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Found 12 results

  1. Well I have been away for a few months and the urge to file, glue, paint, etc can not be left Hungry any longer. So to satisfy my hunger I have decided to give myself a quick modeling snack in the form of yet another dragon vulcan. I love these little vulcans small though it maybe they make into a gorgeous little platic triangle. This one I started in may and stalled after my last 4 I built. One I still have not posted in RFI xm606. This one will be XL426 as seen at the end of her flying days with the vdf very badly faded in what was dark sea grey and dark green but what at the time 1983-86 looked decidedly chocolate brown and med sea grey. For this I will be using humbrol 155 olive drab and 165 med sea grey and should give a scale effect once weathered a bit. So far I have done the intakes and engine faces and glued then in place and fitted the two fuselage halfs. The biggest job will be blue taking the camo but I find this relaxing (good job that!) Here's were I'm at
  2. Hi guys I have been very quiet this year but I am catching up fast. here are 2 vulcans from dragon wonderfull little kits too. XL321 is standard out the box from the first release XH533 is from the falklands box and im rather proud of it as its my first attempt at scratching parts. you could have fun spoting the difference betwean XH533 the first b2 which was in essence a b1 with b2 wings and avon engines and later olympus engines. I liked the look of this vulcan hybrid and realised as the falklands boxing of the kit had a blue steel missile which i used to form the centre of the much smaller b1 tail cone seemed to be almost designed to fit the interior of the vulcan once i took the gamble of cutting off the b2 tail cone. i did much checking and then glued it into place then wet smoothed with a finger some milliput forming the shape of the b1 tail cone. then i used the optional tail fin to cut a fillet to extend the tail fin and then rescribed it. i pinched some tail pipes from a diecast 200th scale vulcan and then painted her and used fantasy printshop decal alongside kit ones from the first release vulcan and hey presto an early vulcan. and a representation of the original flash white scheme with the later more familiar type. now i have managed to make the tail im going to do the same again only this time chop the wings down and make a b1 to go with these 2 to have and evolution of production vulcans in 1/200th (cute) hope you like em love to hear feedback good and bad. they were painted with humbrol rattle can white and the black areas and windows free hand painted with a brush and then given lashings of johnsons klear. cheers guys. If anyone would like to see photos of how i modded it ask. cheers Rob
  3. Well, since my Harrier is off the bench, I'm going to start another "quick" (LOL) build. It is to be the magnificent Vulcan B.2, as inspired by Rob our resident Vulcan nut Sprues: She's going to be finished in Green/Grey camo, with white underside, and a massive Blue Steel nuclear missile! I'll probably get on to starting her at the weekend, if not before Val
  4. Evening all. I'm going to try again at a work in progress. I started one recently on my 1/48 B1 Lancer but since then a box containing all the landing gear etc.. has vanished so thats on hold. Its another Canberra for me, this time its a T17 which I am going to do WD955 in hemp. Thanks to Jinxman for selling me his Alley Cat conversion as I couldn't find one anywhere for sale. I started this kit about a week ago and have been doing major surgery on the fuselage section to allow the new canopy and nose to fit. With the Airfix Canberra I've found that the pilot sits far too low and too far back so I've put in a AIRES ejection seat. I know its not the proper one for the Canberra but its a MB Mk.4 which is as close as I could get. The Airfix supplied crew are far too small (hobbit size) so I also aquired a PJ productions RAF pilot. His size seems far more in proprtion. As I've raised the seat and brought it forward and also due to the resin nose section I have had to make some compromises with the instrument display, it is now attached to the underside of the canopy section and has been made substantially smaller to allow a good fit. I've used the Airfix crew and seats in the rear as they will probably not be seen. Another gripe I have with the Airfix kit is the trench like panel lines which bear little or no resemblance to any Canberra so I have filled all the panel lines. So far everything is fitting reasonably well. Here are some pics so far.... That last photo looks really rough.... It honestly looks better in the flesh, I have also to add some PE to the pilot seat to finish it. All comments and advice welcome.. Mark.
