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Found 8 results

  1. Following on from my build thread (Vosper build thread), here are a few pictures of the completed model MTB 34 was one of the first batch of 70ft MTB's built by Vosper's as part of the 1939 contract, completed in August 1940. She was converted to a target tug (CT23) in 1943 and sold in 1945. The drawings for the project were taken from the 1991 Model Shipwright plan and John Lambert's plan for marine Modelling international. In addition, details were confirmed from the IWM builders drawing that both these plans seem to be based upon. All rescaled to 1:48th scale and re-drawn. The colour scheme shows her with the 4th MTB flotilla based at HMS Beehive in Felixstowe in 1941 with very distinctive blue (B15) and white bands as illustriated in Coastal Craft History Vol 1 Below is that actual vessel at speed and the colour artwork from the Coastal Craft book. The torpedo chute bands are indicative of a senior officer in command The hull of the model is timber on ply frames, diagonal planked as per full-scale practice, the rest is a combination of brass, wood and some 3d printed items. The model has no commercial components, though the props were cast in bronze by Shapeways to my drawings She is shown weathered, not pristine, mounted on turned brass pillars and an oak base. A single crewman walks the deck to help people understand the scale and she carries a rigged danbuoy on the port side Here she is next to my last model, a Schnellboote to the same scale, for size comparison showing how relatively diminutive these vessels were Thanks to those who followed the build thread, I hope it was interesting and informative. I'll be back very soon with a new thread Cheers Steve
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and to sharing my build process on-line, hopefully what I'm doing is of interest. As background, I've been (mostly) a ship modeller for over 20 years, in between other projects. I am a scratch builder. Wherever possible, I make every part, meaning the projects take a long time each. Over the years I've finished 8 projects, which doesn't sound a lot, but the longest took me 4 years and ~3,000 hours, so fitting this in with a full time job that takes me abroad a lot is tough. I build mostly in wood and brass/copper, rarely plastic. In general I try to follow full scale practice, it the full scale item was metal, I model it in metal, if wood, then wood. My scale of choice is 1-48th, following ship-builder's model practice though I've also build models in other scales, see below. I produce drawings to scale from the many books I've acquired over the years and build from my own drawings. I have exhibited a 4 models and the old International Model Engineering Exhibition (is it still going?) and each time been fortunate to be awarded medals. I've also written a build article for Model Shipwright (20 odd years ago). The scratch scale models I've completed (in date order) are: Gun-boat Amarpa built by Thorneycroft for the Brazilian navy around 1905, 1/24th scale - Silver HMS Medea - M class destroyer 1915, 1/48th scale - Gold. My grandfather was an engineering petty officer on Medea, modelled just before Jutland in black overall Darby Hydroplane - post-war, working model, 1/6th scale Saunders-roe flying boat launch - 1/12th scale. This was the launch that took passengers out to the flying boats in the Solent between the wars - Silver 40 ft CMB WW1 - 1/48th scale Admiral's Launch WW1 - 1/48th scale Turbinia 1894 - 1/48th scale - Bronze WW1 ML210 - 1915 - 1/48th scale So, that's me, the sum of many mistakes, re-tries, impatience, and determination. I simply love ship models, as long as there are not too many knots. This thread is about a Fairmile B (#188), see https://laststandonzombieisland.com/2016/11/01/want-a-rn-coastal-forces-ml-from-wwii/motor-launch-ml-188-dazzle-painted-and-on-patrol-duty-in-fleet-anchorage/ that I started over a year ago and is now heading towards final making and assembly of parts and painting. Again, at 1/48th scale, intended as a companion model to the WW1 ML, really to show the evolution of the class and purpose from one war to the next. I chose this particular vessel because I like the dazzle scheme and the picture is very clear so the equipment fit is relatively certain, 3pdr forward, Holman projector amidships, Y gun and Rolls-Royce 2pdr aft and 6 depth-charges down each side. The challenge for me with this model is painting. I don't get much practice painting and so I'm not very good at it. I hope on this model to change that. The model is based on the coastal forces books and Lambert's plans, re-drawn to 1/48th, these are listed on another Fairmile B thread here so no need to repeat Once I work out how to load pictures, I'll post some images, but I don't have that many to date. I will try to take more if there is interest in my little project
