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  1. Hi all. I was intending to make something in 1/35 for this STGB but there are so many GBs I want to take part in over the next few months, that I have opted to do something in 1/48 instead. Luckily this kit arrived in the post last week. I have made one of these SU122s before and thoroughly enjoyed making it. Last time I did it in plain Russian green - this time I'm going to try doing a winter white-wash version - over Russian Green. I'm also going to try doing my first winter scene on the base. I've bought a variety of winter based scenery products over the years but haven't used them yet - well apart from the Vellejo snow product which I used on my Winter Pz.IV a couple of years back. So this is my collection so far for this project: I may add a few other bits and pieces as I go on. I have a GB starting in a month that I want to take part in as well, so I may end up with two GB projects running at the same time. I'm looking forward to getting started next weekend. Kind regards, Stix
  2. This was my project for the T-34 STGB. The GB is still going on so, if you are a fan of WW2 Russian armour, it's well worth checking out. The SU-122 was the first major variant of the T-34 chassis. Around 1,150 of them were built between 1942 and 1944. Weighing in at about 30 tons and with a crew of 4, the SU-122 was not originally designed as a tank destroyer but was supposed to be used against German fortified positions, strongholds and for ranged infantry support. After crew training, the first units of these were active in late 1942 and early 1943. The regiments they were part of were made up of two batches of four, older, SU-76s and four SU-122s, led by a SU-76 tank destroyer acting as the command vehicle. The idea was that the SU-122s were to be covered by the SU-76s. As the war progressed SU-122s did end up attacking German armour, including Tigers at Kursk during the summer of 1943. They used howitzer HE rounds to dislodge turrets and damage tracks - but this was only effective at close range. The version I have based mine on was a regimental, early production model, in December 1942 - operating on the Leningrad front in the Smierdny region. More information about the SU-122 and it's variants can be found online here: The Tanks Encyclopedia This is only the second time I have attempted a winter whitewash finish. To get the effect I did, I first painted the tank in the basic overall green colour, weathered it and then applied the whitewash using a stippling brush and very, very thinned Humbrol Matt White paint - built up in uneven layers very slowly. Once dry, I applied more weathering. More details about how I painted it can be found in my WIP thread. Kit: Tamiya 1/48 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel, Vallejo and Railmatch acrylic paints all applied by brush Extras: Vallejo Mud and Snow products, Tamiya figures, Tamiya Road Signs, Redog Resin Stowage, Aluminium foil, string, MDF, mounting board card, filler, Wilkos picture frame, Army painter tufts, twigs and fuse wire. The WIP can be found: HERE The photos of the basic scene can be found: HERE Here are a few photos of my SU-122 on it's snowy base. More photos of this scene can be found: HERE Big thanks must go to @SleeperService for a great GB and also to everyone who contributed to my build thread. Without everyone's input this project wouldn't be what it is. Thank you. Kind regards, Stix
  3. Well it's been a while since I’ve posted anything in this area, but two GBs have got me back into building 1/72nd aircraft. This build was for the ‘In the Navy’ GB that is still running down in the Group Build section. I have previously built Airfix’s 1/72nd Wildcat as if it were in flight so, when a colleague at work kindly got me this Martlet for a birthday a while back, I thought - rather than make it with the wings out, I would do them folded. The ‘In the Navy’ GB seemed the logical place to make it in this way and I had some ideas for how I would display it. This particular Mk.IV Martlet - FN142 - is modelled when it was based on HMS Formidable in November 1942. This is a photo of the actual aircraft: The build itself was enjoyable and the detail out of the box is pretty good. The only additional work I did was to add some extra detail at the wing joins (using bits of plastic and lead wire plus doing a bit of drilling) and introduced a droop to the elevators. Kit: Airfix 1/72 A02074 Extras: Plasticard, plastic rod, lead wire, Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch acrylics all applied by brush. The WIP can be found: Here Some closer views - I'm not sure I should be doing this in 1/72 as it's brush painted! From the start of this build I wanted to display it as if it was on deck of HMS Formidable. Just a couple of photos here and the rest will be in the diorama/vignette RFI section. More photos of the deck vignette can be found: HERE So a big thank you to my colleague at work for buying this Martlet for my birthday and thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and make suggestions in my build thread. Thank you also to @rob85 for being the fantastic host of the GB. Kind regards, Stix
