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Found 21 results

  1. Started somwhere in 2020,I finally managed to get this off my bench. I already built a 747-400F by using a Revell -200 fuselage and the wings of a Revell -400. For this build however,I used the fuselage of an incomplete Airfix 747 kit and the wings of the Revell -400, I had in my spares. Mating these parts was a major task,as the Airfix kit has no wingbox,the wing root had to be built up with sheet styrene and putty. I also tried to correct the front end as good as possible, Many sessions of puttying and sanding were necessary to make everything look smooth. The decal for the Singapore Cargo comes from V1 decals and are very well printed and nice to work with. Painted with Gunze white surface primer 1500 for the entire fuselage,and Gunze enamels for the rest of the model. All in all,I am pleased with the result and happy to have been able to use parts from the spares entirely for this 747. Cheers Alex
  2. Another 747 rolls off my busy Jumbo Jet production line... Its the well known and trusted Revell 747-100/200 kit. As mentioned in my previous posts,the newer those releases,the badder the quality of the kit. The moulds are really starting to get worn out,esp. the engines are sometimes beyond use. Some time ago,I ordered some resin engines from Welsh Models to overcome this problem as well as having the correct engines for the different 747 versions I wanted to build. As I have a soft spot for african airlines,I had to add a SAA 747 to my collection. I opted for a very old decal set from Runway 30 that I found on a certain auction platform. They were still in great condition given their age and fitted nicely on the Revell kit. The instruction consisted of a badly printed black and white photograph of the real thing,where it was nearly impossible to make out where certain decals should go. So some research on the internet was needed. The orange/red line decal seems to be more of a dayglo orange,I managed to tone it down a bit with semi-gloss clear.It looks still stronger on the pictures. The curve at the front should be less steep and should reach more the radome but the decals were designed that way. The windows are from Authentic Airliners Paints used are Revell gloss white 04 for the fuselage top,Testors silver for the underbelly,Revell light grey 371 for the wings,Tamyia mix of metallic grey and light grey for the coroguard panels. The engines are painted with Testors silver and Gunze chrome (cowlings) This particular 747-200 with the name "Lebombo" was delivered to SAA in 1971 as the first 747 and was put into service on long-haul routes to Asia and Europe Cheers Alex
  3. As part of my ongoing 747 project to build each variant in 1/144 scale,the -300 is now my latest addition. As there are no 747-300 kits available in that scale (well...there is the Kepuyan model,but it can hardly count as a 747,let alone an aircraft),I had to do it myself. From my previous 747-400F build,I had a -400 fuselage and -200 wings left. Mating these parts resulted in some serious surgery on the fuselage wingbox and the wing mounts. First the wingbox had to be sanded down considerably to remove the wingroot and the front part had to be sanded to shape. Then I had to cut off the lower part of the wing lip to fit into the slot on the fuselage.After some careful alignment,the wings were glued to the fuselage and the gaps that appeared were filled with plasticard and filler. The flaptrack fairings had to be build up at the top to sit flush behind the flaps. After all was filled,sanded and brought to shape,it was painting time. Here I used Gunze white primer for the fuselage,which was clear coated after.It gives a very fine surface with a nice shine. The grey windowstripe had to be mixed to match the photos I found on the net.Testors aircraft grey with a few drops blue and white. The underbelly was painted with Gunze grey 315,thinned with Gunze leveling thinner. A great product by the way.It makes the paint very fine and gives an even nice shiny surface. The wings are painted Revell light grey 371 and the coroguard is my own mix of Tamyia metallic grey and light grey. The engines are Welsh Models resin ones,as the Revell engines are the older version with different mountings. The decals come from the mentioned Kepuyan crap...ehh kit and the are nicely done. Some images I had to cut out carefully from the printed grey stripe. The windows are from Authentic Airliners. All sealed with Gunze Premium Gloss. All in all,it was a lot of work to create a -300 with the parts used,its not 100% perfect but I am very pleased how it turned out in the end. Cheers Alex
  4. After some months of work (if you wanna check the WIP topic, here it is: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235087386-revell-boeing-747-200-swissair-converted/) I've finally finished this 747-200. In general therms this kit wasn't very problematic: The main fitting was reasonable okay and everything worked just fine! I just regret the very simplistic lines and some gear doors and minimal pieces didn't fit as I wanted, including the wing antennas). But that was only a minor issue. The Swissair livery left the aircraft with a very beautiful retro look. I don't regret the fact of not using the Revell House Colors ones. Once again 26Decals nailed it! I'll leave ou with some final pictures. Hope you like them all!
