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  1. AZmodel is to release in September 2023 1/72nd Beech D-17 kits. Plastic sprues from Sword Models kit with new clear parts. - ref. AZ7857 - Beech D-17 Staggerwing Source: azmodel.cz/produkt/beech-d-17-staggerwing/ - ref. AZ7858 - Beech Traveler Mk.I Source: https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/beech-traveler-mk-i/ V.P.
  2. Sources http://www.azmodel.cz/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/AZmodel/478579078833373?ref=stream&hc_location=timeline AZModel is working on a new tool Messerschmitt Bf.109G "Gustav" & K "Kürfurst" (link) families in 1/72nd. V.P.
  3. After the Bf.109G "Gustav" family (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234948834-172-messerschmitt-bf109g-k-families-by-azmodel-released-g-1g-2tropg-6trop-release-january-2016/) here are the AZmodel 1/72nd Messerschmitt Bf.109F "Friedrich". Source: http://azmodel.cz/avizo/AVIZOAZ-EN-0116.pdf V.P.
  4. Is AZmodel to release soon 1/72nd Heinkel He-162B/C Volksjäger kits. Source: https://www.facebook.com/azmodelkits/posts/pfbid02Wt9k8vi8Qq42tb3X23rBwrvnzed8j8Vj4Mx1eKWcQSgD2detcygaxphcjMLR8rBul Box art - He-162B V.P.
  5. AZmodel is to release 1/72nd Fieseler Fi 167 kits Sources: https://www.modelarovo.cz/fiesler-fi-167-aneb-dvojplosna-stuka-pro-letadlovou-lod-graf-zeppelin/ https://www.facebook.com/azmodelkits/posts/1285857429035729:1285857429035729 First box art V.P.
  6. After the "Gustav" (link), AZmodel is to release a family of 1/72nd Messerschmitt Bf.109K "Kürfurst" family. V.P.
  7. After the Bf.109F "Friedrich" (link), Bf.109G "Gustav" (link) and Bf.109K "Kürfurst" (link), AZmodel is to release a new tool 1/72nd Messerschmitt Bf.109E "Emil" family. Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010228-kpaz-central-discussion-questions-answers/&do=findComment&comment=3565762 First boxings - December 2020 - ref. AZ7658 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-3 "Battle of Britain" - ref. AZ7660 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-3 "Over Spain - ref. AZ7661 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-3 "Battle of France" - ref. AZ7663 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-7 Trop "Over Africa Next batch - 2021 - ref. AZ7659 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-7 - ref. AZ7662 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-4 - ref. AZ7664 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-3 - ref. AZ7666 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-4 box art V.P.
  8. Azmodel is to (re-?)release a 1/72nd Yokosuka D4Y5 Suisei Model 54 "Judy" night fighter kit - ref. AZ7631 Source: https://www.facebook.com/artscale.eu/posts/2530561903705325 Box art V.P.
  9. Sabrekits is to re-issue the AZmodel 1/48th Avia B.35.2 kit under ref. SBK4004 Source: https://www.facebook.com/Sabrekits.cz/posts/pfbid0rDVbXwsH8nzLStkvU3NDJoZXr2vfbDFSTs92meTdDwz2hV2TJwzQvtYVAzUXiAeJl V.P.
  10. Sabrekits is to update and rebox the AZmodel 1/72nd VL Pyry II kit Source: https://www.facebook.com/Sabrekits.cz/posts/pfbid0v2pNMpumwj4JwfyzyU2qcrPuxxpkrLgXhMTiGyxLqqJJ9o1Gm6iEE2zFb6yjXohWl V.P.
  11. AZ Model brand is to release from February 2014 a serie of 1/72nd Schneider-Grunau Baby IIb glider kits. Each box containing two Baby IIb kits (2in1). Sources: http://www.azmodel.cz/ http://www.azmodel.cz/index.php?cPath=27&language=en Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234931186-azmodellegatoadmiral-wwii-aircraft-comments-questions-and-wishes/?p=1523330 Ref. AZ7461 - Grunau Baby IIb Germany Source: http://www.azmodel.cz/product_info.php?products_id=716 Ref. AZ7462 - Grunau Baby IIb Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Poland Source: http://www.azmodel.cz/product_info.php?products_id=717 Ref. AZ7463 - Nord 1300/Slingsby/Fokker Baby IIb Source: http://www.azmodel.cz/product_info.php?products_id=718 Ref. AZ7464 - Grunau Baby IIb Czech 6x markings Source: http://www.azmodel.cz/product_info.php?products_id=719 V.P.