  4. So my 1 and only lockdown build. Being a key worker I am either at work or at home looking after my daughter. Here is the Tamiya Tiger 1, and Brush painted. First time I have done track links and have to say what a pain. Over all a fun build and enjoyed the painting. Regards daron
  5. The new(ish) Airfix Martlet in 1/72 will be my entry (possibly the first of two) for this GB. These are the bits and bobs I'm thinking of using: I have previously made Airfix's 1/72 Wildcat as if it was in flight so with this one I'm intending to do it with the wings folded. I must also add that this kit was bought for my birthday a couple of years ago by a colleague at work - so a big thank you to them. Kind regards, Stix
  6. This is my first ever aircraft build which I built as part of the Blitzbuild GB, having built my first ever Tank in a previous one. It was a fun build with somewhat challenging decals! I hope you enjoy my little Egg plane, it was great fun to build as quickly as I could. The kit came with a little pilot: Just to show how small she is:
  7. This was my project for the T-55 Single Type Group Build down in the Britmodeller Group Build section. The Tamiya kit was a joy to build although I had a couple of fit issues early on - which surprised me for a Tamiya kit. Nothing major - just a few wishy-washy connection points/areas. Of course it could have just been me that was the issue! Early on I decided to replace the band tracks with some individual track links from MiniArt and didn't want to use the mesh provided by Tamiya so got the relevant grill set from Eduard. For this project I decided to try some slightly more restrained weathering than I sometimes do - I didn't use any weathering products such as Mig Muds (or their sand equivalent?) which I often use. Kit: Tamiya 1/35 Kit No. 328 Extras: MiniArt Track Links Set No. 37048, Eduard Grill Set No. 35257, thin wire for the aerials, spare PE bits from my Typhoon build for the jerry can strap buckles, painted masking tape for the straps and various stowage items from a variety of old kits and stowage sets. Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel, Vallejo and Railmatch Acrylic paints all applied with brushes The WIP can be found: Here Vignette photos on a display base can be found: Here I had planned a fairly complex display base for this Tiran 5 but the time limitations of a STGB (3 months) meant I ended up doing a fairly simple idea but I did include the two figures Tamiya provided in the kit: The base I did end up making includes some basic ideas from my originally planned design: More photos of it on it's base can be found: Here Thank you to anyone who kindly took the time to comment in my build thread. Kind regards, Stix
  8. Hi everybody. I hope everyone is keeping well. This was a project that I finished a month or so back but, with what's been happening with the current circumstances, I have found it difficult to find much time for modelling or getting onto Britmodeller. I'm trying to make up for that a bit today as this is the first day for a few weeks that I haven't been constantly trying to do my job remotely from home. This was a project that I began right at the start of the year as a stop gap between GBs. I wanted something relatively quick to make and, as I had made another modern 1/48 armour kit from Tamiya a while back, I fancied having a go at another. This kit has been really nicely detailed by Tamiya and, for the most part, it was a typically straight-forward build. I found a couple of parts were a bit hit'n'miss in terms of location but other than that it was a really fun project. Kit: Tamiya No. 92 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel, Vallejo, Tamiya and Railmatch Acrylics all applied by brush Extras: Tamiya stowage set items and stretched sprue antennas The WIP thread - what there is of it - can be found: Here I've tried to be a bit more subtle with the weathering than I sometimes am. I was intending to use this as an experiment for some heavier techniques but, when I looked at some of the photos of these actual tanks - in the time period suggested by Tamiya - they were not always that heavily weathered, so I thought I would practice some lighter techniques instead. All the weathering is done with standard acrylic paints applied with brushes including stippling brushes. A few photos with a desert photo backdrop and the Abrams on the chipboard surface of my work table: And finally some photos of the Abrams with my build of Tamiya's Japan Ground Self Defence Force Type 10 tank: I can thoroughly recommend both of these kits for anyone who enjoys building 1/48 armour. Kind regards, Stix