  5. Few days ago I finished another "long-term" project. It was my challenge since Apr. 2019. Small diorama with Boeing 747-8F in Cargolux Cutaway special livery on airfield fragment. The kit is mainly Revell, but, due to poor quality of some pcs. I took from Zvezda's 747 all the wheels (Revell's are to small), front landing bay and gear, engine's fans. Then I spent many hours scratching cargo compartment. At the end, to bring more 'life' to the diorama I ordered some, available online, stuff from ROCAST Models, which are superb. Naturally I had to add some photoetched parts - I bought Microdesign 144220, which has some issues, but most parts are ok. As usual, sorry for, probably too many, pictures. Cheers Piotr "Milczący"
  6. After 6 months since I've started this model, finally today I've finished it! This was actually the first model I've put all my effort and decided to take it in a serious way until the end. During the whole process which you can find on this topic: I've learned so much. also from feedback from other members here. Some errors were made but I've also learned with them and I will try not to repeat them on the next models! I will leave you with the pictures of the finished product. Hope you all like it!
  7. Hello, I am back after a long pause. Long story short, moved for uni and now I have finally my own space. So my first build gonna be a Boeing 747. Pictures gonna be up tommorw, I've already sanded the fuselage and I am looking for my primer to arrive. So yea, I am glad to be back
  8. While the famous Jumbo Jet is celebrating its 50th anniversary,I took this chance in building some of my many models of the 747. Even more so,since the COVID 19 pandemic leaded to the withdrawal of the type from almost all major airlines in passenger service. Loving the 747, this was more than a shock to me,as also the chances to catch another flight in one of these majestic aircrafts,diminish significantly. And while also Boeing announced to end the 747 productionline in 2022,I decided to increase production...so here we go Starting with the Alitalia 747-100 Its the old Revell kit,its well known and around almost as long as the original.It shows its age but is still a good kit that produces to a nice replica of the mighty Jumbo. But as with almost all Revell airliners,the newer the releases the more worn out the mould seem to be. I have 1974 releases that are clean and nice but for example the anniversary release in Demonstrator markings from 2019 shows signifficant amount of flash,thin plastic and missing locator pins.The engines are almost beyond salvation. On some of my Revell 747-100/200 kits,I used resin engines from Welsh Models. The decals for the Alitalia version are actually from the Airfix kit but they fit well on the Revell release. As I was building these through the first lockdown,I went through my decal stash and used what I had there instead of ordering a lot of stuff and wait forever for the items to arrive. That way I saved a lot of money and cut down my stash and spare parts box as well. The Lufthansa Cargo 747 was actually the first 747-100F that went into commercial service. If I remember correctly,the decals I used for this build are from LS decals. Interestingly,the first 747F for Lufthansa Cargo did not feature a side cargo door as that became a regular on all forthcoming 747F. For my United Airlines 747-100 I used the decal set from my Revell/Monogram 747-400 kit as I have other plans for that one. I always liked the 1993 scheme and when I found some pictures of some United 747-100s that also wore that livery,it was an easy decision. Unfortunately,the decals were bad,not yellowed though but very brittle. It was not noticeable while they were on the sheet,but once in water,they became brittle and tore at the slightest touch. It was a nightmare getting them on,a part above the wings is missing,I will add that at a later point when i found stripes that match the color. African airlines are a must in my airliner collection,so it was clear that also some 747s will appear in such liveries. The first that I finished was the Air Gabon 747-200. During their 747 operations Air Gabon used leased aircrafts,one had P&W engines,the later one had GE engines and was namend "Leon Mba" I found these decals on ebay and I guess they are from Liveries Unlimited,not sur as there was no instruction sheet added but the quality looks like it. They were in perfect condition and great to use despite their age. While building 747 new,I also had one sitting on the shelf in urgent need of a redo. Formerly built in Aerolineas Argentinas livery,the decals had badly yellowed over the years and also the paintjob I had done back then was not up to my standard. So...off with the old decals and paint,repair the damages and putting on new paint. While using paint remover from Revell,the tail suffered serious damage as it became very brittle during the cleaing process. I had some leftover parts from a Revell 747-400,so I carefully cut of the damaged tail and replaced it