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  1. I've been struggling with finding time to do much modelling over the past several months, so, when the Panzer VI Tiger STGB 2 Single Type Group Build appeared in the GB calendar, I thought this might be the oportunity to get something made! The start of the GB also coincided with me having some holiday time to use up and the Easter break was available too. I decided to make a 1/72 kit that I thought I could get built relatively quickly. So, below, is the result of my efforts. I'd had this Dragon kit for quite a while and it turned out to be rather good. The original kit was released in 2010. The DS tracks were still okay. I know some people have had some real problems with DS tracks and I'd had one set where one run had crumbled before I got to use them fairly recently. But these seemed to work rather well in this scale. The kit also included some photoetched parts, which I think, added nicely to the detailing. The other thing was that I'd wanted to make a grey Tiger 1 for quite a while. As usual, everything was painted with acrylic paints, which were thinned with water, and mostly applied with flat brushes. I use fine pointed brushes for any detail painting. The only extras I used were the mud texture stuff, 'European Mud' from Vallejo and a brush bristle for the aerial. The WIP thread for this can be found: HERE And finally, to hopefully show how small a 1/72nd Tiger 1 actually is!: The Tiger STGB is still ongoing, with lots of rather good modelling going on. Make sure you check it out, or even take part, if you get chance. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  2. * Possibly with a 2 metric ton lifting crane Like quite a few modellers in this STGB, one Tiger build never seems to be enough!! So, having completed my first build last weekend, please check out the result HERE, I decided to have a look through the stash for a suitable second kit. I have got plenty of 1/35th and 1/48th kits in the stash but, seeing as I'd enjoyed making the previous 1/72nd kit, I decided I'd like to do another. And this is the one I chose: Box edge info pics: The detail looks quite good again for 1/72 and the kit comes with a small photoetch fret: Some closer views of the bigger parts and sprues: Most of the stuff on the left of this sprue/fret is not used at all: And not all of the stuff on the right is used either!: Decals: DS tracks - I think they seem okay at the moment!: The instructions: I'm not sure which scheme I'm doing it in yet, and it might not be one of the two in the instructions, if I can find suitable decals in the spares box. Anyway, hopefully I will get it started tomorrow. It won't be as quick a build as my last one because I haven't got any holiday days left, and Easter is in the past..........but there are two Bank Holidays in May! Kind regards, Stix
  3. I know, I know - I said I wouldn't start any more until I'd finished the ones I'd part completed. But I've started my IBG Cromwell and my Revell example of the same vehicle. IBG box art, destructions and parts are on the Henk website here as are the Revell box art, destructions and parts found here. so I won't repeat them on this site. This is the IBG Lower hull. The road wheels hang in space - held on only by the tracks. It makes the wheels and tracks very easy to fit but is a bit light on realism. The tracks have no inside detail.................. The lower hull fits well and there is some PE for the exhaust guards, the headlight guards and a fender support each side at the front. The upper hull has crisp detail and fits well too. (Although I read somewhere the rear deck is not very accurate.) The turret goes together OK but the mantlet needed some additions to keep it in place. Dry fitted and white-tacked it looks like a Cromwell The Revell version also looks like a Cromwell but a bit more so, methinks. There's no PE but a bit more detail. There are the Cromwell spaced armour panels to be added to the lower hull, for example. Last but not least - the Revell rear view. I have not scaled these yet so it'll be interesting to see which comes out closest to 1/72. Enjoy!