  9. Well it's been a while since I posted anything in this section but I have just finished my build of Tamiya's 1/48 Razorback Thunderbolt in the P-47 STGB. I have built it as the P-47D of Captain Walker "Bud" Mahurin in 1944. Captain Mahurin was the first American pilot to become a double ace in the European Theatre. According to Wikipedia he was the only United States Air Force pilot to shoot down enemy planes in both the European and Pacific Theatres and the Korean War. During World War II he was credited with 20.75 aerial victories, making him the sixth-highest American P-47 ace. He was credited with shooting down 3.5 MiG-15s in Korea, giving him a total of 23.25 aircraft destroyed in aerial combat. More information about him can be found here. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time building this Razorback P-47 - just like the 'Bubbletop' version from Tamiya (which I made a couple of year's back ) it is a beautifully detailed and very well engineered kit. Kit: Tamiya 1/48 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt "Razorback" Paints: Revell, Humbrol and Citadel Acrylics all applied by brush Extras: Various sizes of lead wire for wiring - break lines, etc. - and some styrene in the cockpit and wheelwells. Work In Progress thread: Here This first set of photos was taken on my Spitfire display base with the photo backdrop and Gaugemaster Meadow mat over the base: This second set of photos was taken against a white backdrop - I always think the colours show up better with a white background: Some photos of the undersides: The cockpit before being sealed up: I had intended to make this a really weathered version of a P-47D but, when I looked at the photos of the actual aircraft from that period, it looked in pretty good shape and certainly wasn't heavily weathered. So I cut back on what was going to do in terms of weathering. I was going to do a lot of chipping but ended up doing a lot more subtle version - so much so, that in most photos it doesn't really show. This photo shows some of the restrained chipping I ended up applying: And finally a couple in black & white: As I mentioned earlier - this was a thoroughly enjoyable project and part of that was due to the fellow modellers who contributed with advice and support in my build thread - thank you to anyone who took the time to comment. I would also like to thank TEMPESTMK5 for hosting the great STGB. Kind regards, Stix
  10. Well it’s been a while since I've built anything in this section of Britmodeller - I've been spending most of my time in the Group Build section recently. Anyway, I have a bit of time before the next GB I want to take part in - so I had a quick look through the stash to find something relatively quick to build. I've been building a Tiran 5 recently so thought I'd like to do something more modern again. Also, having been looking at some of the excellent AFV 1/48 models being built here, I decided to do something in 1/48 - and this is what I have decided on: I've made Tamiya's 1/48 JGSDF Type 10 Tank back in 2018 and this M1A2 looks to be of a similar high quality. I hope so. I'll post some photos of the box contents later. Kind regards, Stix
  11. Hawker Hurricane Mk.I R4118 Take off at the Victory Show 2015 Well it's been a while since I have posted anything in this section but here is my project from the recent Hawker (Siddeley) GB. The project itself started when I discovered that the 1/48 new tool Airfix kit, I had in the stash, included the decals for the restored version of Mk.I Hurricane R4118 which I had seen at the Victory Show in 2015. I had taken lots of photos of it at the show and also taken some video of it in flight and taking off. I am very lucky in that we live less than a mile from where the Victory Show takes place and can walk there. We also get quite a few of the aircraft flying over our house depending on the display lines. For more details about R4118 there is a great website with loads of fantastic photos and information which can be found here. My build was pretty straight forward but I discovered fairly early on that, although R4118 can be in theory built from the kit, there are some differences between what's in the box and some areas of the restored version. @Troy Smith first alerted me to the fact that the restored version has a different spinner and tailwheel. Troy very