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Found 22 results

  1. Having recently finished building the lovely 1/72 Tamiya PR Mosquito in the Recce GB, I was looking to build a DH Hornet for this GB. Unfortunately, the two main offerings which are readily available (AZ and Special Hobby) seem to have some issues. I appreciate that others can cope with these, but in my limited experience of aircraft modelling I thought it was best to give them a miss at the moment. I did have my eye on the new Airfix vampire, but prefer the lines of the single seater. I then discovered the Cyber-Hobby Vampire FB.5 which gets some good reviews, so fingers crossed. I will be doing it in the 607 RAuxAF, RAF Ouston, 1956 markings for the below reason: In 1981 at the age of 16 and 2 weeks I got on a train in Cambridgeshire, next stop Newcastle. I was met by some ugly blokes in green uniforms, then after a 20 min trip in the back of a Bedford truck we arrived at my home for the next few months, Albemarle Barracks (AKA RAF Ouston). I had officially joined Her Majesty’s Army, Royal Corps of Signals! Anyway, to cut a long story short I used to run up and down the runways of RAF Ouston almost every day. Little did I know my feet were treading on the remnants of tyre marks made by Hurricanes, Spitfires, Defiants, Mustangs, Typhoons, etc. Oh and of course Vampires! George
  2. Hi, Back around 1980, I was a kid and I discovered in a magazine that Northrop built flying wings in the 1940's. I found them fascinating, but I've never built a model of one. Seeing Neil5208's 1/72 build here, reminded me that I have the Cyber-Hobby kit in 1/200. There are few parts, so this still has a chance to be completed before the 15th of January. Cheers, Stefan.
  3. I'll be joining with another 1/200 scale Vulcan (which was released I see, to correspond with the 30th Anniversary!). I bought mine second-hand last year and it looks nice, with all parts still in their bags. Weirdly, the war largely passed me by at the time, as I was working in Swaziland (now, Eswatini), and had to rely on local radio for my news. Of course, I've tried to catch up since Cheers
  4. I built this guy in the current Hellcat STGB, and thought I'd do something a little different since the Cyber-Hobby kit allows for a wing fold option. It certainly takes up less room on the shelf! The kit also comes with some detail in the engine auxiliaries bay, but provides no way to show it, so I had to remove the panel with a razor saw and add a little more detail - the build thread can be found HERE if you're interested.
  5. Just recently bit the bullet and purchased the Cyber-Hobby kit and it duly arrived at my workbench this morning. As far as I can tell, this is really the only kid on the block without buying CMR's offering. I know that the the kit has its short comings but overall I'm impressed. The major issue for me in this kit is the cockpit...or lack of it . As far as I can tell, this is totally lacking and bares no resemblance to the real thing? Does anybody do a resin/ PE? What are my options for the cockpit? Stuart
  6. Another Meteor from me.... This started out as the Cyber-Hobby Meteor F1 and I removed the engines from the wings to create the one-off Metrovick powered Meteor. The engines started life from some old airliner kit with lots of filler, decals are partly my own and the kit. The real aircraft crashed after only a few flights and there aren't many photos of it around. Steve
  7. Hello, I have finally finished one of my longest running models. I got this kit sometime in 2007. I was crazy about having this particular version of the T-34 when it came out, but now I don't remember why. It is one of the 1941 versions, with the small turret, single hatch, and 76 mm gun. I built a generic winter 1941/1942 machine which probably served in the Leningrad area. Its been so long since I built the model (I finished it years ago, and just painted it recently), that I don't recall much of the build. At its core it is the Dragon T-34. Lots of great details, lots of parts, TONS of options. Metal gun barrel, a good deal of PE, clear headlight lens. To those wondering, the rectangular boxes on the hull sides were wooden spare fuel tanks. The round drum tanks common to most Soviet tanks were not fitted to the T-34s from this particular factory. Paints are Tamiya white over MM Acryl Russian Green, various Vallejo browns on the tracks and details. Weathering done with three or four shades of brown washes, and two shades of pigments. I'm not 100% happy with the result, but I'm 100% thrilled to finally have this thing done, 10 years after purchase. One less large box in the stash! Sorry about the weird colors. Photos were taken indoors under crap lights.