  5. Hi guys i received 2 Pitt road vulcan b2 kits last nigh i will start work on them today and post here in a bit. cheers Rob
  6. Hi all I am still addicted to building Vulcan's and here is my latest one of the Dragon Vulcan's I have been making. I actually made her in July this year but I have not got around to photographing her. Sadly the weather is horrible and can't get any nice summer shots but maybe I will do some more of her in the future. Ironically the weather yesterday when I shot her was just like the inspirational photos I worked from of her in 1977 at Leuchers Here is the photo http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/MikePix/Leuchars%201977/VulcLeucXM606.jpg I am really pleased with how she come out I really worked hard to get her camo pattern close as I could from the photos. I just wish I was around back then I would have loved that airshow. Cheers all comments welcome good and bad as always. Rob
  7. Hi folks well its my first Vulcan with the wheels down not including the lindy I made for my dad. This is her as she was on display at Telford this weekend. I have really enjoyed this build I hope you enjoy the photos of her. She is on a diorama base I made to represent the end QRA pan at waddington. Cheers Rob Comments good and bad welcome but I apologies in advance for being photo heavy... Many thanks to Precision Ice and Snow for letting me display this on their table. I absolutely Love their product its made this dio look quite magical with the frost. Also it was fantastic to meet so many people off Britmodeller at Telford this year. I was very good fun indeed. Cheers Rob
  8. Hi all way back in Dec 2011 I bought my first of the now numerous Dragon 1/200 Vulcans I have now built. Back then the only boxing was the first blue steel one. this come with 2 options but i opted to do one that was not in the box options. I did XH558 but i did not have the right bomb bay as the original kit comes with only blue steel options. nor did it come with the later tail as a choice so i did an approximate XH558 as best i could and made do with decals that i had found to suit it. This is what she looked like back then. Now thanks to the spares and options of the later Falklands boxing I've filled off the tail top and replaced with the new moulding repainted the tail and updated the decals and added the small stencils. then sealed over with satin varnish. she now looks much better I reckon. She was initially brush painted with xtracrylix raf dark green and medium sea grey. here she is today Thanks for stopping by to look at her.
  9. Hi folks this is one I am very happy with its the Pit road boxing of the new Avro Vulcan B2 and a wonderful kit the only fault i can pick is the air intakes would be easier to paint if they had made the turbine fans a separate fitting. I managed to do the white inside but the engine faces are white too as i cant think how to paint them but as they are buried deep it does not matter that much. The fit was fantastic and this is the second one if have done and will be making more definatly. The model was painted with Humbrols already excellent but now significantly improved since coming back to the UK. spray cans. I cant believe how good these are at levelling out and giving a gorgeous almost indestructible finish. I used hu 163,165 for the top camo green first then grey with the help of blue tak, hu64 for the undersides, and hu 34 for the white patches and intakes, The radome and fin were hand painted with hu33 with a dash of flow improver from W&N AMAZING STUFF! Its nice to see a model of a vulcan that finally gets the vulcans sinister looking radome outline right the only company that nailed it before was frog. The exhausts were brush painted with the excellent citadel paints chain mail. Any way on to the model all comments and questions welcome. Here XM599 is seen with XL427 Thanks for looking I hope you enjoy this photo loaded post.
  10. Here is yet another Vulcan this is a 1/200th Dragon Vulcan finished with humbrol rattle can matt white with brush painted black areas and metalic areas. Sealed in Klear and then weathered with a mix of pencil, dark grey chalk powder, and citadel nuln oil. Finished as XJ783 in later style anti flash white. The only mods to this one is the tail cone this one features the early b2 tail cone with smaller more rounded tip than later ECM with a bigger tip. Hope you like her Cheers for looking guys
  11. This is my 1/200th Dragon Vulcan B2 photos taken edited and uploaded with my iphone. Painted with humbrol rattle cans and weathered with citadel nuln oil, a pencil, and some dark grey chalk. Now the weather is getting better i will be giving each of these little 'ns its own place on here rather than the old group shot which didnt really have that good photos. hope you like her. Cheers Rob
  12. Hi guys here she is I'm really excited about this the all new Pit Road Vulcan! what a gorgeous kit it is. here is my efforts i decided to not do the kit option i wanted a wrap around camo job so I went with XL427 sadly not a survivor. I used the kit decals. but the serial codes are from fantasy print shop. it is finished in humbrols excelent rattle can 163 raf dark green and humbrol 27 from a rattle can i find this shade works well as it has the right tone for a slightly faded in service dark sea grey. and has that bluey tone we all love. the model was masked with blue tack and the windows masked with pva glue. I hope you like her here she is.
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