with the -400 one. For the redo I opted for a Lufthansa version as I had many decal sets from the Revell -400 kits. I replaced the P&W engines with GE engines that I also had in the spares box,reworked them to give them a better shape,and the LH 747-230 was born. Some of Lufthansas -200s were Combis,so I added a side cargodoor. I always wanted a 747-400F in my collection but there is no model kit around. Suddenly I had the idea of combining the fuselage of a Revell -200 with the wings of a Revell -400... With a certain amount of reconstruction,the wings fitted on the fuselage. For the wing to fuselage connection,I used some evergreen plastic cut and sanded to the wingbox shape and glued on the wings. As I have 2 Cargolux 747-8F kits,one of those decal sets were used for this build.The red/blue stripe just had to be shortened by about 3 cm,the rest fitted perfectly on the -200 fuselage. Cargolux operates their -400Fwith RR-211 engines,so I ordered a set from BRAZ. I further added details to the landing gear from a detail set,very fiddly stuff those tiny PE parts.I found out that this is not really my cup of tea,so this was a one time experince... Lufthansa is one of only 3 operators of the 747-8I in passenger service. As I already built their first -8 some 8 years ago,I thought the Retro scheme and the actual livery should also be added to my fleet. The new livery version is built straight out of the box,here i decided to build her gear up as this adds to the 747s elegance. No additional stuff was added,as the decalsheet provides everything thats needed. The retro livery comes from 8A decals Mexico and are of very good quality. Here,the problem was to find a good match for the underbelly of the 747. Its not bare metal as with the old 747s.Revell suggests grey 374 but thats just wrong. I researched the net and came across an article from Lufthansa from the time that retro jet was introduced. There they mentioned a "Mica-Silver" was used,I found something similar from Tamyia in a spray can. The result is quite nice. Another -8,my last -8I in my stash actually comes in the livery of Qatar Airways. Its part of the Qatar Amiri fleet but wears full airline livery. Only its limited number of cabin windows proves of its VVIP standard. The decals are from DRAW decal and are great to work with. After the gloss varnish was applied,no clearfilm is visible and it looks like painted on. The grey is 315 from Gunze. Enjoy the 747 anniversary collection Registration will be added when I find decals that match.
  9. Another 747 for my collection. Initally released by Doyusha in 1995,this kit was later re-released by TOMY in different special markings. Its a simple but nicely designed kit,the engraved panellines are a bit on the heavy side for this scale,but a little sanding and then the paint makes it look ok. For that pinkish look,I mixed Tamya pink with a few drops Tamyia red,to match the original. As the fuselage of the kit is already molded in a pink/reddish color,TOMY didnt give a hint to that paint in the instructions. The decals were of great quality and easy to apply. This was also a quick little build for in between,but it is a nice addition to my ever growing 747 and special markings models collection. Cheers
  10. My fiancé and I flew from LHR to JFK and back last August on G-CIVI with British Airways. I have always been a great fan of the 747 having been lucky enough to grow up on BA's jump seats with a Captain for my dad during the days prior to the locked flight deck door policy. I bought this kit in New York intending to build it as BA's G-CIVI (but ended up as CIVX instead) using a mix of Authentic Airliners, 26 Decals and Draw Decals. To add a bit more to the model, I've decided to model her with the leading and trailing edge flaps fully extended at 25 degrees and all 18 tyres posed ready to touch down. I'll work out a base diorama later to reflect a '100ft above' end of the runway setting. There's nothing special or new about building the Revell 747-400 (I've also just completed the same kit in Qantas's Wunala Dreaming livery over on the RFI pages) but I thought the wing conversion I have used here may be of interest to other modellers considering the challenge. The fuselage pictured below is base primed but I did go to the trouble and effort to correct the sunken fuselage cheeks - I am sure others have done better than me here as the first class window area is a very questionable shape when the 2 fuselage halves drop out of Revell's moulds and I could not face a carve up of my pending Zvezda 747-800 front end which would have put matters to right good and proper there. I've also used brass rod pins for the tail plane fixing as the kits plastic pins were useless. Here we go. Cutting out the kits flaps and leading edge flap enclosure areas Using Tamiya 0.2mm plastic card, I boxed the areas in And after a tidy and trim up, and with the flap runner guides adapted with their internal hinges drooped to 25 degrees The third party RB211 singing Rollers from Braz and third party flap set from Shapeways. The forward and trailing edge flap sets amounts to around £64 delivered. I forgot to picture the leading edge set prior to applying them to the wings. Trailing edge flaps And the leading edge flaps now included (port side only so far I am not sure there is much need to add any or more to this WIP as the rest remains pretty much standard civil aircraft build stuff. I hope to have the completed 747 over on the RFI pages in July time. Thanks for looking in John
