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Found 8 results

  1. So here's something new: Douglas Bader's 242 squadron Hurricane in 1/48 scale! OK it's been done before, but not by me, so here goes Why Douglas Bader? Actually why indeed? I don't think I would have liked him, he was iconic, and driven, and crashed lots of planes. On a serious note I see there is quite a lot of Bader-bashing going on, particularly amongst non-Brits - I ask this simple question: Would you rather he be on our side or the opponents? Exactly - I think that's why he merits the admiration and respect of recreating his aircraft The kit will be Airfix of course, no Tamiya or Eduard alternatives yet… (correction - I see Tamiya reboxed Italeri's 2011 model - most reviewers suggest the Airfix kit is better) I've tried airbrushing Vallejo acrylics, which I didn't get on with, but do leave a great finish, and Humbrol enamels, which I didn't like the finish of, so I've settled on Tamiya acrylics which spray well and leave a nice fine finish I intend to do some pre-shading with some post panel line enamel wash. I'll be aiming for minor wear, putting down some aluminium, then isopropyl alcohol, then sodium carbonate over the chipped areas around the front of the cowling and wings and on the panel lines of the wing roots before painting the camo I'm aiming to mask the camo pattern using Frog delicate decorator's tape hand cut. I used thick leather sewing thread under the edges on my Spitfire to give the soft transition, very fiddly but came out well, so aim to repeat I've taken to hand painting canopies with a 000 brush, excess acrylic is quite easily removed from the glazed areas using a fine wooden toothpick, so will be aiming to do that here I built the original Tamiya Spitfire Mk 1, which I thought was a nice kit, but the decals were a nightmare, so I'm aiming to airbrush most of the roundels and lettering (LE-D), then use the kit stencils with Humbrol Decalfix, which I've not used before. I'll hand cut the lettering masks, but use Montex for the roundels, another first for me I have the full 491104 Eduard photoetch kit, although the second fret is mainly gun bay stuff, and I'm in two minds whether to open the gun bays at all Reading around I see Wikipedia mentions that Bader actually flew three different Hurricanes while at 242. I'm aiming for the one in the group 242 squadron photo In fact I've only found four photos of his aircraft: Bader standing on the wing Bader sitting on the edge of the cockpit Bader and two others standing in front of the 242 boot kicking Hitler The 242 group photo These are probably all the same aircraft and appear to have the Rotol spinner and the A camouflage scheme There are some colorized versions of the B&W photos, but these seem to be wrong! So it seems the boot kicking Hitler should be on the panel under the port exhaust which should be (mostly) Dark Earth. The boot is pretty clear in the B&W photos, of course the colours aren't. I don't have any Bader decals so I'll attempt make my own using some old Jetcal - that is the boot, Hitler and the Squadron Leader graphic Having looked at various cockpit pictures, it seems there was a migration from aluminium finish to interior green from before the war to around 42, I'll be following the Finnish photos, aluminium tubing, rudder pedals and seat, green panels, aluminium gear and gun bays I'm not really certain if the aluminium finish is lacquered aluminium, or alloy painted in aluminium coloured laquer, I'm assuming the latter because it seems to flake off with age, so I'm thinking of reverse dry brushing (painting the parts in flat aluminium, then dry brushing with white and light grey for the wear) - we'll see what it looks like... I'll be aiming to use Airscale 1/48 cockpit placards, they do seem to add some sense of realism I'm never very happy with photoetch harness, so I will try and make my own from tape, but estimate a 50% chance of success... OK, so that's the plan, we'll see if it survives contact with the kit itself, off to open the sprue bag and dunk in some detergent water I should add this is only my fourth model since I restarted, I'm expecting it to take about six months. I doubt it will be the best Hurricane you'll see on this board, but it may give hope to others restarting the hobby... All comments very very welcome...
  2. My next project is the new mould Airfix Hurricane Mk.I, the subject of a number of builds here already. I'll be building mine with Xtradecals markings for Douglas Bader's 242SQN mount out of Duxford during the Battle of Britain. It'll be pretty much out of the box (if I can restrain myself...) The seat and floor are done. Slight weathering of the floor and I've cut the locating lugs off the seat armour so I can fit the seat to the fuselage first, as reviews suggest that's an easier way to go. I've also elected to clamp the spars in place on the lower wing now and will use the unused gun truss frames to build up the area around the landing lights as they don't look like basic way Airfix has modelled them and I won't be opening up the gun panels. I will use some stashed etched seat belts as I just can't leave the seats without belts!
