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Found 16 results

  1. Finally joining you with this kit. Cost me £15 from Wonderland in 2003. Bags of parts. Containing the biggest pile of plastic that I've ever seen. Decals and instructions. A Bundesmarine Atlantic that I photoed at Fairford. And a French Aeronavale example. Quick assembly of the rear fuselage. Lots of tape and the clamps holding it together.
  2. Bréguet 1150 Atlantic "Italian Eagle" 1/72 Revell (03845) The Atlantic was developed by Bréguet in response to a NATO specification to replace the Lockheed Neptune as a long range maritime patrol aircraft. The design was a conventional mid winged monoplane powered by 2 Rolls Royce Tyne Turboprop engines. As a designed for purpose aircraft a large ventral weapons bay was included as well as a retractable surface search radar, with a Magnetic anomaly detector in a tail boom. The primary weapon was air launched anti submarine torpedo's, although mines, depth charges and anti ship missiles could be carried. Its reported Italian Aircraft have flown with NATO provided nuclear weapons. Sonar buoy tubes are located behind the weapons bay. Originally the French ordered 40 and the Germans 20. Later the Italians ordered 18 and The Netherlands 8. The Kit Here Revell have re-boxed their kit from 2003, this is though only the second re-boxing of the kit. This kit come with special markings for an Italian example with a complete airframe motif of an Eagle on it. With 9 sprues of grey plastic and 2 clear ones you got a lot of plastic in the box, there is a full weapons bay, and torpedoes & other stores for it; and it looks like all the parts for different versions are on the sprues as well, most notably the rear fuselage with the sonar buoy dispensers. There is nice engraved detail throughout and the moulds have held up really well. Construction begins away from the cockpit in the centre of the aircraft with the weapons bay. Two sides, the roof of the bay and two end bulkheads make up this section. Into the are added the racks for the weapons. There are also quite a few stencil decals for the bay as well. Of course if you are going to close this up on the finished model you dont have to do this work, though it would be a shame to hide all the detail in here! Once the bay is complete it can be added into the main fuselage section and this can be closed up, not forgetting to add in four windows before you close it up. We can then move onto the cockpit (phew). Floor and side consoles are added to the main lower part and rudder pedals are fitted. Control yokes for both stations go in followed by the seats and the instrument panel (instruments are provided as decals). The lower front observation position is built up and attached to the underside of the cockpit. then the rear bulkhead goes on. The search radar is built up and added to the back of this bulkhead, it has an "in flight" position, and an "on ground" position depending on how you are building your model. The completed cockpit can then be put inside the two halves of the main fuselage. The two part cockpit canopy and the nose glazing can then go on, and the front fuselage can be joined to the centre part. Work now moves to the rear of the aircraft with the vertical tail and tail planes being assembled and added to the fuselage. The MAD boom is also assembled and added here along with the correct under fuselage insert. Next up its the wings. These are convectional left/right with uppers and lowers. The first thing to work on for each wing is the turbo prop engine. In the upper wing half the rear bulkhead for the engine are goes in and then a full length exhaust is built and attached to this, Next up in the lower wing the main wheel bays are built up if you are doing a wheels down version. The wing halves can then be joined and on each side of the nacelle the side parts are added. Under the nacelle the chin intake is added. The wings can then be attached to the fuselage. The propellers are made up and attached to the engine front, these are then in turn attached to the nacelles At the front the nose gear is built up and added along with the gear doors. The main wheel units the follow suit. If closing up the weapons bay then then the doors can be added, if opening them up then some surgery is needed before attaching the doors. Moving to the top of the aircraft the dorsal spine parts are added along with various antenna and aerials. Under the tail a whole host more aerial are fitted along with the rear entry stairs if the modellers wishes to open this. The last items to be added are the underwing spoilers and the wingtips. Decals There is only one option ton the sheet the rather impressive Italian Eagle from the Italian Air Force., 41 Stormo, 88 Gruppo form 2006. As good as the decal sheet is they cant do the whole aircraft in decal. Only certain parts are and the modeller has to paint the rest, though Revell have done what they did with the resent Cargolux 747 and provide masking templates to copy and use in the instruction booklet. Conclusion This will be an impressive kit once built up, my only small gripe is the Revell could have included markings for a standard line aircraft as an alternative to the special scheme. Currently, Revell are unable to ship to the UK from their online shop due to recent changes in import regulations. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  3. One Man Model is considering the production of 1/72nd & 1/48th Breguet Br.761/763 & 765 Deux-Ponts/Provence & Sahara kits. About the bird - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bréguet_763_Deux-Ponts Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1079788338884163&id=100005590215920 V.P.