  4. I am struggling for time for kit making at the moment, but I can't not take part in an MTO GB! So, unlike my previous projects in previous MTO GBs, this is going to have to be a one-off 1/48 Panzer III build. From Wikipedia - The 501st Heavy Panzer Battalion was part of the Afrika Korps in North Africa. Following the Allied landing in French North Africa the Battalion, with its 16 Panzer IIIs, arrived in Tunisia between November 1942 and January 1943. Initially only three Tiger Is of the 501st landed at Tunis on 23 November 1942. These first elements of the battalion, along with four Panzer IIIs, were organized with other units into Kampfgruppe Lueder. They were involved in fighting just over a week later during the Axis counterattack on 1 December, destroying nine US and two British tanks on the first day while relieving German forces. This is the box art for the kit I’m going to use: The version I'm going to make: If I have time I might make a base and if I have some figures I will include them as well. Kind regards, Stix
  5. I have been struggling to find time to complete a previous build but, hey, this is a Tiger STGB!! So I have chosen something I hope will be relatively quick to build. And I've wanted to make a grey Tiger 1 for a while now. However, while doing a bit of minimal research, I discovered that it seems likely that very few Tiger 1s actually operated in the the all grey finish. It does seem likely that the that one I have chosen to build, did get shipped to the s.Pz.Abt.502nd, in Russia, in the all grey finish, but I can see that it ended up in a whitewash finish at some point. So mine will be in that period between arriving and getting whitewashed! I have had this kit for a long time. It was purchased from Parabellum Models in Birmingham, when it was on sale. Seems like a good kit, but there aren't many full reviews of it. So this is the box art: Sale sticker: And this is the one I'm planning on making it as: Contents in the box: Hopefully I'll find time to keep this thread updated. I'm planning on making use of the Easter Break to get this properly under way. I have made a bit of a start and I'll post some photos of my progress shortly. Kind regards, Stix .....and Happy Easter!
  6. Hi all. My most recent project, Tamiya's Mosquito FB Mk VI in the colours of the Yugoslav Air Force. Mostly out of box but the decals are from the Lift Here set, and I also used the Eduard canopy mask set. Brush painted with Vallejo acrylics. The aircraft was a former RAF bird delivered to the Yugoslav Air Force in December 1951. This build went together incredibly quickly (for me) and I'm very happy with the results. I kept it light on the weathering and I think the colours pop very nicely, a very attractive scheme. The Tamiya kit was basically perfect and needed only minimal sanding and zero filler. Some minor frustrations (don't look too closely at the carrier film on the stencils on the underside!) but overall an enjoyable build which is what it's all about! Enjoy!
  7. Hi all, my latest project! Trumpeter's Su-24 in 1:72 scale, in the colours of the Soviet Air Force. Build mainly out of box with exception of canopy mask by Eduard and decals from the always fabulous Begemot. Brush painted in Vallejo acrylics. The aircraft represented belonged to the 4th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment of the VVS, Chernyakhovsk airfield, 1989. As I built this at my usual snail's pace, I can barely remember the construction phase but I think it was all pretty straightforward 😅 I always enjoy building Trumpeter kits and this was no exception. The Su-24 is a truly striking aircraft and the scheme is very nice. However it was quite hard to get good photographs against my white backdrop. Apologies!
  8. Hello all, I was working on this one since last year as part of the I feel deserted gb, I didn’t finish the p40 off in time for the gallery so I’ve posted it here. I actually finished a few weeks ago but hadn’t done the photos til now. Not really a plane guy but gave it a go and enjoyed it. My first 1/48 aircraft. The scene is based on a rescue mission of sorts. The dingo has enlisted the armoured help of the crusader tank (with its tow cable) and gone looking for the p40. The p40 has landed with mechanical faults somewhere in the desert. The pilot has gone missing, trying to make it back to base, wondering into the blue. He’s left a very British and cryptic note for any potential followers to find and aid his rescue, it’s the note pinned to the side of the base and inside the cockpit. The note on the side below: The crusader is tamiya made up as a mk1. I added stowage from red dog: The dingo is also tamiya: I scratched up a radio for the inside: The two tank crew figures are white metal from David Parkins ( I thought they were well amazingly crafted and a total treat to paint, highly recommend). The p40 tomahawk iib is from academy with additional cockpit detailing and extra bits from AML. You might be able to just make out the note inside the cockpit. It’s all brush painted with a mixture of acrylics and the scenic base I made up myself. Link to the Wip below: All feedback and comments are welcome. Thanks for looking in. Paul