  3. Hi guys, I'd notice that Hasegawa just released an old tool early spitfire into a brand new box, dedicated to Douglas Bader. Having already Tamiya's Mk.IX, Mk.VIII I was wondering about adding an early mark to my stash. If I'm not surprised or impressed by raised panel lines, wrong or bad shapes and dimensions is much more a problem to me, so can anyone tell me about this, and the overall kit's qualities? I did a quick search, the result being this review, and Cybermodeller in general is way above what I'm looking for. Still good to give an overview, though. TIA
  4. Great Airfix kit with "Xtradecal" and "Maketar" masks for RAF insignias for Hurricanes. Every opinion,especialy about colors is wellcome.Vallejo color were used. Here are some pictures:
  5. For the build, see http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234997262-tamiya-148-supermarine-spitfire-mkii-douglas-bader/
  6. Group Captain Sir Douglas Robert Steuart Bader CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar, FRAeS, DL.. That's quite the title... Distinguished Service Order and Bar Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire Knight Bachelor Croix-de Guerre etc.. His history is most probably well known, so I'll just put in some pictures.. in Spitfire MkII P.7966.. Prisoner of war/ special guest at Galland's (l).. Bader in the cockpit of one of Galland's Bf-109's!! new artificial legs were air dropped after a personal request from Galland.. after the war the two still met.. Pictures of Bader's Mk.II.. Despite some shortcomings I will be using the Tamiya kit of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I. Spitfires Mk.I, II and V are apparent look-a-likes. One of the easiest ways of telling a Mk.II is the small bulge over the Coffman starter on the right side of the nose. Bader's Mk.II had nose-art on the left side and text "MANXMAN" on the right side. He also insisted on metal ailerons. Both nose-art and text are available on the elobarate decal sheet Aces of the Empire by Victory Productions, 41 different Spitfires! VP also comes in handy regarding the specials regarding their topics.. I haven't found any photographic and conclusive evidence of Bader's Mk.Va, the one he crashed in. Apparently it's also still not conclusive what caused the crash exactly and who was responsible for it.. friend or foe.. Eduard and some scratchbuilding.. I cut out the linnen ailerons, but upper and lower side are not identical regarding the cut marks.. CMK.. too small, different angles.. neh.. want a different option... I have found a spare Mk.I on the internet and will be using this wing to make another attempt to get some scratchbuild metal ailerons. The recommended Ultracast 48113 set is also being shipped. Included in this set is the small bulge for the Coffman starter..
  7. As the title suggests.. I plan to build in the near future a 1/48 Spitfire as the personal plane of Douglas Bader, W3185. I understand this was an early Mk.Va (probably converted from Mk.I ) Bader's history is probably very well known here, so I won't elaborate. I would like to use 1/48 Tamiya's Spitfire Mk.I, kit 61032 as a basis since I believe this wing is usable for the 8 gun mk.Va wing. I also want to know more about any particulars of this specific plane. I have the Aero Detail book no.8 for the Early Spitfires. 1) Engine: a- can I use the DH three-bladed propeller and spinner as is in the Tamiya kit? b- do I need the round Mk.I exhausts or the later fishtail version? I have both. 2) Fuselage: a- entry door with or without the bar installed? I read the bar wasn't installed until production models in february 1941. But haven't found out when W3185 was build. b- early windshield with the armoured glass outside and matching canopy or the later version? I have both. c- Did W3185 have the TR1133, TR9D or no HF antenna wire installed? 3) Wings: a- Mk.I oil cooler or the Mk.V? Is there anybody who has the Tamiya or Eduard Mk.V oil cooler left over, or one who I could borrow to make a resin copy of? b- Metal ailerons is pretty much what seems to be popping up on my research iso the fabric ailerons for a Mk.I. I have both. c- Outside of the outer guns, were there Gun Heating Hot Air Outlets installed? Were they different in size left and right? d- Was a gun camera already installed in the left wing root? Supposedly from Vb upwards.. e- How many underwing circular inspection panels were in each Va wing? 8 or 9? Tamiya seems to be missing the third one looking from the wingroot to the tip. 4) Cockpit: a- Did the seat have a padded back and the circular flare holder in front of the seat pan? b- Interior green inside of the cockpit but also in the aft compartment where the O2 bottles were stowed? Any other things I should now of? If anyone has pictures of this particular aircraft, please post them here (or send them to me personally). Your help is really appreciated! Regards, Sid
  8. Have just started the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire V a as flown by Douglas Bader and have a question regardibg the oil cooler fitted to this aircraft. The instructions show a version with a "D" shaped opening but my reference show a different version with a round hole at the front. The kit does contain another oil cooler and this has a round hole but is the wrong shape in plan. In fact when I think about both types included in the kit box seem wrong. Can anyone throw some light on this subject please? Cheers, Don
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