  11. Hi fellow modelers, Here a project I've finished in 2017 but I thought you might like to see.. I've transformed a damaged old 1:72 KLM travel agency Boeing 747-400 model into a shiny 'new' Ed Force One. Enjoy, and... Up the irons!! It all started in june 2016, when Iron Maiden did their ‘The Book Of Souls World Tour’. I saw a lot of pictures about the Boeing 747-400 Ed Force One, but never thought of having a model of it.. until Amsterdam was the location of their next concert, and the 747 would land and stay overnight on Schiphol Airport. I had a day off from work, nice weather, so I went to Schiphol to try to get a glimpse of the Ed Force One. And that happened, I had a nice place at a secured gate somewhere at a cargo platform: I waited for some hours, and finally... YESSS!! Bruce Dickinson himself and the band arrived, and Captain Dickinson held a short talk to the groundcrew. I zoomed in: ...and he entered the plane, starting procedures and checklists for departure. Imagine you're the lead singer of the great Iron Maiden, and, why not, you fly your own World Tour 747.. EPIC!!! Finally Ed Force One departed.. ...and on my way back home I just knew it. I had to have a model of this beautiful bird. A BIG model!! So at home I went to the attic, because there I had an old damaged 1:72 model of a KLM Boeing 747-300. A travel agency model, belonged to someone who offered it to me for about 50€ so I bought it from him. Didn't do anything with it, but now it was useful for my project.. Damaged flap hinge: A broken and badly repaired engine: Bad applied decals: ...and the cockpit window decal is applied out of line: So time for a ‘Heavy Metal’ overhaul! I also had a 1:200 Hasegawa Boeing 747-400 without box an without decals. As the ‘Ed Force One’ decal sheets come in scale 1:144 and 1:200, I thought of making a 1:200 version too for a friend of mine who is a real Iron Maiden fan. Here’s the scale comparison of the 2 models...: So I contacted Ben Sweezey from V1 decals, and asked him if he could enlarge the 1:200 sheet for me to 1:72.. he was enthusiastic about the idea so I ordered both decal sheets for the 2 kits. And they looked great: Test fit of the ‘Eddie’ tail: So the sanding of the 747 started.. lot’s of sanding paper, as this is a model with 1 meter span and 1 meter length: ..and she’s ready for a primer gray base color: But first I scratchbuilt 2 wingtips, as the model 400 has added wingtips for better fuel efficiency: First a primer gray coat: Smooth and ready for spraying. I used only spray cans Tamiya paint for this project, as it’s a sleek desktop model with no fine details, so the effort of spraying this big model with a little airbrush is not done. Too much refilling and diluting paint, a spraycan is easier. After that, white for the body and tail ( the Eddie tail decal is partly transparent so the white color highlights the lighter skull colors): Copied the decal sheet on paper, so I could safely test fit if everything fits well. And this way I could precisely put marks where the decals need to be applied on the big white body surface, because there are no more reference lines or windows from the old KLM livery: Masking tape. Lots of it, and plastic bags for the bigger surfaces to spray ‘corroguard’ grey walkways on the wings: It’s not the exact color, but it is a hard to find paint as corroguard exists from grayish anti skid material. It seems that it even has little glittering parts in it, so it’s difficult to make it exact as the real life color: Yes, the underside of the wing had also ‘corroguard’-like plating.. which I don’t understand why? I wanted to give the engine exhaust platings a shiny chrome-like look, so I bought a Molotow Chrome marker as a try-out to see if it’s really as chrome as they say. But it was quite an expensive marker, and I never saw a chrome marker before (the result is always silver/aluminium look) so I tested it.. ...and I was amazed! Really shiny result, real chrome-like color. Nice ! Then it was time for applying decals. BIG decals.. VERY big decals! So I prepared a big bowl with water, my tools, decal set and I started the job. The first decal.. look at the size! Applying long stips of windows-decal, quite a challenge to get them in a straight line! The decals look impressive at this scale. Soaking the big Eddie tail decal: As you can see, it was too large at the top of the tail. So after drying i cut it to shape carefully. The complete tour-info as nose art A much better cockpit window decal : Almost finished! Still got some engine work to do: Painting the engine fan blades and intakes: Painting the spinners, and time to apply the Eddie decals on the engines: A cat for scale comparison.. Final inspection by our cat Bella: That’s a different engine then the old KLM one ! Putting it on a better quality black stand. Ready! And here you see my next project.. A 1:72 Boeing 747-123 SCA with Space Shuttle. I will make a new topic for that I hope you enjoyed this 'makeover'! I think Mr Dickinson will approve it