  9. Hello to all. I know I’m going to be really late for this one but really want to finish my entrophy build before I begin properly (this build it’s a bit ambitious and not sure if I’ll finish but have been looking forwards this for a long time). Anyhow… here’s what I’m approaching: Similar to John masters diorama in that it has several figures and vehicles. Hoping it’s ok to have all three in one thread as they will be appearing all in the one very small simple dessert base. Shot with instructions and still unopened sprues: the tomahawk 2b from academy: the open box to the right is the aml resin/pe set I got from a fellow Brit modeller; Im really really not a plane guy. As I’ve said before I know next to nothing about them just like the way other modellers make them. So I’ll probably lean on the knowledge bank within this gb quite heavily. I’ve only done a couple 1/72 planes before… but will give it a try. This will be a shark mouth, box art colours from 112 sqn. Then it’s something I’m a bit more familiar with: Tamiya damiler dingo mk2: Should be a bit of a quick one. Going to do this in the Mike Starmer guided light stone and dark brown wave pattern. I’ll post up refs a little later. This one comes with two figures but on top of this I’ve gone and got two absolutely stunningly crafted white metal figures from David Parkins: It’s really hard to track down British desert figures in 1/48 but they are beyond beautiful for their scale. Lastly the Tamiya crusader. I’ll be doing the light stone and black pattern in a mk1: I like the mk1 with its funky little mg mini turret, you don’t tend to see to many: I have a wardrawings camo plan which I’ll follow. I’m actually away at a show and brought this kit with me as theirs no tv In the hotel room 😱 so I made a start below: The wheel made up and tidied. The lower cast metal hull screwed to the the part sone upper hull. And that’s it so far. I like the weight the metal base gives and this time will make it hard for me to screw up the running gear alignment… something I’m magnetically drawn to do… I just love it, I mean I can’t actually build something without a wonky wheel or track hanging loose somewhere…. Maybe I should trade mark that? 😉 Anyway it’s called wondering into the blue as that’s what the raf used to call the desert, the blue. The idea is of a pilot who has had some sort of mechanical issues which has caused him to land in the desert. The dingo and crusader were out looking for the pilot (crusader their for extra protection and to possibly tow the plane back to base?). They come across the plane but no pilot. He has left a note, which I have mocked up on the pc and will stick to the side of the base. The note will give very British cryptic clues as to his journey back to base, figuring if he stays with the plane he’ll die without trying to get home. Thanks all, Paul
  10. This is intended to be a smaller scale project to see me through to the Panzer MkVI Tiger STGB, which starts at the end of March. Over the past year or so, I have been struggling to find time, both for modelling and being around on Britmodeller. So the updates in this thread might be few and/or far between, for which I apologise in advance. I really like the look of the Hetzers. I haven't made one before, but I have made Tamiya's 1/48 38(t) and it was a nice kit to build - so I'm hoping this might be a similar experience. I'm not sure what the finish will be yet. I have never done Ambush Camo before - so I reckon this small kit could be a good vehicle for me to try some out. If it goes badly, it may be converted into a winter whitewashed version! This is the box and contents: Some closer views: Small decal sheet: Sample of the instructions: I have made a bit of a start already. Plastic parts glued on to the metal hull tub: Some assembly done and other parts cleaned up, ready for painting. Where I can, because I brush paint, I leave parts on the sprue runners or with some sprue runner still attached - so I have something to hold while painting: Test fit of the upper and lower hulls: Some painting has been started. Any part that will have a gunmetal type finish (at least to start with) was given a couple of very thinned, with water, coats of Revell's Anthracite applied with a medium flat brush: The relevant parts were then given a drybrushing of Humbrol's Gunmetal: And that is where I am up to at the moment. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  11. Hi Folk's back banging on about these cheap and cheerful kits again but for those who love the painting side of thing's they are Ideal.You do have to live with the limitations and HB's habit of sloppy research and items not supplied in this case no radio pole or glazing for the fuselage gun ports so scratchbuilding will be needed,and the research comment can be seen with the suggested scheme on the box and the finished scheme,many thanks to @Troy Smith for his usual pointing in the right direction,maybe not for everyone but I love these kits so thanks for looking in.