  3. I've been back into this modelling malarky seriously now for close to 3 years after a 30 plus year break. OK, there were one or two lapses in that time, but nothing major. In the last 3 years I have done a little on the AFV front, quite a few 1/72 and 1/144 aircraft, but have not re-dabbled in a maritime model. I did start a couple of 1/700 Cold war frigates some years back in the form of two conversions of a Matchbox HMS Kelly. One was to be an RN Type 15 Frigate - HMS Rapid, and the other a type 16 Frigate, HMS Terpiscore. I still have these in their semi made state, and they will form a WIP in due course. In the meantime, I decided to wet my appetite on something "simple", or so I thought. Influenced on here by some superb examples of Coastal Forces craft by many including @robgizlu @longshanks @andrewa @seadog @JohnWS and @Courageous (I am sure there are others), I recently picked up a very old boxing of Airfix's Vosper MTB, which along with these two beautiful publications (below), has tempted me to make a start on a Coastal Forces model. Of course, those of you already into this fascinating world will know that the subject can become quite consuming! The two publications I picked up were these. It goes without saying I now want vols 3 and 4 but they must wait! And the model in question is this old girl: Other key bits of research include the John Lambert plans for MTB 379 through 395. One immediate question I would have of those who know this subject well, is that these plans appear to show an extra exhaust vent on the starboard side at the rear. From the internal diagram, this looks correct for the Port side but I suspect it should not be there on the starboard side? Indeed the profile drawings of MGB 380 and 391 in the Coastal Forces series, show this as not existing (assuming the starboard view of 391 is correct). I clearly have much to learn about these, and many other classes of MTB's and indeed MGB's, so hope for advice on the way! A start has been made on the hull, with lower, sides and rear in place (eventually after some struggles). The deck is simply taped for now, and I have also removed the moulded on torpedo guide/supports, as I was not really happy with these as moulded. I suspect there will be other areas I will change/remove, as per some of the other BM'ers I have mentioned already. I am learning from your builds guys! I've also started to remove some of the existing deckhouse moulded on detail, as I would prefer to scratch build these. Also I can see from the plans, and some other builds on here, there appear to be some minor inaccuracies. You will be familiar with these (held with blue tack): Well so far, we have these. Much detail to add I know! I have already modified the front part of the bridge by removing the raised part and scratch building a new doorway. The detail on my copy of the plans is not brilliant, but I think this is fairly accurate. I have also started to improve and clean up the deck vents (is that what they are called?) using a drill and mini dremel tools. One small and one large down, five small and three more large to go! The rear end has had the the locating holes drilled out, ready to remove the moulded on steps and replace with brass wire. As I said above, I would really appreciate any advice/guidance/tips along the way and suggested areas to improve on the kit. I will unashamedly be referring to others past builds on here, for guidance and assistance! Thanks Terry
  4. Hi Folks, Here is the new build! This will be built alongside the Vosper as this is approaching the paint stage which I've got to admit is my least favourite task. Mainly because I'm C*** at it. The build will be built on Christians latest hull a 'Fairmile D' @ 1/72 complete with spray rails and rubbing strake which he has kindly let me have the first one. http://www.mtbhulls.co.uk/home This picture is the inspiration for the build, taken in Bastia, Corsica. The hull is a superb rendition of the Dog Boat hull requiring very little in the way of preperation, a few air bubbles and the odd blemish. Great job Christian. After washing, sanding with wet and dry, washing it was primed with Acrylic grey primer. Thanks for looking in Kev
  5. I picked up this book on eBay for a couple of quid in the knowledge that it contained some nice drawings, which I planned to knife out and mount in a frame. It arrived today and having realised the age of the book, and how beautiful it is an object, I cannot now bring myself to cut it up. I am yet to read the book, but will do so, and report back once digested. It was first published in 1943, and was presumably written around that time. Perhaps events depicted will date it better. It contains wonderful little nods to history, like the following declaration; And the inscription dates this copy perfectly At 7/6 (about £13 now) this must have been a generous gift in wartime! I thought I would share the images with you so that others can enjoy them also. In addition to these drawings there are a few photos, two of Vospers and a couple of MGBs (Fairmile C and BPC/Elcos (I don’t know which, I’m not up on my MGBs)), but if you own any Coastal Forces reference material you will have seen these photos reprinted already. If anyone wants me to post them I will. Lewis
  6. Hi All I'm not sure whether this has "appeared" before. A tweet popped up from @seaspitfires with a link to the film The Broad Fourteens by the Crown Film Unit and produced in 1943/44. A tale of Vospers in action and well worth a look for reference: https://t.co/2nM4m5CylY There also a useful commentary about the film on www.spitfiresoftheseaa.com. It was completed after VE Day and consequently its relevance as an "information" film diminished and was not released/circulated. The Crown Film Unit used serving servicemen (and equipment) and as a consequence it is the "real thing" albeit that the story is a fiction. Al
  7. Just seen on another forum Italeri 2018 brochure http://www.themodellingnews.com/2018/02/preview-of-italeris-catalogue-new-items.html#more Happy Days Kev
  8. Thought I'd post some pictures taken at IPMS Inspirational . . . Kev
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