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  1. Hi guys I started this Rafale project about 3 years ago now, seemingly an eternal shelf ornament, hopefully a quick final push WIP thread will get it over the line! Initially the project started as an 'in flight' B but I decided I'd rather do a wheels down C or even EQ with the latest Caracal decals. This was before Revell released the newish C so it is actually a B and M cross. The end goal is this very early C, Or the latest EQ of Qatar, (click linked images to see authors) I'll have to decide soon, call me boring but I'm slightly leaning to the early French jet, I like the crisp grey camo! I removed the cockpits and spine from the original 'Rafale B' project and then added a little detail to the C cockpits. I plan to close the canopy for that distinctive Rafale shape but due to the large canopy much is still readily visible inside so I made a little more effort in the more visible places. As either the C or the EQ will be a brand new jet, I tried to keep everything real neat and tidy without any excessive dry brushing etc..I find it hard to make cockpits 'crisp' so I left it pretty plain. The cockpit is various shades of grey, the MFDs were done with film negative which gives a good 'shut down' glass appearance. The central column has a holographic blue(?) type screen, see this picture (prime portal walk around): http://data4.primeportal.net/hangar/sergey_zhabin/rafale_c_113-ge/images/rafale_c_113-ge_084_of_171.jpg I glued some holographic film over some clear plastic then sprayed Tamiya clear blue over the top, it changes with the angle you look at it, I'm not 100% convinced but should be ok enough under the canopy. My references for the very front of the coaming weren't great but I used an image that showed most of the details of this area. The HUD and projector needs to be added on top of the central column which should hide the little plastic wrinkle there fortunatley, too enthusiastic with glue I think! The hard part will be getting this into an already built up fuselage, if it came out I should be able to get it back in hopefully. Overall it is looking like this atm. I've dropped the flaps and ailerons, spine still to be glued after I get the cockpit in. The Prime Portal walkaround linked above is excellent and really covers nearly every square inch of the jet so I've gone over the model and corrected all sorts of panel lines, deleted some, refined some and added a few very fine rivets in places. I'm not saying its 100% accurate but more so than oob for sure. IIRC the fit wasn't terrible but not great either (tbh I mostly forget now what were the trouble places), most joins needed some Zap a Gap or surfacer attention. I've also done lots of little tweaks to various antennae shapes, wing tip pylons etc...to make them look more correct. probably why I put it down so many times, lots of little things to make a true project rafale as I think this kit is based on a very early Rafale M version. Some things I couldn't change such as the mesh vents as I'd already passed that part of construction but I have some plans for those. Previously I'd removed the SPIRALE chaff and flare dispensers at the very rear so they had to be rebuilt with plasticard, this time I added the locking pins and canted them slightly. The end plate got some attention too. Some more Saw-tooth RAM at the rear and a few other bits, still adding some details on the underside. I plan to have a minimal load of one inert MICA IR and a central tank so the wing tip pylons had a little work, excuse the sanding dust still there! The nose of the Rafale is very sharp so I replicated this with a blended in needle tip, The intakes have been filled as much as possible but they really aren't great, at any front angle you can just see all the internals (which the camera is hiding) and it is too late to really do anything now so I will make covers. The hardest part has been replicating the very deceptive canopy tint. As it has special stealth coatings it changes appearance vastly in differing light conditions and angles, from a clear golden smoke tint to a strong reddish metallic and anything in between, check the difference in the two pics C/EQ linked above. I tried to suggest this tint in 3 stages. 1- A normal interior tint mixture of Tamiya smoke + clear orange + clear yellow, maybe 0.8-0.15-0.05, thinned with MLT to get no orange peel. I then let that dry for a day or so. 2- A 'special' tint mixture of Tamiya clear red + a tiny amount of Aclad copper pigment, heavily thinned with MLT (0.1 paint-0.9 thinner maybe), 1-2 passes max. Leave to dry for several days. 3- A good old heavy dip in Pledge floor care (Klear) to give it an almost constant 'wet' look, a new Rafale canopy seems extremely glossy. Honestly, I attempted steps 1+2 six times before I got a clear canopy due to tiny flecks of dust or whatever finding their way onto the surface during the tinting, easily one of the most frustrating things I've done in the hobby. Eventually I got lucky, thankfully the specs on the front canopy are on the white sponge below. The canopy looks like this most of the time, but when some strong direct light is applied or bright sunlight you get a slight reddish copper appearance. Tbh it looks better in the flesh as the close photo is making it look a little grainy but I'm real happy with it in person, right or wrong it looks cool imho! The real canopy tint seems to be the reverse, more red-copper in overcast grey cloud and more clear in direct sunlight but whatever I'm just going for a general appearance. I have some questions for our French friends or anyone with the knowledge on Rafale. 1- Is the rudder always set at the neutral position when parked/shut down? 2- For the EQ differences, I have the enlarged UHF antenna on the spine and 'glass eye' DDM-NG sensor on the tail. Are there any other external differences? I think that's it for now, any help I'd be very appreciative. Thanks for looking, David.