  12. This was my build for the "I feel deserted" Group Build. I haven't got as many kits completed this year as I used to do, so I was pleased to get this finished just before the year end and the GB finished. Thank you to @Dansk and @modelling minion for running the GB. It was a nice kit to build and paint. As always, this was painted with acrylic paints using brushes. Kit: Tamiya 1/35 Paints: Humbrol, Revell & Railmatch acrylics, all applied with hairy sticks Extras: Various bits of stowage from the spares box, some thread and stretched sprue WIP thread: HERE The first set of photos here were taken on my chipboard worktable with a desert photo backdrop: And even more photos, now against a plain backdrop: I made the spaced armour piece, on the front of the turret, so that it could be removed: And one from above: I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year! Hopefully I'll get more time to spend making models and contributing to Britmodeller!! Kind regards, Stix
  13. Hi all, I was working on this one in the entropy group build but didn't get it finished in time to post to the gallery their. I started around August and have worked on an off with it since, with other projects in between. I loved making it. Its all scratch built including the KV turrets, crane and boiler thingy. The kits I did use where the hobbyboss 1/48 KV2, the figures are tamiya and the oil drums are resin ones from ebay. If your interested the WIP thread is here: The finished product: Thanks for looking in, All feedback and comments welcome. All the best, Paul
  14. Evenin'. I fancied a break from sand coloured things (M2 Bradley and the IDF Zelda) and since I had a fair amount of AK's WW2 British paint set and I had just rattled through the Airfix Cromwell it seemed daft not to raid the stash and pull out Tamiya's Comet. It's Tamiya so you know it fit together with no issues, the instructions were spot on and there's no real "fiddly" bits. All hand painted using AK's SCC Olive Drab, Rubber black and the track and wheel paint set. The weathering is a mix of AK's Weathering (Brown Wash and Dark Streaking grime) which I've never used before and Tamiya's mud and flat earth weathering sticks. I will just point out that whoever decided to do the white star decal that way deserves a pay rise. I was pleased it wasn't just one solid piece like the Tamiya Cromwell was and hasn't been mangled. Thanks for looking.
  15. Hi all, here's my latest project - PM Model's Yak-15 in 1:72 scale. Built largely out of box, but scratch-made a rubbishy control panel (the kit doesn't have one). Also removed the raised panel lines and rescribed them. Brush painted with Vallejo acrylics. I can honestly say this is the worst kit I've ever attempted! Not fun at all, at least for me. A few reasons: It's incredibly basic. The cockpit is totally bare, and you can see every inch of it through the annoyingly clear canopy. Basically no surface detail beyond the raised panel lines. Cartoonish landing gear bays without a speck of detail. It's totally inaccurate. The cockpit is the worst offender - it's simply the wrong shape. The inlet cone needs a hole scribing right in the middle of it. It's very poor quality. Flash everywhere, misshapen parts (look at the nose inlet ), sometimes the plastic almost has a wavy texture Some might have fun bringing a kit like this into the 21st century (honestly you'd be better off just kitbashing a Yak-3 and an Me-262 engine, which is what this plane basically is!) but for me it was totally demotivating. What's the point of doing all that work scribing panel lines if there's all these other problems / inaccuracies that are beyond my ability / patience to fix? Hard work I can handle, but at least with a multi-day stencilling session on something by Eduard you know it's going to be worth the effort! In the end it was just about getting it done. This was my first time converting raised panel lines to recessed, so in that respect it was a useful learning experience. The kit only cost £5 - which was about £5 too much!! Anyway... enjoy?!? PS don't buy this kit.