kindly offered to send me the correct versions which he did and I have included them on my build. Studying the photos I had taken at the airshow (here and here) and on the R4118 website also demonstrated I needed to add a few other bits and pieces if I was going to make it closer to the actual restored version I had seen. Kit: 1/48 Airfix Hawker Hurrican Mk.I (new tool) A05127 Paints: Revell, Humbrol and Vellejo acrylics applied by brush Extras: Airfix propeller motor, Hurricane Rotol spinner and 'knuckle' tailwheel courtesy of @Troy Smith Undercarriage break lines from lead wire Radiator intake rod from styrene rod Carburettor air intake grill - Eduard PE part from set for Italeri MkI Hurricane Propeller decals from Italeri MkI Hurricane kit Aerial wires (?) - from EZLine Aerial wire brackets - styrene Aerial wire adjuster - PVA glue Various rods and bits on the upper fuselage and nose - styrene rod Base - Wilko picture frame with Gaugemaster grass mat Support - 6mm aluminium tube Battery holder, wires and switch WIP: Here My video of R4118 taking off at the Victory Show in 2015: Here Wobbly video of the propeller running on my kit: Here The first set of photos here were taken with my Spitfire display base as a background - it has a sky backdrop: This next set is against a plain white background. The first photo shows the prop when its not spinning: [/url] This one from below was taken before the kit was finished: The main difficulty for me was not doing much weathering. With previous aircraft builds I have a added a fair amount but, as this was done as the restored version at the Victory Show in 2015, I wanted to do it as clean as it actually was. While building mine I kept seeing other models of beautifully weathered Hurricanes and thinking I could just add...........but didn't. The Hawker (Siddeley) GB was thoroughly enjoyable and thanks to @Col. for suggesting and being the host of the GB. Thank you to everyone, especially @Troy Smith, for all the support and comments during my build. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  12. This is going to be my build for this STGB: When I saw the tracks that Tamiya include in the box and read some of the reviews, which suggested they are a bit too short/tight, I decided to get some of these from MiniArt: Tamiya only provide some mesh for the engine grills so I also decided to get some from Eduard: Really looking forward to getting started on this next weekend. Kind regards, Stix
  13. ZY-Y - 247 Sqn. France, June 1944 This was part of my project for the D-Day GB. The kit is by Hasegawa but re-boxed by Italeri with new decals. There are some fit issues with the kit in a couple of places but other than those it was a fun build. As can be seen from the photos I decided, as it was going to be part of a small diorama, that I would have the prop motorised. The motor I used was from Airfix. I also used the PE set for this kit from Eduard. Kit: 1/48 Italeri/Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics all applied by brush Extras: Eduard PE set, Airfix motor and Airfix pilot The WIP can be found: Here The diorama can be found: Here The Tiger 1 RFI can be found: Here Please excuse the blue colour of the support as these were taken before I knew how the final appearance needed to look. Before fitting to the base the blue was toned down a lot! With a sky background: One over the base
  14. Time to declare my build for this first armour STGB. It has been a bit of a struggle to decide what to build and I've been torn between several different scales and manufacturers before going back to my original choice. I've re-decided on Eduard's reboxing of Tasca's M4A1 (Tasca kit number 35010). I've recently completed another 1/35 build which I thoroughly enjoyed so thought I'd stick in the same scale. So this is the kit box: ..........you can also see I've recently picked up the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for £6 Good timing from the Works! I'm going to build the kit as “Goldie”: ...which landed at Normandy on June 9th and took part in the Battle of Bloody Gulch near Carentan, France, a week later. As I mentioned above the kit is a reboxing of Tasca's kit but includes some nice Photoetch from Eduard - although the version I'm building doesn’t use all of it: Looking forward to the weekend. Kind regards, Stix
