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Found 44 results

  1. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Nakajima Ki27 'Nate' - 1/48

    It seems I have managed to build a model in a matter of days. This is rather a big deal, as since my age stopped beginning with a "1" this has never happened! It's the old Mania Hobby kit built completely OOB save for some Eduard superfabric seatbelts (German ones, actually, because they were spare). There's no filler on the model at all, and it's more or less painted Colourcoats ACRN18 RAF Blue-Grey inside, with ACJ12 #1 Hairyokushoku and ACJ20 Hinomaru Red with Alclad II for the shiny silver bits and various Colourcoats C# colours for little bits and bobs. I used Tamiya clear green and clear red on top of enamel silver for the nav lights. The decals are the originals and where a bit fragile, but useable with a couple of touchups (one Hinomaru broke up a little but I'm happy with the save). The antenna is Infini Model Fine Rigging Line as is my usual nowadays. It has some pin washing around the cowl gills, a few panel lines around and under the cowling and the control surfaces and some chalk pastel exhaust staining. That's about it. It's not perfect, but it's not bad either and I'm happy to have finished something by 3rd January 2017 that was still untouched in its box on Boxing Day 2016.
  2. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Jamie's 1/48 Hawker Hurricane 1 Trop

    I'm going to make a little base for this and whilst I might still play about a bit with the weathering, I'm calling it done-ish. I won't pretend I'm completely satisfied with it, but then again, I never am. I've built worse. It's the Airfix new tool kit A05129 built more-or-less out of the box with the exception of a replacement resin seat c/w seatbelts and armoured backplate (48019), main wheels (48076) and exhausts (48043) from Ultracast. I stuck to my trusty Squadron green filler and the paints are all from Colourcoats (probably obviously, because accidently buying a 28,000 tin personal stash was really how this business started). Lastly, the antenna was added using the elasticated Infini Model rigging line. I use that for all my models now and every stretched sprue antenna that has been broken this year taking models to various shows (that would be all of them, actually) has been replaced with this stuff which is idiot proof and therefore ideal for me! I intend to take more photos outdoors on its sandy base with a real blue sky but the base doesn't yet exist and the blue sky requires me to not be at my day job on a day the sky isn't Ocean Grey - so it may be some time until the "proper" RFI photos if I don't post these.
  3. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    3 Colour Aircraft Camouflage Coloursets

    In the next week or so we will be releasing a series of 3 colour camouflage Colourcoats Coloursets. The aim of these is to hopefully assist customers in finding the colours which typically go together on popular modelling subjects, and furthermore offer a discount against purchasing the component paints separately. These will retail for £6.50 each, and to take advantage of the recent £6.50 postage, a minimum of two 3 colour sets (or any other combination of 6 tins total) will be necessary. Going by the feedback on our existing 8 colour Coloursets, we anticipate that the 3 colour sets will be popular. To begin with, the following sets will be on offer although more shall follow: Modern/Post war Luftwaffe: CCCSLuftModNorm72 - Modern Luftwaffe Norm 72 scheme CCCSLuftModNorm76 - Modern Luftwaffe Norm 76 scheme CCCSLuftModNorm83 - Modern Luftwaffe Norm 83 scheme CCCSLuftModNorm95 - Modern Luftwaffe Norm 95 scheme Wartime Luftwaffe: CCCSLuft616263 - Luftwaffe RLM 61/62/63 scheme CCCSLuft657071 - Luftwaffe RLM 65/70/71 scheme CCCSLuft657102 - Luftwaffe RLM 65/71/02 scheme CCCSLuft747576 - Luftwaffe RLM 74/75/76 scheme CCCSLuft787980A - Luftwaffe RLM 78/79(dark)/80 scheme CCCSLuft787980BA - Luftwaffe RLM 78/79(lightdark)/80 scheme CCCSLuft818276 - Luftwaffe RLM 81/82/76 scheme Royal Air Force / Fleet Air Arm wartime CCCSRAFDFS - RAF Day Fighter scheme CCCSRAFMNS - RAF Mosquito Night scheme CCCSRAFNBS - RAF Night Bomber scheme CCCSRAFTLS - RAF Temperate Land scheme CCCSRAFTSS - RAF Temperate Sea scheme US Navy wartime CCCSUSNWW2Atl - US Navy WW2 Atlantic scheme (inc interior colour) CCCSUSNWW2Pac1942 - US Navy WW2 Pacific 1942 scheme (inc interior colour)
  4. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Reduced postage costs!