  12. I present my Revell Boeing 747-436 G-BYGC in the retro livery BOAC to commemorate 100 Years of British Airways. I have always had a soft spot for the 744, ever since I went to LHR as a child and watched them fizz over my head on the approach to 27R... she is an awesome piece of engineering to see up close. The kit was OOB, with the decals from Ray at 26Decals and Authentic Airlines for the windows and cockpit decals. The RR engines were kindly given to me by a fellow modeller on this forum, for which I am very grateful for . It was the ‘Iron Maiden’ version of the kit, which I wasn’t ever keen on making. The kit itself is very tired now, and the fit isn’t the best... it required an awful lot of filler particularly around the lower section of the fuselage and where the wing box section meets the fuselage. It’s such a shame as this lovely giant is slowly fading away as Airlines seek to replace her with more modern and eco efficient aircraft. The paints used for this model were Halfords appliance white for the upper fuselage, Halfords Racking Grey for the lower fuselage, wings and stabilisers. The coroguard sections is a lightened version of Revell 374, with various Revell Aqua acrylics making up the metals. The decals are absolutely stunning and really bring this model to life, complimented with the AA Windows. I have a few more projects on the go at the moment, and I just recently brought the Revell 773 kit to make ANA’s Star Wars BB-8 livery. I can only hope that I have done this lovely aircraft justice... as always thank you for looking and any constructive feedback and comments are always welcomed. Regards, Alistair
  13. Some other Airfix classics... These two Jumbo Jets I started over 2 years ago,but I was not happy with the build so I decided to stop and they landed in the spares box. The fuselages and wings had already been painted but I was not satisfied.I was thinking also of disposing them off to the trash can but for some reason I kept them. Now that the 747 is celebrating its 50th birthday and I am currently working on some old Revell 747s,I remembered those two lost kits in the box. What should I do ? Bin them as planned or give it another go and finish them ? I still had decals left for them.... I decided for the first option and cleaned a repainted the fuselages and wings,but then I realized....only engines for one !! Ok,the Airfix engines are crap but what to do ? I had some Revell 747 engines in my spares box and with some changes they fit on the wings of the Airfix kits,project saved. The decals with the red stripe TWA livery come from the US release of the Airfix kit and the "Twin Globe" livery is from a US Revell kit but fit quite good on the Airfix 747. The windows and details are from F-DCAL and other sources. The stands are also from the Revell 747. They are more desktop models but I am pleased how they turned out and happy I did not trash them. And despite the many faults of the Airfix kit,they look like 747s Note:I omitted the antennas as the broke of frequently while handling and usually don't last long when cleaning the models... Cheers
  14. This was a kit I was lookig for for quite some time. Last year I finally found it and started working on it right away.I wanted to do the very first Boeing 747 that went into service with Swissair back in 1971. Heller offered this kit with the Swissair red stripe and brown stripe livery way back in the 80's. Unfortunately the red decalstripes were off size,so I decided to only use the logos and markings and paint the whole livery with my airbrush. The Heller 747 kit very well captures the shape of the originial,I only found the engines a bit off and tried to fix them.Later on I found out that the exhaust cones are sitting too far inside and should have been moved more outwards by using plasticcard.But it was too late to correct this.I will keep that in mind on the next Heller 747.... Detail is ok keeping in mind the age of the kit,its nowhere near of todays standard but it builds up into a nice "Jumbo Jet" The landing gear is probably the most fiddly on this kit and trying to build it in the way its supposed to be when extended is quite some challenge.Heller has obviously designed it to build it with all the doors in open configuration,which leads to some extra work (and cursing) when trying to close the main doors. The fuselage comes in 4 parts as the tail section is separated from the front.Why they designed it that way is a mystery...probably they didn't want to use a bigger box for the parts...? Getting these sections flush is not so easy without sanding off all the panellines. In the end everything came together and when finished its a very large model. Apart from the mentioned problems the build is easy and straight forward.I recently bought some newer releases of that kit which I plan to do in Virgin Atlantic and Braniff "Big Orange" liveries respectively,alhoug wheels up as I won't fiddle again with the landig gear on that kit. Paints are all Revell enamels,ecept for the coroguard panels,this is Tamyia Metallic Grey which I find a good match. Decals are from the kit and from my spares box Hope you like her, And with "something else" the DC-10 will be shown in an extra RFI