  8. My entry for the group build is going to be an OOB build of the Cyber-Hobby's Vulcan based at RAF Scampton in 1970 and here are the box and contents shots. I am looking forward to starting this soon and I hope that this will be the build that lifts the modelling mojo. I should have done this earlier, but I will check references to make sure that the subject falls within the scope of the group build.
  9. As I said right at the start of this GB, Imma gonna do the Gnat and this bad girl. <insert obligatory box shot, c/w parts and aftermarket> There's a Pavla nose cone, Master metal pitots (because they were cheap) and a new pilot's seat from High Planes - the observer gets to sit on the undersized seat as supplied by Mr Cyber-Hobby (because I'm cheap). I'll use the kit decals, probably the one with the shark's mouth, although that may be subject to change. I'm heading out to work for at least 7 days, so I was casting around for something to do to keep my modelling mojo motoring, and decided that this was a good candidate, seeing as everything I'm currently doing for GBs is pretty well at the stage of not being portable. I'm hoping to get this thing's internals done and the the whole airframe ready for paint before I get back, then I can have a big airbrush session and cover everything in jam. Seeing as I'll be modelling in a small room that's not mine, I've decided to do this'un in acrylics instead of enamels - not so much for the smell, as thinner doesn't overly worry me, but for the ease of cleaning brushes and mopping up any spills that may happen; management get shirty if we make a mess of the accommodations. I'll do the whole thing in acrylics I think, even the outside, just to keep it easy. As I'm using acrylics, I'll throw a coat of rattle can primer over the whole sprue before I start, to help the paint stick a bit better. Hopefully I'll have time to do that and let it dry before I hit the road tomorrow... I've got the sprues washed and have made a short list of the paints I need to pick up on my way out of town, so here's hoping I can make it through 12 hr days with a bit of energy left over! Photos as progress progresses.
  10. Hello everybody, Better late than never - and as there aren't too many participants in this GB and surprisingly no one is building the Cyber-Hobby kit, I have a go at it and with a bit of time off work over Christmas, I may even finishing it. I like to build Q EE239 from 616 Squadron in the temporary white colours equipped with Welland engines (one of four repainted). By the way, are there any pictures of these white Meteors showing the serial numbers? Well, still a bit to go, but I have to start somewhere. Cheers, Peter
  11. Hi This is my first finished model in at least 9 months. It was a 24-hour blitz-build, which presented no real construction challenges. The model has a wing span of 26cm. I spayed it with Alclad Dull Aluminium followed by a couple of coats of Alclad Gloss Klear Kote, prior to decalling. I had some frustrations with the walkway decals, but apart from that, a pleasurable weekend build to break my lengthy hiatus! One obviously can't describe it as a tail-sitter, so "wing-sitter" will have to suffice!! This is from Wikipedia: "The Northrop YB-49 was a prototype jet-powered heavy bomber aircraft developed by Northrop Corporation shortly after World War II for service with the U.S. Air Force. The YB-49 featured a flying wing design and was a jet-powered development of the earlier, piston-engined Northrop XB-35 and YB-35. The two YB-49s actually built were both converted YB-35 test aircraft. The YB-49 never entered production, being passed over in favor of the more conventional Convair B-36 piston-driven design. Design work performed in the development of the YB-35 and YB-49 nonetheless proved to be valuable to Northrop decades later in the eventual development of the B-2 stealth bomber, which entered service in the early 1990s." Photos of a not so distant relative taken by me at RIAT: And finally, a couple of shots with my only other 1:200 model, the same manufacturer's XB-70 Valkyrie: Thanks for looking.
  12. PE sets to improve almost every 109 models in 1/32 scale. There are four types of oil cooler meshes for: PE3208 Bf109E (recommended kit Cyber-Hobby) PE3209 late Bf109F, Bf109G-2/4 (recommended kit Hasegawa/Revell) PE3210 Bf109G-6/14 (recommended kit Hasegawa/Revell) PE3211 Bf109G-10/K (recommended kit Revell, Hasegawa need minor plastic modification) They made of 0.05mm stainless steel and have finest honeycomb structure available.