    New postage rates apply for buying Colourcoats within mainland UK. This does now mean that a minimum quantity of 6 tins is required to enable this. A further reduction still applies for orders of 12 tins or over. For orders between 6 to 11 tins of Colourcoats (which includes Colourcoats Coloursets and Colourcoats Thinners) the new P&P cost is £6.50. For orders over 12 tins, the new P&P cost is £4.50.
  5. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    The US NAVY is coming!

    Part of what interests me about this little business I fell in to is that there is so much to learn. Like many, I until quite recently was under the mistaken believe that sea blue was sea blue, was sea blue. Or more specifically that it was different sheens on the same colour that adorned US Navy aircraft from 1943 until they started painting them Light Gull Grey over white. In my defence, it's an easy mistake to make as a modeller - there is so much misinformation out there. Look at most modelling resources and you'll find FS595 references for all these aircraft. Paint a "tricolor" scheme with FS35024. Paint an all-over blue Corsair with FS15042. Grumman Panther? Yup that's FS15042 also. The fact that Federal Standard actually write on the chip for FS35042 that it is ANA607 Non-Specular Sea Blue and that FS15042 is ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue really doesn't help to dispel the myth either. I'm not about to tell everyone they're painting their US Navy aircraft the wrong colour - they're your models and you can do what you like. What we have done though is make colours matched specifically to the best US Navy colour monograms going. I, for one, was surprised at the difference when reviewing the chips with our factory technical staff back in July, but things dull with time. They're here now. The ANA607 colour was a particular challenge to get right - the ANA623 and FS15042 were more straightforward but it's still a matching and quality control process which needs to run its course. I painted the tin lids tonight, and after having a few months to wonder whether I was wasting a lot of resources making 3 new colours which most people think are the same as ACUS07 or any other brand's sea blue for that matter, I was fairly surprised to see how different these colours are, both upon seeing them wet in the big cans they come to us in, but also drying on the lids. See for yourselves: Colourcoats ACUS33 - ANA607 Non-Specular Sea Blue going on: Colourcoats ACUS33 - ANA607 Non-Specular Sea Blue almost dry on the lids: Colourcoats ACUS34 - ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue drying on the lids - this one is a glossy paint with 25% flatting agent for better usability and to ensure it will actually dry! From left to right - ACUS35 - FS15042 Gloss Sea Blue, ACUS34 - ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue, ACUS33 - ANA607 Non-Specular Sea Blue
  6. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    MAP Azure Blue - Colourcoats ACRN34

    I'm particularly chuffed with this one. The factory technical staff have slaved over this one for much longer than they first anticipated when I rocked up at their office with the colour cards - it has proved very difficult to get right with modern day commercial pigments. Matching the hue and brightness concurrently took a fair bit of trial and error. The software which interprets the factory photospectrometer and works out how much pigment goes in didn't get it right, and it took a lot of manual intervention and downright experience from many combined decades in matching colours to get this for me. It's here now though, and tonight I sprayed the tin lids. Tomorrow evening they go on sale. I'm going to let the results speak for themselves: And here's the new colour against the out-going ACRN12 Azure Blue:
  7. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    New colours - modern Luftwaffe

    In just over a week's time (i.e. when we get back from Scale Scotland), we'll be releasing some new colours for post war Luftwaffe subjects. These will cater for the well known F104 Starfighter, F4 Phantom, Tornado etc schemes: Norm 72 scheme: ACLW23 - Gelboliv RAL6014 ACLW24 - Basaltgrau RAL7012 ACLW25 - Weißaluminium RAL9006 Norm 76 scheme: ACLW23 - Gelboliv RAL6014 ACLW24 - Basaltgrau RAL7012 ACLW26 - Teifschwarz RAL9005 ACLW27 - Silbergrau RAL7001 (slightly weathered) Norm 83 Scheme: ACLW28 - Olivgrün RAL6003 ACLW29 - Schwarzgrau RAL7021 ACUS20 - Forest Green FS34079 (existing South East Asia colour from Colourcoats Air USAF range)
  8. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Introducing ...