  15. "Report back........not bring it back!!" M4A1 vignette This was my project for the M3/M4 Sherman, Single Type Group Build down in the Group Build Section. On 9th June 1944 M4A1 Sherman Tank 'Goldie' was part of the 66th Armoured Regiment that landed at Normandy. During the landing it was fitted with wading gear but this was removed shortly after it arrived. A week after arriving the 66th was part of the 2nd Armoured Regiment and took part in the 'Battle of Bloody Gulch' which took place near Carentan. The German forces in the battle were made up from the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division and 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment. American forces consisted of the 501st, 502nd and 506th, Parachute Infantry Regiments of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division, reinforced by the U.S. 2nd Armored Division of which 'Goldie' was a part. The German forces were decisively defeated during the battle and the American victory led to the linkup of forces from Utah and Omaha beaches, creating a secure lodgement area for further American operations. The headquarters of the German forces during the battle was a manor house in the area and the American soldiers nicknamed the road running past the manor "Bloody Gulch" after a place mentioned in a popular western movie. I have modelled my version on how 'Goldie' may have looked travelling across the countryside on it's way towards Carentan. The Vignette - One of the things that bugged me while I was making this project was that the tank commander figure seemed to be smiling - it just didn't seem to fit with the idea I originally had. So I tried to think of things that might have made him smile on the way to battle over the fields near Carentan. I have made scenes before where I have used road signs to indicate the location and then it dawned on me I could make the scene as if one of the crew had been sent to check out what the road sign on the other side of the fence said - but, rather than reading it and reporting back, he's broken it off and is carrying it back. In my head the crew member next to the Sherman is saying "He said report back...not bring it back!!...." .....anyway........ Kit: 1/35 Eduard/Tasca Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics all applied by brush. Extras: Tank figures set from Dragon , stowage items from AFV CLUB, Tamiya and Dragon, plus Towing Cable wire kindly supplied by @modelling minion Base: MDF, filler, Woodlands Scenics mixed turf and various tufts from Army Painter. The fencing was made from wooden coffee stirrers and the signs are from Matho Models. The puddles were made from layers of Humbrol Enamel Gloss Varnish. WIP: Here More photos of just the Sherman and base, without the background, can be found here: in the RFI section These photos below were taken on my Spitfire display base which has a sky backboard: A couple of the above in black & white: ...and finally a photo of the base before the Sherman and figures were added: This was a thoroughly enjoyable project made in a great GB. It was the first all Armour GB on Britmodeller and the hosts @Sgt.Squarehead and @Ozzy were very attentive and supportive. Thanks must also go to everyone who took the time to comment or offer advice in my thread. Kind regards, Stix
  16. Tiger 1 - Turret Number 313 of 3./s.Pz.Abt. 503 (3rd Company 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion) This Tiger 1 was part of my project for the Tiger 1 STGB and the D-Day GB. The kit is the Skybow 1/48 kit which was a pleasure to make. I added Hauler etched grills and Skybow individual link tracks. This is the Tiger 1 that would become famous as the one which was overturned at Manneville during the Allied heavy bombing at the start of Operation 'Goodwood' on the 18 July 1944. Three of the crew actually survived that bombing. My version is modelled before that date while the detachment was still fighting against Allied tank forces during the battles around Caen. My finished kit can be seen in action against a Typhoon Mk.1b in the D-Day STGB. Kit: 1/48 Skybow Tiger 1 Ausf.E (Late Production) Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics all applied by brush Extras: Hauler Grill set, Skybow track links, stetched sprue arial and Vallejo Mud The W.I.P. can be found: Here The Typhoon RFI can be found: Here The Diorama RFI can be found: Here Photos against a white background: Some photos of it on my Spitfire display shelf with the photographic sky background: Plus three with my Pz.IV build: Some on the base for the D-Day GB scene: One photo showing the scene it features in: .....and finally one showing the whole scene:
  17. My D-Day project is going to be a 1/48 vignette using the kits below: I am going to to use some aftermarket for both kits - these from Airfix and Eduard for the Typhoon: .......and these track links from Skybow and the grills from Hauler for the Tiger: I'm going to be doing a crossover project where I build the Tiger 1 also as part of the Tiger STGB (at the same time as this D-Day GB) and the Typhoon and vignette here. I have some figures from Tamiya to use as well. Really looking forward to getting started on this. Kind regards, Stix