  13. Hi, Another recently arrived model to my workbench: HMS Daring Type 45 Destroyer from Cyber-hobby (1/700 scale) I already started to paint some parts of this model and I'm using the following WEM Colourcoats references: WEMCC M16 - Modern Royal Navy Deck Grey, Light WEMCC M01 - Modern Royal Navy Light Weatherwork Grey It's the same WEM references I used on my Type 23 Duke Frigate resin model I bought to WEM a few years ago. This time by the photos I've seen it seems the deck grey of the Type 45 Daring destroyers is a little bit darker than the deck grey of the Type 23 Duke Frigates. Am I using the correct WEM colour reference to paint to decks of my Type 45 Daring Destroyer? Thanks. Regards, Ayala Botto Facebook: "Ayala Botto Model Trains" http://www.facebook....100140160133220
  14. This is a Cyber-Hobby kit in 1/35 scale. A number of PE sets were used, as well as Atak's resin zimmerit set. Individual track links were constructed from AFV Club. This was part of 'Achtung Panzer' GB, so a wip can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975397-jagdpanzer-iv-lehr-div-normandy/ ------------------------------------- The unit depicted is from Panzer Lehr Division. Beginning of April '44, 31 of these vehicles were infused into the tank hunting battalion (including towed 7.5cm PaK 40). During the first hours of D-Day, the division was ordered to move towards Caen and await further orders. The vehicle portrayed is possibly that of Lieutenant Werner, acting commander of the first company of Panzerjäger-Lehr-Abteilung 130. On June 10 1944, his formation was sent forth to aid a sister panzer grenadier unit. Their command post, situated west of Tilley, was under attack by five British tanks. All five of the enemy vehicles were either destroyed or put out of commission. ------------------------------------------- regards, Jack
  15. Next Cyber-Hobby Seaking variant is the SH-3H "Sub Hunter" - ref.CH5114 Sources: http://www.platz-hobby.com/products/4367.html http://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=489196 V.P.
  16. Hello again! I haven't posted for a few weeks due to exams (only two more to go!) but I did buy this a couple weeks ago and I have done a little work on it between revising. I did manage to get the wings on today, however, I didn't manage to get a picture. Here's the work so far. Fuselage Nose weight I wasn't happy with the kits placing of the seat, so I moved it back a little. As usual I added seatbelts from Tamiya tape. More to follow... Ben
  17. Build 3 If the "What If" group build had gotten enough votes this was going to be one of my builds for it. I had put it back in my stash, but I realised I paid less than £10 and we can build any genre, so here it is Korea, June 1950. North Korea invades the South with devastating swiftness, within days U.S. troops and aircraft are engaging North Korean forces, trying to stem the tide. August 1950, President Truman requests military aid from Great Britain and while initially resistant, Prime Minister Attlee eventually capitulates. As part of their role the Royal Air Force is tasked with long range strategic bombing, unfortunately they are poorly equipped to undertake this task and are desperate to re-equip their bomber squadrons with new aircraft. Initially they are offered the B-29 by Boeing, whilst this would be an improvement on aircraft already in their inventory, a jet powered bomber would be preferable. By chance, the USAF had just cancelled the Northrop YB-49 "Flying Wing" project. With several airframes completed and more airframes in production, Northrop took the bold step to approach the British government directly. If the B-49 was operationally successful, it was possible the USAF could reverse it's decision and equip the Strategic Bomber Command with them. With the U.S. desperate for increased bomber strength in Korea they approved the sale of aircraft and deliveries commenced October 1950. The B-49 was designated Tacoma B.1 by the RAF. The Tacoma served with distinction in Korea and by the end of hostilities in 1955 was seen to be the most capable strategic bomber in the world. Despite it's success the USAF never adopted the B-49, instead opting for the B-47 and eventually the B-52. The Tacoma remained in front line service until 1958 when it was replaced by the Handley Page Victor. From 1958 it served in the photo reconnaissance role until it's service retirement in 1966. So, an unusual aircraft in fictional markings (spares box) in a ridiculously small scale Price: £7.87 from eBay. Very nicely engraved panel lines. A choice of canopy types. Fantastic detail for tis scale. The cockpit, six crew positions (one seat to be fitted in the middle) and I'm going to paint belts on all of them!
