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  1. Yes I’m probably nuts €6.99 in my (not so) local model shop, but I didn’t really want a luftwaffe scheme and the Red banner fleet scheme I would have done doesn’t irk for me either owing to the war.. so Knowing of this one I’ve decided to opt for it instead. I have done a number of Ta152H conversions in the (dim and distant) past all I have to do is extend the wings, cut and extend the rear fuselage modify the front profile of the tail and reshape the supercharger intake , can’t remember if I need to extend the nose or not, simples eh… wish me luck…
  2. Gidday All, this is my model of the Australian Daring-class destroyer HMAS Vampire II, also known as 'The Bat'. I've depicted the ship as I think she appeared in the 1970s, after her mid-life refit. I converted an Airfix 1/600 kit of HMS Daring to make the model. I wont repeat what I said in the build thread, other than she and her sisters were named after ships of the Scrap Iron Flotilla, that did a terrific job during WW2. Here she is, HMAS Vampire II in the early 1970s. She's a bit rough in places and I should have tried to dust her off a bit before taking the photos. Here's the build thread:- https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235117319-hmas-vampire-ii/ Thanks for your interest. Regards, Jeff.
  3. Inspired by this excellent model from Nick at Telford during SMW, I have decided to have a crack at one myself. Hopefully I will finish with one of the 9 Kestrels used by the Tri-partate testing squadron. I have managed to see and photograph all 9 of the remaining P1127/Kestrels so I have plenty of information to use along with the notes from Nicks build. This will be based on the Tamiya GR1 1/48 kit I picked up a few months ago. This is not really suitable for a Harrier as it appears to be a mishmash of Kestrel and Harrier so I can't see it being built for another project. Quite a lot of work to do but with some guidance from Nick I'll see if I can finish in the GB. There is a fairly crude Pegarus engine included so I might try and use that.
  4. This has been sitting in the stash for a while now. And this is the machine I’ll be building. Two reasons, one I like the scheme, clearly the crew were extremely concerned with being seen at night and blacked out almost all of the camo and secondly, as you may be aware I try to avoid building things with swastikas but I don’t like to leave a model incomplete so if I can find an option without tail markings I’ll usually take it.
  5. Exhibit A I’m going to go for the top version of V1 with the gnatty ducted prop. As you can see the nose and the fuselage profile just aft of the canopy are very different afaik the wing platform isn’t that different however they may also need a bit of surgery. So this might be a conversion or a scratch build with donor parts from the kit all part of the fun.? my intended victim…
  6. I picked this one up again a couple of weeks ago. Started in 2017 with an AC-130H as the base kit. Plugged lots of holes and added the fuselage plug. It stalled as I did not like the paint shade. It was stripped about a month ago and left.. Repaint started last week and a bit of masking and more painting today... As it stands after a day of pottering away at it...
  7. Not new model, but I still like it. I know, pink sholud be more white and pale, am I wright? I have added extra gunsight from Quickboost, canopy hood with bubbles from Rob Taurus vacu and scratchbuilded rear mirror. Decals are mix of Pavla (I think letters are too light...) and Xtracolors roundels. Maybe she is too much weathered - but you know the name - "dicing" (with death) is such impressive for add some extra mementos of dogfight's somwhere over Brest ... Anyway, hope you like it. Best regards, Michal.
  8. So I happened to be reading a book on wwi German aircraft last night and came accords the first Fokker DR1 prototype V4, remembering that I had two Dr1s in the stash (1/72 & 1/48) I decided I’d convert the 1/72 one to V4. The kit (s) were gifted to me by a fellow Britmodeller who had to give up the hobby owing to failing eyesight. There’s no significance in the red and grey, when I built the previous DR1 I couldn’t find the stories for the kit so I did a mix and match build. V4 had equal span mid and lower wings so a little surgery needed. It also had a curved ( very Albatross) tail, so I’ve scratched one from sheet styrene. A bit of assembly. Assuming I can find all the parts this will be almost a blitzbuild. Still missing a sprue mind…
  9. Having gotten the Titanic for Christmas and not being too keen on modelling a subject that so many lost their lives on ( generally I don’t like to model subjects where I know someone died). I’m going to convert the kit to the Olympic, the only one of the White star trio to have a long career before being scrapped in the thirties. With the added distinction of having sunk a German submarine. I’m going for the Dazzle camouflage the Olympic wore while serving as a troop transport. Sprues. Even with the small scale it’s a fairly large kit. Step one will be to figure out the best way to modify the A Deck ( the most obvious difference between the two ships) then get a proper handle on the rest of the modifications needed.
