and WIPs as well as Bar side's HAS build and they've really inspired me. 'Tell us where the functional appliance bit come in, you fool!?' I hear you all shouting at your monitors. Well, this picture below of the Bruntingthorpe QRA shed (maintained by the Lightning Preservation Group) made me think: can I make something similar in 1/72 scale that not only acts as a cool diorama during the daylight hours but also acts as a super cool desk lamp when the sun goes down? My plan is to make a 12x12 inch diorama base which will sit in the corner of my office desk. It will include the front portion of the QRA shed and a portion of the crew quarters. Although not entirely accurate, I plan to include the Lightning just outside of the shed with some ground crew and equipment on and around it. I'm intending to really go to town on the detailing so I thought about including a mirrored section in the Tarmac so you can also see the underside. On top of the QRA, as per the image above, there will be one or two lights which will act as the 'useful' part of the diorama and illuminate my desk. I'm not sure how I'm going to wire up the lighting just yet, that will require some thought and planning, however, there are plenty of QRA reference photos on http://www.lightnings.org.uk including some really useful pictures of the internal structure which will help with the building. The Lightning itself will be the Airfix F6, Eduard PE set and masks, Xtradecals for the Binbrook aircraft (XR727) and any other bits that I like the look of. The QRA and ground equipment will be a mixture of Flightpath (Houchin power unit and RAF diorama accessories) and scratch building. So there we have it! I hope I can pull this off, although if I don't, I'll still have the Lightning that I can put...somewhere.
  23. Evening, Have had this lurking on the shelf for a while with the aircraft pretty much complete but struggling to get the base finished off, well today gave me an opportunity to get it wrapped up. The kit is beautiful and I had no trouble whatsoever with this one, the rockets were a bit fiddly for my fat fingers but the rest of it was spot on. I wanted to try something a bit different and had an idea to portray the aircraft just airborne off a strip somewhere in SE Asia, with the main gear almost fully in the wheel wells. This bit was quite straight forward, but something was niggling away at me about the whole thing, the stationary prop just didn't sit well with me. I just happened to have a cheap old mobile that had died stashed away, it's amazing the things you keep, anyway pulling this apart revealed a tiny motor for the vibrate function....could I motorise the prop? A plasticard support structure in the nose, some carefully routed wiring and a battery holder and switch on the base and......I'll let the pics do the talking. All comments and criticism welcome, hope you like it. Eng
  24. Ok guys, I'm a newbie and I've just returned to model-making after a gap of 35yrs. I thought I'd join this site and post some pics of my recently completed diorama of a Tiger 1 and panzer grenadiers advancing along a street in a village somewhere near Villers Bocage, June 1944. Yes, I KNOW the tank is way too dark! I did a nice camouflage pattern on it, but then overdid the wet-brushing and decided I quite liked it as it was. In some lights the pattern does show up more. But my main aim was just to complete a model. I must admit, I had much more fun with the diorama, which I built from scratch. I will detail the tricks I used. I hope you like the diorama. Don't be too hard on my painting of the tank. I've bought another one and will do a much better job on that one! Anyhoo, here's a few pics! Comments, questions, tips welcome!
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