  18. Cyber-Hobby is to release two new tool 1/72nd Boeing AH-64A Apache & AH-64D Longbow Apache kits - ref. 5078 & 5084. Source: http://ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2014/Nuernberg_2014.html V.P.
  19. After Meng (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945392-meng-132-komet/?hl=komet), Cyber-Hobby is still reported working (since 2011...) on a 1/32nd Messerschmitt Me.163 Komet kit - ref.3213. Source IPMS Germany: http://ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2014/Nuernberg_2014.html V.P.
  20. Hi, Just arrived to my workbench: USS Fort Worth LCS-3 from Cyber-hobby (1/700 scale). Thanks. Regards, Ayala Botto Facebook: "Ayala Botto Model Trains" http://www.facebook....100140160133220
  21. Hi, After almost 5 years I’m resuming to build model warships at 1/700. I ordered the USS New York LPD-21 from Cyber-hobby as well as extra RIM-116 from WEM produced by Orange-hobby. The level of detail of the Orange-hobby RIM's is amazing and they have the correct dimensions. The same cannot be said regarding the original RIM's. I also added Edward railings and SBROC's. The flight deck will have 2x MV-22 Osprey (included in the kit), 1x UH-1N Twin Huey from WEM (Ref. AS 7177) and 2x or 3x AH-1W Super Cobra from WEM (Ref. AS 7176). One of the MV-22 will be folded (main wing and propellers) on the way to the hangar and the second one parked with the rear ramp opened. I still have in mind to put a hovering MV-22 Osprey from WEM (AS 7077) with a Humvee from JAG (Ref. JAG 803) or a 155mm howitzer included in the JMSDF LST 4002 Shimokita Tamiya Kit. The following image shows a similar configuration what I have in mind to my LPD, but without the Sea Stallions. As far as the MV-22 Osprey camouflage pattern concern, this is the scheme I used: I used a RHIB inside the starboard side behind the large sliding door with a scratch crane, as the Cyber-hobby kit does not include a single one! I must order some extra RHIB from WEM to storage amidships. The stern gate will be open with a LCAC also included in the Cybery-hobby kit with a couple of Humvees or M923 Trucks (Ref. JAG 802). For the time been the LPD will be temporarily placed with a full hull configuration in the stand provided with the kit, but in the future this will be my first project with a model in a water diorama. Now some photos: I'm still working on the Nulka launchers to be placed near the SBROC Launchers. Hope you like it! Thanks. Regards, Ayala Botto
  22. FMC LVT-4 Water Buffalo 1:35 The first usage of the LVT in combat was during the amphibious assault on Tarawa. Of 125 vehicles used, only 35 remained operational by the end of the day. Still, a number managed to successfully ferry men across the coral reef and through the shallows to the beach. Marines who arrived in LCVP Higgins boats, on the other hand, could not cross the reef and had to wade through chest-deep or higher water while under enemy fire; casualties were horrific and many who did make it to the beach alive had lost their rifles and other essential gear. Despite their apparent utility however, the LVT-4 was too lightly armoured for combat, and the open crew and passenger compartment resulted in serious injuries from both machine gun fire and shrapnel. The operation also revealed the need for close-in fire support, which the Amtracs lacked. As a result of Tarawa experience, standardized armor kits were provided for the LVTs employed in contested landings, and the gun-armed "amtanks" LVT (A)-1 and LVT (A)-4 were developed to provide fire support. Armed with a 75 mm howitzer, the latter was especially effective in this role as it was capable of destroying Japanese fortifications as it came ashore. However the LVT(A)-4 had an open-topped turret which left the crew vulnerable to artillery and infantry attack, especially to the latter as it lacked any sort of machine gun armament. The lack of machine gun armament was eventually rectified, though the open-topped turret remained. Although usually used during landings only, in the Marianas campaign "amtanks" were employed inland, much like regular tanks. The largest use of the LVTs was in the Leyte landing, with nine amtrac and two amtank battalions deployed. As there was no fighting on the beaches, this is also one of the least famous LVTs operations. Over 1000 LVTs took part in the