  18. My Tiger 1 project is going to be part of a vignette that I'm going to build in the D-Day GB. I'm going to be using this rather lovely 1/48 kit from Skybow: The plastic inside has also been re-packaged by AFV Club. I built the Skybow version a while back and it does build up rather nicely. I'm also going to use the Skybow individual track links and Hauler's grills : Big thanks must go to @Ozzy and @Robert Stuart for agreeing to the idea of a crossover project with the D-Day GB. Can't wait to get started next week! Kind regards, Stix
  19. This was my build for the Patton Tank STGB. Information about the actual tank can be found on this page: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/us/t26e4-super-pershing This was my first 1/35 HobbyBoss kit (I have built one of their 1/48 Shermans before) and, apart from a few minor niggles, I found it an enjoyable kit to make. I haven't made an AFV with an engine compartment before so I decided, seeing as how HobbyBoss provided a reasonable looking version of the engine and transmision, that I would display my project with the engine compartment open. This resulted in a bit of a vignette which can be seen in the Diorama RFI section. Kit: HobbyBoss 1/35 T26E4 Super Pershing Pilot #1 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch - all applied by brush Extras: Tamiya Tank Crew, Italeri Tools WIP: Here Vignette photos: Here The first few photos I took to show the size of the gun - no wonder it needed a system for balancing it! I have also made a bit of a base for this project - one photo here: More can be found here: Well I had a great time building this. A big thank you to @Corsairfoxfouruncle for hosting the Patton STGB and to everyone who took the time to comment and make suggestions in my build thread. I'm still helping Dennis (I think) by co-hosting the GB but I'm also about to start a project in the the Panzer VI Tiger STGB. Kind regards, Stix
  20. This was my first project for the Panzer VI Tiger STGB. My second, yet to be started, project in the Tiger STGB is going to be a crossover project with the D-Day GB so I wanted something to occupy me for a couple of weeks until the D-Day GB actually got underway - and the result can be seen below. It was actually a really fun kit to build. I had planned on it being a completely OOB project but I realised something I already knew - and had put out of my head - that Porsche turret KTs (apart from a couple) all had Zimmerit. So, even though this is a Toon kit, I was pondering how to do the Zimmerit until @MarkSH mentioned in his thread that No More Nails seemed to be a good product for representing Zimmerit. Luckily I had a Zimmerit tool in a 1/35 Academy Tiger 1 kit in the stash so, following the buying of some No More Nails from the local hardware shop and a bit of practice on some scrap, I applied it on the kit. It's not the best ever home-made Zimmerit I've seen but it looks okay and I'm pleased I've had a go - I have a couple of 1/48 KTs that will require some Zimmerit and there doesn't seem to be any etch or other Zimmerit out there for them. I know these kits arn't to everyone's taste but, as a quick, fun project it was great! Kit: Meng Toon Kit (no scale given) Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics all applied by brush Extras: No More Nails Zimmerit (thank you to MarkSH for the idea), lead wire and Vallejo Mud products Base: Wilko's small picture frame, 3mm MDF, Polystyrene from frozen Pizza box packaging, household filler, Woodlands Scenics Turf and Course Turf plus a variety of army painter tufts and plants. WIP: Here These photos were taken against the sky background from my Spitfire display shelf: Some photos against a white background: ....and on it's picture frame base: Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment in my build thread. Kind regards, Stix
  21. Panzer IV Ausf. J Sd.Kfz.161/2 1 SS Pz. Div. 723 Normandy 1944 This was my second build for the Panzer IV Single Type Group Build. It was a nice kit to make (as all Tamiya 1/48 AFV kits, I have made, seem to be} and I had my first go at using Tamiya's aftermarket Zimmerit stickers, which seemed to fit well despite being badged for their Ausf. H version. It was finished in a bit of a rush - to make sure it was completed for the end of the GB (tomorrow) so I didn't add any stowage (apart from the bucket - gotta have a bucket....apparently) or figures or make a base. It was still a very enjoyable build. Kit: Tamiya 1/48 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch acrylics all applied by brush Extras: Tamiya Zimmerit stickers (the set for the H version - which fit fine), Vallejo European Thick Mud, stretch sprue aerial and a bucket Build thread: Here And a few on my Spitfire display base with some grass matting underneath: Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment in my build thread. Kind regards, Stix