  2. I have just finished this UV-18B.This is the old matchbox twin otter.Wasnt so bad to build.I managed to do it pretty quickly.I used tamiya and gunze acrylics on this one.The decals are from caracal decals.
  3. Here's my last one for 2021 - Roden's C-133 Cargomaster, with Caracal decals. Enjoyed this one - the fit's not perfect, but not awful either, and it builds up into an interesting model. I'd build another, except that it's one of those aircraft I only really need to build once! Caracal decals were excellent, as usual. The natural metal finish is AK Extreme Metal, I had a bit of trouble with it, and I have to say I've fallen out of love with this product. It doesn't seem to want to dry completely (still feels slightly tacky, two weeks after I painted it), and I've had a few issues with the paint reacting with the adhesive in Tamiya (and other brands') masking tape. Might try switching back to Alclad next time. thanks for looking Julian
  4. I wasn't really expecting to start another build in this GB - I have something to be getting on with in the Nordic GB that I must get cracking on. I just got the C-133 out of the stash because I wanted to measure the engines for another project. And here I am starting a WIP thread for it. Just can't help myself! Here are the sprues: There's quite a lot of plastic here. I might just be able to squeeze it in before the end of the GB, but if not I can carry straight on with it and finish it in the KUTA GB. I'll be using one of the options in the Caracal sheet, but not sure which one yet. The instructions tell you to build the front and rear parts of the fuselage separately and join them later, but experience tells me that's not a good idea. Instead I've assembled the two fuselage halves like so: As the Caracal sheet includes decals for the cockpit windows I'm not going to bother with the interior. So I've added some nose weight (two Singaporean 20 cent pieces and two British 20p's) and joined the fuselage halves together. Cutting off the locating pins and doing it vacform-style helped with alignment, but plenty of clean-up will still be needed: more soon Julian
  5. Finally finished the F-16A FSD which I had problems with Tamiya laquer paint, now using Tamiya's acrylics from now on. The F-16B I had finished earlier. Decals for both are from Caracal Decals and ResKit provided the wheels and exhaust. Awaiting a new pitot tube for the F-16A from Master models as the one fitted is the later type. I can assure you that the red does not look like that on the model. Both models making an appearance at Telford on the IPMS Kent stand. Regards Robert
  6. Good morning lads, I finally finished my new summer project GWH's 1/48th scale T-33A. My time was limited to present you an in progress work, but i will try to give you an idea !! The kit and some aftermarkets...also used some custom masks for the ''USAF'' and ''TR-411'' codes from my friend Alexis And the scheme i am for is the second one TR-411, here is the only photo i managed to find.. A few words about the kit....AWESOME!!! (my humble opinion!)....nothing more A few words about Caracal decals...the same!!! Awesome!! I started dealing with the cockpit as a usual...here i used Eduard PE for the cockpit and the pilot's seat! Cockpit... Seats... All together and weatherd... ....