    Part 1 of our "Introducing" blogs - Gillian & I: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/blogs/news/118499844-introducing-part-1 Part 2 - H&B Hobbies, MA, United States of America: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/blogs/news/118497092-introducing-part-2
  9. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    HMS Renown (1942)

    To be fair, the absolute last thing I needed was another ship project on the go, but I got talked in to it through a Facebook group I co-admin which initiated a group build themed on the Battle of the Atlantic. Being an admin, I thought it bad form not to join in, but realised that finishing a ship would be good for me so decided a fresh start with lowered aspirational standards might actually help. I therefore took a bit of a detour on the way home from Duxford in July and dropped in at Hannants in Lowestoft. In retrospect, there are postal companies available which would have saved an enourmous amount of time droning down mile after mile of the dullest roads in Britain, but never mind. It's the Trumpeter 1942 boxing. The mouldings are quite nice on the face of it: I raided the stock room for White Ensign Models PE747 to go with, and also got some brass barrels, masts and yardarms from Master to go with. The Group Build kicked off on 1st August. Being Trumpeter, it doesn't take too long to find an issue. The upper and lower hull halves are different lengths. Just blending in the prow or stern didn't seem clever as the torpedo bulges don't line up either. Anyway, I set about spraying the deck. All paints are my own, perhaps/hopefully obviously. I started removing moulded ladders which will be replaced by photo etched parts later. The moulding on B turret barbette shows poorly aligned tooling. I decided it would be easier to just sacrifice the ventilators to get the barbette cleaned up properly Then I replaced them with Evergreen strip. I intended to display this model in a seabase, but I just don't feel right about using waterline plates, so I decided to address the hull, by sawing it in half. The width of the razor saw blade almost cured the alignment issue, and some wet and dry on a flat, hard surface did the rest. The halves were rejoined and glued to the upper half. The seam was filled and sanded The hull was then sprayed 507C thinned with cellulose thinner for maximum drying speed, then masked with Maskol before painting on Western Approaches White and B5. Tonight's exercise is to remask and hopefully get the MS1 and MS3 colours on. Tonight I have: The hull camouflage was completed: Then the underwater hull was painted in the Royal Navy's anti-fouling red colour and the boot topping painted on. Building up superstructure prior to camouflaging it: I took a break and painted the Walrus cockpit areas (not the glazing!!) black and the rest of the fuselage silver. When the Dark Slate Grey/Extra Dark Sea Grey goes on later, this gives a sort of illusion of not being a solid blob of plastic. I made a start on a sea base. This is my first attempt at this particular technique. And a wee bit more superstructure assembly and I'm calling it a night.
  10. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    1/48 Junkers Ju87B-2 Stuka

    Evening all, I've now completed my Stuka as per the following build thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998686-148-revell-junkers-ju87b-2-stuka/ It's the Revell boxing, built OOB save for Eduard fabric seatbelts (I'll revert to PE in future - I didn't get on so well with these to be honest) and an Eduard Brassin MG15 machine gun to replace the kit item. Paints are all Colourcoats, but I used Humbrol clear coats. The stencils and crosses were from the Revell decal sheet. The ID markings and nose art were from an old FCM Battle of Britain decal sheet, and the Swastikas were from Xtradecal. The aerial is Infini Model Lycra Rigging Line, Fine / 70 denier (0.091mm diameter). Sorry about the indoor photos, but the light is starting to fade and I wanted to post this tonight for personal reasons.
  11. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    New colours

    Good evening fellow modellers We have had a busy week at Sovereign Hobbies, which is going to mean some positive changes in the not-too-distant future. More on that in due-course ... In the short term, we have initiated manufacture of 3 new colours: ACRN34 WW2 Azure Blue This colour is matched to the colour chips endorsed by the RAF Museum at Hendon within the book "British Aviation Colours of World War Two - The Official Camouflage, Colours and Markings of RAF Aircraft, 1939-1945" published by Arms and Armour Press ISBN 0-85368-271-2. This book is regarded as the reference for wartime British aircraft colours. ACUS33 WW2 US Navy Non-Specular Sea Blue ANA607 ACUS34 WW US Navy Glossy Sea Blue ANA623 Theses colours are matched to this reference's painted colour chips: The existing ACUS07: ... was analysed against the reference material and Federal Standard chips, and proved to be an excellent match to ANA606 Semi-gloss Sea Blue but ironically not, as they are labelled, FS25042. Consequently, ACUS07 is renamed as ANA606 and we will shortly produce a brand new FS15042 match for modellers to use on Korean war type schemes.
  12. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    RAF & FAA Colours