  12. AZ Model is to release a 1/72nd Potez 540 (Heller/SMER plastic + new parts) kit - ref. AZ7576 Source: http://www.modelarovo.cz/transportbni-potez-540-od-az-model-spoluprace-pokracuje/ Markings V.P.
  13. AZmodel is to release a new tool 1/72nd Hansa Brandenburg B.I kit - ref. AZ7606 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234931186-azmodellegatoadmiral-wwii-aircraft-comments-questions-and-wishes/?p=2480480 V.P.
  14. AZModel is to release 1/72nd Fiat CR.32 kits: Hungarian, International users, Regia Aeronautica and Spanish Civil War. Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010228-kpaz-central-discussion-questions-answers/&do=findComment&comment=3314239 First schemes V.P.
  15. AZmodel has re-released (link) in September 2022 its 1/72nd Kawasaki Ki-78 Kensan kit - ref. AZ7831 Sources: https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/kawasaki-ki-78-kensan/ https://www.aviationmegastore.com/en/modelling/kawasaki-ki78-kenzan-hen-japanese-fighter-az-models-az7831-190974.html V.P.
  16. AZmodel has released 1/72nd Klemm Kl 35 kits: - ref. AZ7504 - Klemm Kl 35B Sources: https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/klemm-kl-35b/ http://www.aviationmegastore.com/klemm-kl-35b----------------az7504-az-models-az7504-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=132214 - ref. AZ7505 - Klemm Kl 35D "Luftwaffe" Sources: https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/klemm-kl-35d-luftwaffe/ http://www.aviationmegastore.com/klemm-kl-35d-luftwaffe------------az7505-az-models-az7505-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=132215 - ref. AZ7506 - Klemm Kl 35D/Sk 15A "In foreign service" Sources: https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/klemm-kl-35dsk15a/ http://www.aviationmegastore.com/klemm-kl-35dsk-15a-in-foreign-service-----------az7506-az-models-az7506-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=132216 V.P.
  17. AZmodel is to (re?)release a 1/72nd Hawker Hurricane Mk.IID kit - ref. AZ7594 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624.54782.208070375871052/1947006051977467/ https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/hurricane-mk-iid/ V.P.
  18. Legato/AZModel is to release a family of 1/72nd Piper J-3, L-4 Cub & Pa-18/L-21 Super Cub kits. Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234931186-azmodellegatoadmiral-wwii-aircraft-comments-questions-and-wishes/?p=1518104 V.P.
  19. AZmodel is to re-release (link) it's 1/72nd Supermarine Seafang F.Mk.32 kit - ref. AZ7585 Source: http://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/supermarine-seafang-f-mk-32/ Original boxing ref. AZ.7272 & AZ7300 V.P.
  20. AZmodel Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) is to repop - with some sleight improvements - in Q1 2021 the Pavla 1/72nd Miles M.38 Messenger kit. Source: http://www.modelarovo.cz/novinky-azmodel-na-1-q-2021/ - ref. AZ7674 - Miles Messenger Mk.I - ref. AZ7675 - Miles M.38 Messenger 2A V.P.