  7. Hello, Here's my just completed Monogram F-100D Super Sabre. I used two incomplete kits to build it. Quite a bit of aftermarket was used on this one: Master pitot tube, Brassin Snakeyes and SUU-7's, AMS Resin fueltank extensions, Caracal decals. Mr Color and Alclad were used mostly. It's done as "Nashville Sound" from the 90th TFS at Bien Hoa AB in South Vietnam. Thanks for watching, Pete
  8. A late finish from the Vietnam GB and my favourite aircraft . The kit is the superlative Zoukei Mura F-4C. This airframe 64-0829 is probably best known as Robin Olds's Scat XXVII in the SEA scheme and he achieved two MiG 17 kills with it on 20 May 1967. However this is the jet seen in its twilight operational scheme with the Texas ANG before it was repainted in its better known SEA colours again as an exhibit at the National Museum of the US Air Force. Link Aftermarket used: Caracal Decals CD48038 Air National Guard F-4C/D Phantom Part 3 - Really good sheet with some interesting schemes of early Phantoms in their later years of ANG service. The decal quality, thinness and colour density are excellent. Looking forward to using their decals again, the fit especially on the fin flash was fantastic. @CaracalModels ZM F-4C/D Etched Brass - Made by Eduard for ZM's own label. Aires Martin Baker Mk.7 Seats. Eduard Fabric Ejection Seat Belts. HGW RBF Tags. Quinta Ejection Handles (from their phantom sets). Master Pitot tubes Paints are Gunze with levelling thinners, over a black Gaia Notes primer coat. Post lightening and shading done with adding greys and yellows. Alclad 2 for the metallic shades with lots of masking Matt finish is SMS Matt Varnish Original Build Thread: After this enjoyable build, I'm looking forward to see what Tamiya can do with the Phantom in 1:48 scale
  9. I came across the decals on ebay and just had to buy them, so my entry is a Brazilian Navy AF-1 in the "15 Years" Anniversary Scheme. As I understand it, the Brazilian Navy Skyhawk's were ex-Kuwaiti Air Force A-4KUs, which were modified A-4Ms. Hasegawa has boxed version of both the Brazilian and Kuwaiti aircraft, but was unable to find either. My starting point will be the Hasegawa A-4M. Luckily the decal instructions list the changes you need to make to the nose and fin to build the AF-1. And finally my references and some additional after-market.
  10. @CaracalModels or Anyone else Ive purchased sheet CD:48097 from an online shop (sprue brothers). I opened the set up to find only the side profiles of the RAAF Mirage III’s. I understand the limited size of the booklet and plastic sleeve so have no issue’s with that. However I cant seem to find the instruction PDF on Caracal decals website or anywhere else online ? Is there a possibility of someone providing me a link or sending the complete PDF via email or P/M ? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Dennis
  11. Out of the box except brass rod for the pitot tubes on the tail. Superb Caracal Decals. Tamiya white and Xtracolor International Orange for the main paints. Great old kit.
  12. Evening all, After having made few visits to RAF Lakenheath over the past couple of years it was inevitable that I'd end up feeling the need to add a couple of Eagle's to the collection! Only things still to add are a couple of AMRAAM's, and I realised I've missed the nav lights, anyway here's my first effort at an Eagle - Kit: 1/72 Great Wall Hobby F-15C MSIP II Decals: Kit decals and Caracal Models CD72074 - F-15C/D Lakenheath Eagles Paint: Tamiya, Vallejo and Vallejo metallic's Weathering: Windsor and Newton oil's, Daler-Rowney pastels Extra's: Tamiya tape seat belts I chose this option from the Caracal decal sheet as I caught a couple of photo's this very jet departing Lakenheath last August (see last 2 pics!). The jet still sports 2 kill markings below the cockpit for a pair of Su-25's downed on 6th January 1991. Thanks for looking, all comments and criticism gratefully received, Eng
