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  1. Hello all. This is the work in progress towards part 2 of my 'Grand old duke of York' diorama in 1/72 scale. I welcome all comments and feedback, please bear in mind this is my second dio. The idea for this piece is that its connected to the first diorama, of the same name, as a sort of before and after project. The Part 1 is in the RFI section: Part 1 is set during early autumn 1944 and the battle along the Tannenburg line ,in Estonia, is raging. The 3rd Germanic Panzer Corp, consisting of the 11th Nordland division and 11th infantry division, amongst others i
  2. Hi all, in 1966 this was the most expensive Sci-Fi film ever produced, costing 6 million dollars. The special effects cost 3 million dollars and were incredibly difficult to produce, but they looked amazing in the day when you consider they used no computer aided effects, it was all photo chemical film, every set had to be built and filmed through a camera. Today's CGI would give the director total control over the images, which makes it all the more remarkable how this film got made, a true 60's Sci-Fi classic. For this build I will be adding some lighting and all of the crew figures, which w
  3. EGNT Newcastle Airport Main Terminal Pier 1/144 Firstly I must say I'm not sure if this project belongs in the diorama or civil aviation thread but I'd thought I'd appeal to the small number of airliner fans as I'm going to need some expertise on the way. Some of the aircraft I'm going to make are going to be conversions and from some dodgy kits (minicraft). Newcastle Airport is a very small airport and it's only terminal is served by a pier surrounded by a handful of aircraft. Despite the expansion of the airport itself the pier has looked the same for the last 30 or
  4. Hi, I've seen some really spot on title plinths/plaques (call them what you will) on here and was hoping some of you guys might have places of recommend for these? Many thanks, Paul
  5. Small Carts Collection (35621) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models MiniArt’s range of diorama accessories in 1:35 are legion, and it keeps getting more legion-y by the month. This set contains a variety of wheeled carts, and arrives in a shrink-wrapped figure box with five sprues in grey styrene, one for each of the items shown on the box top. The instructions on the back give a brief run-down of construction, and are accompanied by painting suggestions that relate to a table that gives small swatches, paint codes from Vallejo, Mr.Color, AK Real Color, Mission Mode
  6. Hi guys, I've finally finished my LOTR diorama and it's ready for inspection :) Also this time I've made a video tutorial on yt how to build such diorama. You can check it here. Also if you like this video and want to see more like these, please consider to support my new channel by subscribing to it, thank you. Finally here is one of the photos if someone won't see the full video ;)
  7. Whilst waiting on paints to arrive for my Chinook build, i started on the Hobby Boss Land Rover, which due to how easy it was to put together, it didn’t take long! Which meant i could get on with the diorama setting. Having seen these vehicles in Afghanistan for myself (though not with ATGM’s) i really wanted a patrol meeting scene. Also in this build was a 1/35 scale Modern UK Infantrymen, present day by Masterbox, and they make up all the figures of the scene. Even though i have finished this build, having a bit more experiance with paints ect. I will go over
  8. Hi guys, at long last my 1/144 resin Imperial Shuttle has a home in this converted freezer tray. This is my first attempt at a forced perspective diorama. In the opening scene from the Return of the Jedi, Vader's shuttle is seen leaving the Star Destroyer and flying to the hanger bay on the 2nd Death Star, although the Star Destroyer was not seen from the Death Star's hanger bay in the movie; I thought it would be a cool feature to add into my diorama. Keeping to the true spirit of Industrial Light and Magic's [ILM] model construction techniques, I kit bashed all of the details from old k
  9. Hi Folks, Verlinden had some "nice" Skulls and Bomes in their catalogue. Well suitable for large scale Dioramas (around 1/15 to 1/20). Unfortunately they seem to have stopped business and Verlinden Article 1473 is no longer available on the market. Does anybody have an idea, were to get a suitable replacement? Easy to find small scale Resin Skeletons on ebay but i could not find anything for 1/20 and larger....
  10. Medium Coarse Brass Chain (H1016) 1:35 & 1:48 CMK by Special Hobby Lots of vehicles have short chains hanging from them, and there are a myriad uses for it in dioramas, as well as on boats and ships. Getting chains in scale isn’t always that easy, so having ready access to a series of sizes in a handy pack is pretty useful. This set contains 30cm of brass chain with links that are 2mm wide and 2.5mm long, although you actually get a shade more than 30cm, which is nice. It comes in a flat CMK package with the chain held inside a ziplok bag to reduce tarnishi
  11. Hello everyone, and a happy New Year to all fellow plastic-botherer's. Here's my Tamiya 1/48 P-38 for inspection. Lovely kit which is beautifully engineered and goes together without any drama. I added a basic Eduard set (cockpit details mostly) and seatbelts. I have to say I don't think it needs the internal extras - what's in the kit is pretty good, and the instrument panel can't be seen without an endoscope anyway. I also added a Brassin gunbay and ammo belt for a bit of extra interest/challenge. The kit comes with decals for the gun barrels which is novel, but I wasn't convince
  12. Dioramas! Never made one but I've seen a couple of short videos on YouTube about them, and the seem quite involved to say the least. I'm going to be looking for a few, and specifically a circular RAF dispersal pan from WW2 for a Heavy Bomber in 1/72 and 1/48 scales. I was wondering, what is available out there, made and ready to go? I have seen the sort of flat rectangular cardboard types (not really a fan of these), but what do people know about others with texture, foliage and a little bit of undulation etc? I was also wondering if there are comp
  13. D-Day Operation Overlord Gift Set (A50162A) 1:72/1:76 Airfix Operation Overlord was over a year in planning, and resulted in the largest amphibious invasion ever staged, originally intended to take place earlier in June 1944, but was delayed until a brief lull in the bad weather permitted the gamble to be taken. Over 150,000 men and tanks were landed on the first day on five beaches in Normandy, France named Gold, Sword, Juno, Utah and Omaha, with varying levels of resistance encountered from light to extreme, the latter experienced by the Americans on Omaha. De
  14. Andy341

    Start Cartsi

    I am currently working on a diorama of a Phantom F4-C in SE Asia, I just need to know which start cart was used by USAF, if at all. Or did they use a cartridge starter? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Cobblestone Section (36043) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Cobblestone roads have been around since before the Romans, and were prominent in Europe until after WWII because they have ease of maintenance and simple extraction and re-laying thanks to their modular nature. The downside is that they’re slippery when wet and modern vehicles with pneumatic rubber tyres struggle for grip under some circumstances. I first encountered MiniArt when I bought one of their vacformed diorama bases, before I became aware of their wider product range. This set is one of
  16. Newbie question here. Couldn't find an answer by searching. I'm wanting to start making dioramas and scenery. Where can I get extruded polystyrene foam in decent thicknesses, eg 50mm to 100mm? I have found 6mm and 20mm sheets online. Is Kingspan or Celotex insulation foam the same thing if you remove the foil? Thanks.
