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  1. Happy to reveal my first finished model and share my excitement with you. Accidentally saw this beatiful kit on a flea market and decided that it will be a nice starting point in my new hobby. My lack of skill made this kit less beautiful than it was when i first saw it in the box but at least i tried not to ruin it completely Here are some photos made in process: I know control stick is glued backwards here. Already fixed it And here is a finished model: And finally it is on my shelf. First but not last Lessons learned: More putty and sandpaper. I thought paint will cover all this small gaps and imperfections but no. Next time if i see something wrong when the model is primed i should definitely fix it. My brush and airbrush skills suck so much. Should practice more before making next model. Less is more when it comes to weathering. I see Emil like a workhorse and like it more weathered with scratches dirt stains etc and was afraid to make such a big plane too boring but saw here so many clean nice models so should try it next. And I don’t know if it is just me but i like to see Emils and Hurricanes really dirty working machines and some Spitfires or Mustangs associate more with polished clean sport cars. I can’t really see the cockpit. Made this fuel and oxygen pipes or hydraulics near rudder control but cant see it at all. Do you paint cockpits lighter or are there any other tricks? Or do you make this details knowing that they will be buried there and not visible at all? At least it was fun to make them and to know they are there. Anyway even with all the flaws and my poor skills I just love it and enjoyed the process. So that’s all I will be grateful for your critique and advices.
  2. Hello, here is my representation of a JG26 5th Staffel Bf109E - using the Airfix 1/24 109 kit. Along the way I made modifications to the cockpit, wheel wells, and flaps but it goes together well and I think has pretty good proportions for such an old model. I've used custom decals since there are no after market sets for the markings I wanted to represent - and critiquing my own work I'd say that for starters, the canopy cable needs to look taught and secondly the gunsight clear part is too thick. For some reason Airfix don't supply this as a clear part and I didn't spend long enough making a suitable replacement. Anyway, here it is: Build thread can be found here: Thanks for looking.
  3. Hello everyone, I’d like to share my finished Eduard Messerschmitt BF109F-4. I made a build in progress post here. This is a wonderful kit and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for looking. Tom I also made a build video for anyone interested;
  4. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my build progress of the Eduard ProfiPACK 1/48 BF109F4. The model comes in a lovely box, with two large sprue’s, two smaller ones and a clear parts sprue. There is a little bit of flash but nothing that cannot be cleaned up. I was drawn to this kit because of the supplied canopy masks and complimentary photo etch. The instructions are really well produced in a glossy booklet. Overall the kit screams quality. I began with the cockpit and added the relevant PE. This was then primed with Vallejo black surface primer. Afterwards I gave it a coat of XF63 German Gray, then added a drop of XF2 White to the XF63 to highlight certain areas. Once those coats were cured, I dry brushed silver chips into the footwell and on the seat. The highlights look quite strong, but that is only through the lens of the camera. It is nice a subtle to the eye. At one point I lost the fuel hose which I subsequently found when I went to use the extra thin cement! Once the paints had dried, I clear coated the cockpit and side walls, added a panel line wash and painted in some small extra details. The cockpit has gone together quite nicely. The PE seatbelts are a nice touch, as is the control panel. The fuselage went together ok, there was a small gap forward of the cockpit that needed filling. With the wings finally on, she’s starting to resemble a plane. I’m fairly content so far. Thanks for reading if you’ve stuck with the build progress, I’ll post some more in a few weeks. Tom
  5. Greetings Friends- Its been a while for me posting here. I had alot of health issues that stopped modelling. My cateracts getting worse, and so its hard to see. So in response, I decided on a simple all one-color project! Here is an Eduard 1/48 Bf109G10 in a NJG11 Night Fighter scheme in the Eduard kit. It was a splendid kit and built really great. This scheme is called a Mosquito Hunter and is all RLM76 with white markings and makes a cool looking model. As I said, I can't see very good, so I am sure there are areas I goofed up, but hey, it looks great to my bad eyes! I built this from box with the only modification being adding a CMK Bf109 pilot designed for the Eduard kit. This resin pilot was great and fit in easy! I wish Eduard would offer pilots for their kits as they offer everything else. A Pilot adds life to any model... Enjoy and let me know what you think!
  6. Hi All, Eduard 1/48 ProfiKit Painted overall RLM 76, Gunze FuelTank - Revell Bf.110, slightly different color Enjoy watching!
  7. Two week's and here we go another 109 scheme to be decided on.
  8. Hello everyone, Just finished FineMolds Bf-109 G-2/R6, 1/72 in winter camo. The kit was pretty nice. Hope my model is nice too )
  9. It's been a long time since I last posted here. This is a model that I started as part of the campaign on Britmodeller, but I did not manage to finish it on time. I experimented with black basing for the first time, but using complementary colors for the marble effect. This gave me very satisfying effects in tonal variations on the surface. I notice that this effect is much more visible to do on such one-color camouflage, because I tried the same effect on the Tu-2 in parallel, where I was mostly successful in lighter fields, which are also larger areas. There is nothing to say about the model, it fits perfectly, the details are great. You can choose between the 4 versions of Marseille's machines, I prefer this one from the box-art, with the red rudder, all white spinner and high demarcation lines between the RLM 79 and 78, The paints are Gunze, the weathering was done in the following order: pin wash Tamiya fluid, then I applied matte varnish, and then smeared with artist oil paints and W&N mineral spirit.