  4. Good day, dears! It's my next and last model from Azur.
  5. Broplan is to release a 1/72nd Breguet 941S vacuform kit - ref. MS-200 Source: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/breguet-941s-ms-200-broplan-ms-200-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=145819 Boxart V.P.
  6. Hi guys, I thought there might be some among you that have an interest in the Alizé. If so, just be advised that Christophe Touzet have launched a subscription for the third edition of his book, the only monography concerning the Alizé. If you're interested yet have difficulties with ordering (the site's in French), just let me know, I might be able to wait.
  7. Breguet Br.1050 Alizé. This aircraft is now privately operated on the French Civil register. Pictures thanks to Antoine.
  8. (Edit: From all the suggestions for modifications on the kit later on in the thread, I made a continuously updated visual list here.) Hi all, Aaaaahhhh.... I've been looking forward to this moment. One of my favorite aircraft. Looks almost like it's designed by a science fiction artist - with the extreme pointed nose which contrasts nicely the bulbous curves of the two-seat canopy. In between several builds I received this kit. I gave it right of way over other builds, which I have put on hold for the moment. I'll finish them, but curiosity got the better of me so let's start! I'll be building as Out-of-the-Boxily as possible. I might seek out aftermarket decals, but I'll think about that later. I am gravitating tworards a standard Armée de l'Air line bird from the mid 1980s. But I am known to change my mind. Anyway... The kit! The kit's contents look as detailed and generally yummy as the single-seater versions, only now we get two sprues with the complete F.1B (B for Biplace) fuselage. I gave the plastic a lukewarm bath, and this is the Mirage-to-be drying, giving me a chance to look over the parts. Notice the two complete fuselages. Unfortunately the pitot tube came bent. As the part is essentially unprotected in the box, I can’t see how that could have been prevented. The two-seater retained the separate nose parts intended for the single-seater. The refuelling probe needs to be detached from part B61 if you want to build the colourful 50th anniversary version of 3/30 Lorraine of the Armée de l'Air in 1991. I'm not sure yet what I will be going for. Of note is the second cockpit tub plus instrument panel. On to a test fit - I was first of all happy with how well the fuselage halves fit. The wings are a little problematic, as the wing's lower half is slightly too thick and protrudes from the upper wing part. The left hand wing fits like a glove, but the right hand wing, at least on my example, and still with the lower wing part too thick, did not fit the fuselage. After an inordinate amount of pushing and squeezing I came this far: The wing's locator tabs are split lengthwise in a lower and upper half and considering the lower wing half is too thick as it is, one would easily assume that's the culprit. However the left-hand wing tabs fitted perfectly and even had a little play. I decided to open up the locator holes slightly (from the inside!). Even if I create a little too much room in the process - at least I'll know the wing will fit. That's better. The following isn't though: the wings are practically level. There should be very noticeable anhedral in the F.1's wings. Probably a result of the lower wing half being too thick. I'll try again after sanding the lower wing halves to manageable thickness. I first shaved off the edges on the inner area of lower wing half in an attempt to make it fit the top half better. To be continued! Jay
  9. AZmodel is to re-release its 1/72nd Breguet XIV kit. Two boxings - ref. AZS7206 & AZS7207 Source: http://azmodel.cz/avizo/AVIZOAZ-EN-0416.pdf V.P.
