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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, This is Tamiya's Bradley. The kit was originally released in 1985, but this updated version was first released in 2003. I initially got hold of this kit to build it as an example used in Operation Iraqi Freedom, but seeing some of the other schemes, I had a change of heart to do it in European markings for a unit based in Germany at the time. The kit was built out of the box, but this time I took the oppurtunity to drill out the muzzle of the vehicle. I painted the vehicle using Tamiya Acrylics, and Humbrol Enamels. I weathered the vehicle with oil paints, and Acrylic mud effects by Mig. I also used all of the stowage handily included in the kit, which was painted with acrylics and oils. As a finishing touch I added Mantis Miniatures branches. They look fantastic, and are easy to use. However, they are quite expensive, and looking at them, you could probably achieve the same with a large tub of mixed herbs and some roots pillaged from the garden. I have seen techniques where you use PVA to dab the areas where you want the 'leaves' to stick and then sprinkle mixed herbs or similar over them to create some convincing albeit fragrant tree branches. Many thanks for looking! Sam
  2. I first purchased this kit at the Holbeach 2022 show & thought I'd start putting it together at our club table there & then. It was a random purchase & something to do in between my usual fast jets. I didn't complete it till later this year & after seeing these Bradley's being used in Ukraine in 2023 I thought why not make it topical & found some reference pics online of Ukrainian Bradleys in a pixellated paint scheme, which was made up from hand cut masks more or less copied straight from photos of an actual Ukrainian pixelated example. All paints are Ammo Mig as is the weathering pigments & washes. The added on stowage was a resin set from Legend productions. Oh and a photographic cheat for the interior! Thanks for looking! Martin
  3. 4 Weeks in the making, painting, washing and weathering then finally, sealing it all in i have finally completed my M2A2 ODS Bradley! A truly enjoyable build, start to finish but not without its mistakes, which i hope i have learned from. Now i cant wait to push onto the next part of the project, the diorama in which this IFV will be set. [On both sides of the tank, the instructions asked for the decals of the CIP (Combat Identification Panel) to be individually placed, which was tedious and nearly broke me. In the end i used electrical tape which i think, gives it that "tapey" look though again not without fault.] [Honestly have no idea how i managed to mess the "2" up on this one for the decals, but decided to go with it. (Decals can be a pain in the chesticles for me sometimes) [With the Diorama in mind i decided because the scene was going to have dismounted infantry, i weathered the tail gate for the Bradley, my hope is to remove the attention from the fact that there is no interior to this model.]
  4. Hi all. This here is a culmination of a Bradley kit I got years ago, probably early 2000s, that sat on a shelf as a relatively simple job for the best part of ten years. I sprayed it over with the Tamiya sand can back in the day, added the decals without gloss, and painted the odd bit of detail. No weathering at all. Instead of buying a new kit, I repurposed it. I removed the flaking decals, fully repainted with a more accurate colour. Glossed, applied decals from the original sheet that I retained, sealed and weathered. Crew were repainted, and additional figures from Trumpeter and Masterbox were added, in addition to some Miniart and Meng extras. The external stowage is mostly original, just repainted, weathered, and more accurately attached, with a few other bits based on reference images. Do wish I had a shot of the vehicle as it originally looked to show the change, but much like an M1A2 I have had on the go in a similar manner, forgot to take a picture, heh. Thanks for looking Gaz
  5. Hello Everyone, This is my first work in process post i have done so i hope its format is correct. Theres a lot to describe up to the point i am right now so ill try and be brief as much as i can. Unfortunately i joined this community after i had done most of the initial build of the hull and turret and i don't have the pictures of it in its creation unfortunately. So first up is the Hull. The initial build took around 3 days give or take 2 mins and probably could have been done a bit faster had it not been for work and homelife commitments and also i used Mr Surfacer 500 to "paint" the armour sections to add a different texture to them. Once i had it built i primed it in Vallejo Mecha Primer - Grey Primer(73.641) and with an idea in mind to add chipping later on i painted the whole hull in Vallejo Model Air - US Olive Drab(71.043) and glossed with Vallejo Acrylic Varnish(28.517). Leaving it to dry overnight i sprayed it with hairspray and moved onto spraying it in Vallejo - Iraqi Sand(70.819) i know that this may be deviating from the norm but i wanted it to be a darker sand colour than the stipulated Light Sand colour suggested by the box, ultimately ill be placing this IFV in a diorama with a Fallujah Street battle setting (Urban combat) with a rainstorm that had just passed. I wanted to go for that dirty look! (Big ambitions i know, and it'll probs will look a bit naff but im definitely going to give it a try!) Using Ammo mig - Brown for Desert yellow filter(A.MIG-1504) i plastered this over the whole hull which darkened it down some more. With that dry i used Ammo mig - US Modern Vehicles wash(A.MIG-1007) for the panel lines and nooks and crannies and finished off with Ammo mig - US Modern Vehicles Streaking effects(A.MIG-1207) and feather it off with enamel thinner. The rest was simply just hand painting all the tools and bits and bobs with a combination of Vallejo and Tamiya paints and AK Interactive - True Metals Wax. I still have the lights to do as well as decals before i place the weathering pigments but ill catch up with that as and when i can. [You will see a difference between the colour of the viewports from this side and the front, the sides and rear were painted in Tamiya - Royal Blue(X-3) and the front viewports painted in Vallejo - Transparent Green(70.936) at this point in time, i cant decide what i want them to be.] [On the aerial at the back i used AK Interactive - True Metals Brass wax for the base of the aerial and also the ones on the turret] [The TOW System will get attached onto the turret near the end of the painting] [I used Ammo mig - Gun Metal Modelling Pigment(A.MIG3009) and wiped this on, which i think gives a nice "Gun Looking" effect (Normally i would just use Tamiya - Gun Metal(X-10) but i decided on a change. The Laser designator is currently Masked whilst painting the turret.] [Its hard to make out in this picture but 4 of the 8 Smoke dispensers have been drilled out, i am looking for that deployed look but i may have to lighten it in a sooty kind of colour to make it more obvious] [Crew primed and shaded. hopefully itll make them more stand outish when i come to paint the faces and uniform....lol we will see...... im rubbish at painting uniforms!] [Track and gear all painted and just waiting on me to finish faffing about with the hull, i used Tamiya- Rubber Black(XF-85) for the rubber part(I also cut bits out of the wheels to give it a used look, not clear in the picture) and also the track with additionalAk Interactive - Track Wash(AK083) to make it pop! And thats the update of my work in progress, a bit long winded but, ive done a lot to it before joining, just a shame i didn't keep the pictures of the build up. I look forward to answering any questions you have and also any suggestions(Like keep your posts down to at minimum word count! lol) Rossco
  6. Hello guys, this is an "old" kit which was announced in 1985. Now compare with MENG's Bradley, some detail of this kit couldn't make me satisefied. Hope some good brand such sa MENG or TAMIYA could bring me a total new M2A0 and M2A2. Well, so be it. I finish this M2A2 OOB, painted with NATO three colors scheme, and light weathering.Ths final effect is not too bad. The most important, I got one less stored box! Thanks for your reviewing, happy modeling, nice day!
  7. Latest news from Meng for the AFV modeller. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=487085538071442&set=a.200850930028239.42784.195290177250981&type=1&theater The BUSK III is the Bradley Urban Survivability Kit III provided to the US Army by Bae Systems. http://www.baesystems.com/article/BAES_058241/bradley-upgrades-ahead-of-schedule-and-under-budget Julien
  8. Well I enjoyed posting my first ever tank WIP with the Tamiya MkIV Male, even if the finished result wasn't quite good enough to go into Ready for Inspection. Having enjoyed building my first complete kit for years, I have been inspired to try something completely different, in the form of Meng's super detailed cavalry Bradley. Meng M3A3 BUSK III by jongwinnett, on Flickr Interior kit by jongwinnett, on Flickr
  9. Hi Guys, I am building my second only AFV, and have chosen the Meng M2A3 Bradley with BUSK and full interior with the Fruil Model metal tracks(no point in half measures) . As I normally do things with wings (and after cleaning up all the wheels I am reminded why) I have very few references to work with. Therefore I would like to start this topic to allow mw to ask the stupid questions I need to help this along. I have started well with the tracks completed and looking fine, and assume that the separate tyres on the wheels are rubber (The instructions give Vallejo numbers but the one quoted I can't even find on the Vallejo website!) and I will use Tyre black for them. However, I am stuck with the main colour used during the desert campaigns. I have been informed that the colour should be FS23446, but this would suggest that the paint is semi-gloss and I find that pictures seem to show a matt finish. Can anyone confirm this and suggest a good colour match? I generally use Vallejo, Tamiya and Mr Hobby acrylic paints. Thanks for any feedback or tips.
  10. Good morning, 25 years ago, Desert Storm started. One of the many players in it was the "Bradley" APC (or IFV?). Well, since I usually don't do military modelling, I guess you know much more about than I do anyway! The kit is from Revell, and built OOB, except the antennaes. Fitting was good, just had some problems with the tracks. But I guess it was due to my poor experience. Painting was done with Modelmaster Marines Desert Sand, weathering was some filtering and washing with oil colours. All in all, a nice kit, which can be recommanded. As this is one of my few military things, I appreciate any feedback, and ways to improve the technique. I should add some soot at the exhaust, maybe some luggage as well. We'll see! Alex
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