  10. Being home for this last week, first tending to a sick family, then being sick myself, has afforded me the opportunity to crank out some kits from my stash in short order. This is the most recent of them: It's a Tamiya Bf.109E-3, built mostly out of the box with the addition of Eduard seatbelts, some resin wheels from the parts bin (the ones in the kit were previously knicked for another build) and some other details such as brake lines make from fine wire. Since I have an irrational aversion to building anything matching the box art, I chose the marking scheme of 4./JG 52 in the spring of 1940: (illustration from "Jagdwaffe - Attack in the West, May 1940' by Eric Mombeek with J.Richard Smith and Eddie J.Creek") The kit decals provided almost all the needed makings except the Staffel's red cat insignia, which I borrowed from another kit in the stash. The paints are all from the Vallejo Air range and the light weathering was mostly done with acrylic washes and Tamiya weathering powders. The whole build took about a day and a half... I've still got a runny nose, and a lot of models staring me down from the stash...
  11. Hi folks, So we're off! I've been keeping an eye on the builds that everyone has been offering up for this STGB and there are some real crackers. I'm already following loads of builds as I can't wait to see the final results - it's already shaping up to be a really interesting and varied GB I'm off the starting block and throwing my hat in to the ring with the following (cue obligatory box art): I already have a busy bench for GB's, with my Skyhawk 99% complete for the STGB and have made a good start on the Type 82E for the Unarmed GB but how can you not get involved in a 109 GB - that would just be wrong wouldn't it?? So as you can see, this is the Bf109E-1 from Eduard in 1/48 scale. I've also managed to acquire the Eduard PE set for this so I could add further details and spruce up the cockpit etc (it is a GB after all)! The sprues (below) are well moulded with excellent details already so they should be a pleasure to work with: And the decals look to be well printed with a full set of stencils too to add some extra details: Lastly, the kit offers two available schemes - Scheme A - I./JG 77 - Juliusburg, Germany, August 1939 or Scheme B - 9./JG 26 - Essen-Mühlheim, Germany, May 1940 I've opted for Scheme A - part of Johnannes Janke's 'Travelling Circus' or Wanderzirkus Janke. I really love the earlier RLM 70/71 splinter camouflage on the 109 and with the additional red elements of the markings, it just really seems to catch the eye. So here goes - I'm really looking forward to this GB so a big thanks to @Col. for being the host Good luck everyone Kris
  12. I have the Monogram/Promodeler 1/32 Bf109G-4 /Trop kit, which I want to convert to a Bf109G-4/R3 Aufklärer (Reconnaissance) version. I want to add the underwing fuel tanks that were common on the recce 109s. I have a set of fuel tanks from a 1/32 Bf110, but the atttachment parts are not the type used on the Bf109. I would rather not spend a bunch of $$$ on the AIMS 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-4/R3 conversion if it's possible for me to do it myself. Plus, I already have aftermarket decals for the plane I plan to build. I have been unable to find detailed enough photos (or drawings) showing the attachment mechanism parts, the fuel feed pipes and their location under the wings. Can anybody help me with the needed info, so I can proceed with this project? Larry
  13. Here are the final photos of my 109G-6 from Revell in 32nd scale. Pretty good kit, with lots of parts. Now I'm eyeing the Erla Bubi Hartmann version.
  14. This is my personal interpretation of the Bf 109 G-10 called Rosemarie. It was a really dirty and weary G-10 U4. The Revell kit is good but uses some baffling shortcuts. Unreal rivets on the cowl, low details on the horizontal stabilizers, cockpit rear armor integral with the fuselage and more… As usual I used Gunze Sangyo Acrylic colors, RLM 76, 75, 83 and a mix of 76 and 75 for the lighter gray of the fuselage. Decals are from HAD, 72086 sheet. Cockpit interior is from Aires resin set. Weathering done with MIG powders and Carbhotello pastels. The colors of this aircraft have been much discussed, I hope this may be a correct interpretation. Thanks for watching! Pier
  15. This is my personal interpretation of the Bf 109 G-10 called Rosemarie. It was a really dirty and weary G-10 U4. The Revell kit is good but uses some baffling shortcuts. Unreal rivets on the cowl, low details on the horizontal stabilizers, cockpit rear armor integral with the fuselage and more… As usual I used Gunze Sangyo Acrylic colors, RLM 76, 75, 83 and a mix of 76 and 75 for the lighter gray of the fuselage. Decals are from HAD, 72086 sheet. Cockpit interior is from Aires resin set. Weathering done with MIG powders and Carbhotello pastels. The colors of this aircraft have been much discussed, I hope this may be a correct interpretation. Thanks for watching! Pier
  16. Bf 109E Updates sets & wheels 1:72 CMK by Special Hobby The new 1/72 kits from Special Hobby are great kits in their own right. They have now produced a number of update sets for the kit. FuG VII Radio Equipment (7458) This set in resin & PE provides the radio equipment in the rear fuselage plus the access hatch. The radio racks are moulded in with a view of what the inside portion of the rear fuselage would look like, there are then additional racks to place on the floor. There are PE straps for the equipment. The access panel is provided in PE with the opening frame also in PE. Wing Guns (7457) This set in resin provides the wing guns for the Bf 190E-3/4/7. As well as the guns there are the ammunition drums and the gun covers. Some surgery will be needed on the kit parts to fit these. Wheels (Q72384) This set in resin from the quickline are a drop in replacement for the main wheels with more detail. Exhausts (Q72390) This set in resin from the quickline are a drop in replacement for the kit parts with more detail including hollow ends. Conclusion Whether you chose to use one of the sets, or more they will no doubt enhance your 1.72 Bf 109 kit. Highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  17. I've been assembling model kits for a while now and I am starting to get comfortable and experienced enough to start modifying some of my models for better historical accuracy. My next build will be the Tamiya Bf 109 G-6, I've already planned to remove the umbrella holders only used on the trop versions (which I will not be recreating). Any other flaws/mistakes in the kit which you have noticed would be appreciated.
