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  1. With 5,768 built (plus circa 1,600 remanufactured), the A22 Churchill is by far the most numerous heavy tank of the WW2 Western Allies, surpassed only (by a small margin) by the Soviet IS series (6,108 built – but 40 per cent of them post war). Weighing 40 tons it was also the heaviest British mass-produced tank until the introduction of the mighty 52-ton Centurion shortly after the VE-day. Contrary to popular belief (caused by the naming of the Soviet KV and IS heavy tanks after Kliment Voroshilov and Iosif Stalin), its namesake was not British PM Sir Winston C., but his distant ancestor, Sir
  2. This is a re-box of the venerable ESCI Churchill. I recall building the AMRCR version upon a time (as in 1981). Like most of the ESCI kits, this was "upgraded" with hard tracks in the ESCI/ERTL era, and that's what's in the Italeri box: Four of the six subjects in the Italeri boxing are eligible for this build: "Kingforce" at El Alemain, two Tunisian subjects (one with field-applied sand camoufllage), and one operating near the Gothic line in northern Italy: British AFV colours from WW II are a veritable minefield, which is the only
  3. Resin Tracks for Churchill and M4 Sherman Tanks 1:72 OKB Grigorov In this review we're looking at a couple of sets of OKB Grigorov's resin replacement tracks. As with the Panther turrets we reviewed a while ago, these don't appear to be intended for a particular base kit, so it'll be up to you to pick the appropriate model and address any fit and finish issues you find. The two sets we have here are both intended for tanks used by the Allies. The Churchill tracks represent the heavy cast steel variant, while the M4 Sherman tracks have added grousers (or cle
  4. Started this AFV Churchill after reading a very good book "D-Day to Victory' the Diaries of a British Tank Commander by SGT Trevor Greenwood This is the first 1:35 scale tank I have ever built and it has been fun to build. Brought aftermarket stuff like 75mm Gun Barrel, tank fenders, upgrade sets, Churchill engine from Resicast, set of AFV workable trucks and a set of Friulmodel tracks Did not take any pictures at the start so here it is with the two different tracks to see which ones I liked all the wheels had been made and bottom of hull glued
  5. Airfix Churchill, figure scratch made with a Dan Taylor head, a few extras added including the turret flared bottom edges. IMG_20180716_124908 IMG_20180716_124935 IMG_20180716_124958
  6. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is Dragon's 1/72 Churchill Mk.III AVRE of 82nd Assault Squadron, 79th Armored Division, operating in North West Europe in 1944. I painted with Gunze acrylics and weathered with artist's oils and pastel chalks. The figure is from CMK. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thanks for your interest! Best greetings from Vienna.
  7. Afternoon folk's,finished Tamiya's Churchill as Ben Nevis 3rd Tank battalion Scots Guards,they landed in Normandy July 44 and ended up on the Baltic coast at the war's end after many month's of hard fighting.I figured being a Guards unit they would have kept their tank's in good order till the conditions took over so I kept the weathering to a minimum to show the tank not long off the beach,sprayed with Mr Colour paints which have a satin sheen which I only dulled with one light coat of matt,many thank's for looking in.
  8. In contrast to the plethora of German and Soviet WW2 AFVs the British tanks are not so well represented among the 1/72 kits. Trying to build a Valentine Mk VI (small turret) there's only ancient ESCI (recently labelled as Italeri) Mk II or a "wargame" extremely simple Armourfast kit of the same variant. Which one do you consider worth bothering with? Another important British infantry tank is a Churchill. And here again we have to choose (leaving 1/76 Airfix aside) between the 40-years old Hasegawa one, the ESCI/Italeri kit of similar vintage and the expensive new tool from Dragon. Is the
  9. Hello and welcome to my very first post There are the first 1/35 scale Tamiya models I have built and was hoping some of you would be able to suggest improvements. I believe I am fairly good at making models but I need to venture into the more advanced weathering techniques to make them look like they have been used in a war, and not like they have just come out of the factory (which can still be a cool look). So I will explain my thoughts and opinions of each of these 4 models below and show you plenty of pictures of each: Tiger I: - I am quite proud of this mode
  10. This is a Tamiya 1/35 Churchill Mk VII backdated to an early WW2 era tank. The changes were removing the high bustle (post war) commanders hatch, and scratchbuilding a low bustle hatch. Removing the armour plate on the intake covers and adding the lifting lugs, removing the front and center section fenders, replacing all handles and tiedown loops with brass wire and strip, making periscope covers from brass strip, tow cable from fine solder and paint with Tamiya acrylics and wethering with oils and pastels. Hope you like, Colin
  11. Another build finished recently, i've been working on a few and this is the most recent, a tamiya churchill VII. Front fenders were left off as per the box art and i tried doing some tie downs on the kit on the turret but they didn't work! I've done more scraping and chipping including on the decals to make it look worn and used. Paints used were Tamiya.