  16. This was my build for the Britmodeller, 2020, Battle of Britain Group Build. The Hurricane is from the Airfix 1/48, Ready for Battle Gift Set. The only things I added extra were the motor - to run the prop, the aerial wire and the pilot figure which is, I think, from the Airfix Seafire kit. I thoroughly enjoyed the build even though the kit has to be carefully assembled due to some tight tolerances. This Gift Set was a birthday present from a colleague at work a few years ago - so I would like to say a big thank you for the very thoughtful gift. Kit: Airfix 1/48 Ready For Battle Gift Set Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel, Vallejo acrylics all applied by paint brush Extras: miniature motor and plasticard for supporting the motor plus a hair for the aerial wire. The WIP can be found HERE The vignette photos can be found HERE Please excuse the electrical wires in these first photos. The wires are for the motor and, as can be seen lower down, they pass through the base under the wheels once the aircraft is in place on the base. These were taken against a white background and without the prop working: [ The next set of photos are of the Hurricane with the prop motor running and with it on my Spitfire display base - which has a photographic sky background: Next a couple of photos of the Hurricane with some of the ground crew and smaller equipment from the set: More photos of the vignette can be found HERE Finally a big thank you must go to the fantastic hosts of the GB and to everyone who took the time to comment or offer advice in my WIP thread. Kind regards, Stix EDIT - 16/10/20: @Troy Smith, in a post further down this page, kindly posted one of my photos alongside a photo of the actual aircraft. The photo of the actual aircraft was this one: Apart from the angle being a little low, the photo of mine was pretty similar - except it was in colour........so: I figured I could also do the same with a similar view but with the ground crew around: ...and while I was about it I did a few others: Kind regards, Stix
  17. Hi all - here's my latest project - Tamiya's Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik in 1:72 scale. Build out of box in in the Soviet 1945 scheme - only aftermarket was some Eduard canopy masks, which made a huge difference to the finished product. Brush painted in mix of Vallejo and Revell acrylics. Overall a beautiful kit with lots of nice touches that make the modeller's life easier. Minimal filler required. Took me about 2 months, which is very quick for me - and that included about 2 weeks of waiting for canopy masks to be delivered, and a repaint of the grey which was initially too light. Only thing to note would be that the instructions require you to add the landing gear very early in the build - but I don't think there's any way round it. Enjoy!
  18. This was my build for the Leopard STGB - which still has about a week left to run - if you'd like to catch up with some more Leopards in production! I got the kit quite a while back, for quite a good price on Amazon - there was a good price reduction on it at the time. It was actually a good kit to build, apart from the tracks, which were made up of 4 parts per link and 80 plus links per side! Track building was a bit tedious at times and very fiddly. The bar/slat armour was also a bit fiddly to attach. Hobby Boss suggest this kit is how Canadian Leopards served in Afghanistan, but, according to some modelling reviews online, it is unlikely that the Leopard 2A4M served in Afghanistan with bar/slat armour fitted but without Barracuda MCS on the hull and turret. Hobby Boss do not include the Barracuda. So, rather than me doing a lot of desert weathering, I've done minimal weathering to the (rather boring) finish which is only enlivened, a bit, by the Velcro patches, that would normally hold the Barracuda camo in place. The Velcro patches are supplied as decals - which, now I think about it, were also very tedious to apply!! So, overall, I have attempted to portray this tank as it perhaps appeared during trials, in either Canada or Germany. I know I could have left off the bar/slat armour and made the tank as it appeared when they returned home, after 2011, but, I figured, I'd paid good money for the bar/slat armour and was going to use it! As I said, I actually enjoyed the build, despite the tracks, Velcro decals and attaching the bar/slat armour being a bit a bit of a pain at times! Kit: HobbyBoss 1/35 Paints: Humbrol and Revell Acrylics all applied by brushes The only extras applied to this model were the aerials. My Work in Progress thread can be found: HERE So onto the photos: Some slightly closer views: So, if you read any of my introduction, above, you'll know I decided not to make this as the HobbyBoss suggested version - based in Afghanistan, in the desert - but as a possible version that was undergoing trials before deployment to Afghanistan. So I used my standard sky backdrop with some grass matting for some photos: Finally, I must thank Craig @modelling minion for suggesting and hosting the Leopard GB and everyone who took the time to comment and make suggestions in my build thread. I'm off to the 'I Feel Deserted' GB next. Hopefully see some of you there. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  19. This will be my first GB build for quite a while and I'm also acting as co-host for @modelling minion, so it could be a busy time! I'm going to attempt to build this kit in the three months of this STGB: There's a LOT of parts in the rather large box!………….and the tracks have to be built up with 4 parts for making each link and 80 links per side! Could be fun!! I'm looking forward to getting started next weekend. Kind regards, Stix