  17. Afghan Civilians (38034) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Since well before the 80s, a lot of conflict has gone on in the Middle East, with the recent focus having been Afghanistan and Iraq, where there have been huge Western presences during the last few decades. The Afghan civilians have been there throughout all of this, and many have lost their lives, which is immensely saddening. This boxing depicts a group of Afghanis in their typical day-to-day wear, with a broad spread of age ranges often seen in their multi-generational families, where the elders ar
  18. Already posted in the vehicle section, but the diorama aspect posted here too... Revell 1949 Mercury rust rod, posed against a scrcatchbuilt street and wall. The base is a Hobbycraft frame, cut to size. The wall is made from foam board with the outer card layer taken off then marked up. The road surface is 1200 grade wet and dry paper. Phone booth from Doozy in resin is superb, and the LED lights are from smallscalelights.co.uk, who I highly recommend. Street light is scracth built from brass & plastic tube, with a 'bag stud' used s the shade and LED light from the same sour
  19. The Battlle of Britain was, when I was a kid, already something mythological. These brave men, with the magnificent Spitfires and Hurricanes, who defended the last free place in Europe against the Nazi war machine. Growing older, I realised how much human effort went in to this battle. Reading more about the men, you come to understand that with this great victory and the magnificent machines, the toll on them was immense. I want to honour those men (in my own humble way) by building an Airfix Spitfire, but as a part of a diorama. I am fascinated by the photos of waiting pilot
  20. So this has been my big lockdown endeavour, the 1/35 Meng 505th King Tiger with full interior. A real labour of love and a solid project to work on. I would recommend to all, but be careful with the fit of the hull as the 'scale thickness' armour means that it is very tight to secure over all of the innards. As I was working I decided I wanted a little base to display it on, which then morphed into a few figures to denote scale, which then became a lot of figures and what is almost a full diorama! My initial set of photos (apologies for the poor quality/ composition) and happy to t
  21. Dinner on the Front (35325) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Soldiers need to eat. It’s an immutable fact, and during an advance such as those pioneered in Blitzkrieg, they need to have their feeding facilities either with them or close at hand behind the lines. During the advance into Germany by Soviet Russia toward the end of WWII, the space between battles were filled with soldiers either sleeping or eating. We’ll ignore the other stuff they may have gotten up to for decency’s sake. This new set from MiniArt depicts one such incident that could have tak
  22. I see these as a 3D picture rather than a model, and I find it an extension of the paintings I usually make. I like the Miniart stuff, but the self propelled gun was a bit challenging to finish to a decent standard, but as part of a diorama some corners were cut. Close inspection via photographs show up some things that could be improved, but hey ho, overall I am pleased with the outcome, and most important I enjoyed making it. Didn't spend too much time on the figures, as the building is the main topic. Photos now: Hosted by Billybookcase on FLICKR
  23. I am new to modelling, but not new to being creative. My background, as a young lad, was diesel mechanic, welder, and avionics (RAAF). Past 20 years has been in counselling (no hand skills required). Then, out of the blue, I got roped into, by the local maritime museum, to convert an antiquated lift-span bridge console to operate a model bridge. Then I discovered that they had no model bridge and nobody to build one. Then I found out that the museum is totally run by volunteers. So I end up volunteering to build a model bridge which can be operated by the real bridge's original console (1964-1
  24. Aside from brass or aluminum rods what would make some good support material for suspending a “flying” model to be displayed on? Hoping for as close to invisible as can be achieved and will want to support one or more small models from a large model. (Imagine small space ships in flight around a large space ship that’s hanging in the air from wires.
  25. Well, the title sums it up, I'm going to display my 1/350 HMS Warspite on a sea base moored to a bouy (based on photo's of her in Valetta harbour) but there seems to be no single way that battleships were moored. So as my nautical experience only stretches to yachts under 50ft I have several questions - 1) Some photo's seem to show a main anchor chain to the buoy, others seem to show a cable, is there a preference? 2) other pictures then show chains descending from the extreme of the prow into the water but what to? They seem under tension so must go to something. 3) Would there
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