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Found 10 results

  1. Hi folks, This is my first dinosaur since I was little, I think, when I have fuzzy memories of painting Airfix dinosaurs with enamels? I picked up the Lindberg "spitter" Dilophosaurus on a trip a couple of weeks ago at a bargain price and built it pretty much straight away. It's a simple kit with nice surface details. The seams close up pretty well and most of the construction work is in restoring or sculpting lost detail across the seams and where the mould horizons mean a lack of relief. I painted it with Tamiya rattle cans decanted and airbrushed - the main colours are Medium Blue and Dark Earth from the AS range (I think?) and Chrome Oxide Yellow from the TS range. After airbrushing a basic pattern I did a lot of work with a paintbrush to refine it, both sharpening and breaking up the colour transitions. Lots of drybrushing, washes and glazes of acrylics helped define and tone the skin, and I sprayed some thin blotchy filters with Smoke, Clear Green and Clear Red before varnishing. While I did pick out some scales individually on the body, I mostly left that kind of fiddly work for the face which was more-or-less entirely repainted by brush over the airbrushed base. I made a base by sanding a slight profile into the upturned base of a fancy hipster table salt bowl and building a little relief on the top with scraps of torn up foamcard before adding stones, dried twigs and textured putty to create damp ground. Again I painted this up with acrylics and applied "moss" putty mixed from Woodland Scenics ground foam plus various kinds of foliage (Silflor, Heki, Kamizukuri) fixed with matt medium. The dino itself is pinned in place with scraps of 1/16" brass rod as I thought that paperclips weren't substantial enough at this scale. I had a scare when the tail seam cracked open on one side (not sure why) but the join was so exact that it vanished when closed up with thin CA and varnished Overall a fun little project and not bad at under two weeks from shop shelf to my cabinet shelf! Thanks for the various suggestions on the WIP thread and sorry I chickened out (ha!) from adding feathers. Cheers, Will
  2. I have had this stash lurker for a while now,had painted the base,but the beasties remained in primed condition,having had a look at Gimme shelters and Mrs Plastiks builds gave me the required KUTA to get one finished,its a lovely little model and i may just get on with the Rex and Triceratops....................may. Went for a Impala,red deer paint scheme for the adult with flashes of electric blue for the adult. For the youngster went for a fawn countershade look. Tried to create a moment when the young dino has supried a nest building Hypsilophodont Overhead a couple of Nyctosaurus swoop over. Portrait of the adult And a final group shot. Thanks for looking Andy
  3. Hi I've got 11 dino kits of various scales to build in 2016. Apart from the Aurora/Revel Triceratops elsewhere on the forum, I've got started on a flesh munching, blood spurting fight scene of a diorama featuring good old Tyrannosaurus and a Apatosaurus / Brontosaurus. Both are vinyl type PVC mouldings of the Horizon kits. I bought both thinking I had got myself a quarter priced unboxed bargain but what was delivered is a perfect recasting of the original's fine sculpted beasts. I've had the kettle and hairdryer on both and have reposed the legs and neck twist of the T-Rex and reposed the neck, tail, stance and opened the mouth of the Apatosaurus. This big girl will be depicted crying out in pain with its tongue out having been chased and charged by the T-Rex being bitten in the rear flanks away from the whip side of the bigger girls tail. The T-Rex is designed with a static pose, so I have changed the legs to a running / sprinting pose and widened the jaw bite along with a complete repose of its tail. All is on hold for the next 6 weeks or so while I am working overseas but I hope you enjoy them.. Thanks for looking in The baby Triceratops here is for another project but at least you can see the Apatosaurus's feet and lack of toe nail manicure bye for now - John
  4. What? its not Alien related? I know it looks like I'm cranking out a new post every couple of days,but what I'm actually doing is finishing off a long list of half finished models,Today I present the Horizon Tyrannosaurus Rex JP Model,I believe that they actual just copied one of the Stan Winston studios Sculpts for this kit.