  15. The last of the Hasegawa bunch off my production line for the moment... This 747 sat on the shelf of doom very long.Actually planned as British Caledonian 747-200 with General Electric engines,it ended up back in the box when I realized that the Caledonian decals were impossible to apply. A few months ago I found the nice Liveries Unlimited decal set for the Air China 747 fleet,so I decided to save the Jumbo and redo it as a Cargo 747. In my spare part box I had a complete set of Pratt&Whitney engines and so the project was on. I repainted the fuselage and put all the pre-build parts together,decals on and the refurbished 747 will now find its place as a frighter version in my collection. Unfortunately,Liveries Unlimited missed to include the side cargo door on their decal sheet,so I had to find one in my spares.Help came in the shape of an 1/144 DC-10 cargo door which fits surprisingly well... Hasegawa's Boeing 747s are very nice and detailed. They produced the 747-100/200,747-300 and the 747-400 and also added individual engines depending on the airline markings they had included. I still have a larger number of Hasegawa 747s in my stash waiting to be built. Cheers,
  16. The second of my Hasegawa LL200 airliners that I saved from the shelf of doom. The kit sat quite a while there unfinished,no idea why I had put it there instead of finishing it... Well,together with the JAL 747-200,I reworked/repainted some parts and finished it. This was also a complete OOB build,with the decals provided in the kit.Despite their 20+ years already,they were still in fine condition. Hasegawa has made a superb 747-400 kit,accurate in shape and no fitting issues and unlike Revell with their,much bigger ,1/144 kit,also got the wingshape right I really like Hasegawa's LL200 airliner series and while refurbish and finish these 2 kits,I decided to concentrate on my other kits of that range and build or finish a few of them and take a little break from more difficult/time consuming kits. Korean Air's Boeing 747s were a frequent sight at Zurich Airport for a long time,but the daily service is now served by the smaller Airbus A330-200. Jumbos are a very rare sight at our Swiss airports these days On with the photos Cheers,
  17. While looking through my stash for something,I found the Hasegawa Boeing 747 kit that I started some time ago but never finished...I had somehow forgotten about this project and also another Hasegawa Boeing 747-400 that had been partially started and then ended up on the shelf of doom So,my actual builds were set aside and I decided to finish this kit first as well as the 747-400. As I said in my previous thread on the Hasegawa Boeing 767,the Hasegawa LL200 airliner series was a fantastic collection to get. Beautiful schemes,nice kits that build up in no time and a great selection of classic airliners.Sadly that Hasegawa almost went down to zero with their LL200 airliner range,so many of them became sought after collectors items. This one is an updated version of the 1989 release of their Japan Airlines Boeing 747-200,in the then new colour scheme of JAL. Here they added an extra decal sheet with the motives for the "Super Resort Express".This kit was issued back in 1994. Japan Airlines repainted some of their 747s and DC-10-40s in the "Super Resort Express" scheme for their Tokyo-Honolulu service. All of them had these birds and flowers,although in different colors. Hasegawa released a few of them as well,among the 747-200 were also the 747-300 and the DC-10-40. Despite its age,the decals still looked good and went on well,not always the case when dealing with Hasegawa decals...although I airbrushed the grey/red cheatline instead of using the decals as I found the color pretty much off compared to the original. The windows were sealed with Kristal Klear...an endless task on a 747... Painted with my usual Revell and Testors enamels and this time sealed with a spray thats actually meant for protecting photos or self printed DVD/Blu-Ray discs.It protects the surface from yellowing and is scratch resistant. It sets very nicely and dries within 3 minutes. I will use this sealer spray from now on on my future builds instead of laquer. I hope you like the Jumbo (next up in my "restoration from the shelf of doom" program will be the Hasegawa Boeing 747-400 Korean Airlines) Cheers,