  21. Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 "JG.77" (AZ7805) 1:72 AZ Model Kits The BF 109 has inherited quite a legendary status and when you look into its service career, it's certainly obvious why. Viewing the design in retrospect, it looks just like a typical fighter of the WWII era, but it was more than that, it was the very platform that the single seat fighter format was born from. Powerful engine, monocoque airframe, all metal construction, enclosed cockpit and retractable gear this was unheard of before hand, it was radical, not typical in the 1930's. Its birth wasn't perfect however, to achieve its performance, some sacrifices were made, particularly in the landing gear arrangement and high wing loading having a negative effect on landing speeds compared to the competition at the time. This inherent design issue was never fully cured and it's estimated that at least 10% of all 109's were lost in take off accidents. Early models (A-D) were powered by the Junkers jumo engine with outputs of around 700hp. The aircraft was first used in combat during the Spanish Civil War where many lessons were learned and these would be later put to good use in battles over France and Britain. The E or Emil model broke the mould in 109 development by changing to the more powerful Daimler Benz DB 601 engine of around 1080hp, a significant step in performance and also in armament due to the introduction of 20mm cannon. By 1939, all earlier variants had been replaced in frontline service. As the variants progressed, so did the level of armour protection for the pilot. Another critical element to improve survivability was the use of twin radiators with cut off valves meaning that if one radiator was damaged, the other could be used to keep it airborne. The Emil was the primary Luftwaffe fighter until 1941 when the F model became widely available with more powerful engine although a few managed to see combat in the Battle of Britain. For an aircraft that broke the mould with fighter technology and performance in the mid 30's, it's evolution meant that whilst it's design had exhausted improvement capability towards the end of the war, it stayed in operational use until 1965 in Europe in the guise of the Spanish licence built HA 1112 using the Merlin power plant. During its 30 year career, more than 33,000 were built, a record that will probably never be beaten. The Kit This is a new decal issues, for their brand new tool kits from 2020 from. The quality is first class with crisp moulding and fine engraved panel lines. Given the small size of the real aircraft, in 1/72 the model is quite diminutive, but seems well detailed. There are many parts on the sprue including a full set of wings, different wheels, and different spinners so no doubt other marks can be built from the box, and either way the modeller will have lots of spare parts. Construction starts with the cockpit. The floor and rear bulkhead are moulded as one. The seat is added alongside the control column with belts being provided as decals. The front bulkhead with the instrument panel goes in, here the instruments are provided as decal. The prop is constructed next with different spinners for the E and E-1. The cockpit then goes into the right fuselage. Up front there is no engine but a lower plate for the radiator and a pair of exhausts. Once these are in the fuselage can be closed up. Now we move to the wings with the radiators being fitted in before the wings are assembled. There is a single lower wing with split left and right uppers. Once assembled this can added to the fuselage. The main landing gear is ten assembled and added, followed by the tail wheel. Moving back to the top of the aircraft the front engine cover/gun area can be added along with the pilots head armour. The prop can be fitted along with the engine intake and the canopy. On the underside a carrier for a bomb, or different carrier for a fuel tank can be added as needed. The last items to be added are the tail planes along with their supporting struts. Markings The glossy decal sheet is printed in house and looks sharp and in register. There are three decal options available from the decal sheet, all from JG.77 (no surprise there) Conclusion It is good to see a new tool out of this most famous aircraft. I am no 109 expert but it looks to be a well detailed and engineered kit. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  22. AZ model is to release two Buchòn boxings. Source: http://www.modelarovo.cz/novinky-az-kp-pripravovane-na-leden/ - ref. AZ7667 - Hispano HA-1112M-1L Buchón - ref. AZ7668- Hispano HA-1112M-1L Buchón V.P.
  23. UPDATED After the E/Emil, F/Friedrich, G/Gustav, Azmodel is to release 1/72nd Messerschmitt Bf.109K "Kurfürst" kits. Source: https://www.facebook.com/artscale.eu/posts/4167235886704577 1st schemes V.P.
  24. AZmodel is to re-release its Fresco's kits with new decals. - ref. AZM7554 - Mikoyan MiG-17F Sources: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10428767 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AZM73030 V.P.
  25. AZmodel is to re-release in November 2021 its 1/72nd Mitsubishi Ki-30 "Ann" kit - from 2011 (AZmodel link & Admiral link) Source: https://www.facebook.com/artscale.eu/posts/4610927079002120 - ref. AZ7809 - Mitsubishi Ki-30 "Ann" - At War https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/ki-30-ann-at-war/ - ref. AZ7810 - Mitsubishi Ki-30 "Ann" - in Asian Sky https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/ki-30-ann-in-asian-sky/ V.P.
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