    I was asked on another thread how Colourcoats compared to two references. I decided to post the response in here where anyone who wishes to view it can find it, but without feeling like they're getting a sales pitch amidst WIP threads. The references used are: 1996 edition BS381C; described as for identification, not matching purposes. Matching quality cards are available, but cost even more than the already very expensive booklet! British Aviation Colours of World War Two - The Official Camouflage, Colours and Markings of RAF Aircraft, 1939-45 published by Arms and Armour Press in association with the RAF Museum, Hendon The two colours asked about specifically were ACRN09 Dark Green and ACRN03 Dark Sea Grey, so I'll start there. Colour chips were brushed out from Colourcoats tins onto photo-printing card segments. For these two colours alone, I have also brushed out samples of popular competing brands (who will not be named!!!) tinned and sold as being RAF Dark Green and RAF Dark Sea Grey, or are called out in kit instructions for use in these applications:Dark Greens against Ref.1: Dark Greens against Ref.2: Dark Sea Greys against Ref.1: Dark Sea Greys against Ref.2: On to WW2 colours in general: We already know that ACRN12 Azure Blue is wrong, and aim to have a replacement colour faithful to Ref.2 on the market by August this year. By coincidence, as I was brushing the chips for this exercise I noticed a Russian colour with more purple in it - I included it here. Another leading brand competitor sells WW2 RAF Coloursets including Azure Blue but they have made the mistake of matching to the modern BS colour of the same name. The following photograph showing Azure Blues together shows how far out it is, and why modern Azure Blue is completely unsuitable for MTO colour Spitfires, Hurricanes, Beaufighters etc. I do have ACRN28 RAF Interior Grey-Green downstairs, but it's raining and I don't want to go outside. If there's a desire, I'll do it another day. For post war uses, the following are the relevant greys against BS381C. ACRN02 Extra Dark Sea Grey has gone from the 1996 edition, and ACRN08 Barley Grey is matched to BS4800 / 18-B-21. Dark Greens were shown at the beginning, but I had a tin of -220 Olive Green handy: ACLE01 Anti-flash White doesn't appear in either reference. ACLE02 Hemp is matched to BS4800 / 10-B-21 but happens to be fairly close-ish to a BS381C colour: Likewise ACRN16 RAF Desert Pink / Sand is actually matched to FS595-20279 but is close to a BS381C colour:
  13. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Admiralty Pattern 631 Bronze Grey

    Evening all, With some Royal Navy aircraft carriers being released recently, I wanted to learn more about what colour the flight decks were. The Asian company instructions recommend dark greys, whilst Airfix recommended Humbrol 30 which was more a forest green. Thanks to some contacts I have made through another forum, I have been able to draw upon the investigative skills of some methodical folks who have obtained a wealth of documentation from various archives detailing which colours the Royal Navy were to use and how they were to be made aboard the ship or in the dockyards. From 1933 until non-slip paints were made available in a wide range of colours in mid-1941ish, the Admiralty prescribed AP631 Bronze Grey for aircraft carrier flight decks. Armed with copies of the relevant Admiralty Fleet Orders, and extracts from the Rate Book of Naval Stores from various years courtesy of my new friends, I had the formula to make the original oil paint from a list of base ingredients and imperial units. With the exception of white flake lead pigment, which is not required for AP631 in particular, all original pigments and liquids are still available commercially. Bronze Grey requires Zinc white, yellow ochre, black, white spirit, boiled linseed oil and terebine dryers to make. I didn't want a CWT of paint so the liquids were corrected for density and converted to mass. All masses were converted to metric and scaled down in proportion. There's a little more to it than just that though - the Admiralty didn't want powdered pigments aboard ships and having made up some paints I can see why. Instead, the base colours were to be mixed with linseed oil to form a stiff paste which could be canned and stored. It is these pastes which are mixed by weight to make a final colour in accordance with Rate Book recipes. The black was different, that was supplied as a ready-to-use oil paint, which I had to make from scratch. Many supporting documents had to be sourced to determine the attributes of the oil pastes. Fast forward to now, and I have what I am confident is a good representation of AP631 Bronze Grey. What's pleasantly surprising, although it shouldn't be, is that this stuff made up into what anyone would recognise as a proper paint! Using the sample we have now introduced another model enamel to the rest of our colour range.
  14. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Colourcoats in Australia and New Zealand

    We are pleased to announce a new relationship with Creative Models Australia who were Colourcoats stockists previously. We now have agreed a restock which we are compiling and shall be shipping imminently. Creative Models Australia shall be able to supply customers within both Australia and New Zealand. http://www.creativemodels.com.au/'>http://www.creativemodels.com.au/
  15. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    1/48 Hawker Tempest V

    I'm calling this one done. The light is fading and it's very windy outside, but I'll try to get better photos at some point in the near future.
  16. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    New - Colourcoats Thinners

