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Found 13 results

  1. In 2020-2021, HobbyBoss is to release 1/72nd Grumman F8F Bearcat kits. - ref. 87267 - Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat - released - ref. 87268 - Grumman F8F-1B Bearcat - released - ref. 87269 - Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat - released V.P.
  2. My next build is going to be an oldie, but (sort of) goodie. I say "sort of" because there are well-known problems with this kit. The worst problem is that the tail height is about halfway between that of an F8F-1 and an F8F-2. Everything else about the kit seems to lend itself to a -2: The cannons and wing blisters and the 3 large exhaust stacks instead of the smaller 5 (plus the -2 had a narrower exhaust trench than the -1). The amusing thing is that the decals included are from an aircraft I found in my "Bearcat in action" book and it is definitely a -1! So the decals have been wrong for years. With the prospect of going back to the office coming in about a month, I find I'm dreading the loss of 1 -1.5 hours a day, which means no more modelling during the weekdays. I've got this weird desire to do a bunch of simple, quickie kits (like my recent yak-3). I chose this because I thought it would be (I did the same kit with one of my sons a few years ago and out of the box it was only a couple of weekends). I've been holding on to this kit with ideas of correcting all of its faults, but now that Hobby Boss has a brand new, and apparently better, kit out I decided I would just do this one OOB. Well, that was the plan. When I found the picture of the subject aircraft and saw it was a -1, I started thinking about modifying this one to match, which means cutting off the cannons, sanding down the blisters, making the tail shorter and doing *something* about the exhaust. Didn't seem too bad. Then I found Jumpai Temma's page where he details perfecting the Monogram kit (http://soyuyo.main.jp/f8f/f8fe.html), it's a fascinating read his modeling skills and attention to detail are astounding. It way, way more work than I care to put into this kit (especially since I'll be getting the Hobby Boss F8F) Best of all he's got scale drawings of the Bearcat! This will help me with fixing the tail. At first I thought it would be a simple sanding job... but.... First, here's a picture of the plastic against the light -- it has the neatest blue color with a light behind it. Plus it's molded very thin, which will help with the drawing. So here's the model and the drawing When lined up on the drawing it is almost a perfect match (well, except for the tail obviously) Here's the two tails side-by-side It just looks like there is some sanding and shaping at the top, and then making the rudder trim tab shorter, right? Alas, when lined up perfectly, and held up to the light... Its hard to see, but the trailing edge on the drawing can be seen going down the middle of the models rudder. So, it's shorter and the chord is smaller (is that the right way to put it?) Hmm. It's interesting, when I line the top of the tail with the drawing, the shapes match almost perfectly. So I figured that the best way to fix the tail is to first cut the rudder off, then cut off the rest of the tail fin where it meets the fuselage. Then I would cut the rudder from the bottom. I would then cut the bottom of the tail fin until it was the right height and glue the whole kit 'n' kaboodle back together. Is this what I'm going to do? Eh..... haven't decided yet. I'm afraid that cutting a chunk out of the middle and reattaching it would create a step that would need fixing and the plastic is awfully thin. Sanding down from the top would work OK, but the tail will be wider (broader chord). I suppose I could take a little off both the leading and trailing edges to make it look a little better. Or maybe it wouldn't be that noticeable. I think I need to cut out the drawings and play with them a bit. Any ideas out there?