  12. The Flying Dustbin Some of you may recall my starting this during the Achtung Panzer group build back last year. Like so many of my projects, it stalled for reasons I can’t now remember. So I thought I might resurrect it here. First, a recap: The PSC Churchill AVRE PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr The boxing enables a variety of versions to be built (with more or less accuracy) PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr Less than fifteen minutes was all it took to get to this point. If you are a war gamer, I imagine these easy b
  13. Hello, here's my Dragon's Churchill Mk.IV...built from the box. It didn't go together as well as other kits from this manufacturer; there's some tension along the fenders that causes them to slightly bend inwards. I did not use Dragon's decal option (only one included) as a quick online search revealed that "Castlerobin IV" had actually a different type of gun. So out came the spares box, and a turret number from another Churchill (Matchbox' AVRE if I remeber correctly). Only the "4" (identifying North Irish Horse Regiment) from Dragon's decal sheet was used. Photographs by Wolfgang Rab
  14. Hi guys. I've now commenced making the diorama for the Tamiya 1/35th Churchill MkVII featured in my 'Saving a Churchill MkVII from the bin' WIP post. In that WIP, I originally intended to 'hide' most of the tank by submerging it in a ditch full of deep water, as I thought it would disguise the fact that I had messed up the paint job, but I did, in the end, 'save it'. I liked the idea of a ditch, or stream though. I have never tried to depict water in a diorama, and as this is my 2nd diorama since returning to modelling after a 35year absence, I thought it would be a suitable challenge. Af
  15. (Udate jan 13th This tank has officially been saved and is now available to view in the diorama 'Lost in France') Hmmmm. Brimming with confidence after my 1st build and diorama for many years, I immediately set about tackling Tamiya's 1/35th Churchill MkVII tank. All was going well. I had the turret, hull, wheels etc all assembled and then airbrushed base coats, oversprayed with dark green. Then I applied the decals. That's when things started going wrong. I used micro set solution. This left a satin sheen on the otherwise pristine finish. No matter, I thought. This will not show afte
  16. All In my youth I had the Matchbox version of this with the bridge that went up and down, so when I saw the conversion by S and S Models I had to have one http://sandsmodelsshop.com/product/172-psc-churchill-avre-sbg-conversion-offer/ and yes, I am unashamedly re-living my childhood!! The kit comes in 13 parts: 8 for the bridge (a combination of lead and resin) 1 A frame (lead) 4 for the winch (lead) My one aim above all else was to try and get it so that the PSC base model tank could carry the bridge into battle , drop it and then drive off, in the small scale battles I have with my you
  17. Good evening all Have seen some of the amazing things people can do on this site, it's with some trepidation that I post the pictures below....but you’ve got to start somewhere.... I made a few models (badly) in my youth when war-gaming and then nothing for a long time but got back into it last year after 20+ years, when my young son decided he wanted a model tank that he could play battles with. Below is a selection of some of the betters ones but I’ve still got a way to go especially when it comes to weathering and stowage. At the moment my aim is to get them looking reasonably like they
  18. Kicking off with my first AFV Club Churchill Mk IV with Mk5, L/50 6pdr Gun for this build Unit information TBC
  19. Now I'm cmopleting the buid of the two kits I bought to make my tribute to the brave North Irish Horsemen. I've used the data picked up during my research in another topic "The North Irish Horse ride from Argenta Gap to the Po river" The kits are these ones: Chrchill Mk IV NA 75 and the Chrchill Mk IV The first of the many questions, I suppose, to come is the simpler one. The colour. Th instruction sheet refers to a Gunze H73 defined Dark Green. I usually do not use the Gunze colours preferring Tamiya mixed tO achieve the proper colour or the Life Colours or Xtracrylics. Anyway considering
  20. During my research about the Commonwealth troops that freed Ferrara after the Argenta Gap battle I found the North Irish Horse equipped with several versions of Churchill tanks. For this Regiment there are two precious sites the North Irish Horse Stead and Steel and the THe North irish Horse. They were part of the 25th Tank Brigade and supported the 8th Indian Infantry Division in the advance towards Ferrara and the Po river. The city was cleared on the 23rd April, the St. George's Day that is the patron saint of Ferrara and of course of England. On 24th they finally arrived at the Po banks
  21. Hi all, This is my first shot at a genre I have gazed open mouthed at over the years . Here is my Airfix Churchill Crocodile built from the box Pictures with follow J
  22. Hi All. This is my Churchill Mk1 Infantry Tank that I built about 7 years ago. This is the Cromwell Models resin kit that was mostly OOB but the filters were replaced with the later type that I also got from Cromwell Models, and the resin tracks were replaced with Friulmodel metal ones. Painted with Humbrol bronze green and weathered using acrylic pastels but kept to a minimum. This tank represents one vehicle from the North Irish Horse, Tunisia, 1942. Thanks for viewing. C&Cs welcome.
  23. Hi all I'm planning a Churchill mkIV avre using the Tamiya mkVII and the Legend conversion kit. Now I also have a resin fascine carrier and deep wading kit, my question is, would and Avre have gone ashore with both fascine carrier and wading kit fitted? or should I save one for another build? TIA Pete
  24. British Churchill MkVI Eduard 1:35 The Churchill was a heavy British infantry tank used in the Second World War, best known for its heavy armour, large longitudinal chassis with all-around tracks with multiple bogies, and its use as the basis of many specialist vehicles. It was one of the heaviest Allied tanks of the war. The origins of the design lay in the expectation that war in Europe might be fought under similar conditions to that of the First World War and emphasized ability to cross difficult ground. The Churchill was rushed into production in order to build up British defences a
  25. Hi all this is my first AFV Club kit. I've had it for ages and didn't realise how good it was. I've added fruil tracks and brass Besas. Bit of scratch building for the tool tie downs, springs etc, but mostly OOB. the suspension is fully workable and sprung by the way! Going for a small dio base as well. Ikea picture frame, foam, plaster, static grass, bit of PE etc Thanks for looking Nick
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