    We have released a new proprietary thinner to compliment the Colourcoats range Colourcoats Thinners offers a number of key benefits to enamel paint users including: · Reduced odours during use compared to white spirits or cellulose thinners · Reduced drying times compared to white spirits · Less aggressive towards styrene plastics than cellulose thinners · If desired, excess thinned paints can be returned to Colourcoats tins without premature curing in the tin https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/multi-use-colours/products/colourcoats-thinners'>https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/multi-use-colours/products/colourcoats-thinners
  17. Various Colours Colourcoats, Sovereign Hobbies I’ve been a long time advocate for Colourcoats enamels and it was with shock and sadness that these paints were to be no more with the demise of White Ensign Models. Fortunately though, Sovereign Hobbies were able to buy the rights to the paints and, I believe with the help of John Snyder, have been able to re-release them, although with a slightly revised recipe. They still have to be some of the most accurate enamels, colour wise, around. The first thing you notice is the new style labels on the tins. These are not only of a cleaner, fresher design; they are also so much easier to read. This reviewers eyesight is not the best and the old style backgrounds made it very difficult to read what the colours were. The paints themselves appear to be of a finer pigment than even the originals, but they mix very well and seem to be thicker, making brush painting a lot easier too. Having used these new colours on a number of projects they do need a fair bit of thinning to use in an airbrush, but the results have been generally very good, with good coverage using a 0.4 needle, although when using a 0.2 needle I found it difficult to get the right balance between paint and thinners, meaning that the airbrush sometimes spluttered the paint out and it drying on the airbrush tip, so still need to do some experimentation. That said I did get some great results on a large repainting job that I carried out for my Model Club. The paints received for this review cover air, land and maritime subjects and include the following:- ACGW02 – Khaki, (PC-10) (RFC/USAAC) ACGW10 – Doped Linen ARB02 – Deep Bronze Green ARB06 – Modern British Army Green US26 – US MTB Green GW02 - #2 Grey WW1 RN Grey Conclusion These are great paints, with spot on colour, fine pigments and can be used both in an airbrush and paint brush. It’s great to see these paints re-born, and that they are still sourced in the UK, thanks to Sovereign Hobbies. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of:
  18. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Hello from Sovereign Hobbies

    It's a very soggy day in Aberdeenshire today and therefore one purpose made for model making indoors! It has taken me far too long to get around to having a more formalised presence here on Britmodeller and hope to share some of what we're doing both in the UK and internationally. 13 months ago I read on Facebook that White Ensign Models were to cease trading. This came as a shock and huge disappointment. I've been making models since I was a child with both my father and grandfather but had only fairly recently got back in to it properly after a break where starting careers and family got in the way. I'm quite clear on what happened after that Facebook announcement but how it all happened is a bit of a mystery and somehow I ended up owning my favourite paint brand. We started the new company immediately but it took us some time set up properly. I dislike chaos and wanted to do things properly. Colourcoats was relaunched at the Scottish Nationals model show in Perth in April 2015, the first commercial order was dispatch to the USA shortly after and our shiny new webstore opened for UK Mainland customers in June. I mostly model aeroplanes and ships myself, and soon after getting Colourcoats up and running again, I realised I could no longer obtain most of my favourite naval modelling products in particular, so we have thus far reinvested everything we've taken into improving that situation in the UK, and now offer White Ensign Models again (now imported from California), Pontos Models and new-start Infini Model both from South Korea. More is on the way this quarter. We're just rolling out colour boxsets at the moment which are proving popular already, happily. The Colourcoats paint range currently comprises: Colourcoats Sea. Modern Naval The Great War United States Navy Imperial Japanese Navy Royal Navy Kriegsmarine (German navy) Regia Marina (Italian navy) Colourcoats Land. Australian Army Imperial Japanese Army Army for Defence for Israel United States Army Red Army (Soviet) British Army Wehrmacht (German army) Regia Esercito (Italian army) Colourcoats Air. The Great War Armee de l'Air (French air force) US Army Air Corps / US Air Force / US Navy Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Royal Air Force / Fleet Air Arm Luftwaffe (German air force) Royal Australian Air Force Regia Aeronautica (Italian air force) Royal Netherlands Air Force
  19. Hi Folks, here is the result of my recent WIP thread completed on the evening of Hogmanay (New Year's Eve in Scotland). This is the Airfix 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Bf109E1 completed as White 4 of 1/JG20 based at Brandenburg-Briest in early September 1939, by the 9th of September it was operating out of Sprottau for the Polish campaign. The decals are from the Topdrawings Messerschmitt Bf109E book by Kagero however I used Montex masks for the national insignia. I wanted to try some different paints for this one and Jamie at Sovereignhobbies was kind enough to give me some Colourcoats enamels for the main colours used on this build, RLM02, RLM65, RLM70 and RLM71. I also used Mr Hobby acrylics for the darker patches where some over painting had been carried out on the real thing. WIP can be found here for more details: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992989-airfix-148-messerschmitt-bf109e1-1jg20-sept-1939-completed-31st-december/ Duncan B