  10. Breguet Br.1050 Alizé 1:72 Azur FRROM The Breguet Br.1050 Alizé (French for "Tradewind") was a French carrier based anti submarine warfare aircraft. In a design similar to its British counterpart the Gannet it was a conventional low wing monoplane, powered by a Turboprop engine, though the Alizé had only one engine and propeller. The aircraft was a development based loosely on the Breguet Vultur which was modified into the Breguet Br.965 Épaulard. The aircraft was fitted with a CSF radar system and could carry a torpedo or delpth charges in its internal weapons bay. Wing hard points could carry 68mm rocket pods of wire guided AS.12 missiles. Unusually the front section of the undercarriage nacelles carried sonarbouys. The prototype first flew in 1956 and the aircraft was exhibited at the Paris Airshow in 1957. 75 aircraft were produced for the French Navy, and a further 12 aircraft by the Indian Navy (the only export customer). It was reported the Indian Navy purchased a further 5 used aircraft from the French Navy. The French Navy would go onto upgrade the aircraft in 1980 with a new radar as used on the Atlantique aircraft, an OMEGA navigation system, and a new ESM system. Another upgrade was to follow in 1990 to 24 aircraft. This consisted of a new decoy system, digital data link, new avionics and a FLIR. France would use the aircraft during the NATO campaign in Kosovo in 1999 flying from the aircraft carrier Foch, They were to retire the next year along with the Foch. The Indian Navy would go onto use their aircraft in Combat during the invasion of Goa in 1961, and the war with Pakistan in 1971. One aircraft would be lost to a Pakistani F-104. India stopped carrier operations in 1987 but the aircraft still saw active service supporting Indian operations against the Tamil Tigers during the Indian peacekeeping operations in Sri Lanka. The aircraft was retired in 1991. The Kits Each kit comes on 4 sprues of light grey plastic. The plastic is typical of that we see from FFROM with restrained panels lines. The canopy sprue is bagged separately to protect it. Constructions starts of surprisingly in the cockpit! The consoles are added for the pilot, navigator and radar operator followed by their seats. Additional parts are then added in the cockpit area to the insides of the main fuselage. the turbine exhausts are also made up and installed one into each half. The cockpit and front landing gear well are then installed into the right fuselage half. Into the left fuselage half you then have to install the rear radar and its compartment. This can be in the retraced position if sitting the model on it's undercarriage or extended if you wish to model the aircraft in flight. Once in the coaming can be fitted in from of the cockpit and the fuselage closed up (it is recommended 8g of nose wright is added). The next step is onto the wings. These are of conventional Left/Right with upper/lower surfaces. The four part main undercarriage nacelles are then made up and one added to each wing. The main wings, tail planes and rudder are then added to the main fuselage. The next major step is to construct and add the undercarriage. This is substantial as you would expect for a carrier aircraft. There is a single nose wheel with double wheeled units for the mains. The launch tubes for the unique nacelle mounted sonarbouys are also added along with the gear doors, arrestor hook and propeller. The six wing pylons are added along with the modellers choice of rocket pods or AS-12 missiles. 3 prominent aerials are then added to finish off the model. Decals Each boxing has a small decal sheet. There is no printer mentioned, they are in register, and look colour dense. FR0028 This boxing represents earlier aircraft and has three decal options all French Navy; A. No.72 Flottille 4F 1966/70. B. No.2 Coded I, Sqn 10S (CEPA), 1959/60. C. No.16 Flottille 9F 1966. FR0026 This boxing represents earlier aircraft with the ALM upgrade, and has three decal options, A. No.42 Flottille 6F High Vis Scheme 1981. B. No.41 Flottille 6F Low Vis Scheme, Clemenceau 1997. C. No.55 Flottille 4F Low Vis Scheme, 1989-1996. FR0031 This boxing represents the aircraft operated by the Indian Navy and has three decal options; A. IN206 INAS 310 "White Cobras" INS Vakrant 1970. B. IN204 INAS 310 "White Cobras" INS Vakrant 1985. C. IN203 INAS 310 "White Cobras" INS Vakrant 1971. Conclusion Though there have been other Alize kits, it is great to see the at people FFROM do a new injection moulded kit of this important French aircraft in 1:72. Highly Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  11. French kit of the French subject. What can be more French? This is short-run. Undoubtedly
  12. MustHave Facebook page is currently displaying Breguet XIV pictures (https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=398519877020819&id=297895983749876 and https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=402944613245012&id=297895983749876). As this brand is closely related to the defunct Hi-Tech,I think we could expect the soon re-release from the OOP 1/48th multi-media Breguet XIV kit (http://modelingmadness.com/scott/w1/48br14preview.htm). Wait and see. See also about MustHave: http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/illegal-pirated-copies.90299/ V.P.
  13. They're not a lot of reference books about the French Fairey Gannet I mean the ASM aircraft Bréguet Br.1050 Alizé. If the history of this aircraft is of your interest here's a book for you. The first edition is already sold out. But by pre-booking (without pre-payment!) you could have it. Click here an fill the subscription form: https://sites.google.com/site/alizebreguet1050/contact - 296 pages and +/-1000 photos & illustrations. Preview: https://sites.google.com/site/alizebreguet1050/extraits Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/alizebreguet1050/ V.P.
  14. Hello everyone! I think I dare to participate in this group build with this. I plan and hope that can build it out of the box.
  15. Hi, My idea is build four St.Exupery's planes. First is Breguet 14. My understanding is that he was flying these machines in his early career as a post pilot. Main questions in this plane are: Was it standard Brequet 14, or was there some modifications for postal service? Is AZ kit good starting point for this? Was there specific aeroplane that he was using? I assume that no and he was using any machine available. Any pictures planes he was using in aeropostale will be interesting Second civil model will be Caudron Simoun, that he was using during Paris to Saigon atemp. Where there extra fuel tank installed? Any known modifications? Was plane used F-ANRY? Any pictures from this plane as well would be good. TIA Vesa
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