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Found 19 results

  1. Can anyone suggest a source for a 1:144 pilot (standing) and deck crew figures? Needed for Korean War Sea Fury carrier deck diorama. My searches have proved fruitless so far. TIA
  2. The Aircraft Carrier HMS Invincible Kagero TopDrawings No. 111 via Casemate UK ISBN : 9788366673267 HMS Invincible (R05) was the lead ship of her class. Laid down by Vickers at Barrow in 1973 and launched in 1977.; she was commissioned in 1980. In a tradition within the Royal Navy R05 was the sixth ship to bear the name with a history stretching back to the first ship a 74 Gun Ship of the line. She was in fact though Royal Navy prize captured from the French and originally named Invincible, no guesses where the HMS came from then! R05 was to be 16,000 tonnes displacement, 677 feet long with a beam of 90 feet at the waterline and a draught of 24 feet fully laden. 4 Rolls Royce Olympus engines would give a top speed of 28 knots, with a normal cruising speed of 18 knots. She was designed to carry 10 Sea King Helicopters and 8 Sea Harriers. Despite only serving for 2 years it was announced in early 1982 that the Australian Government had agreed to buy the vessel to replace HMAS Melbourne. However international events would intervene with the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands taking place in April 1982. HMS Invincible would sail with HMS Hermes as the capital ships of the task force to retake the islands. Despite various claims of damage and indeed of sinking; the carrier returned undamaged from the Falklands. After her return the ships close in weapons systems were supplemented with additional Phalanx & Oerlikon systems. A refit between 1986-89 would increase the vessels overall length allowing more hanger space to operate additional aircraft. Additional magazine space was also provided for the carriage of Sea Eagle missiles for the Harrier, and additional torpedoes for the Helicopters. The 20mm Phalanx systems were replaced by 30mm Goalkeeper systems. In 2000 additional modifications would also take place to allow the operation of RAF Harriers from the deck. One of the main noticeable differences was the removal of the Sea Dart System and its radar; along with an enlarged flight deck. In 2005 the vessel was made inactive in the sense it could be reactivated with 18 months notice to return to the fleet. However 5 years later the vessel was put up or disposal and struck off the register. With most of her systems gutted she was eventually sold for scrap and broken up in Turkey in 2011. Battle Honors or HMS Invincible were; St Vincent 1780, St Kitts 1782, Glorious First of June 1794,, Alexandria 1882, Heligoland 1914, Falkland Islands 1914, Jutland 1916, & The Falkland Islands 1982. In addition she served in operation Southern Watch over Iraq and in the Balkans. This new volume from Kagero gives us 28 pages of line drawings and two double sided set of plans slightly larger than A2 in size (one side of which is in full colour). The book and the plans show the ship as she was after the removal of the Sea Dart. Conclusion This is another good book in the series. The pullout sheets are also good to see. This is certainly a very useful book for all modellers. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  3. Build Log here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235056135-bronco-loyd-carrier/ Thanks for looking Rob
  4. Good morning, a few weeks ago, I started my biggest modeling effort so far: the well-known and praised USS Nimitz from Trumpeter. A fine kit, and to make it even better, I got the Eduard set, the Starfighter decal set and some more airplanes. After all, it should look rather busy. My idea is to have the carrier look like this: http://www.thunderstreaks.com/spotting/carrier-visit-uss-nimitz-august-16-17-1976/#prettyPhoto , with some minor changes on the aircraft layout. Let's start with the aircrafts: first problem, the trumpeter ones have folded-out wings, but on the original, almost all wings are folded. So, fist step, is to cut the outer wings, are reglue them straight up. That's however nor possible for the intruder/prowler/skywarrior, since the wings overlap. Corsair and phantoms are easier, they point straigt up, thus painting and decalling should still be possible. After glueing, they receive a small blob of maskol, and a black priming. You see the difference later. That's some 60 aircrafts, of many different types and colours. And that's why I build the old one, still with the phantoms. After the black priming, I airbrushed the white, and then brush painted the light gull grey. The decals are the ones provided with the trumpeter kit, only 6 corsairs of the "sidewinder"-squadron. And you can see, the cockpit without the black priming is far too bright. And that's a corsair with black priming and the starfighter decals. They are nice to handle, but still can drive you crazy. All decals are separate, where they could have been grouped together. In the front fuselage, there are some 6 decals on each side, which could have beed grouped easily together. Oh, another nice point of the black priming: the intake looks rather realistic. If you don't spray the white head-on, it looks like the real thing, as it is dark grey. With some more 60 aircrafts to go, don't expect an update too soon... it took me 90 minutes for one aircraft, but the others have a bit less decals than the corsairs. Alex
  5. I just found some photo's at Pinterest from this very interesting diorama: Touchdown // F/A - 18 F Super Hornet // Scale 1:32 Does anyone happen to be familiar with this diorama or know more about the building process? https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/193936327679216455/ Thanks.
