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Found 13 results

  1. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Dan Taylor Modelworks Humber Mk.II Scout Car. I built from the box, adding resin figure from Attack, scratch-built side mirrors and antennas from Albion Alloys steel wire. On first impression, the Dan Taylor kit looks like an Eastern European short run product. When I started construction, I was surprised about the ease of assembly and good fit of parts! I painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics, weathering was done with artist oils and pastel chalks. Decals are out of the box (#M-72502) and were applied according to instructions, representing a vehicle of 59th Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery, 2nd Army, 1945. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thank you very much for your interest in this topic. Best greetings from Vienna! Roman
  2. Dear fellow Britmodellers, I just finished my 1/72 IBG Scammel recovery truck. This is an amazing multi-media model kit with fine detail, but requires some patience and experience. I am not too happy with the tow rope, which lacks tension. The photo-etch hook does not really add weight to the assembly. I painted with Gunze/Mr Hobby acrylics, representing a vehicle of 22.Armoured Brigade, 7. Armored Division, in France 1944. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thank you for your interest in this topic. Best greetings from Vienna Roman
  3. So I toyed with this GB as I have 3 helos in the stash, including an earlier version of this (only thing different is decals so not sure how/why I have both!) and the Airfix Merlin......I have a lot ready for the Battle of Britain GB and can just see myself over extending - I have only just come back to the hobby, built in the Nordic GB, also managed to finish off my 2 x F-111 builds from the STGB (have updated the threads!), pushed along a couple of stalled 617 Sqn Lanc builds etc... Then I thought - when would I ever build these things - if not in a Helo GB....so why not! Living in Colchester I regularly have them flying over me from Wattisham, its still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up everytime, throwback to Helmand in 2006 I expect, where part of my role included being a JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) and as callsign WIDOW 67 I often had to call up air support, including UGLY callsigns from the Army Air Corp's 9 Regt/656 AH Sqn. I always like to have some personal link to my builds if possible, this is a bit of a stretch given I will have to build the aircraft as circa 2002! This boxing is not the best, its really a US version with some Dutch decals and British decals....the Heritage add on set for the upgraded AH1 that saved my butt a few times in Helmand in 2006 seems impossible to source.... As ever no crew, again a shout out to any 1/48 Helo crew sat in a spares box that want employing! I looked back and found a picture of an Apache AH1 without all the lumps and bumps that were later added - any experts please do correct me, but I think IO can get away with a UK build based on the initial delivery...if not I am anyways! Obligatory box and sprue shots Aforementioned 'basic' UK Apache - pic dated 2002! Got started yesterday, removing and cleaning up some parts. A little research seems to blow most of the painting guide out of the water, so I have used references and started the pit in various black shades, blades also will be a NATO black. Mr Paint FS34031 US Army Helo Drab is pretty much out of stock everywhere, so I have gone for the Hataka Orange Line version and ordered....found these paints ok to use, once perfectly thinned for whatever airbrush is being used.... won't be weathered too much (new airframe and BoB build in mind!). Priming also started: eye test next week, defo need glasses for close up work now, so I will just do the basics as the IP's look old rather than the UK version and I can't focus as well as the old days!! Some great ref pics for the newer Apaches by @gary1701 available on the site as well. Thanks for looking!
  4. HI Due to lockdown, I thought I'd restart modelling - first time in about 20 years. Settled on the HobbyBoss WMIK Landrover. Let me know your thoughts - but be gentle! I added various bergans and daysacs from other kits - painted a mix of DPM and MTP Pleased with the MTP on the daysac and webbing but on the figures I think I made the base coat a bit too green. Various strapping made from painted masking tape. The kit puts the spare tyre on the bonnet but moved it to the roll cage and made a kit basket out of plastic covered wire. Also used a lot of reference images and so created hessian covers for the headlamps and a towing strop wrapped around the bumper. Not too good with the old paint chipping but added some chips showing the original green underneath the sand. Typically out of focus but probably one of the most pleasing elements was making the cam net. Adapted something I found on another forum and painted tissue paper with a mix of paint and PVA glue, then had a u-shaped artists lino cutting tool and made hundreds of interlinked cuts. These can then be teased out and it's the most realistic cam net I've seen - if I say so myself!