  20. Mosquito FB Mk.VI MM417 EG-T No. 487 Squadron RNZAF Based at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire in February/March 1944 This 1/72 Tamiya Mosquito was my build for the De Havilland Mega GB that is currently taking place down in the GB section of Britmodeller. Ever since seeing the film '633 Squadron' as a youngster I always loved the Mosquito although, oddly enough, I don't think I've ever made a model of one before. I decided fairly early on in the project that I wanted to show the aircraft in flight so I purchased some new miniature motors - the Airfix motors I already had wouldn't fit inside the Mosquito's 1/72 engine nacelles. This also meant I would need a base to support it in flight so I also decided to make a small vignette on this base. The aicraft itself served with 487 Squadron from 29 February 1944 to 26 March 1944. On the 26th March she was lost while leading the attack on coastal defense emplacements which were under construction at Les Hayes and was hit by flak during the mission. Wing Commander I S Smith was forced to crash land back at Hunsdon. The crew survived but the aircraft was wrecked. Kit: 1/72 Tamiya De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II Extras: Eduard Zoom Set SS137 plus two mini coreless magnetic motors Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics - all applied by brush Base: Zvezda Snap-fit German Howitzer and a Wilko's picture frame WIP: Here Vignette base photos: Here Shaky YouTube video: Here I really am sorry about the amount of photos! It is such a photogenic aircraft - I actually took about 3x as many as this and it took me ages yesterday to whittle them down to these. This first set of photos were taken against a white backdrop: The following set show the Mosquito in relation to the base: A few to give a sense of the Mosquito overhead: And finally, for this set, just one of the base itself: I have posted a few more photos of the base itself in the Diorama and Vignette section - here Believe it or not I have taken yet more photos - this time against a sky background - but I will put those in a separate post below. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  21. Hi all - here's my most recent project, Eduard's MiG-15bis in 1:72 scale, from their 7461 Weekend Edition boxing. It's in the colours of a Soviet Air Force aerobatic team, flown by Major V.M. Fokin in 1951. All brush painted with Vallejo acrylics, everything OOB. This 'weekend edition' took me the best part of 3 months - partly due to my very incremental personal modelling rhythm, but also due to a number of frustrations: Construction - Reading others' experiences of this kit mad me aware that I would probably have alignment issues with the nose - despite extensive dry fitting, this was very much the case. Boatloads of Milliput needed and all the attendant filing, sanding, rescribing, etc. Not why any of us got into modelling is it! Painting - My paint for the dark blue upper surfaces was Vallejo's Model Air 71313 Dark Mediterranean Blue. A very pretty colour but the worst coverage of any paint I have ever used. Could hjave been a duff batch but even straight out of the bottle it was watery and rubbish. I must have put on about 10-15 coats and it's still translucent under bright light. As a brush painter you live or die by the coverage of your paint and this was awful. It also made touch-ups very difficult... you really don't want to be doing 10 coats of paint to touch up some masking imperfections! Stencils - Par for the course with Eduard but there were a crazy amount of stencils, which took the best part of a week to complete at my pace. Nothing to be done really but it does suck the life out of a project a little. The red stencils do look good on the dark blue though. Canopy masking - I use Mr Masking Sol R. Normally produces acceptable results but for some reason here it performed really badly - when demasking I lost huge chunks of paint from the canopy frame (more dark blue to repaint, lol) and I was left with a jagged edge on other parts if it. Next time I will just cough up and buy the precut masks. Varnish - I wanted a nice shiny finish. Given the subjecr was from an aerobatic unit we can assume the VVS would have kept these birds pretty clean. I used Mr Super Clear gloss, but I really wasn't happy with the results - not a smooth finish and looks grainy under the light (I did polish between coats so I did everything I could to keep it shiny). Could have been user error but I think next time I need a glossy finish I will just go with a single coat of satin. All that said - the MiG-15 is a beautiful aircraft and it's an unusual scheme. I wouldn't recommend the Eduard kit to an inexperienced modeller and I wouldn't recommend the dark blue paint to anyone! I think it came out OK-ish in the end as long as you don't look at it too closely 😅 I've also added a couple of comparison pics with an Airfix MiG-17 I built a couple of years ago. I think seeing it next to the familar shape of the 15 makes the crescent-like 17 look even cooler and otherworldly...