Battle of Okinawa. Although usually associated with the Pacific theatre, toward the end of the war LVTs were employed in Europe as well. The U.S., British and Canadian Armies used the Buffalo in the Battle of the Scheldt, during Operation Plunder, along the Po River in Italy, across the river Elbe, and in a number of other river crossing operations. The engine was moved forward and a large ramp door was added to the rear, allowing troops to exit from the rear of the vehicle. This innovation also greatly facilitated the loading and unloading of cargo. Some vehicles received armor kits. It was by far the most numerous version of the LVT, with 8,351 units delivered. Many of the British LVT versions were armed with a Polsten 20 mm cannon and 2 x .30 cal Browning machine guns. The Model The model comes in the usual colourful orange and white box that is standard for the Cyber-Hobby kits. On opening, it is readily apparent that this will build into quite a big model, even some of the sprues of grey styrene barely fit into the box. These Dragon Orange box kits are very nicely put together with additional parts. In this case there is a sprue of four U.S. Marines and another for their weapons, in addition to the three sprues for the LVT-4 itself. All the parts are very nicely moulded with only the slightest bits of flash and moulding pips on many of the small weapons sprue. Unfortunately, even though the parts were well packed, there were several broken parts on this example. Construction begins with the hull sides and the attachment of the running wheels, idlers and drive sprockets to the inner sides. These assemblies are then fitted to the outer sides. The interior deck plate is then fitted to the lower hull along with the forward/engine bulkhead. The track assemblies are then attached to the lower hull assembly in addition to the interior sides. The vinyl tracks come in two parts each side and are of such length that the joins would be hidden under the front and rear mudguards. Next the upper deck is fitted with the port and starboard track guards and rear mudguards. This is then attached to the rest of the hull assembly. The interior of the hull is further built up with protective wooden slats and their associated fixings. The lights, plus the front and rear bollards are then fixed into place. The wooden floors slats are fitted with various lengths of supports to keep them level above the shaped lower hull. The armament provided with the kit include two 30 cal and two 50 calibre machine guns. The 50 cals are made up of separate handgrips, ammunition box, three piece mounts and gunshield. The rear ramp is built up of two parts, outer and inner. This is attached to the lower hull and, using the string provided, to two plates which are then fitted to the upper hull. Further detail parts, such as hand rungs, anchor are fitted to the rear, whilst at the front, the forward machine gun and ball mount, further hand rungs, vision blocks, two boat hooks, bow plate and mooring eye are fitted to the front, thus completing the main build. As stated above, this kit comes with the addition of four U.S. Marines. Each Marine comes in seven parts, torso, head, arms, legs and helmet. Side arms, ammunition pouches, knives and other pouches are provided to fit out each Marine. Their weapons are on a separate sprue and consist of a 1911 rifle with bayonet fitted, Combat shotgun, a BAR and a flamethrower, which comes in two halves, separate hose, fuel bottle and cradle. There is also a bazooka with a container for further rockets. Decals The nicely printed decal sheet gives options for either a US vehicle of the 10th Amphibious Battalion, Yellow Beach 2, Iwo Jima, 1945 or a British vehicle of the 11th RTR, 79th Armoured Division, Netherlands, 1944. The decals appear to be in good register and nicely opaque. Conclusion This is a very nice kit which looks like it will build into a very good representation of these unusual, but very useful vehicles. Detail is good, but will benefit from some good painting and weathering. The addition of the Marine troop will aid in making an interesting diorama, although, if building a British vehicle these will be redundant and good only for the spares box. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of UK distributors for
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