  18. Another Hasegawa airliner from their famous "Love Liner" Series. Well a good 30 years old,this kit ,and most surprisingly the decals as well,where still in good condition. Thats not always the case with Hasegawa decals. I worked on this kit on and of for some years and last week I finally finished it.Its a complete out of the box build,except for the cabin windows.They come from a Hasegawa KLM 747 kit. I had to use those as back in the 80s,Hasegawa airliners usually came without separate window decals.The ANA decal set provided only windows where the blue lines went over the windows.The rest would have been holes only.This would have looked odd and also I was not able to source an aftermarket ANA decal set for this aircraft,and I had to use what I had. I really like those Hasegawa kits.They are easy to build and the scale allows them to be placed in vitrines.The optional display stand that is provided with every kit makes it easy to put more models in the same place. Painted with my usual mix of Tamya spray cans and enamels from Testors and Revell. This model represents an All Nippon Airways 747-100SR that was used by ANA as well as Japan Airlines on their high density routes in Japan. Boeing especially developed these short-haul 747s for the japanese domestic marked and they had a all econmy class layout with 550-600+ seats. Later also Boeing 747-300SR and -400D versions where produced and put into service by these 2 carriers. The kittens where busy having dinner during the photoshoot,but on the last pic the lady kitten made a brief appearance... Enjoy,
  19. Slightly late joining the party, but thought I'd chip in with this golden oldie from Heller: I think I tried to sell this at a model show at one time but thankfully no-one thought it worth £15 The fuselage is longer than the box, so there'll be a nasty mid-fuselage join to blend in: Taped together, it's very much along the lines of Joe Sutter's 1960's classic: Decals are fairly uninspiring so will be looking to source an alternative set: Should be fun and am looking forward to getting involved in what is a great GB... Tom
  20. This 747 was built along with my other Revell British Airways 747-236. That kit came with two decal options (BA and Thai) and was released somewhere in 1990.The decals where still in good condition,but whoever designed that decal set,esp. for the Thai version was either an apprentice or had no clue what he was doing... It was quite tricky to get them to match and align with the 747s fuselage and have the correct spots for the doors and windows. The windows and other details come from a 747 detail set. The build itself was straight forward with no problems.Revell's 747-100/200 kit is very nice for its age and I enjoy every build of them. I did some humble corrections on the kit's engines,as they are a bit off shape. Some more 747's are waiting in my stash,but due to our house renovation I had to empty my hobbyroom...so no airliner production probably for the next 2 months... So here I present my last and recent builds that rolled off production line or had to be rushed over the finishing line before the shutdown... All modells and the whole stash I had to relocate (evacuate) to my moms place...luckily she just lives in the next house. But the place is now quite crowded... Here a pic of the current situation...not my whole fleet though and also some snap fit models that I bought some time ago On we go with the 747 walkaround... Cheers, ...and also no cats,as these pics were taken at my moms place...
  21. Here are some Airfix kits that get a frequent bashing in some forums. Well they may very well show their age but I found them interesting to build. Airfix' 747 is somewhat of a special case as many aspects of the kit are quite wrong compared to the original. I tried to fix some errors like the engines as good as possible and the landing gear.I replaced some parts of the landing gear with parts taken from a Revell 747-200 to get a more accurate shape like the maingear doors. I filled the gap in the engines with filler and sanded them smooth then primed them with Tamiya white primer.After drying the silver and orange was sprayed on. Some other parts,like the too wide tail I left as it is.It would have been way too much work to get it fixed and my experience in correction work on model kits was not that good then.I could have used a tail taken from a Revell 747-200 but I didn't want to cut up one oy them for spares... The wingtip antennas were made of toothpicks. The decals are mostly from the box but they were hard to deal with.Windows and other deatils come from an aftermarket 747 detail set. Thats all I did to make it look somewhat like a 747. It was an interesting experience but upcoming 747-100s and -200s will be Revell kits... The 737 was much more easy to assamble.Just to get the wings alligned was a task. For this one I opted for another exotic scheme.Air Tanzania. Its very colourful and fits the "Baby Boeing" well. Enjoy...
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