  6. This was begun a long while ago and has sadly sat neglected with boats having got in the way. So with a long boat build near completion ML196 Fairmile B - Landing Craft Control, it's time for some light relief. This model seems to have been somewhat disregarded by the modelling fraternity. The rather unglamorous cousin to the universal carrier, over 26,000 were built for use as an artillery trailer and other general transport duties This reference book is invaluable This Build will fit with a Riich QF 6Pdr gun already long built. In fact the Bronco offering now comes packaged with the gun. Work commences with the engine which is admirably well detailed And the Floor pan which builds without drama The bogie assembly is a little tricky with the springs an etch tool is pretty essential for some of the construction More soon - thanks for looking Rob
  7. Well, I finally found what I was looking for...I've had the 1/48 Classic Airframes ASW kit for some time now. I located a 1/48 Gannet AEW of unknown lineage last month and I found a 1/48 Dynavector vac-form ASW. I'm planning on building the Classic Airframes as an ASW, the AEW as is and the Dynavector kit as a COD. I'm pretty sure I can find the decals, etc that I need to complete the project. I've just got an interest in these contra rotating prop birds. Wish me Luck! Nick
  8. US Navy Aero 12C Cart with Ordnanceman & Mk.82 (181148) 1:48 VideoAviation The Aero 12C bomb handling cart is a wheelbarrow-style frame that has two rubber tyres that allow the manoeuvring of munitions on-deck by a single crew-member, or Ornanceman. One or two bombs are strapped in place and pushed/pulled by the one or two handles that distance the crewman far enough away from the centre of balance to make the task easy (enough). There are adapters available to carry other shapes of munitions, but in its basic form it can be used directly with the Mk.82 bomb, which is a standard 500lb bomb in use with the US Navy sometimes fitted with a fire-retarding ablative coating, and can be fitted with various head and tail units to suit the task in hand. This set arrives in a clear clamshell box with the parts bagged for their protection in ziplok bags, a small instruction sheet and a front card with the product details and a shot of the finished model for reference. It contains a single-handled cart, broken down into the sled, two wheels, two stays and one handle, plus two bombs that are made up from the front body (without ablative coating), and the high-drag fin portion. In addition, you get a single crewman, dressed appropriately for modern deck-crew, with goggles down and his bone dome with integrated comms and ear protection. He is in a pitched forward pushing position, with one hand on the handle, the other supporting the bomb's fin unit, and a man-bag at his hip. The spare bomb can be set in the cart, used as part of a diorama on the deck or already fitted to the waiting aircraft. The ordnanceman is shown on the instructions from two angles, with arrows pointing out the colours of his uniform and equipment, which should be a great help if you're not familiar with them. Conclusion More great accessories from VideoAviation, who don't seem to be able to make a dud (accidental bomb pun - sorry!). The figure is well-sculpted, the model detailed as per the real-deal, and the inclusion of not one, but two bombs is good to see. If you wanted to depict them with the ablative coating, just stipple a little putty onto the body for effect. Also available in 1:32 here, if you like 'em larger. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. hello! Model aircraft builders with a special interest for (US) navy will have concluded, just like myself, that except for a few inaccurate diorama bases in 1:72 and 1:48 scale and some figures here and there, there is not much out there to build an accurate diorama. Having read an article in the IPMS Netherlands magazine about designing your own 3D print some time ago, I though that I should give it a go and create my own parts for a nice piece of 1:144 carrier. It turns out that, having designed a highly detailed Jet Blast Deflector in scale 1:72 and 1:32 that was welcomed by many fellow model builders (build report on Large Scale Modeller site), the same print can be simply reduced to 1:144 scale without the loss of any detail. My first try started out with designing tie-down points for the deck, which I got printed at Shapeways some weeks ago: There is no way that I would be able to get these from scratch building or photo etching. Now I just need to drill holes in a base plate and glue them in. the resin is a bit brittle so you can simply snap each 2mm tie-down point off with tweezers, no clean up necessary: this is the part of the deck that I have in mind with some nice F/A-18F's parked and a Hawkeye on the catapult. I designed the deck in CAD, using many internet photo's as reference. Luckily the tie-down pattern is very regular so it is a very easy measuring aid: for anyone out there with a wish to have more navy accessories available on the market: I know how you feel. So I published my models on the shapeways site for everyone to have printed on https://www.shapeways.com/shops/klekotech. I am currently busy with flight deck crews in all scales, and much more to come after that. In the mean time I am building this project and one in 1:32 in parallel. to be continued!