  22. Finally finished the second part of my large diorama Liebe Deinen Nacthsten/Love thy neighbour and now hopefully Part one will make more sense. 20 figures, tamiya m8 greyhound, m10 wolverine, willys jeep. Its scratch built building and base and its all brush painted. I used the mini art garage set and beer bottles crates, the czech hedgehog is from Tamiya and barb wire from yan models, the rest I made. The figures are tamiya, mini art with hornets heads, bravo six and royal models. I adapted the some of the figures, the jeep driver had his arm remoulded to be the machine gunner on watch outside the gasthoff, the M10 gun loader is the m8 beer loader! The m10 gunner is now the jeep mechanic. I added a walking stick and bag to the civilian. Took a year on and off for both parts to complete. All feedback welcome. I added the camo net, made from a hair net and treated moss I made the sandbags from milliput and the rickety stowage holder from styrene. The guy with dark hair and his back turned is cheating at cards, note the cards tucked under his elbow! The back: A few pics of how part one fits in with part two: These guys have started realise that their neighbours might not just be so friendly as they hear the Glen Miller being played from nextdoor. I made it so that the two parts of the broken church steeple fit together once both boards are lined up: The link to part one is below: Sorry its bit photo heavy and the quality of my pics aren't great as I really need to upgrade my camera at some stage. All the best for now, Paul
  23. Hi everyone! Here's my latest little test piece - Airfix's very nice 1/48 P40 Warhawk. The plastic is a bit soft, but the detail is pretty good and it was a very pleasant build overall. I'd heard that the engine panels could be a bit of a challenge, so I deviated from the destructions and stuck them in/on before putting the fuselage together and it worked out fine. This was built as a demonstration of simple, out of the box building - no aftermarket and no fancy tools like an airbrush, so it's all brush painted. The idea was to video the build as a guide to beginners who don't have/can't afford the fancy stuff or who are just starting out. I was inspired to do this after meeting a young, next gen (11 year old) model fan, so thanks Jasper, for your enthusiasm and encouragement! The videos can be seen on youtube here if anyone's interested..... modelmate's model tips - YouTube
  24. My latest completion.......another lovely 1/48 kit from Tamiya. I've opted to try my cleanest whitewash finish so far. On previous winter camo AFVs, I've tried to make the whitewash look more worn. This time I tried to make the whitewash look less faded, but still like the Stug has been in use with it on for a while. As I'm hindering helping @modelling minion with his Leopard STGB, at the end of May, I decided to stop at this point, rather than risk adding stowage, other figures or a base - which may have taken me another few weeks to complete. At some point in the future I might try to do something more with this model, but we'll see. The only extras I added to the kit in the box were some Hauler PE grills, some Vallejo Snow product and a couple of brush bristles. As usual, everything was painted with thinned acrylic paints applied with a variety of actual brushes! The Work In Progress thread for this build can be found HERE Thank you to all the people that took the time to comment in my build thread. Next up - I will be making the Hobby Boss Leopard 2A4M CAN in @modelling minion's Leopard STGB, which starts at the end of May. If you would like to take part in the Group Build, more details can be found here: Hope to see lots of you there!! Kind regards, Stix
  25. Hi all Finally managed to finish a build. It was a really nice kit to build, Decals were a different matter. No matter what I used I could not get them to settle or matt down. Did a bit of weathering with pigments, think I need more practice! Brush painted with Revell Aqua paints. Enjoy photos. Cheers Andy
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