  18. Hi all, To counter a few stalled builds that are awaiting paints or decals to arrive, i wanted to build something quick and fun. It doesn't really fit my collection but this kit seemed quick and fun to build. Revell can be a bit of hit and miss, you might find a state or the art kit or something from the 70's. in this case it's a fairly new re-box of a Zvezda kit, and the engineering is superb, mostly snap fit, yet pretty well detailed! There is a lovely 3 piece pilot and and option for folded gear that actually looks rather convincing (wheel well detail was rather good but one has to make tough choices) Overall a very nice stress free build. It's held airborne by a length of cloth hanger wire, yet it still needs a better base. After messing around with stretched sprue and elastic wire, one of my own hairs turned out to be the ideal antenna wire. It's not perfect but it paints the overall picture and most importantly, i had fun building and painting it! Anyway, here are some beauty shots in the sky's over my backyard
  19. For the same group build were I participated with the V-tail 109 I also build the Classic Airframes Bf 109D, OOB except for the decals. Erik
  20. My next project will be the AZ example of the Bf109F-4 in the colours of Joachim Marseille but I have a small question which hopefully someone can help with. The box art shows his machine in June 1942, Werk Number 8693, having a red rudder with the under nose cowling painted yellow. However my other source for this machine, from the Osprey Aviation series 'Bf109 Aces of North Africa', shows the same machine but without the yellow lower nose cowling, so which one is correct please? Regards Colin.
  21. Hello Modelers, I just finished my German Luftwaffe Messerschmidt Bf 109E4/7 from Hasegawa 1/48. This was my first WW2 Axis fighter... and I have to say that I enjoy doing a quick build. For this build I used the RLM colors from Gunze: H68 RLM74 Dark Gray, H69 RLM75 Gray, and H417 RLM76 Light Blue (Luftwaffe aircraft) and I added a resin cockpit from S.B.S. Models. Enjoy the pics! Cheers, Jos
  22. My first 1/48 aircraft in about 7 years. Absolutely fantastic kit. Royal Eduard Dual Combo 1/48 with resin and PE details. Great fit and perfect amount of detail. This is a scheme seen many times before, but I need it to do mine! Bf 109F-4/Trop, W.Nr. 8673, flown by Hptm. Hans-Joachim Marseille F-4/Trop, CO of 3./ JG 27, in Quotaifiya, Egypt, in September 1942. He flew this aircraft about a month from August 24th, 1942 to September 25th. Flying this plane he was credited with 49 shots down of Allied forces aircrafts. This was the last Friedrich (F) he used. On September 30th, 1942 piloting a Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2/Trop he lead 3rd Staffel during the escort of Stuka Staffel. His cockpit filled up with smoke upon his return to the base and he was forced to catapult himself. His attempt was unsuccessful, during his catapult he hit the rudder of his aircraft, consequently he lost consciousness, his parachute then failed to open and the fall to the ground became fatal for him. After Marseille’s death, W. Nr. 8673, served at 1./ SG 2 where it got lost after being hit by flak south of El Alamein on October 22th, 1942. This aircraft is painted RLM 79 on the upper sides and all over the sides of the fuselage, this was an irregularity. The undersides were camouflaged by RLM 78. The camouflage was complemented by the marking of the aircraft flying in the Southern Front – white wingtips, white propeller spinner and white band on the tail of the aircraft. The engine cover had I. Gruppe JG 27 emblem on both sides. Because the camo was overall quite simple I've spent sometimes trying to give some variation to the base RLM 79. I've used two shades from AK real colours (RC282 1941 and RC283 1942), I then mixed them and used also some lighter and darker shades. Theres is pre and post shading, filters, panel lines washes a bit of modulation and then I finalised everything with some minor weathering and chipping. The figure is clearly not Marseille (nor the jacket seemed right for the desert!) but unfortunately it was the only one I had at the moment (will replace if I found one correct one of him in 1/48th scale) I hope you guys like it! Cheers, Jorge
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