  10. USS Gambier Bay is best known for her action during the Battle off Samar as a part of Task Force 77.4.3. On the morning of October 25th 1944, Vice Admiral Kurita's center force, consisting of 4 battleships (including Yamato), 8 Heavy cruisers and 11 destroyers broke through the San Bernardino Straight and were in a position to threaten the American landings at Leyte Gulf. All that stood between Kurita and the landing force was Taffy 3; 6 escort carriers, 3 destroyers and 4 destroyer escorts. In what is possibly the greatest naval mismatch in the history of warfare, Taffy 3 managed to halt, then turn back Kurita's ships despite their overwhelming superiority. Almost all of taffy 3's ships suffered damage, with 2 destroyers, 1 destroyer escort and 2 escort carriers sunk, this included Gambier Bay. It's thought she was sunk by a combination of 14 and 18 inch main battery gunfire from Yamato and Kongo and was the only carrier sunk by surface gunfire in the Pacific. The kit looks quite nice and I've wanted an escort carrier for some time, but the price was always very high here, around 200 dollars. However last year I happened upon a second hand one for less than half price and well I had to have it! As you can see I've made a bit of a start on it today, fit thus far seems pretty nice. I will add a little photo etch to it to spruce things up.
  11. While perusing another site I found a link to this Portuguese site that has several interesting collections of photos, including this one! Spam site link removed
  12. Final pictures for my last flattop. See WIP section for other pics Full view Working on engines Radar & Briefing room Engine room Decks
  13. I've always fancied making an all black Korea bird, or a late Vietnam Electric wizzy, wither USN or USMC. (Also used by the US Army too, but details are scarce to say the least. I suspect test aircraft only?) Can I safely assume the Sword release has been abandoned? So that leaves: 72: Matchbox or 48: Encore A choice between an old kit in my preferred scale) or an expensive one. I know there are issues reported with the fit of the matchbox canopy, and lack of cockpit detail is pretty much a given, so a rare trip to the aftermarket will be likely to achieve food results. Have I missed anything? If I stumble across a MB kit is it still worth the effort considering the lack of competition (note: whilst I don't mind basic detail I don't want to be filling trenches)
  14. So with the UK's marvellous new carriers on the way, we all know that it's not a question of if but when as far as the models of them are concerned- and in particular who. Airfix have already got the Invincible Class, T45 and Trafalgar in their RN range and have alluded towards making a QE model. They would not doubt benefit from the patronage that being a British firm would provide in that context. Anyway, I've heard that 2016 will be the year- perhaps to coincide with the arrival of HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth. It's just a rumour, but y gut certainly says that it's accurate- although then again that may be thanks to what I had for lunch! Meanwhile on the other hand Trumpeter could perhaps not be too far behind and I wonder which one modellers would prefer given the choice...? Do whack down what you think or even better have heard.
  15. IJN Carrier Kaga Kagero Kaga was an aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), the third to enter service, named after the former Kaga Province in present-day Ishikawa Prefecture. Originally intended to be one of two Tosa-class battleships, Kaga was converted under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty to an aircraft carrier as the replacement for the battlecruiser Amagi, which had been damaged during the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake. Kaga was rebuilt in 1933–35, increasing her top speed, improving her exhaust systems, and adapting her flight decks to more modern, heavier aircraft. The ship figured prominently in the development of the IJN's carrier striking force doctrine, which grouped carriers together to give greater mass and concentration to their air power. A revolutionary strategic concept at the time, the employment of the doctrine was crucial in enabling Japan to attain its initial strategic goals during the first six months of the Pacific War. Kaga 's aircraft first supported Japanese troops in China during the Shanghai Incident of 1932 and participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War in the late 1930s. With other carriers, she took part in the Pearl Harbor raid in December 1941 and the invasion of Rabaul in the Southwest Pacific in January 1942. The following month her aircraft participated in a combined carrier airstrike on Darwin, Australia, helping secure the conquest of the Dutch East Indies by Japanese forces. She missed the Indian Ocean raid in April as she had to return to Japan for permanent repairs after hitting a reef in February. Following repairs, Kaga rejoined the 1st Air Fleet for the Battle of Midway in June 1942. After bombarding American forces on Midway Atoll, Kaga and three other IJN carriers were attacked by American aircraft from Midway and the carriers Enterprise, Hornet, and Yorktown. dive bombers from Enterprise severely damaged Kaga; when it became obvious she could not be saved, she was scuttled by Japanese destroyers to prevent her from falling into enemy hands. In 1999, debris from Kaga including a large section of the hull was located on the ocean floor