  3. Hello everyone... Im starting this WIP to fill another promise. About 6 weeks ago i received an email from a member. He was curious if I had ever been able to find a Monogram 1/72 F-8F Bearcat? I hadn't so he offered one of his kits. About a week later i received two items in the mail. The first a small package containing a baggie of plastic bits, instructions, and an old decal sheet. The second was an envelope with several photocopied Grumman plans and copies of the line drawings of the bearcat in 1/72. I know the vertical tail is short by a little bit. So this is why the drawings were sent with the kit. Also there were photo copies of the airwaves detail set for the kit. It will allow me to scratch build a better cockpit. You will note that I've already laid the fuselage to the drawing. You can see were i will need to extend the vertical tail/rudder. Copies of the Airwaves set. Emailing back and forth and many internet searches later I've decided my build will be of a F8F-2P in these markings. I know the universal rule never trust a profile without a photo. Well I found a Russian website that actually had a photo of this plane. this aircraft still exists in the U.K. and does fly from what i understand. I also posted a query in the cold war aviation section, asking for any information on the -2P ? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235053866-f8f-2p-bearcat/ Now due to Life getting in the way and some illness slowing me down for a couple of weeks i was finally able to start on the plastic today. After an hour or so i had a reasonable better cockpit. I forgot to take a photo of the office outside of the fuselage. I will remedy that and post them soon. I also had to drill the skin of the plane in 3 places to simulate the camera doors. I did add the prominent ducting in the wheel bay its not perfect but its enough to simulate them. Here are some photo's of the real camera windows. A close up of the camera window. If you look closely its sunken in. So i will backfill the openings i have with plastic sheet. Once that is done i can do the 3 oil deflectors around the openings. The schematic for the photo. In closing i will say thank you to @72modeler for both the kit, and all the help researching it. Questions, comments, jokes, or stories are always welcome ? Dennis
  4. Good evening everyone. For my next project I decided to do something that wasn't bare metal or camo. I had a Monogram F8F in my stash for a long time, but dreaded the thought of building it, since the decals had yellowed terribly. At last I decided to build it. I thought I'd either try to fix the decals (put in sunlight to get it white again), or find replacement decals, or just use some of my many spares and build a "generic" Bearcat without unique markings. But "luck" wasn't on my side. I couldn't get the decals white again, couldn't find replacement decals and couldn't get my head around building a Bearcat with generic markings. After all, this would probably be my first and last Bearcat, since there aren't a lot of them available in 1/72 out there (the only other one I'm aware of is the Revell, which is the same sprues, just different decals). In the end I decided to use the decals as is and see how it turns out. So it turns out the yellowing of the decals aren't terribly visible against a the glossy sea blue paint scheme! Despite the kit's age, I really enjoyed building it - and someone once told me enjoying it is the whole point. Won't win any model-of-the-year awards, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used Tamiya's AS-8 Navy Blue rattle can spray, and the other bits were brush painted with Humbrol Acrylics. Cheers Jimmy
  5. This is my recently finished HobbyBoss 1/48 F8F Bearcat in the markings of French service against the Viet Minh in the First Indochina War as fighter-bombers in the early 1950s. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Hi! Can I join in? I need to get my modelling mojo back and this GB ticks all the boxes: Interesting time period: Vietnam War Interesting subject: F8F Bearcat - Last of the Grumman Piston Planes Easy Build: Hobbyboss 1/48 Bearcat OOB Here's what I'be building and the reference I'll be using (yep - that's it!) The kit comes with decals for a F8F-1B Bearcat from GC 1/22 'Saintonge', Armée de l'Air stationed at Dien Bien Phu airfield january 1954 (according to my reference! ) I plan on building OOB only adding seatbelt, antenna etc. Keeping it simple is of utmost importance for me at this stage, as I've had some modelling setbacks lately. ...and need to get back in the saddle! Is this OK with you? Cheers Hans J
  7. Hello everyone. This is my new project - HobbyBoss Bearcat. In general, this is pretty decent kit, especially if compared with other options in Testors or Hobbycraft kits. Kit has crisp engraved panel lines and rivets here and there. Overall details are more than You will expect, although engine is little rudimental. I've put some details on it and it looks just fine. For cockpit I've used Eduard zoom set for Hobbycraft. It needs some surgery to fit properly, but that is not a big issue. There are few problems. The engine cowling has some minor shape issues. This curve at the front needs to be a lot smoother, so some sanding is required. It won't be 100%, but it will looks nicer and much closer to the real thing. Next problem are wheels. They are to simple. So I've changed them with True details set. The problem is a bigger diameter so sanding is required (again) on wheel struts and/or wheels. The last issue and the biggest problem are wings. There are more than few problems with them + bad fit with fuselage. Intakes are too close to the fuselage, and wings looks maybe too short. I will have to live with this. I've inserted piece of styrene plate between fuselage and wings... that way You can have extra 1/2mm or so... it is something at least. The fit was bad anyway... And there we are: First step... A color... few shades darker than what I want at the end. Next... few color shades and weathering made with AK interactive washes/pigments. I've spent 2 weeks making weathering... And It's not finished yet. I'm pretty satisfied with current situation. Upper side is at 90%... Underside still needs some work... Decals are good... very thin and nice, but some are just a little out of register... Wheel bay with some scratch build details New update soon...
  8. I felt I needed something battered from Indochina too... I search around and found my Toko P-63 on the shelf of doom just looking sad. Nope, already to much built to participate here Bearcat hasn't been chosen yet, so, here it is. The old Monogram kit from 1967 with useful options like spinning wheels and a Monogram stand. What I remember, the easiest way is to sand down the fin a bit and make it an F8F-1B. Decal sheet from Printscale, one choice possible from GC 1/22 'Saintonge'. Destroyed at Dien Bien Phu in March 1954 by an artillery attack.