  5. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Crusader Mk.III Anti-Air-Tank with 2cm Oerlikon guns. I bought this kit @ Modelbrno in June, and finished from the box, with the addition of the stowage pieces (one from Quickboost, the other one scratch-built). According to kit instructions, the markings resemble a vehicle of 1st Royal Tank Regiment, 22nd Brigade, 7th Armored Division, in 1944. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel (thank you!). Thanks for your interest. Best greetings from Vienna!
  6. Having already done the Conqueror Mk.1 previously I couldn't face the Dragon kit so waited for Amuzings next release. Vehicle depicted on exercise on the mudhole called Soltau, Germany and thought I'd have a little fun with it. Completed on 28th February 2019
  7. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my first contribution to the "Vehicles" gallery - my 1/72 ACE Models Austin HP8 Tourer. Bought this kit @ GoModelling show in Vienna last year. It's supposed to sit alongside a Spitfire on a vignette (one day). Added rear mirror (scrap photo etch from the spares box) & windshield wipers (from stretched sprue). The kit's convertible hood was too crude for my taste and was replaced by scratch-built item made from rubber gloves. Hope you like my tiny car! Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Close-ups in this scale are pretty unforgiving, but to show off my detail work, here's the windscreen wipers ... The rear mirror is a piece of scrap photo etch: And here it is in it's full size …. my smallest model to date! Thanks for your interest, best greetings from Vienna! Roman
  8. Hi I've got a Takom Chieftain Mk11 and FV432 next on the list. I've got vehicle crew figures but would quite like to open up the back of the 432. Does anyone know of any decent late 80's early 90's 1/35 British Infantry figures that are available to help man a diorama? Cheers Nick
  9. For my current project (Diamond T Tank Transporter with Centurion) I'm looking for a suitable commercial solution to decals - but without much success. I'm therefore giving some thought to designing my own decals and either a) printing them myself, or b) getting them printed professionally. A problem I have however is that I am unable to identify the font that was used on the British Army Number plates and logos during the 1950's. Can anybody help me? The picture below shows plates for the Centurion and Dyson trailer: Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I am about to embark on my first AFV for 25 years. My last was a Tamiya King Tiger. I'm a little hamstrung as I haven't got any paint with me on the ship, just the kit and some glue so my plan is to work on sub assemblies until I get home then paint and complete it. It's going to be built out of the box and with little weathering as really it is just a nice way to ease myself back into tanks. I have a Tamiya Chieftan V as well to build, but this will come later. Enjoy.
  11. Hello, here's my UM (Unimodels) Achilles IIc Tank Destroyer. I believe this vehicle was also called 'Wolverine'. It's basically an American M-10 with a british gun. The vehicle belongs to 11th Armoured Division, 75th Anti-Tank Regiment, operating in NW Europe, Winter 1944/45. Painted with Mr.Hobby acrylics. Thanks for your interest! All pictures: Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes. Although I did fare better with the tracks on this model, one of the links on the left back side opened (this was only discovered when I looked at the pictures and might have happened during transport to my photographer!). This will be fixed .... but is present on the photograph, unfortunately... Here's shots of the interior before closing it up. The interior hull was painted 'Off-White'. Cheers from Vienna! Roman
  12. Chieftain Mk.5 Takom 1/35 I finished Takom's Mk.5 last December (having started it all the way back in September) It's a nice kit, although the BATUS markings supplied should in fact be for a Mk.10. I think Mig J. was a little lax on his research for this one. Built OOB apart from the MG and smoke discharger covers. The base used one of the AMMO branded model scene grass mats. It'll be nice to see how it stacks up against the Meng one, but that seems to have disappeared again, after having a brief revival late last year Thanks for looking Andy
  13. Have been hunting though various online photo sites looking for a British Army Scout with unusual or bright/bold markings - whether they be temporary markings or zaps, or perhaps tactical markings. So far I have nothing. They seem to be all standard camo scheme (or one period or another) with perhaps a single letter code, and sometimes the unit badge at a small size on the door. The brightest markings are on those Scouts in the training school. I can't believe that in the years the Scout was in service that not once it was given a Christmas scheme, or 'end of deployment' art, or some special recognition scheme on an exercise! Can anybody help?
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