  13. as if I would not have to do enough elsewhere... but where else should I build one of these? not sure yet on the Squadron, but a grey one I'd like! maybe 3/75 Sdqu at Butterworth to even better fit to the Asian frontline topic? and I'd probably load t for some attack mission using the Kinetic RPK-10 with 2 Snakeeyes each? a 1300l tank on the center (from an AMk Kfir should do well I guess!) and Eduard Magic Missiles on canted Mirage IIIO 3 /75 Squadron, RAAF Butterworth, Malaysia that is what I have found in my stock that could be useful ? what puzzles me a bit is the ejection seat... acording to the above brilliant book , an MK6 should be fitted from 1981 instead of an Mk4.... left Mk4 from SBS, mid Mk4 from Pavla, right Mk4 from HPM they are not all that similar and specific I think.... who can help me out? as I understand it, the MK6 introduced a zero zero capability adding a rocket motor.... and double hand rails in addition to some additional part on the rear rail.... interesting accident story by the way: http://www.3squadron.org.au/subpages/Last_Sacrifice.htm RAAF serials: http://www.adf-serials.com.au/3a3.htm
  14. Hello, Here's my just finished 1/48 RF-84F. It's the Tanmodel kit, and I used Caracal Decals to do it as one from the 38th TRS, 10th TRW, based at Spangdahlem AB in West Germany between 1955 and 1958. This is part of a little project of mine to build all the different planes and units that were based at Spangdahlem at some point. This is the 5th build for that, after an F-4G, A-10A, F-15C and F-105F. The Tanmodel kit is a lovely model, in my opinion. The panel lines and rivets are a bit deep, and a little inconsistent, and the camera assembly in the nose is a bit tricky to build, but overal it builds up very nice. The decals are a mix of the kit ones, Caracal and the USAF decals on the wings come from an Eagle Strike F-102 sheet. It was painted with Vallejo Metal Color. Thanks for looking, Pete
  15. Back from holidays and I managed to finish this one today. It is the Great Wall Hobbies early T-33, the kit was very satisfying to build with no glitches or pitfalls. I finished it with my usual four different metallics but the sunshine has made them hard to discern. The model is finished as a machine of the 77th FBS, 20th FBW based at RAF Weathersfield in the late 1950's. The decals area mix of kit markings and Caracal sheet CD48123, which performed beautifully as usual. I dfound a photo of the aircraft on line which showed her to be very clean and highly polished at an air display so I kept weathering to a minimum. As always thanks for looking.
  16. Due to a streaming cold, I've had a bit of modelling time I didn't expect so I made faster progress on the excellent GWH T33a I picked up at Southwell show. Pretty much out of the box just some aftermarket seatbelts. I used a series of Gunze Sanyo metallic paints for the first time but the flash has washed them out. I finished her as a machine of the 9th FBS based at Komaki AFB, Japan in 1955, using an option on Caracal sheet CD48123, which perform magnificently as always. I found a picture of the aircraft online and was surprised to see a lack of the visible stencilling I associate with USAF aircraft of this era. Thanks for looking.
  17. I'm going to have stop building these lovely old kits as I'm running out of storage space so this the last for a while. it is the old Revell/Monogram kit from the early 1990s. Pretty much strait out of the box with just some vents cleared out and a bit of extra work in the cockpit. The only addition was a Master nose probe. I used the lovely Caracal decals for a 49th FIS machine based at Griffiss AFB in the 1970s. As always thanks for looking
  18. Well I finally finished my attempt at the Kittyhawk Voodoo. my thanks to Nikolay Polyakov and bentwaters81tfw for there advice, knowledge and inspiration. The kit is a mixture of good and bad, partially as a result of trying to produce the whole F-101 family from a set of moulds. So the intakes are just plan wrong for the A/C models and needed cutting back to the earlier, squared off shape, the slime lights needed removing but mainly the fit took a lot of work even to get it to my botched up state. I used Caracal decals for the scheme, as I tried a few of the Kittyhawk ones and didn't like the colours, though the stencils were fine. As always the Caracal decal were fabulous to work with. The machine I chose to depict ids from a photo on another thread from Bentwaters81tfw and show how they looked later in their brief career. It seems the front section was painted silver, the mid section was Air Defence Grey and the rear was left natural metal. It was a therapeutic job masking and painting this . I'm glad I got the kick up the rear to build this stash sitter but I don't think it will encourage me to buy another one. I've also just noticed I forgot to finish decaling the serial number on the port side. I have been looking at the thing all afternoon but it took a photo for me to spot this!!!! As always thanks for looking.