  10. Now that construction of the FROG Bristol 138A has completed and she is being prepared for her colors, I decided to start another project while I wait for my basement to become available for spray painting again. Recently, I have taken something of an interest in the British Airspeed Company - some of you will know I am searching for a kit of an AS.5 Courier. A few months ago, I purchased the FROG kit of the Oxford, as well as Print Scale Decals with which I intended to build an early Indian Air Force aircraft. On inspecting the decals, the Indian roundels and tail flashes were either poorly printed or seemed to have been poked with a needle, so this was a non-option. Then, yesterday I came across this image - It's a photo of an Airspeed Consul, a post-war, nominally civilian airliner version of the Oxford. Some, however, were refitted with military equipment and sold abroad to several nations including Israel and the Union of Burma. The aircraft in the photo is one of the latter air-forces birds, and is outfitted with the Oxford Mk.1 / Anson style Turret, Machine Gun Pods, and what I believe are 25 or 60 pound rockets. In the background is an Avro Ashton, an interesting aircraft itself. Immediately I knew what I wanted to model. The Print Scale sheet also includes Burmese roundels and serials, and my aircraft will be UB345. The only thing I need is the larger UB codes for the underside of the wings. At first, I was worried about how I would obtain a turret, but then I remembered that I had a spare one left over from a failed attempt at building the Airfix Anson. Using this, I cut out a hole on top of the fuselage. Then, I found an even better solution - the Tasman Models Oxford / Anson turret update set. Now, my model budget for the summer was supposed to have been used up, but I knew I would kick myself if the set got away, so I purchased one. It should be here in 3 to 5 weeks, but considering both of my last 2 packages from down under were both rejected by customs and had to be sent twice, there is a chance they'll instead make for a pleasant Christmas gift! As a bonus, I'll be able to use the second turret for another Airspeed project I have planned, and the engine and other parts will be used for the second Anson in my stash. Right then, how's the progress so far? Some of you well know how barren the inside of the FROG kit is - a (too small) floor with 2 seats and 2 pilots. That's it, and of course, that wouldn't do. So I looked up @Heather Kay's build of the Pavla Oxford and used sheet plastic and rod to add a floor, framing, instrument panel, and bulkheads. The original seats were used, as well as a spare from the bin. The left-side door was cut out, and a replacement was scratched. Finally, new props were taken from a Heller DH.89, and gun pods were sourced from a Heller Texan. These will be trimmed down and the twin barrels replaced with a single one later. There is still quite a bit to add to the interior before I dare start painting, including more framing, a raised floor beneath the turret, a control stick, belts, and likely more. On the outside, I'll need to source or produce additional intakes on the bottom of the cowlings, better wheels, and the rockets. On the topic of the rockets, does anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking about using spare rockets from a Tamiya Mosquito, but I'm open to other (likely better) ideas. That's all for the moment. Thanks, Tweener
  11. After many weeks of researching the Land Rover TACR1 fire truck, I feel able to attempt a part scratchbuild of one, or two. Over that time I have received lots of helpful advice and contributions from fellow BMrs, to whom I am very grateful. I must admit that I would not be able to attempt this without such help and I shall acknowledge their input within the relevant stages of my build. The donor kit will be an Italeri [6508] Land Rover series III Starting off with basic chassis from the kit. No changes need to be made at this stage. I would like make two TACR1s, one in Royal Naval livery and the other in Royal Air Force colours. Herewith the two kits in progress, note the different chassis rear ends, I think the lower vehicle had late series IIa chassis, similar to the one on the right in this view. The chassis front for both should be the same To make the TACR1 coachwork, I first need to cut back the kits rear side panels. Only the front 6mm will be used as part of the cab rear. The doors were tacked into place with GS-Hypo gel, in order to line up the cutdown rear panel sections. This conversion make take a fair bit of time, mainly as I am still trying to get the design right for the upper sections of the cab. I am attempting to draw that complex shape in CAD, with the intention of making 3D prints. Whether I will be successful only time will tell! Cheers, Mike
  12. Sorry to be mysterious- I feel honor-bound to speak up, but as of this moment have NO idea what kit or subject I've got in mind. Maybe, just maybe, an early model in Army Maneuvers temporary markings? 48th, unless I foolishly decide to throw my 32nd Revell into the ring...