at coordinates 28°38′34″N 176°29′16″W Coordinates: 28°38′34″N 176°29′16″W at a depth in excess of 5,000 meters (16,404 ft); 350 miles (560 km) northwest of Midway Island. The main part of the carrier's wreck has not been found. This one hundred and forty page hardback book is much more comprehensive title than the book on the Soryū and Hiryū as she was a much older ship and there is a great deal more information available, including a larger number of photographs available. Not only is it an accurate history of the ship, but it also makes for very interesting reading, particularly on how the Japanese Navy converted the design of the intended battleship into one of a large fleet carrier. The period photographs accompanying the text show a huge amount of detail of her build, original design and after the large modernisation and refit she had to her complete her final transformation, very useful for the modeller. It is certainly great to see pictures of the ships crew and aircrew, giving them some human interest, rather than just being about the ship, which is nothing without her crew. The restrictions levied on photographers just before the war, and the destruction of a lot of photographs at the wars end doesn’t seem to have affected the Kaga as badly as most of the other ships of the carrier fleet. There atmospheric photographs of the ships flightdeck, aircraft landing and take-offs, and showing the Kaga through the flightdeck supports of the Akagi on the Pearl Harbour raid. Along with the various design changes of the ship there is a lot of information on the aircraft she carried, the weapons they used as well as the operations which took place. Naturally, the operations were pretty much the same as all the carriers in the 1st Air Fleet as they were used together as was the Japanese Naval doctrine of the time. So, there are the usual photographs of the Pearl Harbour raid and the Battle of Midway, although with odd exception which were new views this reviewer had not seen before. For me the Port Darwin raid photographs are the most interesting as, although I knew about the raid, I hadn’t seen decent photographs from the time. At the end of the book the last few pages are dedicated to two sets of coloured plates, giving views from port and starboard sides, top down, plus bow and stern as the ship was in early 1941 and at the time of Pearl Harbour. Throughout the book there are additional line drawings of the ship, from the battleship design, triple deck carrier to her final configuration. There are also line drawings of the ships armament, propulsion systems and various early design concepts. Conclusion This is a superb book, filled with detail and would be a fine addition to the library of the maritime historian and modeller alike. With the recent release of the new 1:350 Fujimi kit this book release is perfectly timed. For those who model in 1:700 there are several versions of the ship available and, again this book will prove invaluable. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  16. Hi everyone, I'd like to present my ES-3A Shadow by Italeri. I just finished the model yesterday after a 10-month build. The S-3 Viking kit itself is ok, whereas the Shadow specific parts are absolutely horrible and don't fit at all. Im quite pleased with the result, of course some minor bits bug me, but in general I'm happy. I hope you like the model! That's it! Cheers
  17. Hi All, This is my first post on here after lurking for a long time. Here is my most recent kit i finished. This is the Tamiya A6M5 in 1/72. The kits is completely OTB. Painted with Alclad II and Vallejo Model Air paints. Used the kit decals for 652 Kokutai from the Junyo carrier. Hopefully I have done the kit justice as its just a well layed out kit. Enjoy Jason
  18. HI all this will be my first build on here but hopefully not my last. iv always got half a dozen models n figures on the go at once. (26 at the moment actually) so il try not to flood the forum with stuff. in the meantime here is one i started a couple of weeks ago that i will complete on here over the next month hopefully. firtsly these ara some german prisoners iv converted from Master Box set3517 German captives. there are 2 boxes worth but i ditched the russians so just the crouts here. The idea came from a picture i have in a book ov german POWs following a carrier while a jeep with monty in drives past This carrier iv had on the go for a few years but iv finally decided to finish it. the brits are from Verlinden n are almost finished now im looking for a driver figure for the carrier as over the years friends have begged all mine away. sods law ah iv also got 3 brits to go in n on the carrier from the MINIART british tank riders (nw europe) set 35118. thats all for now but as arnie as so fond of saying "IL BE BACK"
  19. Hello all, Thanks to Bootneck's help to find a manual I could complete this model after it waited half done for over 2 months. As not much of a ship builder it probably isn't the best thing around but I am satisfied with my build. Built OOB and brush painted as all my models. As there wasn't a paint scheme for the aircrafts on board and no decals for them, I just tried to copy what I could see in the picture on the box. Also unfortunately I messed up the big number 65 decal in fromt and had to take it off. Maybe later I'll try to compensate that by masking and painting. Hope you like it. Here we go: Thanks for taking the time to look. Regards.
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