  5. Okay, I admit it I'm getting hooked on Dinosaurs, we came across this kit on Friday in Birmingham and I couldn't resist it... my last build is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001698-tamiya-135-triceratops-eurycephalus/ I've decided to postpone the Skoda Turtle until I can do the paint job justice... Mr Stix still can't get over the size of the kit box: Comparison photo with his latest build box:
  6. Edit 11-10-2017 - 6 Brachio's now, not 4 - I decided to add a few more which will be wading in the pool. - John My modelling desk is presently full of Dinosaurs from the Tamiya Prehistoric Diorama ranges. Along with the 2 T-Rex diorama sets I have on the go, I've now also started building a new diorama that will incorporate 6 of the Tamiya 1/35 Brachiosaurus educational diorama sets - I'm going to call it "Walking with Dinosaurs" displayed as a herd of Brachios and their infants trailing along the Jurassic plains. These are just the most superbly sculpted kits - highly recommended to anyone looking to do something a tad different from the norm. The box art below. I've been picking these up for around £20 to £25 each and you get a beautiful BIG well printed box from Tamiya Here's the infants - I will drop them in some boiling water to change and vary the neck and tail poses The kit provides a choice of 2 mouth poses - I have chosen 2 of each, open showing the tongue and teeth, and the other 2 closed More limbs than Legs & Co from the old Top of the Pops days All 4 kits together I have filled the tails with DAZ clay and left the assembled bodies in a cold damp room to slow the drying time down - tonight I intend to heat and steam the tails to produce 4 different tail poses. The DAZ in the tail is to stop the plastic collapsing on itself when being bended The leg clip pins that Tamiya provide really make the limb attachment a snug fit and reduce the amount of seam filling I'm hoping to end up with a scene depicting something like this below - I've already invested in a number of bits of 1/35 scenery to help with the intended diorama end result. Thanks for looking in - and of course to Mrs P and the inspiration taken from her build last month. John
  7. Hello I've jot a whole stack of Dinosaur kits to make - some of which you may have already seen on the forum as part made kits. Mrs P and her beautiful Lady Brachio inspired me to get on and start some of the easier Tamiya Diorama Kits I have had kicking around. I've taken both my Triceratops Diorama Sets and combined the bases. The Triceratops kit offers 2 leg pose options so I have made one of each and cut off the neck and repositioned the head and angle of the 2 main horns on one of the kits. The Tamiya box shows 2 colouring/marking options which works well for a male and female setting. I have the Tamiya 6 pack of Velociraptors which I have also used - the Triceratops kit comes with 3 per kit which leave me 6 left over for other ideas later on with other kits. The Velociraptors have a number of limb and torso pose options you can select. My intended diorama is meant to show the male and female Triceratops being chased along by a pack of 5 hungry and invasive Raptors. I've left off the fish and amphibians that come with the kit, along with the pond water etc as I am happy to work with Vallejo's Water Effects to replicate rushing water down a central stream in the base. Adding shades of green to the plant leave template sheets basic belly and back under tones applied Vallejo Water Effects applied in raw form prior to drying clear more to follow on soon - and thanks for looking in John
  8. I have combined 2 of the Tamiya 1/35 Triceratops prehistoric diorama sets into a single display piece here, A fun first in dinosaur painting for me and has inspired me to produce many more in the future I hope. Thanks to Mrs P for her inspiration and similar builds elsewhere on the forum. KEEP CALM AND DINO ON ..... John Thanks for looking in - John
  9. Hi Inspired by some of the other great Dinosaurs on the forum, I recently decided to invest in the re-release of the old Aurora Triceratops from Revell. I first built this back in the 70's when they came to market. Having followed mankind's expanse of dinosaur knowledge over the last 40+ years, I realised that Triceratops was not necessarily what the box art shows it to be. As we don't have any definitive indication of what these gentle old beasts really looked like, I decided to have a bash at making my own version of what I think they could have looked at. The kit boxing still makes the kit look more like any angry dragon or reptile with Dino features, so this meant a lot of modifications and alterations - along with a LOT of filler - so much in fact that it is now about the same as a brick in weight. I hope to get this finished for early 2016 - I hope you like it Toes sanded down from claws on the original, and leg poses changed Neck shield expanded and nose horn moved back and reposed Raising the back bone / spine - cheap plastic garden potting sticks worked well to create a new frame The kit offers a short fat lizard like tail, I've looked into the Triceratops skeleton and it looks like it would have used it for balance when running (away), so I cut and modified mine Thank goodness for cheap Halfords car body filler The new shape of the body coming together Limb work Still looking very messy London Natural History Triceratops Skeleton in the background which helped for some of the limb reworking and posing I cut out the fangs and moulded some molar type vegie munching teeth instead. I also remade the tongue and added a roof to the top of the mouth as the kit just has an empty head Wanting to make as many subtle differences as possible, I thought the kits horns could do with lengthening now that I have changed the beak and nose horn. I drilled some screws into the horns and added springs to help the filler attached itself to Adding a proper neck and extending the reach of the head forward Still missing most surface detail but showing modified nasal recesses and widened neck frill collar. The nose horn will be re-worked later on Extended Horns on Not really a clear picture but a flappy loos neck and chin is being built up here There will be more coming along soon - I hope to end up with something looking like this when completed
  10. Hi I've got back to the UK and have started a long assembly line of Dinosaur species. I plan to simply build all the kits and then go into a full paint production line afterwards. This is the 3rd in the line (my Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus and Tyrannosaurus are already on this part of the forum) - its a resin copy of the old Horizon Models Stegosaurus which I believe to be way out of production - mine is a mould copy of the original bought for £10 from the far east. With the aid of boiling water I have made a few alterations to the pose, having twisted the tail about and bent the neck to the side, and prized the mouth and jaw open wider. Brachiosaurus will follow next John
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