  13. Today since it's the 75th Anniversary of Chuck Yeager flying the Glamorous Glennis through through the sound barrier and into the history books I give you for your inspection Monograms 1/48 B-29 converted into a Test flight Mothership and Eduards X-1. Added details were numerous, Metallic Details Flap set, engine and cowlings, Eduards main and nose gear detail sets and an X-1 detail set. Several parts were 3-D printed for the cockpit and drop bay. The exterior of the B-29 was covered in Bare Metal foil. Eagles /Talon X-1 decal set and the B-29 decals from my spares. Paint was Allclad II Polished Aluminum, Matte Aluminum and a polygot mix of Mig-Ammo, Tamiya, and Model Master paints Thanks for stopping by to have a look. All questions, suggestions, and what not are always welcome. You can find the WIP here:
  14. Gidday All, Earlier this year for the Falklands 40th Anniversary GB I commenced a model of HMS Glamorgan, converting an Airfix HMS Devonshire kit to do so. But as the GB is now well and truly over I've decided to continue the build here. But firstly I wish to say a big THANK YOU to @Enzo Matrix for running the Group Build. I won't repeat the trials and tribulations of the build to date, the build thread up to this point is below if you wish to see it:- https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235108448-hms-glamorgan/ Here is the state of the model now. With the exception of the turret and the large Type 901 radar mounted at the rear of the aft superstructure everything on the model is now fixed. About the only items I haven't modified or replaced are the rudders, the Exocet tubes, the whaleboat and that small radar scanner next to it. I scratch built the entire forward superstructure (except the fwd funnel) and modified the aft superstructure. On the wood block in the foreground I modified the three launches and davits (there's eight in total) and I scratch built everything else - the Exocet blast deflectors, bridge wings, foremast, double bedstead radar, SCOT domes, the gunnery and Seacat directors, the screws and quite a bit of extra stuff already on the model. I've still got to make the two 20mm Oerlikons, two Seacat launchers, two Corvus chaff chuckers, bollards and fairleads, the Seaslug launcher, finish the masts and busy her up a bit. Still quite a bit to do. So that's it for now. Stay safe, and regards to all, Jeff.
  15. The RAAF is replacing their AP-3C(EW)s in the next year or so with a new fit-for-purpose ELINT platform based on the Gulfstream G550, a number of air arms operate EW and AEW variants based on the G550 including Israel, Italy, and Singapore. I am slowly modifying a Sova M Shavit kit as an MC-55A, it is the kit that is closest in configuration to the proposed MC-55A So on to the build, I started with some quick assembly of the wing and rear fuselage Some mocking up with my yet-to-be-finished GIV I moved on to sorting out the tail area and cockpit, I wasn't sure how to tackle it and then decided Milliput was the way to go. A few sessions refining the shape then occurred. Initially, it was too long and it was shortened by about 5mm, and the shape of the tip refined. It still needs some filling and possible further refinement. The cockpit was straightforward with some nice detail. The paint stage has now commenced on the cockpit as well. And how it looks taped up with the new tail section.
  16. I've not done historical models for a long time, mainly doing fantasy and sci-fi stuff for various RPGs and table-tops over the past 25 years. But recently I've decided to do a naval diorama, you can see my thread on that here : I need a merchant ship for this, but there's not many kits available. So I need to convert the Trumpeter 1/350 liberty ship to the older "Sunderland Steamer" class, this was the design used as the basis for the much more numerous and famous Liberty, Victory and Park classes mass produced during the war. As a pre-war merchant vessel "class" there's no real single design for these. Four holds, central boiler and turbines. Super structures varied but mainly had the bridge forward of the funnel and passenger accommodation. I've decided this will be an unspecified vessel of the Blue Funnel line in late '41, she's seen multiple North Atlantic convoys and is now en-route to the Pacific. She has been DEMS armed but not fully re-painted from her line colours, this seems to have been not un-common for lines that had colours which pretty matched the Admiralty rules for north Atlantic convoys. You can see my research and decisions in the thread above.
  17. I forgot to post this in RFI so thought I would squeeze it in before 2017 runs out. The build is HERE so I'm not going to go in to detail but thoroughly enjoyed hacking all that plastic up and sticking great wedges of resin in to stretch the Tamiya Lanc into a Lincoln. Huge thanks go to Chris ( #cngaero) who sold me the set for a very reasonable price. I hope I've done it justice for you It's painted and decalled as RA679 of 12 Sqn based at Binbrook. In 1951, when attempting a 3 engine landing, it overshot the runway and mounted a bank causing the undercarriage to collapse. Happy new year to you all Thanks for looking Neil
  18. I acquired the PM Model Spitfire Floatplane kit and planned to build it. That decision didn't survive the first hour... the kit is crude and lacks any detail, it also looks undersized when compared to a completed 1/72 scale Spitfire in my collection. My first thought was to use the new Airfix Vc as a basis, then looking at my books I realised that the only Mk IX version, MJ892, might be more interesting. I will use the floats and rudder / under fin from the PM kit, the rest will be the Airfix Mk IX. Colours will be standard grey/green as the aircraft flew in 1944, but the question is the undersurface. There are few photos, but IWM HU 1675 shows the aircraft clearly with a yellow P in a circle between roundel and tailplane, and the tone of the P matches the underside colour on the lower fuselage. So I'm going for Yellow.... More as it happens...