  22. Tiger ‘131’ is probably one of the best-known Tiger 1s and is currently the only operational Tiger 1 in the world. Captured by the British in Tunisia, in April 1943, it is now at The Tank Museum at Bovington, UK. As part of this project for the MTO II GB, I wanted to include some figures representing some of the crew and possibly their commander. There is still and air of mystery around the crew and some sources suggest that at least some of the crew survived the war but their identities have not, as far as I am aware, been revealed yet. I have included a photo below of the crew figures with '131' below but more can be found in the diorama and vignette section. *While doing some research for the project I also found out more about '131' that I didn't know. Some of you may be already aware of this, but I managed to miss it last year. It turns out that, as of September 2017, new research has shown that '131' was probably disabled quite a few miles away from where originally thought. The new location is at Point 174 rather than near Djebel Djaffa. Anyway - rather than me re-explaining it - more information can be found here: http://tankmuseum.org/year-news/bovnews63935 and here: http://blog.tiger-tank.com/tanks/happened-point-174-part-vi/- For this build I used Dragon's kit of '131' (Kit No. 6820). David Byrden was involved with the kit so it is considered to be quite accurate although David suggests some modifications on his Tiger1.info website http://tiger1.info/models/products-page/DR6820 to further improve it's accuracy. This was my first Tiger 1 in 1/35 and, I have to say, I had a great time building it. Kit: Dragon 1/35 No.6820 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch all applied by brush Weathering: Vallejo Thick Light Mud and Light Splash Mud Extras: Stretched sprue aerial, Lead wire for smoke launchers WIP: Here Vignette RFI: Here And finally just one to show it with it's base and figures: More photos of '131' with the figures and base can be found here. Thank you must go to everyone who contributed to my build thread in the MTO II GB and I'm really looking forward to making another 1/35 Tiger 1.......maybe with Zimmerit next time! Kind regards, Stix
  23. This is one of my two builds for the Eleventh Hour: Commemorating the end of the Great War - Group Build. Information about the Medium Mark A Whippet can be found here. This was a good kit to build and, despite some odd shapes to fit together around the crew compartment, it goes together very well. I made this to be part of a small vignette together with a Renault FT-17 and a few figures from Master Box. The RFI photos of the FT-17 can be found here. Kit: 1/35 Takom Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylic paints all applied by brush Extras: None for the tank itself just some stowage items from the Meng FT-17 kit and Academy. Most of the weathering was done with acrylic paints and the mud is from Vallejo. WIP thread: Here Vignette photos can be found: Here. [ A couple of photos of this and the FT-17 on the base: Finally thank you to Robert Stuart for hosting the excellent GB and anyone who commented or offered advice in my build thread. Kind regards, Stix
  24. As you may or may not have seen, I am planning to build a 1/48 TIger 1 in this STGB but it's going to be a crossover project with the D-Day GB which starts in June. So that I don't get to far with the 1/48 Tiger before the D-Day GB starts, I am going to make this one as well over the first few weeks of the Tiger STGB: Obligatory box contents photos: x2 Decals and poly caps: Sample of the instructions: Looks like it should be fun! I have made the Toon Sherman before and it was a fun build. I will make it OOB although, at the moment, I’m thinking I may do something different from the suggested Panzer Grey scheme which I think was only used very late in the war in Kng Tigers when there were issues with the paint - depends on what you read and believe on various websites! Kind regards, Stix
  25. Hi guys, About to make to a start on my Tamiya Tiger I Early. For the first time I'm going to adding a little aftermarket in the form of some Eduard engine grills and some ARV Club single link tracks. The kit will be brush painted using Revell and Humbrol acrylics ( not chosen the exact paint scheme just yet). I will be shamelessly copying some of Plastix excellent techniques to get the best finish possible. Will put some photo's up in the next few days. Cheers Andy
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