  9. Hi, Continuing content of my shelves (now with US airplanes) - Grumman Bearcat (F8F1). This was an airplane which was already in fighter units in July or August 1945 on Faer East but did not took part in WWII, as far as I know it, at least (please correct me if I am wrong). My model is F8F1 converted from Frog (original, not Novo, 1/72) kit. The difference of early variants was in armament, so I had to remove bulbs on wings. I made it in 1993 - for sure it has low tail, but I am sure, if I cut it or the Frog kit has already low tail...The Monogram one had higher tail. The markings are of airplane of VF18 USS Langley (CV4) , August 1945 in Pacific. Photos are taken in two sessions, much bright colour is when flesh was used. Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  10. Hi Guys. I'd like to present you my latest build - the F8F1 Bearcat from Hobbyboss. The aircraft depicted is the famous Blue Angels Beetle Bomb. I choose this marking because it is unusual (full yellow airframe) and because this specific aircraft was - as far as I know - the last piston engine aicraft used by Blue Angels in airshows, even after they converted to jets, until the aircraft was sadly lost during a training flight in 1950. Now I know that this kit was received with some criticism. After the experience of building it, I think that this criticism is well deserved - not necesarly from the accuracy point of view (there are some accuracy/shape issues, but still it looks like a Bearcat to me), but especially for the lack of research on behalf of the producer. I find it really hard to understand how a producer like Hobbiboss managed to mass produce a kit with totally wrong decals and instructions for applying them. The F8F1 box is containing decals for 2 airframes - one USN glossy blue (I don't know if tis any problem with this one) and one for Beetle Bomb. The problem is that I discovered (on the hard way I mean) that if one uses the box decals for Beetle Bomb and follows the Hobbyboss intructions for applying those decals, then will obtain a model that have almost nothing in common with the real aircraft - except for the overall yellow coloured airframe. The hobbyboss decals (and instructions) are completely wrong from every point of view - colour, dimensions, placement, etc. So beware of this issue if any of you guys is planning to buid this specific airframe. Otherwise, the kit is well engineered and easy to assemble. Some rescribing was neccessary, because some panel lines are wrongly positioned or missing. The only aftermarket addition to this kit was the PE seat belts (Eduard). And new decals from Draw Decal/USA, of course (very accurate decals, good instructions). Also, the model was heavely modified in the engine and engine bay area - which is highly visible when the aircraft is on the ground and which was almost completely bare if left OOB. So a lot of scratch building and piping work was done to this area - but sadly this is not so visible now that the model is ready. However...I know it's there... So here it is. Hope you like it guys. Any comments/sugestions are welcomed. All the best,
  11. Evening guys, i cannt wait for this GB to finaly begin!! I saw some of you already started to make topics about what they ll build, so i ll add my few cents here too if you dont mind My first entry will be this F8F 1/72, thats all i can tell about it for now No idea who made it (could be Frog but realy i have no idea) and what version it is I got this kit for less than 1 euro in our local internet auction, though i dont think anyone would doubt its price So here are few shots of this mirracle As first, the innovative box and its awesome boxart Next the instructions and so called decals. I think it ll be actualy good for both sides, me and the decals, if these never ever see water... Sprues. Theres surpisingly not that much flashing, raised panel lines. As much as i hate re-scribing, i think i might make the panel all new. Theres not so many lines and all are quite narrow, so i guess it could be ok. Extra parts, where i would like to ask if it ll be to use it(these are from Eduard F6F, but could be useable) I know you have there something like 20% of extra parts from other kits allowed (if i understood it right). Just no idea, how you count the 20% If it is counted by pieces or by the "mass", how much of the kit is actualy from extra parts. The most needed would be probably the engine, rest of the pieces can be made quite easy from plastic cards anyway (though it would for sure help to use these, but i dont wana go against rules) So if any of the moderators or anyone who has some experiences from GB´s before can tell me if i can or cannt use these extra parts, it would be nice thanks
  12. My entry into this GB, like the FAA GB I can't promise this will even get started let alone finished, but I would like to take part anyway, I might just surprise myself! Just the box shot for now, will get more up over the next few days.. This will be built OOB unless I decide to throw some resin at it half way through (money depending too!), the scheme chosen will be the USN Air Reserve, Ohio 1951.
  13. These were taken by me at Duxford.
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