  19. Although I love building German aircraft I try not to do Swastikas so in looking for a suitable scheme I came up with various Do17Ka’s or A Hungarian Do 215. Both require a conversion. So I’ve decided to go for the Ka-1, which only needs the main canopy and nose changed. First off a comparison to scale plans. Actually pretty good, the leading edges of the horizontal tail needs reshaping but other than the new nose a good match. Next up a little surgery
  20. Well, time for the usual year-end roundup. 2021 has been an odd year, but I got some more done: First up, the 1/72 F4H-1 Phantom Prototype conversion, using no aftermarket parts: A few challenges, but worth it. For those interested, more pics HERE which will then link to the build thread proper. Same process will be repeated for all the models... Next up, the Curtiss A-18 Shrike resin build: More pics HERE Next, the F3H-1N DEMON conversion: More pics HERE Next, the Lockheed YF-97/YF-94C kitbash/conversion: More pics HERE Next up, the diminutive XF-85 Goblin: Build thread HERE Next, Lt Guy Bordelon's F4U-5N Corsair night fighter, all gussied up with aftermarket goodies: More pics h Next, LF Model P-30 resin kit: More pics HERE Next the P-26 Peashooter, also all gussied up with aftermarket: More pics HERE Next up the Lockheed YF-94D conversion, my personal favorite: More pics HERE Next, the Lockheed T-33 Twin-Tail conversion, also called the TV-2: Build thread HERE Next the Platz Shiny T-33 squadron hack: ore pics HERE Next up, the resin Consolidated TBY-2 Sea Wolf: More pics HERE And finally, the last and most difficult of the year, the Lockheed XP-80 conversion in the garb of it's initial flight: More pics HERE All in all, a challenging but rewarding year, whittling down the bucket list a bit! Thanks for looking and a great New Year to everyone! Ed
  21. I managed to pick up Resicast’s Sherman BARV conversion for Tasca’s sherman III. While i have the base kit needed in the stash, I dont want to sacrifice a great kit for this build if necessary due to minimal use of parts. A quesion for the shermanholics out there, can I use Tamiya’s M4 Sherman Early Production kit 35190 as a base donor kit? No engine hatches or the rear deck/hull will be exposed as seen in the images below. https://www.ultracast.ca/Resicast-351126-Sherman-BARV-Conversion-for-TASC-p/res35.1126.htm
  22. Hello fellow modellers. I have a plan, to build a breakdown lorry for a 1960s garage; in a rural or edge of town diorama that I am constructing. Having done some searches, as to what kits could match a British breakdown lorry for this setting, this ex-WD Chevrolet CMP vehicle came up, although, this version might be better suited. source photo: @richellis I have managed to source this kit, which is by IBG Models, as it looks fairly close to the vehicle I wish to build. Obviously, there would be a fair amount of conversion work to be done here and, as I know next to nothing about vehicles, this is going to be quite a challenge. Now, for a little apology. I was so keen to get started on this that I forgot to take any startup photos. By the time I had realised, the chassis was fairly advanced in construction. I hope to provide better updates in future! I have a query, as I could do with some help with the crane unit for the back of the vehicle. Does anyone have the Emhar 1:24 scale Bedford recovery truck kit? I could do with getting measurements of the crane that comes with the kit, in order that I could scratchbuild one to 1:35 scale for this build. Can anyone help please? cheers, Mike
  23. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/31456-maartenschonfeld/ Belgian modeller Maarten is converting the MikroMir 1/350 scale HMS Resolution SSBN kit into a Churchill Class SSN. As he has no means of posting WIP photos on Britmodeller, I offered to post them for him.... Over to you Maarten........ Ken
  24. An update with figures included and additional pre-diorama weathering... Just completed a Horch conversion to depict Rommel's Kfz. 21 used in North Africa. It was based on an Italeri Horch. I used the Plus Model conversion but this needed converting itself as Rommel's car had some differences to the interior and exterior. The only other example I have seen of this conversion is in Landscapes of War, Vol. II, but this vehicle is incorrect in some areas, such as the jerry can position on each side. The original vehicle was found and has been restored. This link tells the story - https://www.erwinrommel.info/headquarter-vehicles Here are a few of the references I used... The model, which is for a diorama with figures under construction...
  25. Time to make another WIP post I will probably forget about lol. I have a really old (for my standards, so like 4 years old) Lightning that really needs some TLC. Made it many years ago when I was still new to the hobby. My plan is to restore and convert it to F.6 XS903 I stripped the paint, I'm sure my neighbours were confused with what I was doing lol. The result was quite good. I then moved onto reworking the interior. I was looking forward to fixing the ejection seat, that was in a pretty sad state. Ready for scratchbuilding and details I am very happy with the result. Outdated photo but I have started putting everything back together, the fit is quite awful, as expected, and there will be a lot of gaps to fill. Expect more updates soon...
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