  19. Good day all A bit of a story: About 15 years ago I built the then-new 1/72 scale kit of the B-58 Hustler from Italeri. It looked really good, was finished with ALCLAD II + ALCLAD's own primer. About 6 months later I noticed that the surface of the model is covered in fine hairline cracks... After consulting around, it seemed that the ALCLAD primer was at fault (poor quality control, same as what clobbered the original ALCLAD company - hence, ALCLAD II). I tried several times to fix it, eventually gave up and tossed it in the garbage can. In the meantime I bought another B-58 kit that I found on eBay + a set of Caracal decals in 1/72 for that kit... The decals turned up much sooner than the kit, and the Caracal decals looked REALLY good so I started thinking - "Hmmm perhaps I should just try to fix that old B-58 once more"... So off I went to check if the trash had been removed yet, actually found the model plus the bits & pieces that got broken off in the trash can (broken eggshells and empty jam bottles etc on top of it had some effect). This time I removed all the old paint including the ALCLAD primer as best as I could. Now being thoroughly disgusted with ALCLAD II products I looked around for an alternative and found two full bottles of Polly Scale "Old Silver" in my stash... All I can say is that 1) Polly Scale being out of business now is a Crime Against Humanity (I should have bought tons of Old Silver) and 2) Caracal Decals is the BEST quality decals I have come across EVER. PS. excuse the poor quality pics (cellphone) and zero attempt at a sexy background...
  20. This ones set off so well, I got it at Telford last year and within days of purchase I had the basic assembly done, but from that high point things started to go wrong, and it languished on the shelf of doom. little things like my superglue deciding not to want to stick the undercarriage doors on, and the masking tape deciding not to mask slowed me down but some free time between Christmas and New Year got it finished. the kit decal are odd colours and fonts so I replaced them with the same markings but so much more accurate in all areas from Caracal. Then I lost the nose wheel door.... So that needed to be scratched built. Other than the port intake, the fit was very good and had none of the 'interesting' assembly features of the venerable but still good RevelllMonogram single-seater and I would do anther if the price is right. The final issue was that I had used vinyl masks rather than the usual yellow tape ones I normally use and they must have loosened over the three months since they were attached so there was some bleeding of the varnish onto the canopies. A wiser modeller than I suggests that the canopies sit too high as designed, I'm not so sure but I think a little filing will be in order if I get another one. Thanks for looking.
  21. This is the final of my triple build of the classic Monogram Century series, I've posted the F-102, and F-101 earlier, but they are lost in the PB fiasco. Anyway this is the earliest of the them all, modelwise, seeing the light of day in the 1983 and yet I think it is the best fitting of the three. Pretty much out of the box apart from a Master Probe, which given the number of times I knocked it during the build was a necessity and a set of the always excellent Caracal decals for a Michigan ANG machine, which sits nicely with another Revell Monogram oldie, my F-4C which where the same unit markings. Now for something smaller... Thanks for looking.
  22. Here is my latest foray into the world of Old Monogram. It is a 2007 boxing on the F-101B Voodoo. This kit has long been on my list of 'wants' and has been curiously hard to track down so when Ian at Kits for Cash had it at the Southwell show for a princely £9 I bit his hand off. When I opened the box, not only were there two sets of canopies there were decals from two different boxings of the kit. I had stocked up on a Master brass probe, some Quickboost intakes and a gorgeous set of Caracal decals for a Four ANG machines prior to my purchase so they had to be used. I decided early in the build not to re-scribe the panels lines just to knock back the raised lines with some light sanding to enhance the smooth and sleek lines of the original. This had worked well for my F-102. Sadly after all the anticipation, I really didn't enjoy the build. I expected some fettling and filling but this had to be done in industrial proportions, the whole wing/fuselage/ missile bay just fitted where it touched and I got fed up with the whole process. After languishing on the Shelf of Doom for a couple of months I gave it another chance and this is what I came up with. O-70445 of the 179th FIS, Minnesota ANG. Both the kit and the Caracal decals were a joy to work with and even Photobucket has co-operated today. I had planned to get another one to do as a Texas ANG bird but I doubt I'll bother, So on to the F-106.... Thanks for looking Andy
  23. Now that the Su-7 is finished, my dad started the next Russian built aircraft. This time going more modern and exotic. Using the GWH kit with Caracal decals and doing a Myanmar bird.
  24. 1/48 AH-1W Super Cobra NTS 9/11 NYFD Kit: Italeri/Revell rebox Aftermarket: Olimp Models NTS & exhaust conversion, Caracal Decals, Master M197 20mm cannon, lots of BM member input Paint: Revell Enemels done within the fantastic Bell Huey Group build : Work in progress AH-1W Super Cobra NTS 9/11 NYFD great GB it was! thanks for hosting! contents: thanks for your attention! /Werner
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